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61. Please Don't Euthanize Pit Bulls By Default

June 23, 2005

Petition to encourage the Michigan Humane Society to stop its policy to euthanize all surrendered or seized pit bulls because of their breed.

62. Establish Helath care Policy for U.S. Citizens

There are many Americans today without health care insurance benefits. Every United States citizen needs the benefit of health care insurance, due to the simple fact that there are many people suffering from many and differnt health and medical issues.

Since June of 2003 there are 42.3 million people of all ages that were uninsured.

63. Sportsman For "Code of ethics Policy" in Tennessee


Whereas: We, the Undersigned , do hereby agree in principle to the context of the need for a "Code of Ethics" policy in Tenn. Regarding TWRA's Wild Life Officers. The intent of this petition is to help restore credibility to the Wild Life agency's Officers and to help eliminate what we the undersigned have witnessed or believe to be wide spread "questionable activities" or "UnEthical Practices" on the part of some TWRA Wild Life officers in Tennessee, especially in Western Counties.

We, the undersigned, present this Petition to you, our State's Legislatures, in a effort to bring the issue of this on-going problem to your attention. We also are providing some specific examples of what those problems and issues are which hopefully will persuade and encourage you to support this need for creation and passage of legislation requiring the TWRA to adopt and enforce a clear and simple "Code of Ethics Policy" for the Agency's Wild Life Officers.

We, the undersigned believe Tennessee needs a basic "Code of Ethics Policy", one that will help restore credibility and respect to the Wild Life Officer Positions in our Counties and across the Great State of Tennessee. We believe before that goal can be accomplished, Tennessee must adopt legislation that will govern and control these TWRA officers similarly to those policy's we find on the Books of most other States across America. We are including the State of Texas Code of Ethics Policy which we believe is the best example Tennessee should model it's policy after.

1.Statement of Fact: Due to the apparent absence of any "Code of Ethics" Policy for TWRA Wild Life Officers in Tennessee, We, the Undersigned, have either experienced first hand impacts or have direct or indirect knowledge of facts that suggest such unethical behavior and activities as listed in this petition exist today within the TWR Agency and are routinely practiced by some TWRA Officers across the State of Tennessee. We agree with the principle and intent contained within this Petition.

By signing on to this petition, we encourage you to introduce or support passage of legislation which will adopt a "Code of Ethics" Policy in Tennessee similar to those found in most other States. We believe this legislation will go a long way toward restoring some of the credibility and respect to the Position of Wild Life Officer in the State of Tennessee.


"Code of Ethics Policy"

We believe the Tenn. Legislature should adopt or insist the TWRC adopt the following type Ethics standards.
Wild Life Officers and Other Similar State employees In Tennessee should not be permitted to:

1. Accept or solicit: Gift's, favor's, special prevelidges not available to the private citizens or any other services or benifits that might reasonably tend to influence or buy favor with the officer or employee, including the possible discharge of certain official duties, regardless if the officer or employee knows it's being offered with the intent to influence his or her official conduct or duties;

2. Accept other employment, special previdledges, part time work or engage in a business or professional activity that the officer or employee might reasonably expect would require or induce the officer or employee to disclose confidential information acquired by reason of the official position they hold;

3. Accept other employment, special previdledges, part time work or compensation that could reasonably be expected to impair or compromise the officer's or employee's independence of judgment in the performance of the officer's or employee's official or normal duties;

4. Make personal investments, conduct business or provide services that could reasonably be expected to create a "Conflict of interest" between the officer's or employee's personal or private interest and the public's interest.

5. To intentionally or knowingly solicit, accept, or agree to accept any benefit or any special prevlidges for exercising or providing any service in favor of one individual over another.


The States "Code of Ethics" Policy should prohibit all public servants from accepting certain gifts or benefits that could be considered as Bribery, Honoraria ,gratuity or Special favors and violations of which should carry some form of criminal penalty or disciplinary action, up to separation of employment.

Bribery: As public servants they shall be considered committing the offense of bribery if they shall solicit, offer, or accept a "benefit" in exchange for their decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, or other exercises of official discretion that normally would be considered
"unethical" or inappropriate.
Common sense should tell them if something is a bribe or of such nature as those described and If they are not sure one way or the other, the basic policy shall be, If it's not equally available to the general Public, "don't take it or don't do it".

