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1. Re: CRTC and Lowering Cell Phone & Data Rate Plans

The way the CRTC has things setup with regards to smartphones is ridiculous. There are only 3 Major Companies in Canada which are; Rogers, Bell & Telus. Each of these companies currently charge their customers an arm and a leg in fees, for example:

With Rogers, for $110.00 you get: Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling
Unlimited Messaging (Includes text, picture and video)
Call Display with Name Display
Enhanced Voicemail
Call Waiting
Group Calling
2500 Call Forwarding Minutes
Overage Rate $5/100MB
Worry-free data management

But at secondary mobile companies like freedom mobile they offer nearly the same service for half the price... See @ The only problem is that these companies don't have any actual cell towers; they are "piggybacking" off Rogers, Bell & Tellus which is what makes them crappy companies.

The thing that is not right is that the CRTC still permits these major 3 companies to keep charging whatever they want. It's obvious that Cellular / Smartphone service has become a necessity today, especially in businesses. Obviously the Government uses Data on a daily basis to send emails back & forth. So by allowing these companies to continue to charge their customers these huge fees the CRTC is also increasing the debt on our Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments.

2. No Confidence in the Prime Minister of Australia.

It is Legally unchallengeable that the party system of Government exists and operates ONLY because the Australian people have been DELIBERATELY MISLED into believing that, other than by dictatorship, there is no other way that Parliament could function effectively and efficiently; that despite its MANY FAULTS the party system is the only effective and efficient democratic way of governing this country. THIS IS CONSTITUTIONALLY AND LEGALLY FALSE.
The only true Constitutional and legal reason for the existence, and the only true legal purpose of the Parliament, the institution of the Monarchy, and the offices o the Governor-General and State Governors IS TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THE PEOPLE ASK FOR, NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK PEOPLE OUGHT TO HAVE.
The Queen, Her Governor-General and State Governors are directly responsible, NOT TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT NOR POLITICAL PARTIES, but to the people in the respective Constitutional areas.
The Constitutions of the Commonwealth and States give the Queen and Her appropriate representatives, the sole power and authority, at any time of their choosing, to dissolve the so-called Lower House and send those Members back to the electorate. If directed by the written WILL of the people the Queen or Her Representative, MUST dissolve the Lower House.
This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading. Please sign the petition and forward a letter of your WILL to the Governor-General. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE OUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE DAMAGE BEING DONE BY THIS GOVERNMENT AND PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS AND TO REGAIN OUR LAWFUL FREEDOMS.

3. Maidenhead for Fishing


Seventy percent of the European Union's fish are within the UK's territorial waters: the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone. Currently the other EU countries are allocated 70% of the fish in the UK's EEZ, leaving the UK with 30%. But it's even worse than that: under EU law foreign fishing vessels are allowed to register in this country and utilise a large part of the UK's fishing quota.

For example one Dutch supertrawler, which has never visited the UK is entitled to nearly a quarter of the English fish quota (1) and foreign owned ships take up to half of the 30%, leaving UK vessels with just 15% (2)&(3). This came about because the European Court forced the British Government to repeal the 1988 Merchant Shipping Act and to pay tens of millions of pound in compensation to foreign fishing companies (4). We need to re-instate the 1988 Merchant Shipping Act, and reclaim our country's fishing zone,

Although the UK has 70% of the EU's fishing assets, we are a net importer of fish. Each fisherman supports several jobs onshore. Reclaiming the UK's EEZ would add billions of pounds to this country's economy and revitalise Britain's ailing coastal towns.

In the past British governments have not supported our fishing industry and have conceded to the EU's demands; this must not continue. A recent article in the Guardian (5) illustrates just how poor governments have been when negotiating for British fishermen: "If we look at quota shares in Channel cod, the French have 84% and Britain has 9%." The Guardian article also refers to Britain's fish exports. But to comply with EU quotas, we export mackerel and herring and import cod! If only, when visiting fish and chip shops, the British public had ordered mackerel and chips, we would not have needed to import from the EU fish caught in our territorial waters! If we reclaim our waters, there would be no need to import fish from the EU, and we would have fish to spare, to export.


4. Support Community Television

As the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull announced a proposal on the 10th of September 2014 to not renew Community Television operators’ Apparatus Licence. The end date is December 2016!

Malcolm Turnbull stated that community TV’s “best outcome” would be to move the entirety of the service to the internet. We are thoroughly disappointed with this move.

