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1651. Save Our Wild and Domesticated Horses

Did you know that (as of 6/98) BLM "official" figures show that there are only about 42,000 wild horses and burros (approximately 35,000 horses & 7,000 burros) left on public lands (in 10 western states - confined by law to Herd Management Allotments or "HMA's")? However, HorseAid places this figure much lower (see our "BLM Report Card", below for more information).

The Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 (the "Wild Horse Annie Act") declared that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West (in essence, an American "heritage"), and require protection under U.S. Federal law ("Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of lifeforms within the nation and enrich the lives of the American people." -- December 15, 1971 Congressional Declaration). Yet, there are currently less wild horses and burros on public lands in the Western states (their traditional ancestral range) than there were in 1971, when the Act was passed (approximately 172,000 horses and burros have been "adopted" since the adoption program was initiated).

The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the protection of these animals, and yet, sadly and tragically, it may be this same agency which is responsible for their "fast disappearing from the American West". By revising policy at will, and circumventing the law when it suits them, some individuals within the Bureau of Land Management are bringing about the total destruction of this great American heritage largely in the interest of, and for, personal gain or to save the "integrity" of the agency itself Criminal investigations by several Bureau of Land Management law enforcement agents that would have exposed illegal activity in the Wild Horse and Burro Program, have been obstructed by numerous BLM managers and employees. If something is not done, and done soon -- we stand a very good chance of forever losing this "living symbol of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West".

A reporter chased the perennial allegations of BLM malfeasance by tracing paper trails, something animal advocates have not done on any comparable scale. "Using freeze-brand numbers and computer records," "the AP traced more than 57 former BLM horses sold to slaughterhouses since September. Eighty percent were less than 10 years old and 25% were less than five years old." "The AP matched computer records of horse adoptions with a computerized list of federal employees and found that more than 200 current BLM employees have adopted more than 600 wild horses and burros." Mendoza got some eye-popping quotes, too. "Asked about the AP's findings," she wrote, It is conceded that about 90% of the horses rounded up go to slaughter."

"Using the BLM's computerized records maintained in Denver and obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the AP found that 32,774 of all adopted horses and burros--20%--remain untitled. Legally, they are still federal property." The 57 wild horses sold to slaughter in approximately four months was not a greater number than go to slaughter from many individual riding stables, racetracks, and ranches. That 90% of the BLM horses eventually go to slaughter, would just reflect the fate of most horses from any source who go to auction. "While it is common for old or lame horses to go to slaughter," "nearly all former BLM horses sent to slaughter are young and healthy."

Yet dozens of horse rescue groups from coast to coast stay busy buying and adopting out other young, healthy horses they find at slaughter auctions. The fact is, horse overpopulation seems to be as much a reality as pet overpopulation, and although many people are willing to adopt a horse for a while, most quickly find themselves unable to keep up with the ongoing costs and demand on time. Wild horses, precisely because they are wild, require particular effort to turn into good riding steeds. Since federal budget cuts killed most of the prison-based projects that formerly either "gentled" or "broke" wild horses to saddle, the horses available for adoption have been more problematic, less suitable for the average rider. They can't compete with abundant ready-to-ride horses from domestic oversupply, even at the BLM adoption price of $125, 11% of the average cost to the government of rounding up, vaccinating, freezebranding, and adopting out a wild horse.

Adopters "can get lame or old horses for as little as $25, or even for free," , referring to the fee-waiver program the BLM uses to rid itself of horses nobody wants. "After holding the horses for a year, the adopters are free to sell them for slaughter, typically receiving $700 per animal. The government spends $1,100. The adopter can make $575 or more."

In other news...Nine young mares that survived the barren deserts of the West died of stress induced by their capture and a 1,000-mile truck ride to Colorado.

The horses died of "capture myopathy,'' a condition in wild animals triggered by anxiety of capture, according to test results released Tuesday by the Bureau of Land Management.

