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61. Withdraw all Western Troops from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan costs thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in defense of a corrupt and unpopular regime, one that is entirely dependent on Western troops and aid.

The war has inflamed Muslim opinion and failed to make Europe or the United States safer. Morality is undermined by recent NATO claims of no “confirmed” civilian casualties.

62. SONE and ELF Peace

We all know that Super Junior and Girls' Generation have a wonderful relationship between them, but their fans, SONE and ELF not.

They fight if they don't win the award, when a Suju member or a Soshi member talk to each other, but the one who started the fanwar are the TROLLS. So please, can't we just stop the war and start our relationship new?

And anyways, all other people hear always bad things about out relationship and it is bad for us too, they don't want to join the fandom because they hear they fight a lot...

Don't you want to fight together? SM entertainment together? Super Generation together? You all know that Super Junior and Girl's Generation are the most successful k-pop group, but when we work together we will be unreachable.

63. Build a Culture of Peace, Not of Violence, in Our Country. Support the CITIZEN PROTECTION ACT OF 2010.

The possession in public places of firearms and deadly weapons should be authorized only for those directly and primarily engaged in police, military, or security services, and even then, only to enforce the law under strict and clearly defined guidelines. Such measure does not in any way impair the privilege of responsible and qualified citizens to keep licensed firearms at home or sports clubs.
On 21 September 2010, Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc., ABA Party-List and Ang Kapatiran Party petitioned the House of Representatives to enact the Citizen Protection Act (CPA) of 2010 – an Act to Regulate the Bearing of Firearms and Deadly Weapons in Public Places, Provide Penalties for its Violation, Provide General Amnesty and Financial Rewards for Voluntary Surrender and Decommissioning of the Same and Appropriate Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes.​

The CPA of 2010 is a practical measure that, among others, will:
1. Bring Down Gun-related Crimes: Statistics from the PNP show that from 2004 to 2008, 97.7 percent of gun-related crimes involved loose firearms, making the Philippines 10th in gun homicide rates worldwide.  However, during the imposition of the five-month gun ban in the 2010 elections, the incidence of crime in the country fell by nearly 70 percent as compared to the same period in 2009, from 502,655 reported crimes to 157,674 cases nationwide.  
2. Assist the PNP and Empower Communities in Peace-Keeping:  This Act will help the police fight crime and violence on the streets, isolate and easily identify outlaws and violators of this Act, thus facilitating their arrest and confiscation of their weapons.  Concerned citizens can blow their whistle without fear that they are pointing to the wrong person.  Without this Act, it is difficult to distinguish criminals from plainclothesmen or from those with permit to carry, or from bodyguards. Sometimes, criminals pretend to be plainclothesmen, at other times plainclothesmen pretend to be criminals.  It is about time to separate the grain from the chaff.
3. Keep in Jail Gun-bearing Criminals and Insurgents:  Criminals and insurgents, who are caught with the illegal possession of firearm even on crimes in which bail is allowed and whose cases are being heard, are immediately liable for the violation of this Act, punishable by imprisonment of not less than 12 years and 1 day nor more than 20 years without parole and a fine of not less than P50,000 nor more than P300,000. What this Act seeks to implement are measures to control if not eradicate the presence of firearms in the streets and unauthorized areas or places.  We cannot allow our country to have a proliferation of firearms, which are the main instruments of violence in the country and also the main instruments used by threat groups like the CPP-NPA, the renegade MNLF and MILF, and even the syndicates.
4. End Private Armies.  Section 6 (Who may be assigned security personnel or bodyguards) of the Act provides:  When circumstances warrant, including but not limited to threats to life and security, a private individual or public official, may, upon application, be assigned regular members of the PNP or the AFP or the National Bureau of Investigation, and as augmentation, duly licensed/authorized Protective Agents of Private Detective Agencies, to provide security, for a specified duration.
5. Put an End to Illegal Firearms:  Section 10 (General Amnesty) of this Act provides for financial rewards to those who take advantage of the general amnesty whereby individuals may voluntarily surrender unlicensed firearms with no questions asked and without incurring any criminal or civil liability. Section 11 provides for decommissioning of surrendered and confiscated firearms and deadly weapons.