Community television and C31 serves so many Australians; including people with disability to Indigenous broadcasters, programmes for youth, ethic communities etc. It has been a platform for many professionals.

Whilst media consumption is rapidly changing, traditional TV still serves as the primary form by which audiences watch long form video content, with online services acting as a complement to Broadcast TV. As highlighted by the Australian Multi-Screen Report 2014; currently, the average viewer consumes 24 hours per week of Broadcast TV, whereas viewings on PC or mobile or tablet devices amounted to a little over two hours. This suggests that internet viewings are still a supplement to traditional TV, which draws the bulk of viewership.

Additionally, the free-of-charge accessibility of Community TV will be altered if the content will only be receivable online. As the internet is not free-to-access, this may restrict the ability for services to communities who may lack the technical capacities or data required to access long form video content online. Hence, the responsibility of community broadcasters to provide free-of-charge content via widely available equipment under the Broadcasting Services Act will be compromised. The move will end the ch31 TV as we know it.

5. Demonetization will stop Corruption manifold in INDIA. Support Modi Govt.

In the past decades, the spectre of corruption and black money has grown. It has weakened the effort to remove poverty. On the one hand, we are now No. 1 in the rate of economic growth. But on the other hand, we were ranked close to one hundred in the global corruption perceptions ranking two years back. In spite of many steps taken, we have only been able to reach a ranking of seventy-six now. Of course, there is improvement. This shows the extent to which corruption and black money have spread their tentacles.

The evil of corruption has been spread by certain sections of society for their selfish interest. They have ignored the poor and cornered benefits. Some people have misused their office for personal gain. On the other hand, honest people have fought against this evil. Crores of common men and women have lived lives of integrity. We hear about poor auto-rickshaw drivers returning gold ornaments left in the vehicles to their rightful owners. We hear about taxi drivers who take pains to locate the owners of cell phones left behind. We hear of vegetable vendors who return excess money given by customers.

There comes a time in the history of a country's development when a need is felt for a strong and decisive step. For years, this country has felt that corruption, black money and terrorism are festering sores, holding us back in the race towards development.

Terrorism is a frightening threat. So many have lost their lives because of it. But have you ever thought about how these terrorists get their money? Enemies from across the border run their operations using fake currency notes. This has been going on for years. Many times, those using fake five hundred and thousand rupee notes have been caught and many such notes have been seized. To break the grip of corruption and black money, we have decided that the five hundred rupee and thousand rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight, that is 8th November 2016.

6. Review Veterans Affairs Canada Denying Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to Eligible Veterans and Families

Eligible Veterans and their primary caregivers are being denied benefits by Veterans Affairs Canada. It was 2016 when a Veteran applied for the new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit soon to realize that he and his family would not be eligible for this benefit. They were not even given the opportunity to be considered for this benefit because of conflicting policies between the old and new charters. Not only this family, but several other families are being denied these benefits as well.

Veterans who received a disability pension and received a disability award do not qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. In this case an individual must apply for the Attendance Allowance. In order to be qualified for the Attendance Allowance a Veteran must have received a disability pension (old charter) of at least 1% or more. The individual must have a physical disability which requires a need for assistance or supervision with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, feeding and medication administration. To be eligible an individual must require assistance or supervision for a least three of the conditions mentioned above. The Attendance Allowance was created solely for those with physical injuries and does not accommodate individuals with mental or cognitive conditions. So what happens to these Veterans who suffer from a mental or cognitive condition, and do not have a physical impairment. What happens to these Veterans who have a mental/cognitive condition, and a physical impairment, but the physical impairment does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Attendance Allowance. These Veterans will be denied both the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit and the Attendance Allowance. If you look at the Veterans Bill of Rights it states that a Veteran will “Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy”. It is clear that these Veterans are not represented fairly, which questions the integrity of the "Bill" and how VAC views it.
The new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit (FCRB) provides eligible Veterans with a tax-free lump sum grant. This benefit ensures Veterans continue to get the support they need when their informal caregivers are temporarily unavailable. It allows an informal caregiver to take time off and recharge or attend to their own health and well-being, while the Veteran's needs are still being provided for in his or her absence. In order to be eligible for the FCRB an individual must have received a disability award (new charter) of at least 1% or more and not have been awarded a disability pension. The FCRB was created to provide necessary care of an individual who is in need of such support due to a physical, mental and/or cognitive condition. The FCRB is very much the same as the Attendance Allowance, however unlike the Attendance Allowance the FCRB also covers individuals who also have a cognitive and mental conditions.

for the protection, confidentiality and privacy of this Veteran we have replaced their name and rank.

