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1. Peckham Pride says driving while black is not a crime - DROP THE CHARGES against Roger!

During the recent powerful Peckham LGBT+ Pride demonstration on Saturday 18th February 2017 against racist immigration raids, deportations and the racist state violence that has intensified since Brexit; police arrested a local man for ‘Driving while black,’ despite the loud protests of demonstrators and by-standers. This provocative, racist action occurred just off Rye Lane on Saturday 18th February, as hundreds from LGBT+ and migrant communities marched together in a show of unity.

Many people from the Pride march and the community gathered to protest Roger’s innocence and demand his release, but the officer called for ‘back up.’ Roger was pushed and shoved in front of many witnesses until he was dragged off to Walworth police station, where many people from the demonstration gathered for an angry protest, demanding his release. He was released in the early hours, charged not with any driving offence but with ‘assaulting a police officer’. The police escalated a situation to justify their harassment and have concocted a charge to cover their own harassment and assault of Roger.

Peckham Pride was a vibrant demonstration of unity against racism, immigrant-bashing and anti-gay prejudice. We say, ‘An Injury to One is an Injury to All.’ We demand that the racist charge against Roger is dropped immediately

2. Washington State to Join the Nation of Canada

As the Founding Fathers of the United States made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776:

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation,” and, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute a new form of government.”

The citizens of the great State of Washington have the right to stand to their principles. These principles dictate that man is granted certain unalienable rights, which are not at the whims of the dispensations of the government. These rights and the protection of these rights are not dependent on gender, sexual orientation, national, racial, ethnic, or religious affiliation. With the election of Donald J Trump as the incoming President of the United States of America and the seizure of power by the Republican Party of both Houses of Congress the protection of universal human rights for all Americans has come into question. The principles of democracy and the democratic process will in effect be challenged by a Trump Presidency and Republican lead Congress. Such a direction taken by the country is one in which the State of Washington cannot support. It is bearing these recent events that this petition seeks to peacefully grant the State of Washington to withdraw from the United States of America and join the nation state of Canada.

Admission into Canada offers many benefits. Among these are: The parliamentary system, which does not deny the vote based on race, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation, it also demands that any legislative districts must contain approximately the same number of people, effectively eliminating the process of gerrymandering; Canada's national health service, offers quality healthcare at no cost to all and does so without regard to demographic variations among the populace; Membership into Canada also allows Washingtonians admission into the British Commonwealth of Nations, which would place the State of Washington within a global community, allowing Washington State residents the ability to live, work, study, and conduct business throughout many Commonwealth nation states.

If you would like to protect your civil liberties, human rights, and democratic values it is imperative that you sign this petition and make Washington State great again. Sign the petition to ask the Washington House of Representatives to vote on a measure that would allow for the seamless entry of the State of Washington into the nation state of Canada, to be administered within the political sovereignty of the nation state of Canada and to be held under the political, legal, and military protection of the nation state of Canada, and that all currently living within the State of Washington be they US citizens, WA State residents, and or temporary inhabitants, including undocumented workers to hold the right of Canadian citizenship with all of the rights, privileges, and duties entailed.

3. Call for Mandatory Race Relations Program & Sensitivity Assessment for Police Officers Nationwide

Our country's history demonstrates that blacks are perceived as a threat, are more likely to be perceived as suspicious, and treated disparately by the law.

1. African Americans and Hispanics are 30% more likely to be approached/pulled over than whites,
2. African Americans and Hispanics are then three times more likely to be searched,
3. Last year African Americans were shot at by police twice as much as whites,
4. African American defendants are 75% more likely to be charged with offenses that carry sentence minimums compared to whites with comparable crimes,
5. African Americans serve sentences that are 10% longer than whites with comparable offenses.

Those with black/brown skin are historically and too often perceived as threatening, which results in the disproportionate arrest, injury and death of African American and Hispanic people across the nation.

1. President Obama's remarks 7. 2016:

2. Police killed 136 blacks in 2016:

3. Police killed over 100 unarmed blacks in 2015:

4. Cop admits he would have shot Philando Castile 5 times:

4. Stop Police Brutality

In 2015, the highest number of deaths caused by police brutality falls in line with the African-American race. These people were murdered by those who "serve and protect", they were unarmed. That number has doubled over the past year. Isn't it eerie that 37% killed were blacks?