Honoraria: You may not solicit, agree to accept, or accept an honorarium in consideration for services you would not have been asked to provide the general public as part of your official position. Thus, for example, you shall not patrol (unless Property is marked and posted in accordance with Tenn. State Standards for written permission requirements or manage properties (Hunting or fishing rights)for anyone. another example is; you may not take a speaker's fee for speaking if your position with the state is one of the reasons you were asked to speak. If a state officer or the executive head of an agency accepts food, transportation, or lodging under these circumstances, the officer must report it as Part of the annual personal financial statement. (A travel regulation provides that a state employee may not accept money for a travel expense reimbursement from a person that the
employee's employing state agency intends to audit, examine, or investigate or is auditing, examining, or investigating.
*If it's anything that normally would be considered "unethical" or "inappropriate", Common sense should tell the officers not to do it or accept it when they are not sure one way or the other, the policy is: "don't take it or don't do it".

Special favors and Gifts:
Most public servants are subject to one or more prohibitions on the acceptance of "Gifts or Benefits" from persons subject to them in their jurisdiction. For example, a Wild Life Officer in the TWR Agency who performs regulatory functions or conducts inspections or investigations should not be permitted to accept gifts or special benefits and favors from any person whom that Wild Life Officer "knows to be subject to regulations, inspections or investigations by him or his agency.

(a). Similarly, a TWRA Officer who "exercises discretion in connection with contracts, purchases, payments, claims, or other pecuniary transactions" of the agency may not accept a gift, benefit or special favor from a person the Officer knows is interested in or likely to become interested in such a

d) These prohibitions should apply regardless of whether the donor or provider is asking for something in return or not..

The statutory definition of "benefits and special favors" are anything reasonably regarded as pecuniary gains or pecuniary advantages. The Code of Ethics Policy should contain, but not be limited to , the following gifts as being considered to be "benefits" or "special favors" and they should be required disclosures as Part of the officers or employee's annual personal financial statements:
* Gifts or Gift Certificates with a value of $ 25. Or greater, to include but not be limited to, hotel rooms/lodging expenses, hunting or fishing trips, Leasing of Hunting or Fishing rights for personal use, monetary gain or to be used in a way that circumvents state law requiring Property owners involvement in the legal process, acceptance of sporting event tickets, rifles, shotguns or handguns for personal use or for possible monetary gain, all of which shall be considered "benefits" or
"Special Favors" when they involve the possibility of an exchange for services or special privileges
where Wild Life Officers are involved.

64. Change US Military Enlistment Policy

Currently the US Military turns down hundreds of applicants due to their criminal record. I believe this is an unfair policy. You cannot judge one's character by whats in a computer or on paper. Character and devotion to our freedom comes from within. There are people who would gladly serve and devote their lives for their country who are turned down because of their past mistakes. Serving in the US Armed forces teaches things a prison or a civilian workplace cannot teach. It teaches teamwork, discipline, devotion.

When you're serving in the military you are taught to think of your country before yourself. You are trained to die for your country if required. You fight for your country's freedom. What better way to ensure that protection then to open this opportunity to everyone. In this time of war we're in a shortage of manpower because those trusted to our country's protection are not willing to fight anymore, or are getting killed.

We need a strong military and we can't do that without enlisting more soldiers.

65. End the Embargo against Cuba!

For more than 45 years, this illegal and immoral policy has achieved the sole function of harming hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, by preventing ready access to food, medicine and other essential goods.

Not only does the embargo indiscriminately punish the Cuban people by:

* Barring the delivery of the newest, most effective medicines, medical equipment, and medical information;
* Discouraging foreign companies from sending goods to Cuban ports;
* Blocking the shipment of water treatment equipment that prevents the spread of water-borne disease;
* Causing life-threatening nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women and children.

The embargo also stifles individual American freedoms and the free exchange of values and ideas by:

* Denying our right to free travel;
* Refusing all visits to extended family in Cuba;
* Forbidding more than one visit every three years to a close family member in Cuba (even if sick or dying);
* Prohibiting the free exchange of values and ideas;
* Restricting the exchange of students and scholars;
* Forbidding professionals from academic, scientific and cultural conferences sponsored by U.S. or Cuban institutions.

66. Stop Ticket Touting

Ticket touting is a million pound industry that blights the enjoyment of thousands of people. Fans should be entitled to buy tickets at fair prices without the constant threat of losing out to ticket touts.

We call upon the British Government to tackle this problem that cannot be ignored any longer. Please consider the following;

Instruct the Live Music Forum to investigate the impact of touting and scalpers upon the live music industry (which has proved to be successful in the Victorian State Government in Australia)

Encourage limits on the number of tickets available in any one transaction.

Encourage a 'free returns' policy like in theatres. This limit the number of tickets sold to touts when holders cannot attend an event.

Encourage internet auction sites to clamp down on illegal ticket touting on their sites.

