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1. Petition Calling for Ken Clarke to be Dismissed as Justice Secretary of the UK Government

UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has declined to apologise after he suggest that some rapes were less serious than others, and showed almost total ignorance of UK law on 'Date Rape' in a BBC interview viewed here

During the live BBC Broadcast on Radio 5 (Wednesday 18th May), Mr Clarke gave in an interview about proposals under consultation to halve jail terms for people who plead guilty early, including rapists.

He showed complete ignorance of the legal definition of 'rape', which is completely unacceptable in a Government Minister in charge of legislation and directing sentencing policies.

Asked if he had been ordered to apologise following the row, Mr Clarke said he had not - and he had not apologised: "I apologise if an impression has been given which is not my view and which I don't think I stated."