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1. Petition Against Wet foot, Dry Foot Policy

Do you think it's time to end the "wet foot, dry foot" policy, in terms of allowing Cuban refugees a free pass into the USA?

Cuban immigrants who illegally migrate to the U.S. are allowed to stay once they set foot on American soil.

With the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, Cubans who make it to shore can stay becoming eligible for permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

This law shows favoritism toward a certain group of people (Cubans). Which is not fair for people who legally apply for asylum from their own countries. The Cuban excuse is always that Fidel Castro is after them. If that's the case then all countries should have the option to "get away" from whomever is after them.

I doubt that Fidel Castro would come after all those people who illegally migrate. They are taking advantage of the benefit they have to just touch soil without having to file the legal paper work and wait years for residency.

How is that fair to the rest of the world? It is not fair and we need to stop the preferential treatment of Cuban refugees.

2. Stop Newpath Networks LLC from installing a wireless facility in our neighborhood

Newpath Network LLC is making a proposal to erect a wireless communications facility, on the West side of N 112th Place at East Jenan Drive. The pre-application is going through the approval process and final plans have yet to be approved by the City of Scottsdale.

Why you will be affected:

• Recent studies indicate that people who live near cell phone or microwave towers have higher rates of cancer.

• Studies of people who live next to microwave towers indicate they suffer from headaches, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, dizziness.

• The tower may decrease your home’s property value.


July 17, 2006

I am one of the htousands of people who used to enjoy watching BIG BROTHER live on FREVIEW's 305 channel.

I've heard it's been replaced by a movie's channel.

I am gathering signatures to bring it back BEFORE THE END OF BIG BROTHER 7, IDEALLY as soon as possible.


4. Abolish Purple and Harry Potter

June 18, 2006

Hello World!

- I know many people who hate Harry Potter.
- I know many people who hate Purple
- I hate Harry Potter & Purple
- We decided it was time to do something about it and make a petition.

Together we can STOP purple and Harry Potter from ever reaching this world EVER again because they are so bad.

(oh and NSW are going to win the ST of Origin).

5. Create a BBC Sports only channel

June 12, 2006

Ok, I hate sport I admit it but I feel the BBC makes life hell for anyone like me.

I don't want to ban sport on tv because I understand that it brings joy to millions but I do feel the fact that the BBC cancels everything for sport unfair.

This petition is to try and get the BBC to create a new channel to give people who want ordinary tv a chance to watch just that.

(If you want proof of what I mean look at the World Cup broadcasting and Wimbledon, the whole TV schedule stops just for them)

6. Introduce permit parking on Holland Road

May 31, 2006

We want permit parking for each house on Holland road as our road is constantly congested with cars parked from people who park here then go to the station.

The 2 garages up the road park their customers' cars here, the surgerys patients and even people who live streets away.

7. Jail for life for people who make spyware and viruses

May 14, 2006

The internet is a great place. The best invention since the wheel. But there are people who would try to ruin it for us all.

With nothing better to do they send out viruses and other net related nasties. Its about time these "people" were jailed for life.

So instead of prosecuting some kid for downloading in music and making fat music companys richer, lets go after the real pest on the net.

8. Overturn the Lautenberg Amendment

December 13, 2005

I am in the u.s. army. When i was stationed Hawaii, i ran in on my wife fooling around on me. I instantly went into shock and flipped out and to my deepest regret i kicked her. I was arrested shortly after this and was convicted with assault in the 3rd degree.

Well congress passed a law, known as the lautenberg amendment and now i am being kicked out of the military. This law is to prevent domestic violence but it is also hurting people who make a mistake in a certain situation they get in, and now i cant handle a firearm.

I believe that this Act should be overturned and believe it is affecting more innocent people than people who are true criminals.

9. Alternative Bread Rolls at Subway

This petition is for all those people who would be able to enjoy Subway if they were not allergic to the wheat and yeast in the rolls.

We would like Subway to provide an alternative roll which is both wheat and yeast free. Considering the increasing numbers of people suffering from food allergies such an alternative would be good for both consumers and Subway.

