Petition Tag - public land

1. Cooper Creek camp sites

As of September 2012 US Forest Service has closed all free camp sites in Coopers Creek WMA in Union County Georgia. To keep us out they have bought and moved in huge boulders.

We as tax paying citizens are outraged by this! Local families have used the sites for years, some dating back to the 1930's. we are demanding them to be reopened!

The money we pay in taxes and fees for hunting license and fishing license pay the salaries to maintain the land, not to close it down!

2. Allow Professional Videography on Public Lands

Small, independent film-makers are forced to pay the same fees as large production studios to film commercially on public lands.

Still Photographers are exempted from the fees, but with advancements in technology (Especially DSLR's), videographers and film makers are now using similar or identical equipment with no more impact than a still photographer. The fee is now necessitated at the flip of a switch.


The Sophia Mundi Steiner private school has controversial plans to expand its school at the public, inner urban heritage site of the Abbotsford Convent (adjacent to the Collingwood Children's Farm).

The proposal will take away access to public open space, prevent future restoration of open space, close off views and cause fragmentation at the Abbotsford Convent - a precious inner urban Heritage site which the community fought a 10 year campaign to save from development, maintain in public hands and protect for ongoing future restoration.

The proposal involves the private Steiner school building 4 classrooms and associated walkways and structures, claiming about 1000 m2 of public land for a new fenced school playground and rotunda with some works on St Mary's paddock (the "goats paddock").
The proposal is similar to plans rejected earlier this year by Heritage Victoria (with over 2,400 objections).

However, this proposal, which many in the community are unaware of, has been approved by Heritage Victoria; despite the Local Council (City of Yarra), National Trust and local community objecting to it.

It is now with the government for decision, which is anticipated shortly.

4. Stop Unrestricted Wood Collection on Public Land

The State Government recently changed the rules on the collection of firewood from public land. Whereas before you had to pay a small fee and apply for a permit (allowing some planning by the land managers), firewood collection is now unrestricted.

This goes against both the State and Federal Government's own research which says that firewood collection has a significant negative impact on a wide range of native flora and fauna:

Help save our unique native species, sign the petition and make a difference.

5. Equestrian Response to 'Manure Removal' Proposal

The Lancaster County Park System has provided local equestrians with a safe, well maintained natural environment.

Proposed changes to park rules will threaten the true benefits that have been enjoyed for many years. Our parks are for the general public and many individuals enjoy that privilege.

Equestrians are an active group and while they may enjoy the Park System from the back of a horse, these are also individuals that hike, walk their dogs and support Park programs. Equestrians are conscious of nature and true loyalists when it comes to preserving and caring for our environment.

That being said, we find that the proposed rule will threaten one of the ways in which we enjoy our Parks. We find this proposed rule to be unacceptable to equestrians. Removing horse manure is not as simple as scooping dog excrement.

The simple act of dismounting/mounting becomes a safety issue for rider and the act of "carrying out" manure is not possible while riding. Also, horse manure, unlike dog excrement, is an excellent fertilizer and completely biodegradable.

The Equestrian community would propose that a delegation of members work directly with the Parks Department and Commissioners to provide a solution that keeps the trails acceptable for all individuals enjoying the natural environment.