In 2004 Corporal Harry had sustained a foot injury in a training accident and was awarded a disability pension under the old charter for 2%.. In 2013 Corporal Harry received a disability award for 55% under the new charter for having PTSD consequential from a special duty area. Although Harry met the eligibility requirements when he applied for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit, he was denied. Veteran Affairs Canada told Harry that he did not qualify for the FCRB because he had received a disability pension in 2004. Veterans Affairs suggested that he may apply for the Attendance Allowance but was advised that this allowance was only intended for individuals with physical impairments not mental or cognitive conditions. Harry decided to apply anyway, he thought maybe they would take special consideration in his case because he didn't qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Unfortunately he was wrong and was denied the allowance because his physical injury in 2004 was not significant enough to meet the eligibility criteria for the allowance. Due to Corporal Harrys mental and cognitive condition, him and his family would have been eligible to apply for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit if Harry not received a disability pension in 2004.

Veterans Affairs Canada certainly draws a fine line between the old charter and new charter when it comes to disability payouts and awards, so why is VAC not drawing the same line between the Attendance Allowance and Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Hypothetically speaking; if VAC has grandfathered these Veterans under the old charter for collecting Allowances, then why aren't they grandfathered for collecting disability pensions as well; The vary same pensions Veterans are Battling in court today. The policy needs to be changed to accommodate these Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Canada should determine which program he/she would benefit from, not deny them for both.

Veterans like Corporal Harry who are involved in this situation are clearly being discriminated by Veterans Affairs Canada. These Veterans are not treated equally, do not have the same opportunities as other Veterans, and stigmatized for their mental and cognitive conditions. Veteran Affairs Canada has also violated the "Veterans Bill of Rights" by treating these Veterans unfairly. It's really an unfortunate situation for these Veterans. They deserve the same opportunity as everyone else.

We have contacted the Veterans Ombudsman’s office about this issue. Unfortunately at this time there is not enough cases to move forward. We have created this petition on behalf of Veterans and their families to raise awareness with the effort to encourage change in this flawed policy. Please help by signing and sharing this petition. Also we invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts, stories or experiences.

7. No to the resignation of Mayor Tim Kee

The mayor simply was cautioning women for their safety and the media is defaming an innocent man.

He was not happy about the death of the victim, neither did he say she caused her own death.

The media has done it again with their derogatory headlines.

8. Ignore people bleating about farrowing crates

After a sensationalist television show, which aired this week, some loud people with nothing else happening in their lives are bleating incessantly about wanting to increase the price of pork products for all consumers.

We need to put a stop to this vocal minority gobshite and fight for the right to eat reasonably priced bacon and ham.

9. Cameron resign

We must get rid of this government. They have made it so people can not afford to live.

They have let our N.H.S deteriorate, and immigration is out of control, we can't afford to wait for a general election, we must act now.

There are enough people in this country that are unhappy with the situation to do it.

Please sign this petition and get your family, friends and naighbours to sign this petition for a better life.

10. Dismiss Tony Abbott as PM & Employ a Biased Media Clause

***Please share this petition.
***If you would like to assist by gathering manual signatures within your community, please message me via this page or at
*** This petition will be updated each time we find new evidence to support the petition herein. Updates will be announced via the Facebook page mentioned above. You will have the opportunity to discuss the change, or remove your signature from the petition.


We, the undersigned, have read the petition herein and call upon you to:

1. Develop and employ a clause or Act in a Convention (or any appropriate documentation where it is not permitted to be altered or abolishing by any current serving Government) that prevents fictional articles and biased material, of Political nature, be published within media.

2. This clause/act should also stipulate that during an election campaign, policies are released, IN FULL, a minimum of two weeks before the end of the campaign.

3. Dismiss the current Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott for acting unlawfully; for not acting in the best interests of Australia. Parliament should be immediately dissolved.

4. Upon point-three being unviable, a motion of no confidence be called; Any members who have ever been found guilty of parliamentary misconduct should be exclude from participating.

