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1651. Release the Kidnapped Panchen Lama of Tibet (Gedun Choekyi Nyima)

The 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet (Gedun Choekyi Nyima) was born on April 25, 1989. In May 1995 Gedun Choekyi Nyima was 6 years old when he and his parents were kidnapped from their home in Tibet by the Chinese government. Widely known as the World's Youngest Political Prisoner, he has been missing for almost 9 years.

In Tibet, Panchen Lama is a title like Vice-President or Prime Minister. Panchen means Great Scholar and Lama means Religious Teacher.

This missing boy will grow up to be a great leader if released and allowed to pursue his religious studies in freedom.

So please add your signature to this petition for the speedy release of the 11th Panchen Lama. Thank you for your support.

1652. Start BOB 3 Tournament

This is a petition for the RTCW Community. If you would like the OGL to start BOB3 Tournament then sign!

1653. Bring back Orion

On Thursday 27th November 2003, the 92.9 Programming Director told Orion that if they find someone better to replace him over his holidays he will lose his job. Orion secretly recorded this conversation and played it on air. As a result of a 9 o'clock meeting on 28th November 2003, Orion was suspended until furthur notice for playing the conversation.

We need to get behind Orion in order to help him get his job back. Please show your support by signing this petition.

1654. Lowering Neighborhood Speed Limit in Portland, TX

This petition is asking for the current speed limit of 30mph to be lowered to 15mph due to child safety.

This petition is written for the purpose of lowering the current speed limit of 30mph to the purposed limit of 15mph. Many families in our subdivision have children that enjoy spending time playing outside. During the timesthey enjoy playing is the busiest time of day for traffic. Several times there are drivers, who do the speed limit, but put our children at risk. It is proven that larger vehicles take a longer amount of time to come to a complete stop at certain speeds. Today many more people are driving the bigger vehicles. The roads are also very narrow. On many occasions there have been vehicles parked on either side of the road. This allows only one car to pass at a time. The speed limit does not allow safe passage of vehicles during this time. If by some chance a small child is playing ball and the ball happens to roll into the road the vehicles dont realize in an adequate amount of time.

1655. Zero Tolerance for convicted Child-Sex Offenders in Australia!

MAKO Inc has been distributing this petition off line for over 12 months with a positive response.

This petition is put forth by the M.A.K.O. Incorporation and the undersigned citizens of Australia requesting the introduction of a Zero Tolerance legislation in the criminal sentencing of Child-Sex Offenders in any State or Territory of Australia (meaning: mandatory lengthy Jail terms for first Child-Sex conviction), and for the introduction of legislation for community notification of convicted Child-Sex offender's exact residential location in any State or Territory of Australia following conviction. (Community notified would be community where convicted Child-Sex Offender chooses to reside).

The M.A.K.O. Inc. and petitioners would like to see these requests be given urgent Attention in Parliament and introduced throughout Australia to prevent victims and to deter Child-Sex Offenders from offending re/offending.

1656. Kiley Walters - petition to keep drivers license

I am writing a petition to the circuit court to get my drivers license back due to hardship. I am a single mother of one. I have medical problems due to being bi-polar manic depressive and have lost many jobs due to not having a license. I want to petition to see about being able to have a restricted licence at least.

1657. Faux pas at backdoor

If you think its time to see Faux pas at the backdoor you should sign this petition. Many bands have played there multiple times & if you are sick of waiting and will actually come out and see faux pas play at the backdoor if given the chance , please sign this petition. Feel free to comment ...

1658. Student petition to block proposed contract with PARTA and dissolve Campus Bus Service

Student petition to block proposed contract with PARTA and dissolve Campus Bus Service.

1659. McCoy Road Maintenance & Repairs

McCoy Road, located West off Industry Road near the intersection of State Route 224 in the Township of Randolph, Ohio is not a designated road. It currently is sometimes maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The condition of the road is poor & nearly impassable. Snow removal by ODOT is almost nonexistent.