67. Review Group Medical Insurance

Petition to Review and Re-evalutate
Sheetmetal Workers Local Union # 2
Group Medical Policy.

68. Belmont Station Assigned Parking Issue

Sequoia Management Company recently repaved the parking areas of Belmont Station. In doing so, the parking space numbering was also removed and never replaced. It has now become impossible to tell where the assigned and visitor spaces are now located. Visitors now have no idea where to park (at no fault of their own) and have been parking in what was assigned parking spaces. Because there are no markings on the paved areas, property owners are unable to ticket or tow vehicles and have lost the use of their own spaces, 2 of which are included in the sale of each ungaraged townhome.

Property owners who purchase townhomes with garages don't have this problem because they have a garage and a driveway; plus VISITOR parking if need be. Garaged townhomes are sold with NO assigned parking because of this, which is how it should be.

Unfortunately, the property owners of the garaged townhomes feel that they are also entitled to assigned parking spaces - which would give them 4 parking spaces plus visitor parking!

It is being argued that they don't use the garage for parking but rather for storage. That is the property owner decision and property owners of the ungaraged townhomes should not lose parking because of this.

In conclusion, the policy should remain as is - townhomes with garages should continue to have the use of visitor parking only - they should NOT be assigned 2 additional reserved parking spaces - this takes away from the parking for the property owners without the garage/driveway.

This petition is for the benefit of the property owners of UNGARAGED townhomes that are in jeopardy of losing much needed parking.

Please keep the parking policy as is and repaint our numbers in the assigned parking areas as soon as possible.

Thank you!

69. Abolish Bathroom Use Policy at Peru Community Schools

Petition against Peru Community Schools for Bathroom Use Punishment.

There has been a situation during this 2004-2005 school year that was brought to my attention by my children. They were being punished with standing on the wall at recess for needing to use the restroom. I, Walter Campbell Jr., approached Thomas McKaig in a private meeting about the situation. I was told it is the teachers' discretion on how to handle bathroom privileges and that he had asked a Dr. and was told children could go 4 hours without needing to use the restroom. As you will find in my research, it is healthy for a child to use the restroom at least every 2 hours if not more. I brought up that children will have accidents from holding it and not wanting to get in trouble and his response was "Well more children haven't had accidents than have had accidents". I don't think these children should even have the opportunity to have an accident. Every child is different and they drink different amounts of liquid, body retains liquid differently, bladder sizes differ, along with many other differences in children. As I see it using the restroom is not a privilege, it is a necessity for health and psychological reasons. Nothing further was done to investigate the situation.

I did some research on the harms of children not being able to use the restroom and sent these items to school with my children and they were returned to me. The documentation can be viewed at or .

My children are now allowed to go to the restroom when they need to without punishment, but ONLY my children. They are also being treated differently as they do not get in trouble when clearly they should or being let to do things any other child would not ordinarily be allowed to do. This is being done to keep me from filing a lawsuit about the bathroom policy. I do not feel this is fair to the rest of the children in the Peru Community School Corporation, as now this is discrimination to the other children, and ask that something be done. We as adults have OSHA to protect us and it is law that we are able to use the restroom at any time needed, why not our children.

I do know that at Blair Pointe that there are some classes where children are not allowed to use the restroom at all when asked. Then we have Jr. High and High School, where they are given 5 minutes between classes to get books, go to restroom, and make it across the school to get to class. This is not enough time for a normal human to complete such tasks.

I think that the school system has to understand that they need to conform to the needs of the students, not to the needs of the facility. We pay the taxes to keep our schools running and to teach our children. Teaching them that using the restroom is a punishable act is not what we as Miami County residents pay for.

I feel it is our responsibility as parents to know what our schools bathroom use policy is and remedy the situation so that our children know that using the restroom is a normal bodily function and not a punishable act. We as parents have an obligation to be sure our children are safe from physical and mental harm, but letting our schools punish children for a natural body function is considered abuse both physically and mentally. Continued denial of bathroom use will eventually harm our children physically and if they wet themselves they will be harmed mentally.

70. Allow bikes in Tinley Park Skatepark

Tinley Park has a free skatepark in which only inline skates and skateboards are allowed. All over the united states, skateparks are starting to realize that bikes should be inlcuded just as much as the other inliners and skaters. Bike riders have brakes on their bikes and know how to ride them as any skateboarder knows how to skate. Please help.

71. Wal-Mart: Rescind Debit Mastercard Policy!

As of February 1, 2004, Wal-Mart has become the first US retailer to separate credit card transactions from "check" card transactions. Wal-Mart will no longer accept Mastercard debit cards when used with a signature (like a credit card). The reason: Wal-Mart claims the costs are too high.