If a vote of no-confidence is successful, we request a new election campaign where
a) the Coalition is removed from representing, or
b) a temporary law be in place to insure the said proposal, in point-one and point-two, above.


Employ a clause or legislation:

Motivation for this proposal starts with the unjust media influence during the election campaign. We believe PM Tony Abbott won by default, rather than ability.

Our supporting evidence claims a Rally of powerful Liberal right-wing supporters bound together to politically “murder” their competition, Mr Kevin Rudd.

a) Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media Newspaper article's copiously displayed anti-Labor Government influences.

b) News Corp Australia:
i. publishes approximately 30 magazine titles across Australia and approximately 146 daily, Sunday, weekly, bi-weekly and tri-weekly newspapers. These are distributed nationally, within capital city metropolitan areas and groups of suburban newspapers in capital city suburbs.
ii. owns 50% of Foxtel and has a strong interest in many digital media companies such as Under the Abbott Government, the NBN delivers an advantage to Foxtel.
iii. Sydney Morning Herald reported that “News Corp hates the Labor government's national broadband network. The company has formed a view that it poses a threat to the business model of by far its most important asset in Australia, the Foxtel cable TV monopoly”
iv. Rupert Murdoch deployed Col Allan, who has a long history of producing pungent front-page splashes and pugnacious campaigns.
v. These media influences include one Daily Telegraph front page screaming “Kick this Mob Out”, another depicting Mr Rudd and Deputy Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, in Nazi uniforms, in an apparent homage to the 1960's TV show Hogan's Heros. An issue of News Corp-owned Sunday Telegraph showed Mr. Abbott's portrait in front of an Australian flag, above the large headline “AUSTRALIA NEEDS TONY.” The page nine editorial section stated “The Sunday Telegraph believes Mr Abbott is ready to lead Australia.”

c) We believe the conclusion of all the unfair media influences resulted in Mr Abbott needing to do nothing during the campaign, except deflect questions that he was asked and to avoid fully disclosing his policies. We believe he won by default, rather than ability.

Dismiss Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

We, the undersigned, believe that to rectify this scandal, the current Government should be directly removed. Alternatively, a motion of no confidence should be called.

To ensure media abuse does not occur in the future, a clause or Act should be inserted into the Convention (or any appropriate location) where it is not permitted to be altered or abolishing by any current government and where a representing party is to released their policies, in full, at least two weeks before the end of a campaign.

If a vote of no-confidence is successful, we request a new election campaign where:
a) the Coalition is removed from representing, for a period, at your discretion, or
b) a temporary law be in place to insure the said proposal, in point one, above.

11. Syrian Crisis : Stop the war - Save Syria's Children

The Syrian Crisis as reported by the United Nations confirms the appalling abuses of children in this escalating conflict and this underlines the urgent need for a resolution to this crisis and for humanitarian access to those children still trapped in the country.

It is a sad indictment of the international community's failure on Syria that children continue to be killed, injured and maimed by artillery and crossfire. There are said to be approximately 6,500 (likely to be a huge underestimate, as two thirds of all recorded deaths, the UN reports, do not include an age) children killed so far in this 27 month conflict.

12. Stop Negative Media Ads by Conservative Party in Canada

Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are using donations and tax revenue to post negative, misleading attack ads. These ads are pervasive in all forms of the media including TV, internet and radio. They even take place outside of election periods.

Rather than promoting a positive agenda, they make fun in a derisive and false way their opponents. This should stop now as Canada and Canadians should and do hold themselves to a higher standard.

13. Dismiss Julia Gillard

Stand up and make your voice heard if you agree that we cannot wait until the next election to remove Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

Julia Gillard is arrogant and using the Australian people as puppets for her own personal ambitions.

Governor General John Kerr dismissed the then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with similar reasons that we are requesting of the current Governor General. Though the opposition is not blocking supply Kerr dismissed Whitlam stating in part "You have previously told me that you would never resign or advise an election of the House of Representatives or a double dissolution and that the only way in which such an election could be obtained would be by my dismissal of you and your ministerial colleagues." We believe that Julia Gillard has demonstrated that she would not resign nor call an early election. See letter from Kerr to Whitlam below:

Whitlam Dismisal Letter

Julia Gillard won the election on the promise that there would not be a carbon tax under a government that she leads and as soon as taking power announces that there will be a carbon tax under her government. This government blatantly lies for their own gains.