Residents of McCoy Road have taken the responsibility of snow removal upon themselves in order to enter and exit their homes. It has now come to the point where children attending the local school district, Waterloo, have been denied transportation due to the poor conditions of the road, therefor, resulting in the distribution of this petition.

1660. Block the parole of Karen Fried

This petition is to help prevent the parole of a convicted killer in Maryland.

On March 23, 1978, Karen Fried and another boy drove a 13-year-old to a parking lot, where the boy stabbed her 22 times, and slit her throat so violently she was almost dismembered. Karen lured the young teen to this park with the killer in the trunk of her car, stood by while he killed her, then drove back home, then lied to the police about what happened. Maryland Gov. Robert Erlich has decided to commute Karen's life sentence which makes her eligible for parole. We do not want her on the streets! Life means life! We, the undersigned STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Karen Fried.


1661. A Petition for Raising the legal tobacco use age to 21 years

As part of a lesson designed to teach how the Constitution of the United States of Amererica provides numerous opportunities for citizens to participate in the law-making process, the 8th grade social studies students of Ranchero Middle School in Hesperia California designed this petition in thier wishes to change the legal tobacco use age from 18 to 21.

1662. Petitions are Gay

We the undersigned believe petitions to be gay and stupid. We also are fully aware of the fact that we are signing a petition to show petitions are gay. BUT WE DONT CARE.



1664. Free Pneumococcal Immunisation

This petition is to get free immunisation for all Australian babies. This disease is life-threatening and children under 2 years of age are at greater risk. This air born bacterial virus has devastating effects, which, include disablement of vision, hearing and developmental delays. Also through Septicaemia they can lose fingers and toes. The vaccine is too expensive for most people in this country - costing at least $144.45 per shot and babies need 3 shots.

My beautiful granddaughter Isabella spent 3 months in Hospital and we are very lucky to have her. She suffered through 9 brain operations and two shunt operations, luckily the second one worked. She is visually impaired and has developmental delays and it all could have been prevented if she had had the vaccine. The whole family network suffers and the ongoing care will continue for years to come. So, please sign my petition and I pray that the Federal Government will listen and provide the vaccine for free. Thank you.

1665. Nextel MO-SMS

We the Subscribers, Petition Nextel to offer Consumers the ability to send and receive Mobile Oriented Text Messages; it is a great inconvenience to use the "NET" option to send and receive Two way messages.

1666. Fire Butch Davis and Bruce Arians

This is a petition designed to voice our displeasure with Butch Davis and Bruce Arians. These two coaches have proven they cannot win or call offensive plays. The overall goal is to prevent Carmen Policy from giving Butch Davis a contract extension.

1667. We Love Robbie Fan Club

This petition is dedecated to the one and only Robbie (For Miss.R.Brown). We need Robbie to know how great is is and that ALL of the united kingdom love him. This petition aint serious so post your own messages about your life and so on. I would like to dedicate this petition to everyone in year 8 at Beaulieu Secondary School especailly Group D and group 2 and set 1 science! Now come on people this petition has to be big and you know it. So come on FEEL this petition!!!!!!!!!!!

1668. Cheaper ADSL In Australia

This petition is to clearly state that we want cheaper broadband & adsl plans in Australia, particularly unlimited plans. Australia has large and unfair 'limits' on broadband which most people cannot afford. We are behind in our pricing and development on broadband/adsl. The internet is fastly developing a larger need for adsl users, which most users simply cannot afford!

We need cheaper & more reliable adsl, and we do not need small shaped plans - We have a demand for unlimited. Making this cheaper will also earn Australian Computer Companies more revenue, and our currency higher, with our technology soaring higher. This pertition is to show a small percentage of people, out of the millions, that really do care about this issue.

Related websites to this petition, and website's we'd like you to view, include:

1669. Lets get MikeY off ban list!

This petition is to achieve the removal of "MikeY[MsTr]" from the official "TOST Global Ban List". The persons who sign this petition, heartily believe "MikeY[MsTr]" has never cheated "online".