The CPA of 2010 brings with it a counterpart bill in the Senate, SB No. 129 or the Firearms Regulation Act of 2010, filed by Sen. Franklin Drilon.

In an open letter dated 30 January 2011, supporters of both bills - Mga Tagatulak ng Kapayapaan - beseeched President Benigno Aquino III to certify both bills as urgent for immediate approval by both House of Congress.

Among all Filipinos, only a little over 1% have registered firearms and a fraction of this with permits to carry.

Government's indifference to this measure is inconceivable.

For more details, go to

64. AFRICOM off African soil

AFRICOM is a military entity that is encircling Africa. It is the cutting edge of the imperialist war machine that brings drones and other military hardware that kills african and destabilises the region.

AFRICOM threatens the peace and stability in Africa and drives a colonial agenda that is destructive and exploitative. Africa, in order to develop itself in peace, needs all war machines off its soil so as it has a sovereign integrity and political independence.

There will never be peace in Africa as long as AFRICOM is on its soil.

65. Petition to End the War in Afghanistan

As the Afghan and U.S. government are in talks to sign the Strategic Partnership Agreement to extend the war to 2024, the level of violence in Afghanistan continues to increase.

66. Prevent Afghan Torture, Enforce Leahy Law

A recent United Nations report suggests that the United States and NATO allies are outsourcing torture and human rights violations in Afghanistan. The report concludes that there is a continuing pattern and practice of “systematic” torture in spite of repeated efforts at reform. (UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, October 2011)

Current US policy violates the Leahy Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and Defense Appropriations Act (Sec. 563, P.L. 106-429 and Sec. 8092, P.L. 106-259, 2001).

67. MINUSTAH should withdraw from Haiti

The MINUSTAH, well known as The United Nations Stabilisation Mission In Haiti, has been in operation since 2004. A year of political crisis, violence and corruption, led to the resignation of the President Jean Bertrand Aristide. But now they are seen like a threat to the human rights, and also to the Haitian People.

"Haiti is in great danger because among others of Cholera, of the poverty the marginalization and of the exploitation of its people " said the Nobel Peace Argentin Adolfo Pérez Esquivel in an interview with the Latino channel TeleSur.

Numerous incidents of rape and other forms of violence have been reported by victims of MINUSTAH... from the 16 years old girl in 2006 to the Haitian teenager (male) in 2011.

Three Nobel Peace, led by the Nobel Adolfo Pérez Esquivel from Argentine, hundreds of NGOs, legislators and personalities of more than forty countries sent to the Secretary General a letter released yesterday in which they requested the withdrawal of international troops of Haiti.

Join the fight if you believe in Peace and want to change the actual situation of Haiti.

68. No U.S. Escalation in Pakistan

The September 22 testimony of Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, may well “pave the way… to new unilateral military actions inside Pakistan,” including more drone strikes and, “even cross border raids into Pakistan to root out insurgents from their havens.” (New York Times, September 22-23, 2011)

After Mullen’s testimony, the Heritage Foundation immediately called for aggressive military and diplomatic escalation. (Christian Science Monitor, September 26, 2011) House Republicans are pushing an open-ended authorization for war against any insurgents anywhere in the world “associated” with the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Enough is enough. Escalation in Pakistan is not in the national security interest of the United States. Already our drone attacks have provoked two terrorist near misses against American civilians, one at the Detroit airport on Christmas Day 2009 and another at Times Square on May 1, 2010. It is not in the economic interest of the United States; we cannot afford another trillion-dollar war. It is not in the moral interest of the United States; the drone attacks kill innocent people and inflame millions of Pakistanis against America.

The military pursuit of terrorist sanctuaries, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, has left behind thousands dead and wounded and only pushed the sanctuaries to new locations. Each escalation begets another. Besides Pakistan, our government is pursuing undeclared air wars against terrorist cells with drone attacks in Somalia and Yemen. (Washington Post, September 20, 2011)

It makes no sense to escalate attacks against the Pakistan sanctuaries of the Afghan Taliban while the US ends its combat role, gradually withdraws from Afghanistan, and supports a power-sharing arrangement with all parties. It is irrational to bomb the Taliban’s sanctuaries while inviting them to the peace table. A genuine diplomatic settlement requires a phased ending of the drone attacks as US troops phase out their role in Afghanistan.