Although Wal-Mart says that only 1% of transactions involve these cards, that's still a ton of customers and revenue, especially when you're the world's largest retailer. By using a PIN number, debit Mastercard customers forego "zero-liability" protection for fradulent use (yes, it is possible to skim debit cards and record PIN numbers), lose any cash rewards offered for "credit" transactions, and may be charged a fee by their bank for a PIN transaction. If they don't want to use the card at the register, cardholders must use the store ATM and pay the fees imposed by the ATM owner and the customer's bank. In other words, Wal-Mart has indirectly passed the cost of the transaction on to the consumer (though they claim their prices will be lower thanks to their decision) and is pocketing the profit.

In fact, accepting not accepting debit Mastercard doesn't make business sense. Besides angering customers and losing sales, they are still accepting Visa's check card, which carries about the same processing fees as a Mastercard (it makes some wonder if Visa and Wal-Mart aren't collaborating to increase Visa's customer share--it is possible that Wal-Mart was paid to make this decision). Why accept one debit card and not another at the same rate, as is the case with most merchants (Mastercard and Visa are offered as a package deal)? Also, if customers use checks instead of a debit Mastercard, then Wal-Mart runs the risk of receiving a bad check, which costs money to collect.

Obviously, this policy hurts consumers and it also hurts the company, which the cost-cutting executives fail to see. Wal-Mart will learn that being first isn't necessary the best. Many online complaint letters are already circulating, showing that customers are reacting. Wal-Mart needs to drop this policy as soon as possible by trying harder to negotiate with Mastercard and by not playing favorites with Visa.

72. Oversized Passengers on Airplanes

As obesity becomes a bigger problem in the United States, so does the impact it has on various facets of life. If you have travelled on an airplane with an obese passenger who cannot fit in the seat, you know that the experience is unplesant at best and downright impossible at worst.

Southwest Airlines has started to enforce a policy that if a passenger is too large to fit in one airline seat, they must purchase a second one. This is fair for all parties; the overweight passenger benefits from the extra space, and the surrounding passengers are not 'squished'.

Before Southwest implemented this policy, 90 percent of complaints were about obese passengers.

73. Fire Butch Davis and Bruce Arians

This is a petition designed to voice our displeasure with Butch Davis and Bruce Arians. These two coaches have proven they cannot win or call offensive plays. The overall goal is to prevent Carmen Policy from giving Butch Davis a contract extension.

74. Morning-After-Pill Policy for Purdue University

If a woman has had sexual intercourse and fears she may be pregnant, she can take the morning-after pill. If she is pregnant when she takes this high dosage pill, it can act to kill her pre-born child - a living being. Although no testing has been done to confirm the safety of these high dosages, the FDA has approved this use. Purdue currently makes these pills available to students on request.

75. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.

76. Save D.I.Y. for all independent musicians

Recent revelations about the review policies of certain self-proclaimed 'D.I.Y.' punk magazines including, but at this point not limited to, Maximum RocknRoll (MRR), have forced me to write this: a call to arms of sorts, a good ol' fashioned letter writing campaign. For those of you with short attention spans, here is the gist: MRR has a racist and classist review policy, two ideologies they supposedly fight so vehemently against. But inherent in their own magazine are these elitist policies, and whether they are intentional or not is not for us to say; that will be on their own conscience.

Suffice it to say that it is this policy that is keeping the true spirit of D.I.Y. music squelched (or at least somewhere near the back). D.I.Y. musicians must now assume the role of today's Rosa Parks, and stand up! ..And then sit down again, in the front. If you haven't read our "Save D.I.Y" essay at, please feel free to do so. {You can download it here in PDF or DOC format).

It may be long, but I believe it is in every independent musician's best interest to read it. However, if the above words were enough to fan the flames of institutional change within you, then skip the essay, read the following statement to MMR, and click the "Sign the Petition" link below. Remember to tell your friends and anyone else you think may have a credible interest in maintaining true independent music, whether it's punk rock, indie rock, prog rock, rock rock, rap, whatever. This petition is for every artist that chooses to record and produce their own music.

