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1. Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES

Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES.

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2. Nick Rewind Channel

Every Nickelodeon Fan wants a Nick Rewind Channel, so here is a Petition for it.

3. Evanescence to release a new Cd.

A petition for Evanescence to release a new Cd.

4. Primeval to bring out a new magazine

A petition for Primeval to bring out a new magazine like torchwood and charmed magazine this one will come out every month.

5. John Barrowman to go to the Birmingham Hippodrome

This Petition is for John Barrowman to come back to the hippodrome to do the pantomime called Robin Hood.

John Barrowman Has Entertained Us Over the Years On Television and also on stage with his talent and sense of humour.

So I am doing this Petition for Him.


As residence of the City of Fairfield, we petitioning to have the City Municipal Works to maintain and perform any future repair needed to upkeep the storm basin at the end of our street.

This would negate the need for a home owners association entity on our street. Which have no common area or park to justify its existence.

7. Stop China From Harvesting Human Organs

April 8, 2006

This Petition is created for raising global awareness about a situtation which recently unfolded about a concentration camp in China wherein the prisoners are having their vital organs extracted while they are still living.

The victims are practitioners of the peaceful practice known as Falun Gong which emphasizes the cultivation of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance.

Since 1999 under the communist regime, Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to one of the most brutal persecutions in human history. The most recent revelation of this horrible atrocity is that of the Sujiatun death camp where the majority of the Organ Harvesting has taken place.

New information reveals that as many as 36 such camps exist specifically to eradicate Falun Gong practitioners by means of vital organ extraction and live cremation.

We call for the kindhearted people of the world to petition for an immediate cease of these vile crimes against innocent people.

8. Put .Hack//SIGN back on!!!

This is a petition for all who demand .Hack//SIGN back on Cartoon Network! Please, I urge you greatly to sign!!!

9. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Petition for a SEAL Mission to Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Support Antialisaing for the Game...

10. Important petiton against BONZAI KITTENS

This petition was created to make this site and organisation close: When I discovered the perturbating meanings of this site, I told everyone I knew to come see it and watch for themselves how cruel human nature can be.

Just go see for yourself... and please, oh god, please sign this petition for animal rights...for the cat rights!

11. Start BOB 3 Tournament

This is a petition for the RTCW Community. If you would like the OGL to start BOB3 Tournament then sign!

12. More Police Patrols In Winnie

On Sunday October 26 between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am around five places were broken into. This needs to stop. We need more Sherrif Patrols in Winnie at night.

Please sign this petition for more Sherrif Patrols at night in Winnie.



14. Petition For Gothic 2 To Be released

We The players of Gothic one International Verson, Wish For Gothic 2 English To be released, it has been ready for months now, and the release date keeps being moved back. From the orignal date Nov of last year, you can find out more at in the forum.

Please put Name, Country, Zip code, E-mail address, Gothic rpg Forum name when u sign.

15. We want War against Terrorism

Sign the petition for war!
This is a picture of Osama running from the USA, of course the pictures are of tanks. Sign the petition for war!

16. PEZ should come out with "Wizard of Oz" PEZ dispensors

A petition for PEZ to come out with "Wizard of Oz" PEZ dispensors.

For years, people have been looking for "Wizard of Oz" PEZ dispensors and haven't found them. If you're one of those people, please sign my petition for "Wizard of Oz" PEZ!

17. Save Invader Zim!

Invader Zim is a great show for the more mature pre-teen. It does show slight terrorism, but in each episode, it tends to fail.

18. No Backstreet Rumors - a petition for all TRUE BSB fans

This is a petition for all TRUE BSB fans to sign saying that they will never spread or support rumors about the boys.