Sending in ground troops backed by air power is as foolish as President Nixon’s 1970 invasion of Cambodia allegedly to wipe out Vietcong sanctuaries.

69. NUS must support ending the occupation of Palestine

NUS must support ending the occupation of Palestine.

70. Stop Neo-Nazis

Killings, bombing, and terror in Norway, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Chechnya, Latin America, Spain, Japan, as well as government-sponsored terrorism in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and some other parts of the world should be enough to tell the whole humanity that something should be done.

Terrorism (especially government-sponsored terrorism) and Extremism are on the rise. It is high time we took action against terror, oppression, instability, and brutality.

71. Help the Hall Brothers Move to a Lower Custody Level

The following petition is an imploration on behalf of the Hall Brothers; Joseph Hall 13874-018; David Hall 13816-018; and Cleophas Hall 43117-019 who are currently serving out sentences imposed in 1992, on charges of Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of cocaine base; and Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a detectable amount of cocaine powder.

The Hall Brothers have been incarcerated for approximately nineteen (19) years and during such time they have completed a number of rehabilitative programs, self-improvement programs and worked as facilitators in many of the programs they themselves completed. The Hall Brothers has work for UNICOR Federal Prison Industries, Inc., for over thirteen (13) years. Not only have they worked to improve their own lives, but they have worked untiringly and determinedly to assist many other inmates to set goals for themselves and work toward accomplishing their goals as well as helping others to build and re-build family ties. Via a web site hosted by a dear friend, the Hall Brothers work to expose the many talented and gifted inmates to society in hope of building a bridge that would enable those incarcerated to find and take advantage of the help available upon reentry back into the mainstream of society as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Notwithstanding, all that they do to help others, they are unable to help themselves. Because of incident reports they received for supposedly participating in a riot that took place October 25, 1995, over fifteen (15) years ago at FCI Mariana in Mariana Florida, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) insist on keeping a Public Safety Factor; in their records that is preventing the Hall Brothers from being able to take advantage of a lower custody level, such as low facility and Camp. The Hall Brothers have points low enough to go to a low or camp but can't because of the Public Safety Factor being large against them. Please we need your support by signing this petition and contacting the Region--Bureau of Prisons and asking them to please remove the Public Safety Factor and allow the Hall Brothers the opportunity move on to a lower custody level.

72. Free Ogaden in 2011

2011 is the year of revolutions. The year of the people. The world is uniting against oppression. South Sudan got their independence and other countries are getting rid of their dictators this year.

Now more than ever, is the perfect time to get rid of the dictator Meles Zenawi and grant true independence and freedom for the Ogaden. We cannot let this year pass us without having Justice for the Ogaden region. Let us free the Ogaden in 2011 too.

From January 9-15 2011, people from South Sudan voted on whether they should break away from Sudan and declare independence. On 30 January 2011, the results had shown that 98.83% of the population had voted for independence from Sudan. So they were granted independence.

It is time to let the people of Ogaden vote and decide if they want to break away from Ethiopia and declare independence too.The people of the Ogaden deserve to decide and vote peacefully for their freedom and true independence. Sign this petition if you think a referendum on independence for the Ogaden should be scheduled to be held sometime in 2011 too.

"It always seems impossible until it is done. " - Mr. Nelson Mandela

73. Britain Must Leave The European Union

Withdrawal from The European Union is an option that must be offered to the people of Britain.

74. A Petition to Avoid an American Quagmire in Libya

The United States cannot afford a deepening quagmire in Libya. We call on President Obama to seek authorization from the U.S. Congress for his Libyan bombing campaign, including a mission statement limited to protecting Libyan civilians, a viable diplomatic strategy, an exact cost projection, and a timeline for the rapid withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops before the war becomes another quagmire.

75. Stop the WAR! Stop aggression against independent LIBYA!

The peace is under attack by the politicians of US and EU. They want to kill the independence of Libya now. They have organize a huge disinformation campaign against the free peoples of Libya.. They want to make us a slaves.

There are only the some facts of the information war against free Libya:

We will send this petition to the United Nations Organization, to the other international organizations, to the leaders of states and to the statesmen. Free Libya needs your vote, our world needs your vote, the peace needs your vote, the future needs your vote!