1670. Ban AFL

This petition is to ban the playing of AFL football as it encourages lack of skill and homosexual tendancies.

1671. Stop Child Labour Worldwide

To: The students of Wilclay P.S. and all the other children in the world.

From: A group of students from Wilclay P.S.

Purpose: We are submitting a petition because we want to raise the awareness of Child Labour. Child Labour is all over the world. The unfortunate children has to work hard day and night for pays under a dollar. They are usually sold by their parents because of debts. They don't even have a chance to see their family.

Request: My request is that all the children in schools to start taking action and do more researchs. We can start fundraisers to raise money to donate to save more children from Child Labour. Spread the news about Child Labour and how you can help. Thank you.

1672. Make the Up In Smoke Tour Come to Australia

Have you seen the dvd THE UP IN SMOKE TOUR, it was also shown on SBS. It is a concert with Dr Dre, Eminen, Snoop and Ice Cube. I feel that it is unfair that Australia was overlooked. If you feel that the tour should hit our shores sign the petition!

1673. Save the music department in schools!

This is for children. Let's save the music in schools around the world.

Everyone that LOVEs music in school needs to have music. If we [students] lose the music, not many of us will have the chance to learn how to sing properly. So sign this petition and be proud that you have learnt or taught someone to sing.

1674. Australian Idol - Do The Right Thing!


Are you a jilted Australian Idol Fan?
Or do you just have an interest in media and television?

Call upon Channel 10 and Grundy, the producer's of Australian Idol, to do the right thing!

They may not have broken the law, but they have tarnished the Australian Idol crown and fans are disillusioned. As an act of goodwill, and to restore the viewer's faith in the show, we call upon Channel 10 and Grundy to do the following:

All money that Channel 10/Grundy gained from this round (from Sunday November 2, 2003 to Monday November 3, 2003) of the Australian Idol voting process (less that which is refunded to voters by a certain date) must be donated to charity.

The total profit gained from the votes (not just that raised after 7pm) must be disclosed. Evidence of a donation to charity in the same amount must be shown to the public.

Sign the petition and remind Channel 10 and Grundy that it's YOUR Australian Idol - tell them to Do The Right Thing!

1675. Release the R&J cast recording!

This petition is for the recording company of the Romeo and Juliet cast, to pursuade them to release it!! I would love it if you could all help by signing this petition!!

1676. Citizens' control over residential Zoning

Residential and commercial building has been plagued with a problem. Corporations and the government are not consulting with the residents and citizens before building such things as Nuclear Power Plants, raw Sewage plants, and highways righ on the front door of our homes. This petition is for the approval of a law that would make it possible to allow the local residents of whatever is being built vote and give feedback to the building comittee on how they feel about the specific building.

1677. Ban Live Animal Exports from New Zealand

This is a petition created to urge the New Zealand government to ban live animal exports.

In light of the disaster that befell 57,000 Australian sheep aboard the Cormo Express earlier this year, this trade has got to stop.

The Green Party and myself have put together this petition to present to Parliament. We want as many signatures as possible from people all over the world.

The picture that I have added with this petition was kindly supplied by People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport (PACAT).

1678. Grand March Petition

I, Tiffany Ethier, as the student representative for our Grad 2004, Grand March committee, believe that we should be able to decide who we can and cannot have as our partner in OUR Grand March.

Graduation is our time to shine and we would like the adults who are telling us that this is the tie for us to act like adults, well give us a chance to prove it to you and let us make this decision on our own. Thank you to all who have sighed this petition.

1679. 4ueyesonly's Ban from Gaydar

This is a petition to appeal to Gaydar and Q Soft to remove the individual using the identity 4ueyesonly from gaydar or at the very least the hampshire chat room on Gaydar.

His behaviour is non productive, offensive, immature and stupid and just wastes peoples time and he has offended several people in the chat room and made slanderous comments to people that he cannot prove.

1680. Westlife to South Africa

This is a petition to get Westlife back to South Africa. It is on behalf of all S. African fans who want the chance to see their idols perform live.