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1651. Stop Britney Spears from Covering Justify my Love and Like a Virgin in her New Tour

This petition will hopefully ensure that Britney Spears will not go anywhere near any Madonna classics on her new tour.

1652. Help Get a Skatepark for Harleysville Kids

Hello. I am a resident of Harleysville, PA. This petition is directed in the direction of kids everywhere, skateboarders, and people fed up with the annoying sound of skating, rollerblading, or biking and the crowds that come with these sports.

I would like to propose a skatepark be built in Harleysville in order to keep skaters from damaging local property. It would also help to keep local authorities focused on crimes and more important things rather then just trying to bust the skateboarders in my town. I believe it will be a free public park for the people, by the people, and a skate at your own risk establishment. Money can and will be raised at local stores, in schools, and also from donations. Materials and labor will also somewhat be handled by donation as well as funding.

If you are a skateboarder or would like to help give us kids somewhere to go without getting fined, arrested, or yelled at, please sign this petition.

1653. Shutting Down OOT2D

This petition is made for Nintendo to shut down the project OOT2D which can be found at

Two screens of what OOT2D has done can be found here.

These screens show what Daniel Barras (TRM) is doing with copyrighted images.He's completely destroying the whole point of copyrights.

1654. Revoke the Importation of Exotic Wildlife Licence to Steve Irwin

Update: September 7, 2006

This petition is now closed.


Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin has applied for Exotic Wildlife Importation Licence. So far he has imported Asiatic Elephants and Pythons. We do not need Wildlife that are not native to Australia to caged, corraled, entombed in some concrete, enslave, for the benefit of exploitation and money. Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin of Beerwah Zoo of Miseries in Qld has NO interest of the animals. His interests are exploitation and MONEY. There is nothing educational about exploiting and abusing animals

1655. Assigned seating at the lunchroom tables

First Amendment of the Constitution to petition is one of the basic civil rights. We the people strongly advise you to consider this petition and to allow us to sit where we want because up until now it has been us, but this one time it was one person that has caused the trouble when you clearly stated that if the TEAM messed up we would have assigned seats.

1656. No Respect, No Relationship


This petition of certain citizens of Australia condemns the Howard Government for refusing to run the anti-violence campaign "No Respect No Relationship" that was designed to educate young people that violence in relationships is wrong and must be stopped.

Your petitioners ask the House to ensure that the Government releases the campaign material that was developed over the last 2 years at a cost of millions of dollars to taxpayers so that it can be used by others in
the community to send a strong message to young people.

Public money paid for the development and production of this campaign and we urge the House to demand its release for public use.

1657. Save Howard Forums

This petition is to save the ever-declining howard forums. I feel that as of late Howard Forums has been on the decline for the following reasons.

*Unnecessary deleting of threads for VERY minor offenses
*Rules that are too strict for a "free" forum.

1658. Extend the School Year

Due to inclement weather the amount of school days in our present year has been greatly delined.The only people who suffer is the children for their lack of education.This petition will be put forward to extend the school year.

1659. Save the old Nickelodeon

Lets start off at the beginning, Nickelodeon has gone down the crapper. If you are about 18 years old or so, you may remember certain Nickelodeon show that were GREAT!!! Do you rememer any of these?

Clarissa Explains It All
Secret World Of Alex Mac
Hey Dude
Salute Your Shorts
My Brother And Me
Global Guts
Nick Arcade
Are You Arfraid Of The Dark
Rocko's Modern Life
Ren and Stimpy
The Adventures of Pete & Pete
What Would You Do?
Double Dare
Family DD
Super Sloppy DD
Super Special DD
DD 2000
Space Cases
Wild & Crazy Kids (Old series)
You Can't Do That on Television
Legends of the Hidden Temple
Make the Grade
Think Fast!
You're On!
Figure it out
Finders Keepers
Get the Picture
The Angry Beavers
AAHH!!! Real Monsters!
All That (original cast)

Some of these shows have only come out about 5 or so years ago, but were still great. My petition is either to get some of these back on the air, or just to get the really popular ones on DVD. I know I am not the only one out there. I have searched on the internet, and have found many other petitions that are promoting the same thing.

If you like any of these shows, please sign this petition.