Please contact us if you want to help to stop the aggression against free Libya:
(You can see the many links to the national support groups in Internet in a "Docs" section on that page).

76. Pray for Japan & Help Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit Japan on March 11th.
The confirmed death toll from a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami on March 11 that hit northeastern and eastern Japan has jumped to 5,321 and 9,329 others people remained missing as of 2 p.m. (0500 GMT) on Thursday, the government announced.

77. Appeal to stop the intimidation of Kurdish activists

In the first week of December 2010, leading members of the Kurdish community in the UK were questioned by MI5. In total 16 individuals were visited at home and informed that their movements had been under surveillance for some time and that some of their activities constituted a breach of UK law. Furthermore, they were instructed that they should cease these activities forthwith.

We are deeply concerned that this questioning referred to the individual’s relations with their community in London and the UK and their open solidarity work in support of the Kurdish movement in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish movement only seeks a peaceful resolution of the 30 year armed conflict between the Turkish state and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The PKK was forced to take up arms in defence of the Kurdish people’s right to self-determination as no other option was available. The origins of the conflict lie in the brutal suppression and genocide of the Kurdish people.

Today, pro-Kurdish political parties are banned, Kurdish politicians, journalists and activists jailed for simply speaking about the Kurdish issue and extra-judicial punishments and disappearances continue.

It is against this backdrop of human rights abuses that Kurds in the UK work in solidarity with Kurds throughout Europe and Turkey, to bring the abuses to an end through democratic means. In the past year, a new wave of repression of Kurds across Europe, Australia and the US indicates a pattern whereby Turkey’s allies are seeking to suppress the legitimate democratic rights of the Kurds to support the Kurdish movement.

There has been absolutely no suggestion that the individuals questioned have been engaged in any criminal activities. To date, no-one has been charged with an offence.

These incidents expose the fundamentally unjust nature of the UK’s current anti-terrorist legislation and its misguided foreign policy which supports repression abroad in the erroneous name of fighting alleged “terrorist” threats.

The root of the problem consists in the failure on the part of Turkey and its allies in the UK and Europe to acknowledge the denial of the basic rights of existence to the Kurdish people under the Turkish constitution and its state ideology.

The numerous opportunities for peace between Turkey and the Kurds offered, for example, by the latest Kurdish ceasefire and the constructive proposals for a just settlement repeatedly made by Kurdish leaders remain unreciprocated.

78. Ontario Day of Peace

Established by a United Nations resolution in 1981, the International Day of Peace affirms peace as a key international goal and provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations around the globe to perform practical acts of peace on a common day.

The International Day of Peace was formally set to September 21st in 2002 and is marked by numerous events and celebrations worldwide, the aims of which are to acknowledge victories for peace that have been won, to promote peace education, and to rededicate the international community to the goal of achieving a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

The International Day of Peace is also a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, during which individuals and nations alike are invited to cease all hostilities and armed conflict for a period of 24 hours. Locally, we propose to honour this day in Ontario, and promote peace and sustainability education in school curriculum, please visit for more information.

79. Bring Our War Dollars Home-Hartford, CT

A citywide resolution to Bring Our War Dollars Home Now!

Unemployment, housing, access to education and health care are all issues that deeply affect the city of Hartford.

2010 census data shows that Hartford has the highest poverty rating in Connecticut at 31.9%. Nationally, the poverty rating is 14.3% and is based on a 2 parent, 2 child household with an income of $21,756.

While the income gap grows the federal government continues to take hundreds of millions of our tax dollars from the City of Hartford to be used for the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War spending has had a devastating impact on the city. Communities of color in Hartford have been hardest hit. Our city has a population that is 41% Latino and 38% African American/West Indian population. Unemployment for people of color is over 40% and when employed make only 60 cents for every dollar made by white workers.