Forty mares and 10 studs were loaded into a truck Feb. 17 (1998) at the BLM's center in Palomino Valley north of here for the 24-hour trip to a similar facility south of Denver.

Nine horses arrived showing signs of distress. None survived.

Handling of the animals is a topic being addressed by a new advisory board looking into issues surrounding the estimated 44,000 wild horses and burros that roam free across 11 Western states.

"The advisory board will be looking into ways to minimize stress, whether on the range, during gathers or as they move through the adopt-a-horse program,'' said Robin Lohnes, a board member and the executive director of the American Horse Protection Association in Washington, D.C.

The 26-year-old adoption program was intended by Congress to reduce the number of animals competing with ranchers' cattle for scant forage on federal lands. Horses are rounded up into corrals and put up for adoption.

The establishment of the advisory panel followed reports last year by The Associated Press that thousands of animals adopted through a federal program were sold for slaughter with BLM employees among those who profited.

The AP also reported that the BLM lost track of about 32,000 adopted animals and that agency officials gave false information to Congress.


People need to be aware and more responsible for the heritage that is being killed. Our goverments need to make an amendment to protect not just the wild horses, but all of our horses, before it is too late. Horses are always going to be here, if we take care of them. Besides, who can not smile when they see horses grazing peacfully in a rolling green pasture? If we don't do something now, that sight will only be a fading memory.

Please sign this petition. It will get send to our governments in hope they will write and pass an amendment that will protect our wild horses. Also send this petition to your friends and let's see how many signatures we can get. Anyone interested in helping me, contact me, the author, and let's make history!

" that all horses and ponies may lead a
full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."

1652. City of Clarkville - Repealing the City Manager Plan

This is a new petition to change the City of Clarksville's form of Government.

1653. Stricter SPAM/Spyware/Adware Laws

Are you sick and tired of all these invasions into your private computers and files? I know I am, and I know we can do something about it. Sign the petition, and stop the Spam and Spyware/Adware Invasions!

1654. Richard Clapton Please come to Adelaide!

This petition is now closed.


April 11, 2004

He has performed in Adelaide before but he wanted to focus on other states, New South Wales and Victoria. All information will be treated confidential.

This petition is only applicable to residents of South Australia.

1655. Put .Hack//SIGN back on!!!

This is a petition for all who demand .Hack//SIGN back on Cartoon Network! Please, I urge you greatly to sign!!!

1656. Petition For Paving And Dredging Allison Loop Road!

Whereas many deep potholes on Allison Loop presents significant hazards to anyone traveling by vehicle on the road. The constant regrading of the road produces delays and dangerous conditions for anyone traveling on
Allison Loop.

Whereas the constant regrading has been
progressively less effective with deep
potholes reappearing within one to two
days of regrading.The town is incurring
unnecessary expenses due to constant regrading.

Whereas the ditches need dredging to prevent further flooding.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the unpaved road immediately be properly prepared for paving and then paved as soon as possible.

Also the ditches should be dredged to immediately.

1657. Neopets Secret Avatar Listing In Lookups

This is a new petition that the people of Neopia are signing to put how many secret avatars and which ones they have in their user lookups. If you would like to help get this done please sign your name and your user names! So Adam Powell/Neopets Staff may see that this is not a matter of one person trying to get attention...

1658. Operation Healthy Kids

This petition is to get the wonderful Fab 5 to agree to host my charity event, Operation Healthy Kids, for Children's Hospital of Milwaukee. With the Queer Eye name attached, we will undoubtedly be able to raise thousands of dollars for those children

1659. Install SPEED BUMPS along JUPITER ROAD!!

The neighbors of North Star are concerned about the safety of our children, animals, and other neighbors who enjoy walking outdoors. If you are one of the neighbors who are concerned about the safety in our community, please take the time to sign this petition to install SPEED BUMPS along JUPITER RD.