Thank You

1660. Neopets Neochat Moderators

This is a petition to have neopets appoint people on the site (yes, neopets members) to become neochat moderators to prevent people like gorwall, the countless dating services, and nasty posts from happening so often. These moderators will be able to lock usernames out of neochat for a period of 24hrs for innapropriate chatting.

1661. Adult Swim against Cartoon Fridays

Have you ever spent all week watching Adult Swim, just to remember they don't run it on fridays. It's upsetting, and most of all boring. It also has come to my attention that A.S. is not run on saturday either. Please sign this petition to get Adult Swim running all week.

1662. Resignation of employee

We, the patients are signing this petition for the resignation or termination of Mrs. Elizabeth Hall in reference of patients being negelected during their dialysis treatments. The patients' human rights are been denied when it comes to Mrs. Hall.

1663. Ghostbusters on Cartoon Network!

We, the undersigned fans of the cartoon "The Real Ghostbusters", would like to use this petition to express our desire for the series to be shown on the Cartoon Network.

1664. The Petition for Mr. Lockard's Goatee

The first block of Mr. Kerrick's class wishes to see Mr. Lockard grow out his goatee.

1665. Petition for Golfland to get Pop'n Music

This petition is in hopes of persuading Golfland to purchase Pop'n Music for its Mesa, Arizona facility. Many people wish for Golfland to purchase new rhythm and action games such as Pop'n Music. If you are one of these people then please sign this petition in hopes for Golfland to get Pop'n Music!

1666. Shut down American Poetry Society

We have to shut down in order to put a stop to the scammimg that these lowlifes are doing. American Poets Society is the same company as in the same state (MD) in the same city (Baltimore) in the same address (600 Reisterstown Road Suite 200G) in the same zip code (21208) with a P.O. Box!! How far or how low are these scam artists going to go to greedily steal our hard-earned money? Let's shut them down for good, sign this petition!!!!!!!!!!!

1667. UK Broadband unavailable even though local area is enabled

This petition is intended to gather a second source of information relating to the availability of broadband in broadband enabled areas.

In my experience the figures as quoted by BT with regard to the availability of Broadband in enabled exchange areas is inaccurate.

As of September 2003 BT claim that 97 per cent of population in Broadband enabled areas could receive Broadband services.

1668. Okage 2

This petition requests that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and ZENER WORKS Inc. will begin process on Okage 2, a sequal to the game Okage Shadow King for the PS2.

1669. The Official Ethan Van Sciver Must Write Petition

The comics industry is plagued by artists who work well at their own craft, yet for whatever reason, attempt to write as well. Occasionally, the results are spectacular, too often the failures are also.

Then there are those like Ethan Van Sciver. Ethan Van Sciver, who has graced us with New X-Men, Wolverine, Impulse, and now Flash, has demonstrated on boards like Millarworld—one of the most singular wits in all the comic industry, by any creator artist or writer. Beyond this, he has demonstrated an insight into characters that is rare even for writers. Yet he continues to deny fandom his talents as a scribe. No one knows what combination of drugs and homoerotica has warped him into this decision by this point, we can only speculate.

And so, we—the bored and the unemployed—do hereby demand that Ethan Van Sciver begin persuing work as a writer as well as an artist.

1670. No Extension of Sykes in Ada, OK

The employees who have signed this petition are against the thought of extending the closing date of Sykes in Ada, OK any further than March 8, 2004.

1671. Save Gareth Official Fanclub - Gaz-ets United!

This is a petition to keep Gareth Official Fanclub open! It is the best fanclub in the world and not only do we get to speak to the man himself but we get exclusive extras which mean a lot to us Gaz-ets! Such as Gareth's diary, competitions, chats, audios, pictures, videos, presents!

Please don't close the Fanclub down! Please don't do it to us.. and please don't do it to Gareth!

The Fanclub means everything to us! Please FCT!!

WE LOVE GARETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberley (Kimberley4Gareth

1672. Remove the 254 Character Rule For AOL Signatures

AOL will not allow signatures and a lot of other text to be more than 254 characters. Tons of people believe this rule should be removed. There should be at least an expantion of the number of characters for signartures, etc. Possibly, there could be an unlimited amount of characters. Take a stand and sign this petition. Why deal with this rule it when it annoys tons of people? In your comments, please tell if you want just an expantion of the number of characters or if you want there to be an unlimited amount of characters.