Julia Gillard and the Government is making an absolute mockery of Australia on the international stage and putting up barriers for businesses to invest in Australia.

Please give your support to this petition and please help make this petition successful by tweeting, facebooking, emailing etc to everyone you know and asking them to do the same.

Even if we cannot achieve a dismissal, let's get enough support to pressure the government to an earlier election!

14. Citizen's Arrest of Stephen Harper

English version, French version below. Version anglaise, version française ci-dessous.





The accused, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, stands charged:

THAT he has and continues to commit High Treason and conspire with Members of Parliament against the people of all provinces and territories by failing to comply or communicate with Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada in regards to levying war by purchasing F-35 fighter jets during peacetime under questionable circumstances (Appendix A), legislating the Crime Omnibus which creates a war zone for Canadian citizens (Appendix B), violating four sections of the Canadian Rights and Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982 (Appendix C), and violating three articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations (Appendix D).

Version française.





L'accusé, Stephen Harper, Premier ministre, est accusée:

Ce qu'il a et continuera à commettre une haute trahison et de conspiration avec des membres du Parlement contre le peuple de toutes les provinces et les territoires en omettant de se conformer ou communiquer avec Sa Majesté la Reine du chef du Canada en ce qui concerne la guerre perception par l'achat de F-35 de combat jets en temps de paix dans des circonstances douteuses (Annexe A), légiférer sur la Omnibus Crime qui crée une zone de guerre pour les citoyens canadiens (Annexe B), la violation de quatre du Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, La Loi Constitutionnelle de 1982, Canada (Annexe C), et de violer trois articles de La Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme, Organisation des Nations Unies (Annexe D).

15. A Petition to The Governor General of Canada to Reject The Prime Minister's Request to Prorogue Parliament

Whereas the citizens of Canada have duly elected the Members of the 40th Parliament, and

Whereas the first session of the 40th Parliament was prorogued during a period of profound economic instability, while the Government resisted a coalition helmed by a Member whose continuing leadership of his Party was in question, and

Whereas no such economic or political crisis currently plagues Canada, and

Whereas the Prime Minister's prorogation request appears to be concerned more with insulating his Government from the scrutiny of Parliament than from serving the interests of Canada, and

Whereas proroguing Parliament is a direct threat to the function of Parliament and the will of the Canadian electorate:

16. Mattress Wrapping for Cot Death Prevention

17. Diane Abbott for Prime Minister

Diane Abbot was the first black woman to be elected to the house of commons in 1987, and remained the only one for 10 years. She is known as a free-spirit with high morals and not one to 'tow the party line', with both a honest, professional and frank personality, whilst still retaining a sense of humour. Furthermore, she also has the ability to admit her mistakes and isn't afraid to answer the hard questions.

She can be seen regularly on the television program "This Week" along with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil, on which she is a regular political commentator.

Even more appealing however, is the fact that she doesn't have a second home.

More information is available about her at:

18. Bring the tube to Streatham

London Mayor Johnson said in passing at a Mayor’s Question Time event in February 2009 that he has ambitions to extend the Bakerloo line to Lewisham, however no official announcement was made nor further details given. Chuka Umunna, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham has now (in July 2009) obtained confirmation from Transport for London (TfL) that Mayor Johnson and TfL are considering plans to extend the Bakerloo line southwards to Lewisham and an examination of the feasibility of such a scheme is at an advanced stage.

Mr Umunna and local residents in Streatham are demanding to know why an extension of the Bakerloo line to that area as an alternative has not also been considered as part of this study. They argue that Streatham is in greater need of improved transport links and that other areas such as Lewisham are already well served by various transport connections, including the extension of the Docklands Light Railway which opened in 1999.

Instead of Lewisham, Umunna and campaigners say that a southward Bakerloo line extension from Elephant & Castle, where the line currently terminates, could run through Camberwell and Brixton to Streatham and should be considered. Such an extension would have the added benefit of relieving congestion on the very busy Streatham High Road part of the A23 (Europe’s longest High Street) and on the Northern and Victoria lines in neighbouring Clapham and Brixton.

The Bakerloo line is only one of the options available for bringing the tube to Streatham. Currently, the Victoria line’s capacity constraints make it difficult to extend it beyond Brixton. But the planned Crossrail 2 scheme, running from Chelsea to Hackney, would considerably relieve congestion on the Victoria line, creating the potential for an extension southwards to Streatham from Brixton.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr Umunna said:

“I have lived here for most of my life and people have been talking about the desirability of having the tube in Streatham for as long as I can remember.