Since 2001, well over 1 trillion dollars has been spent nationally on the wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Connecticut nearly 28 billion dollars has gone to war spending and at least $453 million has been taken from the city of Hartford to fund the wars and occupations. This dollar amount is just the tip of the iceberg. This figure does not include “soldiers' regular pay...Potential future costs, such as future medical care for soldiers and veterans wounded in the war, are not included. These numbers do not account for the wars being deficit-financed or that taxpayers will need to make additional interest payments on the national debt due to these deficits.” (

Our city can not sustain this economic drain. Why should millions of our tax dollars be spent destroying the cities and lives of workers and students in foreign countries? Why should our tax dollars be spent supporting repressive regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. We need to bring the war dollars home now to rebuild the infrastructure of Hartford.

We need money for jobs, education, housing and health care.

The Bring Our War Dollars Home campaign originated in Maine and has since found success in other areas of New England. The campaign would involve our community coming together to introduce a resolution to the City Council of Hartford. The basic idea of the resolution would be for the city council to call on the US government and the President to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to bring our tax dollars and troops home. We also call upon the City Council to support the call for a the national bi-coastal march for peace in New York City planned for April 9.

On Thursday, January 27th, 2011 at 6:30pm, Hartford city hall, city council chambers, a meeting will be called to begin constructing such a resolution to bring before the city council of Hartford. We invite you and your organization to join us at this meeting and add your name to this letter.

Luis Cotto, City Councilor of Hartford, June Pinkin, Hartford Federation of Teachers - Retiree Chapter President,
Mongi Dhaouadi, Council on Islamic American Relations, Desiree Milner-Mckay, Cambridge College student, Hartford resident, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 42, Community Party, CT United for Peace, Hope Out Loud, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba, People of Faith, Stop the Raids! Trinity College, Queer Liberation Front, Socialist Action, Queers With Out Borders, Socialist Party

For More Information Contact: 860-680-6314
or email:

80. Conflict Resolution Through Literature And Culture

We the undersigned call on the United Nations to promote:


This organization founded in 1999, creates bridges of Culture, understanding and peace. It promotes Conflict Resolution through Literature and Culture, and it publishes a daily IFLAC DIGEST NEWSLETTER on the Internet to spread the Culture of Peace. Its major project for 2011 is the PCTVI : the founding and development of a Middle East PEACE CULTURE TV AND INTERNET.


81. Petition to promote PLANETARY EDUCATION

Our petition for THE PLANETARY EDUCATION requests the UNITED NATIONS to oblige all member states to implement an education which will further in equal manner the development of human reason and the awakening of human consciousness on a scientific basis.

The foundation of planetary education is Einstein’s cosmic religiousness and his vision of a timeless universe. In recent decades science has come to the point where the difference between material and spiritual has all but disappeared. The fundamental energy of the Universe, out of which everything is made, is consciousness, which is the energy of the quantum vacuum.

The evolution of life on planet Earth is an universal process, developing towards consciousness. The development of human reason has reached its peak, but the next step of human evolution is the discovery of consciousness by each individual of the emerging planetary civilization. God is universe itself, and we, human beings, are part of it. The age of beliefs is history. Now, human beings are ready to know the Truth.

82. Free Hadi Abedi Bakhoda, a very ill political prisoner!

Hadi Abedi Bakhoda is a political prisoner of the 1980s on charges of supporting the main Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). He was tortured and shot by the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), when arrested.

His spinal cord was damaged in such a way that he now cannot walk and is in a wheelchair since the incident. The shooting also damaged other organs including his kidneys and his bladder that had failed totally. Since then, he suffers from debilitating physical complications as a result of his injuries. Abedi Bakhoda's wife and Mehri Javan Mahjub (a former prisoner) were arrested and sent to Lakan Prison. His brother, Hormoz, was executed by the Iranian regime on similar charges.

Branch One of the Revolutionary Court condemned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda for two years imprisonment in 2009 (he then was transferred to the Lakan prison in Rasht in Nov 2009) even if he was not capable of imprisonment due because of his severe physical infirmities. The coroner's office, prison clinic and other health institutes confirmed this fact at the time and also demanded his release but the Intelligence Ministry and the Revolutionary Court have never paid attention to his conditions, therefore, he was transferred to prison.

Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda is sent to hospital only when his conditions become very critical, but ultimately because of his fragile health, they are forced to give him sick-leave.

