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1. A GLOBAL PETITION for a Department or Ministry for Peace in Every Government

There is an urgent need to peacefully resolve the conflicts that exist among ourselves, within our regions, countries and the world.

Therefore we respectfully ask every government to legislate to establish a Ministry or Department for Peace to achieve the following:
- research, gather, analyse and utilise information and recommendations from local and global peace organisations;
- formulate policies that show how to attain and maintain peace at all levels of society, personal, domestic, regional, state, federal and global;
- support and influence the already existing global movement for every nation to establish a Ministry or Department for Peace;
- encourage the world's population to observe and celebrate all endeavours for peace on a personal, local, national and international level;
- administer Peace Academies as government initiatives to teach world’s best practice in creative mediation and conflict resolution methods to enable peacemakers to work among domestic and international populations;
- develop educational programs for civilian peacekeepers in schools, universities, the military, and among conflicting cultures everywhere;
- provide prevention and healing programs addressing domestic, gang, drug, alcohol and gambling related violence towards a world-wide culture of inner and world peace that will last for the longest time.

Please.participate in this global thought-seeding campaign by petitioning this proposal to your local, state and national political leaders.

We ask you to print this page and write a positive, friendly, supportive letter on the reverse side, then give or send it to your local politicians.

This petition has been developed by the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA), and promoted by the Earth Repair Foundation, and World Peace Now!