1660. AT&T & ABC Consumer Addressibility Improvement

The current state of the broadcasting industry is not immediately held liable for content and other intellectual property issues known to cause severe brain damage and mental illness. This petition would establish a plausible option for residential parties and consumers to generate inquire concerning content, thematic inference and other causes of particular conditions such as parkinson's disease, alzhimer's disease and even some forms of schizophrenia.

Regulatory issues would include:
1) Launching a full scale internet service operation for all national regions
2) Introduce the Medicaid/Medicare coverage plan which would allow a co-pay option for partial internet access (SSI-SSA);
3) Create a national broadcast community in which forums and other programming are recognized by the US Congress under meritious and technical basis. (FCC-ABC)

1661. Withdraw Canadian Citizenship from Canadians who endorse terror

March 24, 2004

This petition is in response to a growing concern that the Canadian government is merely paying lip service to the problem of terrorists and terrorist support/logistics in Canada.

In 1995 the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien personally intervened on behalf of a Canadian citizen, Ahmed Said Khadr who was being held in a Pakistani jail on charges relating to the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad. He had moved his family to Afghanistan and befriended Osama Bin Laden yet denied links to terror.

While living with Bin Laden in Afghanistan, they raised money in Canada amongst Muslims who were told they were aiding Afghan orphans. They had their sons trained in Al Qaeda camps to handle guns and explosives. They encouraged them to become martyrs for Islam, even suicide bombers. They nursed their hatred for Americans.

In 2001, in a grotesque family get together, they celebrated with "smiling, laughing" when Al Qaeda-comandeered jets slammed into the World Trade Center and other sites killing 3000 including 23 Canadians. Yet even today years after leaving Canada and five months after Ahmad was killed in a battle with Pakistani troops after being identified as an Al Qaeda founder and financier, his wife Maha finds her Canadian citizenship handy.

Incredibly, from Pakistan she is pressing Ottawa to issue her and her children new passports so they can roam the world armed with their extremist views. One son, Abdul Karim was paralyzed in the battle in Pakistan that killed his father; another, Abdullah, is in hiding in Pakistan; and a third, Omar is in the American detention centre in Cuba as an "enemy combatant" for killing a U.S. Army medic with a grenade. A Daughter, Zaynab, is with the mother.
"We are an Al Qaeda family", a fourth son, Abdurahman, flatly told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

He admitted to the Toronto Star he had been "lying to everyone up until this point" about his role in the saga. Upon his release from detention in Cuba, Abdurahman was flown to europe and released. He made his way to Pakistan where he contacted his Canadian relatives. They made an appeal to the Canadian government and once again a Canadian Prime Minister (this time Paul Martin) intervened and made a public statement that if Abdurahman made his way to a Canadian consulate, he would be "welcome" to return to Canada.

These repeated interventions by the Canadian government to help known terrorists holding Canadian citizenship is damaging the credibility of Canada as a nation that can be counted on in the war on terror. In addition these actions are needlessly advertising Canada has a gullible weak link to be exploited by terrorist groups wishing to operate unhindered here.

Thirdly it increases the risk to public safety and implants doubt in the minds of Canadians that the Canadian government is taking a proactive approach to preventing future terrorist attacks on Canadian soil.


This petition requests the Appleton City school board to immediately reinstate Mrs. Susan Thompson.

1663. Mcfly to tour with Buted in Nov/Dec

As you know the best band ever BUSTED are doing a concert this year in Nov/Dec 04 - which is gunna rock, but sadly other band mates Mcfly wont be there supporting them or performing with them on tour. This petition is to get Mcfly up on stage with Busted in nov/dec! So please sign this because they have got to be there, BUSTED AND MCFLY! wow!

Please tell all your mates about the petition!

1664. Bring Get Smart to TV Land!

We are asking you to bring Get Smart to TV Land. This classic comedy is to hilarious to not be on TV Land. We need all the signatures we can get, however,to make this a reality so please sign this petition.