According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, on Monday May 23, 2011, the Revolutionary Court of Rasht (Branch One) summoned Hadi Abedi-Bakhoda to notify him that the lash ruling against him would have been carried out despite his health conditions (his bladder was not functioning properly and he was suffering from a severe kidney disorder) and did not even consider the fact that he was in a wheelchair: he then received 51 lashes for the alleged crime of not reporting to the Lakan prison in Rasht on time when he was hospitalized during a sick-leave.

83. Investigate USA-Pakistan Relations

For ten years now there have been acts of war being waged on the citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan. These acts are being carried out by the their own military and also the military of the United States. Their own government along with the United States and other UN allies are agreeing to continue military operations. Operations which are violating the liberties of those native people living in what has been deemed a war zone.

Now it's time they rethink their strategies. Human rights, liberty and justice need to be upheld. The conditions are becoming exceedingly desperate for these people. The area is destabilizing more and more the longer we wait. This will continue to put the youth at further risk and those who are vulnerable will become exploited or radicalized. Even though both governments claim they are doing what they can to combat this, little has been seen in the way of progress.

84. Sign the Peace Vow for 2011

Be the Change while fostering foster peace so that it radiates throughout the entirety of the Middle East.

The commitment to Dream Big for Peace was adopted by many of the friends and readers of Maria Khalife’s newsletters last year. Many readers of this newspaper and fans of the local media were among those who took the vow, lived a year of peace, and offered many suggestions for creating lasting peace.

85. Support Palestine

Everything begun on 29th of November in 1947 and still this time. Unfortunately, children still breathe the air there that smells of blood. Palestine or Israel, Israel or Palestine?

Nobody still really knows who is right and who is to blame, one thing is clear - to stop this madness. It seems that this war - eternal! We believe that every country deserves to be independent, and Palestine, is not out of question. It seems that everything is difficult. Yes, but we should at least try to change something. Let’s take 20,000 votes and UN will here us.

Let us not be indifferent. We are part of this world and we came to do something. I do not think that somebody likes most things are still resolved in this way- act of violence. Let us try to save Palestine. We need your help!

Periods of the conflict

On the historical timeline, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has had seven distinct phases:

Late 19th century-1917: The period of the Ottoman Empire rule in Palestine in which the Arabs in The Ottoman Palestine saw themselves as part of the overall Arab territories which were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During that period, the disputes were on the basis of religious background and not on national background.

1917-1948: The period of the British Mandate of Palestine, in which both parties were under British rule and under a single political entity, called Palestine in English. During this period significant Jewish immigration from Europe altered the demographic balance. The term "The Israeli–Palestinian conflict" was not used, and instead the conflict was referred to as "the Jewish-Arab conflict over the Land of Palestine" (by the Arab population and the British population), "the Jewish-Arab conflict over Erez-Israel" (by the Jewish population).

1948-1967: The period between the declaration of the State of Israel and the Six-Day War in which the parties resided in three separate political entities: The State of Israel, the Gaza Strip which was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank which was annexed to Jordan.

1967: The Six-Day War: Border clashes between Syria and Israel
First Day: Combined air attacks on all fronts by Israel in early morning destroy two-thirds of Arab aircraft.
Second Day: Paratroops move from Ammunition Hill to Mt. Scopus (Jerusalem).
Third Day: Old City liberated, the West Bank is controlled, and Israeli military government is established.
Fourth Day: Israel reaches Suez Canal.
Fifth Day: Battles continue, mostly up north.
Sixth Day: Cease fire proclaimed, Israel controls Golan Heights and demilitarizes Jerusalem area.

1967-1993: The period between the Six-Day War and the Oslo Accords, in which the conflicted parties reside in the areas addressed by the UN Partition Plan that were under the control of the State of Israel.

1993-2000: The period between the Oslo Accords and the Second Intifada, in which Israel existed alongside the semi-sovereign political autonomy - the Palestinian Authority.

2000–2005: The period between the beginning of the Second Intifada up until 2005, in which Israel returned to perform arresting operations in Area A zones in the West Bank.

2005–Present: The period after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. The withdrawal led to the strengthening of Hamas, which in 2006 won an election, then took control over the Gaza Strip.

86. We Want You Out of Afghanistan!

Time to listen to the people of Afghanistan!

Arrange a call for the Global Day of Listening to Afghans, December 19 2010, email:

And sign here to support this petition.