Media covers everything except our people who are falling victim to police brutality. India Kager, Chandra Weaver, Keith Childress, Tiara Thomas, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Nicholas Thomas, and now Alton Sterling have all fallen victim to MURDER. No weapons. It's safe to say that the black community is and always will be target if we don't fight for our rights.

Visit for more information in regards to these deaths.

5. Wake up and stand against ignorance

Our present day education system has failed to present melanated people with an accurate understanding of our role here on planet earth. Ignorance has been running rapid throughout our communities since before the diaspora began.

Conscious people must unite across the globe in order to lift up our fellow brothers and sisters.

Let us win the fight against ignorance! Those who are continuously seeking knowledge deserve remedies for their ailments.

Let us win the fight against ignorance!


6. Stop the State Sanctioned Murders and Torture of Black People

Mr. President, the state sanctioned murders of Black people are the highest in the nation and emerges out of a national climate where systemic racism eats away the heart of our union and democracy.

1000 Black people murdered by police since 2007. As shocking as it is, this is a low figure. Many deaths remain unrecorded and fall under categories such as suspicious deaths as does the death of seventeen year old Black football star Lennon Lacy who was found hanging from a tree in a trailer park in Bladenboro, North Carolina. He was dating a White woman.

In the case of police, these murders are not m isolated incidents where they kill a few individuals. Rather, the overwhelming evidence shows that the police profiles the entire Black community even children.

7. Law enforcement officers should wear uniform-mounted surveillance cameras

It has recently been proven that officers, who were required to wear personal surveillance cameras while on duty, used less force and received a substantially reduced number of complaints from civilians.

It is widely known that people, who know they are being watched, tend to behave in a more responsible way.

From 2009-2010, an estimated 5,986 police misconduct claims were reported; 382 of these being homicidal violence reports. Meaning that there were 382 murders reported, from 2009-2010, that were the direct result of the unnecessary police misconduct and excessive force. In just this one year alone, the government spent $347,455,000 in related settlements and judgments.

As of 2012, it was reported that The U.S. federal government now spends over $50 billion on law enforcement each year. It is easily calculable to discover, that with the money the government spends on settlements and judgment processes alone, over 1.5 Million of these personal cameras could be purchased and put to good use by law enforcement agencies. Also as of 2012, the US employed an estimated 780,000 officers; meaning that there could easily be surveillance of any and all police disputes and situations.

The money spent by the government, that is now being used to investigate and settle these claims, would then be substantially reduced as a result of the use of these body-worn cameras.

Of these 5,986 police misconduct claims, only 33% of officers ever faced any trial or conviction process at all. With the average length of time spent in prison being only 14 months for officers. In the United States, the average prison sentence for a civilian who commits any violent crime is 66 months; not including those who are sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty.

Police badges should NOT grant officers any extra rights or excuses from these penalties. The police are NOT the law. They enforce the law, but they as officers and US citizens, must also be required to abide by these same laws and punishments. These videos would provide evidence, not only against out-of-control officers, but also against criminals who are wounded or killed while being pursued by these officers; Leading to quicker and less costly investigations, and of course more accurate evidence of the events that really occurred.

8. Stop Sexual Assault Against Pregnant Women in Police Custody




This ad was Posted by the Legalinjustice Committee a Civil /Human Rights Organization. (708)377-6174

9. Reform the ANC (Animal Farm Pigs?)

The South African Government (ANC) are like the pigs on George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. They use the police to brutally enforce the regimes ideals upon the masses. Even shooting mine workers to drive them back to work.

When they needed the people to fight and stand up against the old apartheid government they made elaborate promises of equality and freedom, drawing up a whole new constitution to protect human rights. "All animals are equal".

But once in power they started doing exactly what they accused the old regime of doing. They are corrupt and they side with the wealthy and the bankers. They build statues of themselves but squeeze the poor 'work-horses and sheep' harder and harder.

I see a direct parallel between them and the pigs on animal farm.