1665. Promote Hockey Fights

We, the undersigned fans of the NHL and hockey fights, would like to petition its commissioner Gary Bettman, director of hockey operations Colin Campbell and Andy Van Hellemond, the league's supervisor of referees to consider not banning fights.

Not only will banning fights lower your already dwindiling and depeleted popularity, but as well, it will lower attendace exponentially. If you ever actually watch some of the games, you will notice that while there is a fight going on, not one person leaves their seats, and in fact are all standing and applauding.
Lets save hockey and hockey fights!!

1666. Save Clone High USA

This is a petition to save Clone High USA on MTV. It is one of the best and most creative television shows ever to be aired on television and had enormous potential. It is, by far, the funniest show that I have ever seen, and it does it in an unoffensive way too, which is rare for the television shows of today. This is a huge shame that it was cancelled. Alot of fans of the show, like myself, were let down by this. It would be more understandable if the show was cancelled because Music Television [MTV] decided to actually show more music videos and music related programs. But since they probably replaced it with another reality show, it's pointless to get rid of a show loved by so many. Once again, this is a huge letdown. Please don't give it the same fate as other equally brilliant cartoons, such as Daria, Beavis and Butthead, and the Undergrads.


1667. Remove Jim Wilson

The purpose of this petition is to have appointed Sheriff Jim Wilson immediately removed from office and allow the citizens choice of Sheriff to take immediate command of the Sheriff's Department. The department is in turmoil. Frivolous spending, very low morale, intimidation of employees, irresponsible changes and the 2005 budget are the main concerns.

Jim Wilson must be removed immediately to allow the newly elected Sheriff the opportunity to create the budget he will administer, not one created by Jim Wilson who does not have the communities best interest at heart. Jim Wilson states he is a public servant. If he is a true public servant, he will serve his public's desires of him not being in office and the new Sheriff installed. Jim Wilson can not offer any valid justification for remaining in office until January. It is strictly personal for Jim and not for the good of Williamson County. Jim must be removed immediately in order to prevent his further destruction of the Sheriff's Department, leaving a complete mess for the elected Sheriff to clean up. Please join us in sending a strong message to our County Judge, Commissioners and Jim Wilson.

1668. Legalize the consumption of Dog Meat in California

Please add your signature to this petition to Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. The consumption of dogmeat is currently illegal in California. This discriminates against dog-meat consumers, although the consumption of other meats, e.g. pork, chicken, veal etc. is legal. Please help us to end this inconsistency.

1669. Abolish paintball guns as seriuos weapons

I have never done a petition in my life but i need 2 do this. People should be allowed to play paintball in natural areas.

1670. Rescind Resolution No. 2003-12-04 Street Improvement in Ada, MN

Petition for Referendum of Resolution No. 2003-12-04
Resolution No. 2003-12-04 is the adoption of special assessments levied against property owners in the city of Ada, totaling $860,089.74,
for Street Improvement District 2003-1.

To Shelly Kappes, Ada City Clerk:
We the undersigned, citizens and qualified voters of the city of Ada, respectfully order that Resolution No. 2003-12-04, adopted by the city council on December 2, 2003, at the regular city council meeting, be repealed in its entirety by the city council. If this resolution is not thereafter entirely repealed, it shall be placed on the ballot at the next election, or at a special election called for that purpose, as the council determines. If a majority of the voters voting thereon votes against the resolution, it shall be considered repealed upon certification of the election results.

Signers Oath: I affirm that I know the contents and purpose of this petition and that I signed this petition only once and of my own free will.
All information must be filled in by person (s) signing the petition unless disability prevents the person (s) from doing so.
All information on this petition is subject to public inspection.
As required by city charter, Chapter 5, sec. 5.02., this petition for referendum is sponsored by the five following voters:
Timothy E. Wagner 104 4th Street East Rolland Carpenter - 204 7th Street East Sue Merkens - 607 Lily Lane
Joyce Schlagel- 701 East 3rd Avenue Shirley Riley

A resolution, passed by the city of Ada, MN has imposed an unfair and unneeded assessment against most of the property owners of the city, for street maintance, totaling $860,000.00.