Thank you for your support!

Attention: If you know who I can e-mail my petition to to get it approved, please contact me at

1673. Golden Sun 3 in America

There is a Japanese petition about this.

This American one started 2-2-04.


This is a petition to NBC to keep the television show "ED" on air.

1675. Save Our Children

This Petition is regarding the health & welfare of two children who were illegally taken from their parents and moved from Illinois to California by two diagnosed mentally ill child abusers. The parents have been unable to get government authorities to investigate and act in accordance with state and federal laws.

1676. Force PBS to recognize The Temporal Globe

This petition is the first of its kind regarding The Temporal Globe and I am expecting it to take a couple years.

1677. Add Speedvision to the CBC lineup

This is a petition to get SpeedVision added to the lineup at CBC. With the large population of motor sports fans in Barbados, we should have enough say to have a channel that caters us.

1678. VOTEZ pour la sortie du nouvel album de Mark Owen en Belgique , Suisse et France!

Si vous voulez que le nouvel album de Mark Owen 'in your own time' sorte en France, Belgique et Suisse, signez cette petition!

1679. Council Tax Costs across Berkshire

I like many people am passionate when it comes to Government fees and cost. Council Tax mainly. I want to raise a petition for everyone who lives under the RG postcode. If, like news articles report, the current Council tax is due to rise by up to 18% I want to bring people together in giving our personal opinions on the alleged rise in the current rates. There is lots of press coverage across the whole United Kingdom regarding the Council Tax issue.

I do not feel that I get "value for money" when it comes to Council Tax charges. I live in the RG31 (Tilehurst, Reading area) and am appalled by my current charges without even viewing the final upcoming raise to our current charges. If the Council could guarantee that ALL services that we pay for are honored, as they should then, I, for one would be less "discussed" of the charges for service. However, the only service I can honestly say I receive for my money is getting my bins emptied once a week. The Policing is poor; the streets are dirty, littered with waste and "rubbish". We have our grass verges cut three times a year if were lucky. The roads are generally in a poor condition…. I could go on.

I am asking you all, the people of Berkshire to sign this petition which will be passed on to our local government representative with a covering letter asking for their comments.

Many people in other parts of the United Kingdom are standing up for what they believe and refusing to pay the proposed increase which is due soon. We as a community NEED TO PULL TOGETHER to stand side by side with others and make sure our voices are heard before this country/county forces itself into a situation that will mirror the problems of late similar to the Poll Tax debate and make our living conditions further more difficult than they already are.

If you, as a resident of Berkshire agree or have your own personal view on Council Tax Costs then PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. A copy of this will be forwarded to all the local newspapers which cover Berkshire in hope of keeping our County as it should and in favour of us, the people. Many people are finding it difficult to afford the current living costs within Berkshire as it is.

Let's not worsen the situation?

Thank you for you time.

Mr. Daran Thomas
Knowsley Road
RG31 6FA

1680. Proposed Pit Bull Ban in Chicago

As of today, the Proposed Pit Bull Ban vote has been postponed---It has NOT been presented to the City of Chicago License and Consumer Protection Committee for their vote before being forwarded to the City Council. We were informed that we have to check the online Agenda for further activity. Please keep those signatures coming though-----Every one counts!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have signed and passed the word along. We will keep you informed on the proposed ban.
On February 11th, 2004 at 10:00 a.m., the Chicago City Council will be voting on a proposed Pit Bull Ban, headed by #19 Alderman Virgina Rugai. Even though Illinois HB 184 is designed to prevent (for lack of a better term) BSL, Chicago is a home rule municipality, therefore can over-ride the State Law.

Below is a link to all the Aldermen for Chicago. Please take the time to phone, fax and/or write your opposition to this proposal:

Here is Mayor Daley's email to contact him directly:

There is also another online petition created by a wonderful organization called the Furry Friends Foundation, a no kill animal shelter. It is specifically for Mayor Daley.

If you will be protesting in person, please take a minute to sign the petition and PLEASE REMEMBER: Be respectful and courteous to promote a positive image. Our dogs are at stake.