10. Boycott Beale St. until the racism stops

To understand what is happening on Beale Street is to understand the history of that place. Once one of the largest, most culturally vibrant Black communities in the united States, it was allowed to deteriorate by the white government in the 1960's, then came the order for wrecking ball of federal "Model Cities" programs which dispersed the Black population in 1969, and finally in the late 1970's and early 1980's came the white vulture developers and downtown businessmen, who redeveloped the area as a white entertainment district.

So the Beale Street Merchants Association, white businessmen, want to protect their investment, are using the police as their attack dogs. Black people who live here in Memphis are not wanted or allowed to enjoy the venues of what was once their own community, and for which they pay taxes. They are frequently arrested for "loitering" and other bogus offenses; they are then beaten in custody by officers.

What bothers us about Memphis is that the Mayor and majority Black city government passively accept this state of affairs where the Black youth are brutalized and beaten when they are arrested for trivial offenses in the Beale Street district. When they are drunk and rowdy, whites are arrested, even those who have knives like this Basil Fleming guy (see news article below), but they are not beaten, shot and killed. We feel an online tourist boycott of Beale Street is called for], just to get their attention, and to demand justice for this young man killed by the police. The merchants should not be allowed to profit from the death of Christian Freeman, in a bid to intimidate and discriminate against Blacks.

We cannot passively sit by while this type of racist misbehavior and abuse by the police, abetted by the politicians and greedy businessmen takes place. We are calling for all those opposed to racism and the prevention of abuse by the authorities to join us in organizing this international tourist and consumer boycott of the city of Memphis and the Beale Street entertainment district. No matter where you live in the world, you can help us. We will hold some type of grassroots community activism in Memphis down in the Beale Street area to show our displeasure, but you can tell the mayor and businessmen, that their discrimination is totally unacceptable.

They will only respond to pressure, so let's pressure them. You can write to the mayor, A.C. Wharton, at and demand that the cops stop harassing Blacks and prosecute the cops involved with the killing of Christian Freeman, and tell the Beale Street Merchants Association, that you are part of an international boycott against them. If you prefer, you can call by phone (901) 529-0999, or send a fax: (901) 529-4022 .

Love and struggle,

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
Let's Organize the Hood

P.O. Box 16382, Memphis, TN. 38186-0382



Long Beach Police Officers broke both my brother's legs by beating with their batons for at least 5 min. After which they told him to stand up. He said I can't you broke my legs. They forced him up, he fell down. They said again stand up. He said I'm not kidding my legs are broke they forced him up again.

By doing that they made his bone protrude and pop out of his skin. He was screaming in pain begging for mercy. After that they did not even charge him with anything.

They tortured him a 55 year old man who works and was no threat to them what so ever... There are witnesses who are shocked by the way they treated this man.

12. Stop Police Brutality against Juveniles In NSW

Why is it important to sign the Petition?
To demand that NSW Police Officers be held accountable for their actions and stop using of excessive force on Juveniles.

Police Incident: Around 4am on Saturday the 21st of April 2012 a NSW Police Officer shot two juvenile suspects in Kings Cross in a stolen car that mounted the sidewalk and stuck a pedestrian who was wedged under the stationary car. One of the police officers involved in the incident shot the youth in the front of the car and then was captured on video violently assaulting the passenger of the car who appeared to be subdued and was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. The two gunshot victims from the car are in the hospital in a stable but critical condition. The pedestrian that was wedged under the car has been released from Hospital after suffering chest injuries.

Sunday Telegraph video of incident:

Media Source Couriermail - Bloody Ending to Teen Joyride In Kings Cross

The passenger of the stolen car Troy Taylor (17yr old) father speaks out about the brutality.

13. Demand Protection for Victims & Witnesses of Police Attack on Iranian & Other Refugees in Cyprus

On Tuesday, 12 July, 2011, approximately 35 police officers and other Cypriot authorities violently assaulted a group of Iranian and other refugees held in Larnaca detention center for migration-related issues (e.g., expired visa).

During the attack, the Cypriot authorities threatened the refugees with handguns. They used batons and brass knuckles to brutally beat the refugees, including an elderly 72-year old asylum-seeker, who was transferred to solitary confinement after the beatings. He, along with his family, was deported to Iran in the following days. One asylum-seeker who reported a broken leg first received medical treatment 10 days after the attacks.