87. Unite Against The HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa

The 30th of November has been declared by the Center for African Affairs and Global Peace as an African AIDS Day. This is particularly significant in the sense that the World AIDS Day is on the 1st of December-the reason for this choice is to remind the world of the urgency and the priority that the devastating AIDS situation in Africa needs.

While we stand with the rest of the world to support the World’s AIDS Day we also want the world to remember that Africa bears the brunt of this pandemic more than any other region on earth. In the light of this explanation the first day being the 30th of November is the African AIDS Day and the second day being the 1st of December is the World AIDS Day. YOU can certainly give this region the urgent attention it deserves by declaring the 30th of November as African AIDS Day and so it will be forever and ever.

Help us to address the tsunami of Africa, help us to address the 9/11 of Africa, help us to address the cold hand of Africa’s holocaust, help us to stop the killing, the maiming, the wailing and mourning that this pandemic has unleashed on Africa.

88. A Petition Against Four More Years of War

We object to the United States proposal for Afghanistan being presented this week to NATO ministers.

It is not a peace plan. It is a plan for four more years of combat by US and NATO forces.

It is not a plan for US or Western troop withdrawals but for further occupation. It is a proposal to gradually lessen Western casualties and lessen Western visibility while transitioning to Western-financed, Western-armed, and Western-advised Afghan army combat in a civil conflict. It is a plan for long-term Western military bases.

It is not a plan to stop al Qaeda or terrorists from attacking Western targets. There are virtually no al Qaeda left in Afghanistan. The most recent terrorist attacks on America have been inspired by our deepening wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In seeking to save our military reputation, we all but assure future threats against Western targets. CIA officials even describe Yemen’s al Qaeda cell as more dangerous than al Qaeda in Pakistan. [NYT, Oct. 18, 2010]

It pre-empts the Administration’s own proposal for a full “review” of Afghan policy in December. The timing instead is aimed at shoring up a faltering Western alliance.

The central proposal--to increase the scale of the Afghan army and police in order to prop up a corrupt Kabul regime--will never work without a parallel cease-fire, deep institutional reform, enforceable human rights, and peace-keeping arrangements with leadership by neutral countries.

The current expenditure of over $100 billion American dollars per year for Afghanistan could be spent on medical care for 15 million veterans, or 15 million college scholarships, or 1.8 million new teachers, or 72 million installations of renewable energy for American homes.

89. Halt the hanging of Mohammad Reza Haddadi, convicted at age 15!

We are urgently calling on the Iranian authorities to halt the imminent execution of Mohammad Reza Haddadi, who could face death by hanging any of these following days for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi was sentenced to death in 2004 for the murder of Mohammad Bagher. He confessed the killing initially but during the trial he retracted it and said he’d made it because his two co-accused would have given his family money if he had done so. Mohammad then denied having taken part in the murder, and there are reports of his co-defendants supporting his claims of innocence and withdrawing their testimony implicating him in murder.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi’s family was told by judicial officials (04-07-2010) that they should arrange a last visit to their son before his execution already organized for the day after at Adelabad prison in the city of Shiraz.

Despite this, his death sentence was confirmed by Iran's Supreme Court in July 2005. Since then, his execution has been scheduled several times.

This repeated threat of imminent execution hanging over Mohammad Reza Haddadi, is no less than a form of torture. The threat of execution must be lifted now, once and for all.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi must not be executed for a murder that he is alleged to have committed when only 15 years old.

The execution of juvenile offenders is prohibited under international law, including Article 6(5) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Iran is a state party.

90. Support Peace in Sudan

Peace talks between the southern rebels and the government made substantial progress in 2003 and early 2004, although skirmishes in parts of the south have reportedly continued. The two sides have agreed that, following a final peace treaty, southern Sudan will enjoy autonomy for six years, and after the expiration of that period, the people of southern Sudan will be able to vote in a referendum on independence.

Furthermore, oil revenues will be divided equally between the government and rebels during the six-year interim period. The ability or willingness of the government to fulfil these promises has been questioned by some observers, however, and the status of three central and eastern provinces was a point of contention in the negotiations.

Some observers wondered whether hard line elements in the north would allow the treaty to proceed.