77. Abolish Mandated Uniform Policies in Public School

Let me begin by saying that we are not fundamentally against uniforms. We are against uniforms being mandated in public free schools. Private schools are not part of this petition, as they are private and can make their own rules. You do not have to attend a private school if you do not agree with their policies, you do have to attend a public school. This policy is not only a direct violation of First Amendment rights to free expression, it violates a parent's right to decide, individually, what is best for their child and their family. The decision of some parents to send their children to school in uniform is not the problem. The fact that their decision is being imposed on our child without our permission is the problem. Children are being punished and shunned because of minor violations of these uniform policies. In most cases, the selling point of a uniform policy was to avoid this problem, yet it is now being taught and practiced by the educators themselves. The education of our children has eroded terribly in this country. Yet time and effort is being wasted on whether or not a child's clothing is the right color, or whether or not they are wearing the correct fashion accessory. We need to stop allowing ours, and our childrens' rights to freedom to be so easily taken away.

78. A change in Pet Policy for Tenzca Terrace

We want to try to change the pet policy. In the past it has been no pets allowed. As military families it is hard for parents to tell their kids they can't have a pet, or for just married couples it's hard for spouses when their spouse leaves.

79. Fight Discrimination Against Rastas in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC) refuses to recognise the religious rights of Rastafarians. They define Rastafari as "Gang-Activity", and have implemented a Grooming Policy (DOP #864) which forbids the growing of Dreadlocks and beards (Precepts) and forces Rastas to break their religious vows.

Rastas who refused to comply and break their religious vows are being punished by being placed insolitary confinement (where they remain after almost 3 years), denied visits, and given harsh and cruel physical and mental punishments.

This is in direct violation of the 1st and 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, Article 1 of the Virginia State Constitution, and also the RLUIP Act of 2000, and should therefore be stopped immediately.

80. Abolish school uniforms in public schools

We the parents Of the Lowell School System would like to abolish the uniform policy due to the fact they are not economically possible.

81. Stop Walden Galleria's Ageism Policy

Come September 6th, everyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to enter the mall Friday and Saturday. You must be accompanied by parent or guardian, 21 or older, at all times. Persons under the age of 21 will need to provide proper I.D. at the door.

This policy is unfair to the mall going youth of Western New York. We have been loyal customers since the mall opened, and now we're being pushed around.

Voice your opinion, tell the Walden Galleria what you think of their new policy refuse our business based on our age.

82. Stop yearly domain name registration

Changing domain registration policy.

This is a petition to change the registration policy of domain names or intellectual property on the internet. This is a petition to see what people think about having to register there domain names each year for a constant changing fee. We feel that you should only pay a one time fee and this name should belong to you forever or until you transfer it or sell it.
Please support this effect to change this unfair policy.

83. Change U.S. Policy to Save North Korean Refugee Children in China

This Petition was started to lobby for the change of prohibitive U.S. Policy that makes it virtually impossible for North Korean refugees, in particular the young orphaned children, who are currently living in fear and hiding in China, to seek asylum and resettlement in the U.S. Countless thousands of these young children live on the streets under the constant threat of hunger, exploitation, abuse, arrest and repatriation. Recent crackdowns by the Chinese, who treat these refugees as illegal aliens, have worsened the situation, and immediate action is critical to saving these fragile lives.

84. A Time For Change

Disabled persons in Newfoundland & Labrador have come under recent attack via Health and Community Services, whereby long term established care has been tested and tried by appointed Community Health Boards which lack educated and experienced personnel in being able to make proper judgment calls in often life threatening medical situations.

These boards are without specific direction or education on the need of individual clients and situations have arisen where disabled individuals have been left helpless and alone to provide for themselves.

Assessments previously conducted on clients with programs and services in effect as a result of these assessments have in many cases been privy to the discretion of front line workers, whereby irrational decisions have been made, and negatively affecting client services. Clients with sever and life altering disabilities are now being placed in unfair predicaments and many are taking ill.

Hospitalization of various individuals with severe disability requires specifically trained and experienced individuals to care for the patient. In all cases if this is a requirement of clients under the umbrella of Health and Community Services, then funding is channeled to the client for the purpose of employing these client supports. If however a client is hospitalized for more than 72 hours he/she will lose both funding and supportive service of the employee. This often puts grave detriment on the patient as most hospital staff are generally trained and have no experience in disease specific disability.

Persons with such osteo disease are now at severe risk of injury. This has to change.

85. Abolish Kyoto Protocol

A petition to protest the Kyoto Treaty. We, college students from across the United States, urge our nation's leaders to insist on the use of science-based evidence - and well-reasoned economics - rather than hypothetical computer models in any negotiations concerning international climate policy.


The Boy Scouts of America has decided to actively discriminate against boys and men who are gay. The Boy Scouts of America has decided to discriminate aginst these individuals and even throws them out of the organization. Having discriminated against women in the past, and currently discriminating against girls, athiests, and gays and lesbians, the BSA's policy does nothing but hurt everyone.