Neither the government of Cyprus nor the UNHCR has taken any substantive action with regard to these illegal attacks on defenseless detainees held for migration-related reasons, leaving it to an "investigation" to determine what happened, while detained refugees remain at the mercy of those who beat them.

Meanwhile, the Cypriot government, which flagrantly violates fundamental human rights, expects to assume the Presidency of the European Union in 2012.

More about the case can be read here, including a signed complaint by some of the affected asylum-seekers.

Video clip of the injuries sustained by 2 of the detained asylum-seekers can be seen here (English translation appears below the video clips on youtube):
VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2.


The Uniform Crime Reporting (U.C.R.) program was conceived in 1929 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to meet a need for reliable, uniform crime statistics for the nation. In 1930, the FBI was tasked with collecting, publishing, and archiving those statistics.

The United States law enforcement and judicial system have a long history of racial discrimination against minorities. In addition, the United States Law Enforcement and judicial system have a long history of discriminating against low income citizens in rural and urban areas.

We believe that a society functions best when all of its citizens feel safe, and secure. We believe this is best achieved in a truly democratic society with laws based on the Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America is enforced. We believe that the public needs reliable information for better understanding.

To date, the FBI, CIA, Border Patrol, Sheriff, County, City and/or State Law Enforcement officers do not have to document if a citizen has died while in their custody nor do they have to document how many citizens have been killed at the hands of law enforcement.

15. Dismantle the RCMP

It has been proven in the news and on the streets that the RCMP is a crooked police force.

It's time to dismantle it and let the Provinces police themselves with Provincial police forces.

16. Deaf People Denounce Seattle Police for Killing

On August 30, 2010, a partly Deaf Native American man, John T. Williams, was shot and killed by Officer Ian Birk of the Seattle police, after Williams was seen crossing Boren Avenue at Howell Street with a folding 3-inch carving knife and wooden board.

John T. Williams, courtesey of Chief Seattle Club

Williams was standing 9 to 10 feet away when Officer Birk, a rookie officer with just two years of experience, stopped his cruiser, got out, and shouted orders at him to drop the knife three times before he fatally shot Williams in the chest four times. The confrontation lasted less than 1 minute.

Williams was of the Ditidaht First Nation, a member nation of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, and came from a long line of Indigenous American artists in the First Nations who carved wood. It is legal in Seattle to carry a 3 inch knife or shorter. Williams sold his small totem carvings at the Pike Place Market. It was widely known in the local community that Williams was deaf in one ear and had great difficulty in communicating with people. He was known to wear headphones or ear buds.

After initial reports that Williams advanced on Officer Birk, the Seattle Police Department said they could no longer be sure that had occurred and Williams had not moved threateningly towards Officer Birk.

The Seattle Police Department is now investigating but has released no information. The Seattle Police Department has been facing controversy in the aftermath of some recent brutality cases (cops abused a Hispanic suspect & called him “Mexican piss”, another incident where Seattle cops punched a 17 years old girl for jaywalking, not to mention 5 deaths in 1 week caused by Seattle cops).

Here are some important facts:

1. Williams was shot four times in the chest, which is brutal, excessive force.
2. The confrontation lasted less than 1 minute.
3. Officer Birks reacted too quickly.
4. Williams was killed in the afternoon in broad daylight at 4.30 pm.
5. Williams was partly deaf and unable to understand Officer Birk’s orders from 9 to 10 feet away.
6. It has been a long-lasting established tradition for Native Americans to be carving wood on the streets of Seattle, which has a large Indigenous population. It’s not unusual for Native Americans to carry knives around in Seattle.

William’s sudden, tragic death at the hands of the Seattle Police Department is a serious reminder that any Deaf person’s life could be in danger should a situation with the police ever arise.

17. Justice For Junior

On May 5th, 2010, Junior Alexander Manon, an 18 year old teenager, more commonly known as, TUBZ, was beaten to death by seven police officers from 31 Division, Toronto, Ontario. Junior's beating was the result of a short chase, that commenced after a "routine" stop in his car. The media has falsified this information by reporting his death as being due to cardiac arrest, despite the fact that, his body was found covered in his blood, he had bruised ribs, black and blue eyes and a broken neck. This information has also been omitted from news reports.