It is the intention of this petition to rescind this resolution, and force the council to take the funds necessary to pay for this project from the designated budget.

1671. Lights at the Joyce avenue

This is a danourous intersectin outside our childrens Child Care Centre.

People do dangerous U-turns from the far side into the Service station with no thought to giving way to the cars leaving Joyce Avenue.

There is an ever increasing number of acidents outside where our children are being cared for and we don't want another incident like at the Roundhouse Childcare Centre in Janurary

Please sign this petition to go to the Traffic Management Dept of Banyule Council.

1672. Eradicate Box Elder Bug Infestation

This petition is written for the express purpose of eliminating the profuse box elder bug population.

1673. Stop Britney Spears from Covering Justify my Love and Like a Virgin in her New Tour

This petition will hopefully ensure that Britney Spears will not go anywhere near any Madonna classics on her new tour.

1674. Help Get a Skatepark for Harleysville Kids

Hello. I am a resident of Harleysville, PA. This petition is directed in the direction of kids everywhere, skateboarders, and people fed up with the annoying sound of skating, rollerblading, or biking and the crowds that come with these sports.

I would like to propose a skatepark be built in Harleysville in order to keep skaters from damaging local property. It would also help to keep local authorities focused on crimes and more important things rather then just trying to bust the skateboarders in my town. I believe it will be a free public park for the people, by the people, and a skate at your own risk establishment. Money can and will be raised at local stores, in schools, and also from donations. Materials and labor will also somewhat be handled by donation as well as funding.

If you are a skateboarder or would like to help give us kids somewhere to go without getting fined, arrested, or yelled at, please sign this petition.

1675. Shutting Down OOT2D

This petition is made for Nintendo to shut down the project OOT2D which can be found at

Two screens of what OOT2D has done can be found here.

These screens show what Daniel Barras (TRM) is doing with copyrighted images.He's completely destroying the whole point of copyrights.

1676. Revoke the Importation of Exotic Wildlife Licence to Steve Irwin

Update: September 7, 2006

This petition is now closed.


Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin has applied for Exotic Wildlife Importation Licence. So far he has imported Asiatic Elephants and Pythons. We do not need Wildlife that are not native to Australia to caged, corraled, entombed in some concrete, enslave, for the benefit of exploitation and money. Steve 'the Crocodile Hunter' Irwin of Beerwah Zoo of Miseries in Qld has NO interest of the animals. His interests are exploitation and MONEY. There is nothing educational about exploiting and abusing animals

1677. Assigned seating at the lunchroom tables

First Amendment of the Constitution to petition is one of the basic civil rights. We the people strongly advise you to consider this petition and to allow us to sit where we want because up until now it has been us, but this one time it was one person that has caused the trouble when you clearly stated that if the TEAM messed up we would have assigned seats.

1678. No Respect, No Relationship


This petition of certain citizens of Australia condemns the Howard Government for refusing to run the anti-violence campaign "No Respect No Relationship" that was designed to educate young people that violence in relationships is wrong and must be stopped.

Your petitioners ask the House to ensure that the Government releases the campaign material that was developed over the last 2 years at a cost of millions of dollars to taxpayers so that it can be used by others in
the community to send a strong message to young people.

Public money paid for the development and production of this campaign and we urge the House to demand its release for public use.

1679. Save Howard Forums

This petition is to save the ever-declining howard forums. I feel that as of late Howard Forums has been on the decline for the following reasons.

*Unnecessary deleting of threads for VERY minor offenses
*Rules that are too strict for a "free" forum.

1680. Extend the School Year

Due to inclement weather the amount of school days in our present year has been greatly delined.The only people who suffer is the children for their lack of education.This petition will be put forward to extend the school year.