“This campaign is a long term project. Public finances are going to be tight for the next few years but we need to build up a head of steam behind this now so that when there is more money about, we are in a good position to demand it is used to finally bring the tube here.

Mr Umunna and campaigners argue that local businesses in Streatham would benefit from the area being linked to central London by the tube. Streatham's poor transport links have too often held the area back in the past. Bringing the tube to Streatham would dovetail with regeneration of the area, such as the Streatham Hub project and more people would be attracted to visit the area and its attractions, which include one of London's only ice rinks.

Commenting further, Mr Umunna said:

"This area would benefit hugely from a tube station. As well as obvious benefits for local residents, it would give a massive boost to the regeneration of Streatham and the local economy.

19. Support People of Iran

The Honourable The Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, express our deepest concerns about the situation in Iran. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed to respect the outcome of an electoral process which had already been restricted to four trusted candidates. In reaction to the peaceful protests by citizens and voters who felt cheated, the government resorted to outright violence, further suppression of rights and restriction of all media coverage. University dormitories have been attacked and students and faculty savagely beaten and detained. Most tragically, tens of innocent citizens have already been killed.

In the past few days, the Iranian government has disregarded the aspirations of the citizens and their basic rights. The students and the youths of the country are being killed, injured and imprisoned.

Iranian citizens are calling for change.

20. Call a General Election

The Government has run out of ideas, money and, worst of all, public confidence in politics has plummeted.

We desperately need change to rebuild our economy, mend our broken society and clean up politics.

We need a General Election now for the people to have their say and to produce a Parliament and Government that can properly deal with these problems.

21. L.Gen Romeo Dallaire for Governor General

As the Commander of UNAMIR, in his humanitarian and public service since, and as a senator, L.Gen Romeo Dallaire has proved himself to be the person able to stand up for human rights in today's complex world.

He is exactly the kind of man needed as Canada's Head of State.


L'honorable Romeo Dallaire, comme commandant de la MINUAR en Rwanda, comme activiste pour des causes nombreuses comme les enfants soldats, et comme Senateur, s'est montre comme un homme qui defend les droits humaines.

Il est exactement l'homme qu'on a besoin comme Chef D'etat du Canada.

22. Clayton Miller Petition For Justice

Clayton Miller was found dead on May 6, 1990. He disappeared during a police raid at a secluded outdoor party area called "the nest" in New Waterford, NS on the night of May 4, 1990.

Several people traveled the area of the nest on May 5, 1990 (including the spot on which Clayton's body was discovered on May 6, 1990). Clayton's body was not there. The New Waterford, NS Police deny having the boy in custody from May 4, 1990 to May 6, 1990.

Police photos of the boy's body, documented evidence and years of investigation by the family of Clayton Miller, clearly show the murder of this boy and cover-up afterwards.

Find details at

23. Prime Ministerial address to the nation on climate change

A petition to urge Gordon Brown to make a televised address to the nation on climate change, launching a debate on how Britain should respond.

24. I thought we lived in a democracy?

democracy: government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

The current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is destroying this country and everything it stands for. He may have been a good(ish) chancellor but as PM he is out of his depth. It is time for a General Election to be called in England.

Gordon Brown was not elected to Prime Minister by the people of England. Therefore he has no right to be there if we live in a democracy.

25. Allow UK citizens to use Cannabis for medicinal reasons

We believe the population of the United Kingdom, should be allowed the right to use medicinal Cannabis for muscle spasms, pain relief and other medical conditions, where Cannabis is found to help people, without fear of prosecution.

I and many other UK citizens use Cannabis for medicinal reasons. Whether we use Cannabis to help with conditions like; cancer, pain, muscle spasms or other medical conditions where Cannabis is found to help.

We all use for one reason and one reason only, the NHS cannot control our medical condition’s but cannabis does!

We cannot all be wrong, we know we are right, because of cannabis we can now lead a better way of life.

We want to be legal to use Cannabis and help ourselves as the NHS has failed us all.

I and others have had a MP, Dr and a top pain consultant, write to the heads of heath requesting me to be able to get cannabis via the NHS. all application have failed.

Me and many other people, write to the government of the UK asking for the help we desperately need as the NHS has failed us, you never get a reply.

