Petition Tag - pest control

1. More reliable "Pest Control" services for Windrift Apartments

Upon residing in my Windrift Apartment roaches, as well as other pests, have become a constant nuisance. I have lived on the premises for 9 months now and my lease and agreement is up on October 3, 2011.

I have made several attempts to resolve the issue to no avail. Not only to roaches occupy the home but also ear-wigs, waterbugs, knats, and worms.

2. Ban rodent glue traps

Glue traps are without a doubt one of the cruelest pest–control devices on the market. These ghastly devices consist of a plastic, cardboard or fibreboard tray with a silicone adhesive coating which is designed to catch and hold rats and mice.

Animals caught on these traps often suffer for days before dying of starvation, dehydration and shock. Some animals resort to self mutilation and chewing off their limbs in a desperate attempt to escape.

Glue traps are also a danger to other animals including lizards, small snakes, native rodents, birds and even companion animals, which frequently fall victim to these torturous devices.

Sadly, Globe Australia Pty Ltd, a supplier of pest control products is continuing to sell and/or market these cruel devices. Please sign this petition to urge Globe Australia to stop selling rodent glue traps.

3. Review Woodner Pest Control

According to the reviews at, the Woodner has a serious and dominating pest control issue occuring for about 4 to 5 years (that is evidenced). The perpetual exterminating has proven unsuccessful as evidenced by the out of control bed bug, roach, mice, and rat problem that is still existent. The management claims to do everything in their power to control the pests by: entering your apartment while you may or may not be home without guaranteeing that their employees are not spreading the problem to your apartment, suggesting to throw out your household furniture and belongings without offering reimursement, spraying insecticides that do not keep the pests away from your apartment, and spraying pesticides that irritate your pets.

4. Controlling pests in Community - Arbuta Arms Apartments

Arbuta Arms Apartments have a pest control issue, which has not been addressed properly in the last three years or so.

We are aware that you, Arbuta Arms, have a contract with a Pest Control Company, which comes two to three times a month exterminating the premises. However, it does not help rid our apartments of mice. A few of the tenants have invested in a cat, to help keep our apartments in safe and healthy living conditions.

Of course, you aware of the diseases and germs manifested by mice and other rodents, that are quite often seen in our apartments, especially during fall and winter months. The tenants of Arbuta Arms are suggesting that we have the opportunity, choice or better terminology, the right to have a cat in our home to keep these pests away.

We are fully aware of the lease and its prohibition to have pets, but it also says, "Without a consent of an Agent." But you must understand our concerns and how disgusted many of us are with these living conditions.

Having pests in our homes violates the Health and Safety laws and we, the tenants should have the right to rid our homes from pest in any way we see fit as so long it does not harm or hinder our neighbors.