His ultimate cause of death was determined to be a broken neck. Unfortunately stories like this are not uncommon in certain parts of Toronto.

18. Stop Police Harassment in Arcata Skate Park

I would like to make an amendment to the rules of the Arcata Skate Park. As it stands, freestyle-bikes are not permitted in the park, and everyone is supposed to wear a helmet. Though I am not a regular user of the park, I often stop in and observe the sport, amused and welcomed by the calm atmosphere. I feel safe there, with the people who come to use the park, as it builds community and camaraderie.

That is, however, until the police arrive. I feel that the restrictions as they stand only leave it open for police harassment, not for safety.

Freestyle-bikes are not transportation. They are a sport in it's own right, and they enjoy the same terrain as skateboarders. Often, these bikes don't have multiple gears or breaks, but neither do skate boards. Based on my observation, they are no more likely to cause harm than skateboards, and freestyle-bikers wear their helmets more often than skaters, regardless of age.

For regular bicycle laws, all persons under 18 are required to wear a helmet. The same should also be true for all users of the Arcata Skate Park. Adults should be advised to wear helmets, as they are adults and can make intelligible decisions for themselves and deal with the consequences. While it is a good idea to make sure that these rules are enforced, as it stands, the police harass the inhabitants of the park, forming a dynamic that causes resentment against, what should be, the good Arcata police force. This might increase tagging as a form of rebellion against the police, and other forms of vandalism. By "enforcing" the rules of the Arcata Skate Park as it stands today, really, it is only costing the City of Arcata more money.

The Arcata Skate Park is a community building, safe atmosphere for all ages. I often see youngsters 10 years of age and younger, skating around adults of 25 years of age, 30, and older. There is no bullying, and everyone is careful around the beginners, often encouraging to the youngsters, helping them improve their skills. I've observed the freestyle-bikers and they are just as courteous as the skaters. When a police car comes into view, the inhabitants of the park will yell "po-po" and everyone stops skating, scattering the once calm atmosphere into disarray and tension. Arcata is one of the friendliest communities I've ever lived in, but this is something that will tear the young community from the rest of it. This leads to increased aggression and dissatisfaction as a young Arcata citizen, thus leading to more crime.

If there can be a repair to this rift, via changing the rules slightly, we will have a better community for all.

19. Stop NYPD abuses!

Recently another suspect of a crime was allegedly sodomized with an object by an NYPD officer. This officer had complaints previously filed against him and the Civilian Complaint Review Board cleared him of misconduct and the city paid off his two previous complainants to avoid a court case ($50,000).

Because neither the CCRB nor the Bloomberg administration takes police abuse seriously, it seems that an ominous climate has been created in which many police officers feel that their inhumane and bestial actions will be covered up.

In recent weeks there have been stories in the press about an NYPD officer who robbed banks, another who dealt drugs etc. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Chief Raymond Kelly have failed in their duty to establish a training program that establishes a completely humane, courteous and respectful attitude by police officers toward all citizens.

20. Stop Police Brutality Against Skateboarders!

Skateboarders should have rights to skate where ever they want!

Cops shouldn't be able to use force unless necessary.

From ALL of the videos I've seen; force DEFINITELY shouldn't of been used.

I feel this violates our freedom; not being able to skate where ever we want!


21. Stop Kenyan Police using excessive force

We have seen people being shot live on camera in kisumu, in a hospital in Eldoret spent catridges were picked by the staff and a teargas cannister, I would like the police commissioner and Mr kiraithe the spokesman to be held accountable for this, but first he must resign as the commissioner.

In juja Rd we saw a youth electrocuted and two shot due to police brutality. We have seen GSU personnel beat youth senselessly, is this the Kenya we want?

It is really saddening and we still try to call a spoon a spade on such serious offences. Ali must resign as he is the captain and the police who shot two youths in kisumu during the three day demonstrations must be brought to account by the courts.

Why should we lose more lives to ethnicity and even more to the police?