If you call the government you get hung up on. If you fax them you get no reply!

Why is the government of the UK leaving us to rot with medical complications which cannabis improves!

To top it all off with 10 Downing street, I applied for this petition to be placed along with there e-petitions. It got refused 3 times. I even placed a request to contact me via telephone if there was a problem listing it. I never even got a personal email back from the government.

This petition will be delivered to Downing Street on the 25th of June 2008 at 2pm. I’m going to personally guarantee that this petition will get to number 10. It will be hand delivered to prime ministers Gordon browns office in the above date. As the government won’t listen to individuals, we shall go by way of protests and let the government see how many people this law affects.

There are no victims when we smoke cannabis, how can it be a criminal offence!

Did you know, even thou Cannabis has been downgraded to a category c drug in the UK. You can still be jailed for up to 5 years, if you are caught with Cannabis. Even if it’s for personal medicinal use!

This UK Cannabis law is wrong, we all need help. We can help ourselves with Cannabis with miraculous results. But we can not do so without the fear of been prosecuted by the UK’s very own Criminal Prosecution Services!

A lot of people like I, have no choice but to take morphine etc from the NHS, as this is the best pain relief they can give you. Morphine only takes the edge off my neurological pain. Approximately 10% of my pain is reduced by morphine by the end of the day. After taking so much morphine you find yourself passing out hallucinating wildly due to the need of more and more pain relief/ morphine needed.

If I use cannabis for my chronic neurological pain, I feel great mentally, my pain gets reduces by approximately 65% and I’m able to get out of a bed ridden state.

Please come and show us your support at Protest London 2008. here you can find all the latest information about the protest.

Please don’t come to the London protest to support me. Yes, I am the head of the protest, I’m a voice of thousands of UK sufferers who are still lying in a bed ridden state. These people will not even try Cannabis for there medical conditions, because the UK laws forbid them do so!

These people like me can get some life back, if only they could get hold of and use medicinal cannabis at our own cost!

Cannabis is not suitable for all people, but the people it does help should have the legal rights to use a plant/ weed/ natural product, Cannabis. To treat there medical conditions!

Even if you don’t use cannabis medicinally at the moment, please still come. You may still require the rights to try cannabis legally in a few years time. Who can say who will come down with MS, cancer, neurological pain or even muscle spasms etc. over the next 10-20+ years!

I and others just want the right to be able to use Cannabis to help ourselves to achieve a better way of life. The NHS cannot control our discomforts and pain caused by our medical conditions, so we have to help ourselves with Cannabis.

Some people use cannabis just to sleep and de-stress after a hard days work. This is also classed as medicinal use. If Cannabis is used to help to give someone a better way of life, then they should be allowed the rights to self medicate legally!

All we want and are asking for is the support of the general public to exorcise our own human rights to self medicate using Cannabis, if there is no way the NHS can control our medical conditions.

Medical practitioners who recommend us trying cannabis to help our medical problems even let us know it’s against the law but it may be worth trying. They all cannot be wrong can they? They would back up a lot of medical users as they know how well Cannabis can help with M.S. and other conditions effecting the human body and mind..

Cannabis can be used as a cream as well as smoked, vaporized or eaten. its about time people found out the good medicinal sides of cannabis.

Allowing us to be able to use Cannabis to alleviate our symptoms, if backed up by a medical practitioner or specialist, would be great.

If we where allowed to use it legally we would not have to fund large gangs who grow, distribute and sell the Cannabis. Our local chemist could sell us Cannabis, if we had a license to use medicinal Cannabis legally.

The Cannabis we buy from the streets at extortionate prices, is heavily contaminated. Please even just let us be able to grow our own under license. We would save the NHS money and we would be able to control our symptoms at our own cost. The NHS could even control the sale of Cannabis and the profits made could clear all nhs debts over the following years.

Cannabis is a plant which is roughly grown the same way as tomatoes. It cost a minimal amount to grow and harvest. There is a lot of interest in buying clean cannabis in this country. There are a lot of people suffering because they cannot get out to meet dealers to buy medicinal cannabis

Cannabis costs little to grow and there are a lot of funds to be made for the inland revinue/ nhs, if we can get the medicinal Cannabis laws changed. If chemists where allowed to supply medicinal users if back up by medical professionals etc. then we would all lead a better way of life.