10. Show your respect to the people who lost there lives in London

Please put your name here to show your respect to the people who lost their lives in the horrific attacks on the London Underground and bus services and pass it on to everybody.

11. Virginia - We have paid our debt to society.

By the end of 2001, a record 6.6 million people were in the United States correctional system. One in every 32 adults was either in prison or on parole. Almost 4 million people were on probation at the end of 2001, up 2.8 percent over 2000. The prison population grew by 1.1 percent, the smallest annual increase in nearly three decades.[1]

The increased number of prisoners has resulted in increased numbers of released prisoners seeking to reenter mainstream society. This is creating a major social and public policy problem in the United States. People enter prisons poorly equipped to be productive members of society and they typically leave prison in worse shape than they enter it. The problem of recidivism is partially due to this poor preparation for the world outside of prison. Ex-offenders cannot find or hold jobs and before long many renew a life of crime and are returned to jail.

Marc Mauer, assistant director of the Sentencing Project, a Washington think tank that follows criminal-justice issues, said the laws are taking jobs away from people who served time for their mistakes and have since put their lives back together.

"You have lots of felons who were convicted 20 years ago and who haven't been involved in a crime since," he said.

The vast majority of those in jail do not present a direct, violent threat to the average citizen. Many are drug addicts and dealers, and a large number are illegal aliens. Hardened, violent criminals are a minority of those incarcerated. Unfortunately, the conditions in prisons themselves and the stigma of having a criminal record often lead those incarcerated to increasing levels of anti-social behavior.

What happens to those of us that have complied with and have truely been rehabilatated? We deserve to work and take care of our families. After all, we paid our debt to society.

12. Stop Bands That Lip Sync

People that Lip Sync are a waste of talent and time. This isn't directed to Ashlee Simpson, although she IS one of the many people who Lip Sync. This practice is one that happens to really bother me. If you can't sing...then don't!

13. Make neopets have a better site and treat users better

For people who have been frozen unfairly, people who have closed their accounts or generaly anyone who wants to complain about neopets.

14. Add Another Clay Aiken Show at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City

This Petition is for the many people who did not get a chance to purchase tickets for the Clay Aiken show at Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City because they were sold out so fast. Many of the people who purchased tickets purchased them for both of the shows so there were not many left for people who just wanted to go to one show.

What we're asking is for a 3rd Clay Aiken show at Caesar's. This show doesn't have to be the same weekend as the other 2 shows at Caesar's. Please give us claymates another chance to get tickets to see our favorite performer at Caesar's Palace, and just think of all the claymates you will be making happy. Thank you.



16. Extend the School Year

Due to inclement weather the amount of school days in our present year has been greatly delined.The only people who suffer is the children for their lack of education.This petition will be put forward to extend the school year.

17. Horseland --- Redo!

Horseland has become too full of people who only care about points. We want to redo horseland, make it as it was before.

18. Release 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News'

** UPDATE **
Did it work?! Yeah right. But the release date is now 30th March. Also -a limited edition 7" of "Float On" (b/w non-LP track "I've Got It All (Most)") will be out February.

** I'm taking this as a victory!

Sony/Epic, in their infinite wisdom, have decided not to release 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News', the new - completed - Modest Mouse album. It was due out September 2003, and has been put back to Spring 2004 - and maybe even later.

For those of us who have been waiting, and think that maybe Sony/Epic could appreciate this incredible band they have on their books, rather than treat them as some inconsequential small fry - I've started this petition to hopefully (yep, I don't hold out any hope they will listen either - but what the hell) get them to reconsider their god damned actions and get the album released now…

19. Give all neopets a make over

For a while all the neopets look the same dull way they looked for years! the people who signed this petition think its time to give the neopets a makeover!

20. Save Rocci

David M Rocci, 22, of Blacksburg, Va (AKA krazy8) is being charged with conspiring to import, market and sell circumvention devices known as modification (or "mod") chips.