America, Canada, Holland etc. etc. allow people to use cannabis medicinally and allow them to buy it in licensed outlets. Why is the UK so behind with medical advances in cannabis use?

You know it makes sense and the government have ignored us for too long, we will not be ignored for any longer.

We have a medicinal Cannabis protest in London on the wed 25th June 2008, meeting up at Parliament Square london. At 11am.

Please visit if you would like to know more and even join out free forums and see for yourself how Cannabis changes people’s lives for the better.

Please help free medicinal Cannabis users from prosecution.

Please sign our petition which will be handed to our own prime minister of the UK, Mr. Gordon Brown, MP> on the day of the protest at 2pm. The protest is legal and all arranged with police and Downing Street. Full permissions have been acquired to run a legal protest in London’s scota area (high risk/security areas)

Please support us, if you cannot make London but you would still like to support us in some way, on the protest London website you can find links to download.

These consist of copies of our posters, advertising the protest. These can be put up in shop/car windows, local notice boards; hospitals etc. please obtain permission if needed to advertise. All hospitals in the UK need covering; this is where the people who could benefit from cannabis can be found. My local hospital has the posters up and the number of people with severer medical condition attending will be huge from just seeing posters in the outpatient wards etc.

We have a petition link under news, if you have somewhere you can place a hand written petition for people to sign. Please feel free to do print a few copies of and see if you can have a copy even in your corner shop.

Please visit there you will find out how you can help the protest by donating to our cause.

Protestlondon08 will be a peaceful protest, children and families welcome. Disabilities don’t only affect the people with the medical conditions. The whole family is affected if the medicinal cannabis user is in pain or discomfort! Thank you for all your time and support with medicinal Cannabis legalisation.

Regards Pinky
Head of
See me on the TV and newspapers soon; you cannot miss me I’m the one with the pink beard!

26. We oblige you!

Petition to Prime Minister Israel Ehud Olmert.

27. We demand a Referendum on the EU Reform Treaty

In 2004, Tony Blair, the then Labour Party leader and British Prime Minister, promised the country a referendum on the EU Constitution.

He did this because the EU Constitution altered Britain’s relationship with the European Union and handed over a massive amount of power to Brussels. In 2005, the Labour Party fought and won a General Election with the referendum pledge contained in their manifesto.

Also in 2005, the EU Constitution was rejected by French and Dutch voters, ensuring the proposed constitution was scrapped.

Now, in place of the failed EU Constitution, EU leaders, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, have signed a Reform Treaty, which is almost identical to the EU Constitution. It also involves a huge amount of powers being transferred to Brussels. However, the Labour Party has gone back on its referendum pledge of 2005 and is refusing to give the people a vote.

We, the UK Independence Party South Sefton Branch, believe that this is a disgrace and a betrayal of the British people. Therefore we are calling on Bootle’s Labour MP to follow the lead of his Labour colleagues on Merseyside, Frank Field MP and Bob Wareing MP, and support a referendum.

28. Petition Prime Minister to honour his party`s pre-election policy

In reliance of the Prime Minister's pre-election promises we the undersigned hereby petition the Prime Minister to Ban Live Exports in accordance with ALP`s then stated policy.

The petition of the undersigned protests in the strongest possible terms against the live export of Australian animals and the ALP broken pre-election promises.

The Prime Minister is aware that the ALP pre policy promises aired on ABC Landline regarding the cruel live export trade have been broken by his Government within weeks of the 2007 elections.

During transportation the animals are subjected to inhumane conditions resulting in unacceptably high death rates and suffering. Upon arrival they suffer extreme cruelty and barbarism prior and during slaughter- practices that are illegal in Australia.

29. Boris Johnson For Prime Minister

When Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister, changes were promised during the new regime, but all we got was a Scottish, more portly Tony Blair, in the form of Gordon Brown. So I propose that Gordon Brown step down as Prime Minister, and be replaced by that loveable buffon, Boris Johnson. My reasons being:

1) He can't mess up the country anymore than it already is.

2) His bumbling ways will make Politcal speaches entertaining.

30. Ban all animal testing

Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, we can use human cells and computer imaging to find cures a lot better than by testing on animals, because animals and humans react differently to things.

Penicillin is poisonous to a lot of animals, but saves human lives. It is cruel to keep animals in cages and kill them to find something that isn't likely to work.

Many cures for cancer have been found using rats, but have failed to work on humans.