Mr Rocci is to be sentenced 07/03/03 and may receive up to 5 years in prison and a $500,000 fine for each count, I am petitioning against his extremely high sentence as all he made from his years of piracy was $28,000 therefore why should he have to pay back half a million or over when people who murder get a sentence of fifteen years in jail or death, and Mr Rocci will basically spend his years from now if he gets a large sentence either in jail paying back his debt or doing community service, so therefore basically they have taken a 22 year old mans life for something that isnt really that big a deal except to money hungry people like Bill Gates, other than the mod chips, which I personally agree with him being charged for is a crime, where does it ever say that telling people that pirates exist is illegal, he never gave out the copies or distributed them in any way, all he done was told the public about them.


Ex-Inmates, Murderers and the Mentally Ill, have now been sent to live among our elderly, in state run nursing centers in residential communities. Rapists and murderers are roaming the streets from 8am to dusk with no supervision, and are allowed to live with elderly people who can't defend themselves.

In Hazel Crest a south suburb of Chicago, an eighty year old man was brutally beaten when a man broke his window of the retirement center he lived in and savagely beat him to death. His killer was apprehended, but to the shock of the community and the local Police department, the James Riesners killer lived just behind his residence at the Imperial Nursing Facility. He was a 2 time offender and was released from prision and sent to the nursing home because of mental illness. We as a community and a nation should not have these people living in nursing homes around elderly people who are afraid.

22. The Anti Dispose of Rocket Power Petition

People have been flaming RP saving petitions because of stupid reasons, we can identify them as Unknow, Donny Jones, William and others which SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED because they are such sorry idiots. LONG LIVE ROCKET POWER!!!


Lota people don't like SB, I don't like those people that don't like SB.

This petition is to abolish all people who do not enjoy Spongebob Squarepants.

24. Raise the punishment for Cruelty to animals in Ontario!!

In the peel region of Mississagua, Ontario animal Abuse is considered a criminal act. Although the punishment is rather light why should someone who kills or seriously abuses an animal be charged with something as light as a $2000 fine or 2 years in prison. This is not enough. We the people who care about animals think this should be much more and would like to see this punishment upgraded so horrible acts of cruelty are not let off so light.

In a recent act of abuse 3 young men in their 20's and one girl in her teens were see carrying a defenseless female iguana towards traintracks and there they dumped her and ran. When the witness ran over to the injured iguna
they noticed thermal burns on the neck! In the peel region of Mississauga, Ontario where this horrible act happened it is a crimanl act. Sadly the offenders haven't been caught.

If you like many would like to see the punisment raised for people who have abused animals please sign! Also If you don't live in the peel region contact your local Humane society and tell them that you think punishment for horrible acts are too low! NO MORE CRULTY TO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!

25. Bring Muller Milk to the UK

Muller Milk is a milk based drink sold in Germany. Many people who have been privileged to live in Germany have been enjoying this beverage for many years. The problem arises when people have depended on the marvellous drink and moved country thus cutting their supply. It is these people who were are campaigning for, the forgotten many. With the fall of European barriers and freedom of movement - surely we should have access to the same high standards of beverages? Also, it's very good for hangovers.

26. Eradicate Stupidity

Throughout history people with common sense have suffered as a consequence of the actions of stupid people. It has also been known that stupid people have suffered due to their own stupid actions.

People who decide to play football while attempting to ski; people who like to fall asleep while they are cooking; people who don't know how to punch a proper voting ballot; people who leave their engine running while they are trying to fill the gas tank - all these people have caused unnecessary suffering and distress in one way or another.

If stupidity is eradicated then so will unnecessary stress and suffering. The economy will boom.

It is necessary to eradicate stupidity. By doing so, some of the world population will inevitably be destroyed - but that can only be a good thing - as it will keep the planet from over-populating.

Please support this nobel cause. Think of your children's future. Your future.

27. Stop the Macedonian Genocide

The United Nation isn't doing anything to stop the goverment of Macedonia that is commiting Genocide which takes the lives of thousands of people.