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61. Break continuity of the Polish State with PPR

The Republic of Poland was being under German and Soviet occupation since 1939 untill the first free election in 1994.

This petition is to uniquely condemn the legal statue of communist state under Soviet occupation the Peoples Polish Republic by the statutory decision.

62. Save Douglas Devananda

Save Douglas Devananda.

The last elected Tamil leader threatened by the LTTE.

This is the initial step of a world wide appeal to the United Nations to save the life of Douglas Devananda - the last remaining Tamil opponent of the LTTE banned by the international community for acts of terrorism.

He is the leader of the Tamil political party in the democratic stream which is seen as a formidable rival of the LTTE who claims to "the sole representative of the Tamils". In the past the LTTE (better known as Tamil Tiger terrorists) have made ten attempts on the life of Douglas Devananda, a member of parliament elected by the Tamil people in his electorate in Jaffna. Though he escaped all attempts he is aware of what the IRA told Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: "You have to be lucky all the time. We have to be lucky only once".

This appeal is to put pressure on the LTTE to halt its eleventh, or twelfth or any other attempts on the life Douglas Devananda. Like any other human being he has a right to life, free from the threats of LTTE suicide bombers or snipers. The international community was shocked when the LTTE sniper shot dead Lakshman Kadirgamar, the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister, on August 12, 2005. He is the latest in a long list of Tamil leaders eliminated by the LTTE. The history of the LTTE is a record of eliminating all potential rivals to its Supreme, Velupillai Prabhakaran, who is wanted by India for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, wanted by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka for 200 years for the killing of non-combatant civilians when the Central Bank building was blown up in the heart of the Colombo and wanted by Interpol.

With the elimination of Lakshman Kadirgamar, a Tamil lawyer from Oxford University, the LTTE silenced one of its leading opponents. The next in line is Douglas Devananda.

It is also necessary to highlight his plight because the LTTE has never admitted to any of the killings. It always draws a smoke screen denying responsibility and blaming it on others. The organizers of this petition want to put on notice that if something happens to Douglas Devananda it would be only from the action of the LTTE.

In the past, though the LTTE, has denied responsibility, it has left its paw marks through (1) Tiger technology, (2) modus operandi and (3) motives. The Tiger technology is revealed in suicide bombers, (they perfected the art of jackets worn round the body) , long-range snipers, or pistol gangs riding in motor cycles. Their modus operandi is to study, video and map out strategies of the location and go on practice runs before executing with deadly accuracy.

All the Tamil and non-Tamil leaders killed - i.e. from Rajiv Gandhi to Lakshman Kadirgamar -- had posed a serious threat to the LTTE at one time or another. All three factors have combined in the previous ten attacks on Douglas Devananda.

Devananda, who heads the Eelam People's Democratic Party, V. Anandasangaree, head of the Tamil United Liberation Front and Col Karuna, are the three remaining Tamil leaders who are on the hit list of the Tamil Tigers. Of these Anandasangaree is abroad and Col. Karuna is in hiding. The easiest target is Douglas Devananda, senior minister the United Peoples' Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Government led by Sri Lanka President Chandrika Bandaranaike.

Douglas Devananda, an elected Member of Parliament in the Jaffna electoral district, won a seat in the parliament of Sri Lanka at the last parliamentary general elections held on 02 April 2004, despite rampant election fraud, malpractices, threats and intimidation of LTTE, and disproved the LTTE claim that they are the "sole representatives of the Tamils".

Douglas Devananda is the only moderate Tamil political leader, who has been protesting against the LTTE atrocities in Sri Lanka, for the past 15 years continuously. Douglas and his men, based in Sri Lanka, are determined to expose the atrocities of the LTTE to the International Community.

Douglas Devananda MP is today the only surviving Senior Tamil Minister of Agricultural Marketing Development, Co-operative Development, Hindu Affairs and Assisting Education and Vocational Training in the Cabinet of Chandrika Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka.

Devananda was born in Jaffna on 10th November 1957. At the age of 13 he joined the Manavar Peravai (Students Federation) and in 1975 he joined the EROS - Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students. It was then that he assumed the pseudonym of Douglas.

In his youth he was with various Tamil rebel groups. But realizing that the destiny of the Tamil people is by winning rights through non-violent democratic means he turned a new leaf by establishing the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP).

Having entered the democratic mainstream, Douglas worked hard to build his party in the North-East Province of Sri Lanka. His efforts paid dividends when nine members of the EPDP, including himself were elected to Parliament from the Jaffna District, in August 1994. Douglas was reelected to Parliament in October 2000, and again in December 2001.

Douglas Devananda is a self-confident idealist, who is a committed fighter against fascism. He is unassuming, approachable and a believer in humanism. He is determined to serve his people, despite the fact that he has been wounded, scarred and blinded in one eye, and compelled to live a life in the shadow of death. He deserves to lead a normal life without threats to his life. This appeal is to give him that right. Your vote can, hopefully, ensure that right to live in a democratic society without being killed just because he disagrees with those who claim to be "the sole representative" of any community - an unrealistic political proposition except in a fascist regime.

63. Abandon requirement of Swiss Matura in Polish Academia

Communist government for many years regulated admission do Polish Universities blocking millions of Polish Citizens from higher education not less and German Nazi occupants.

This petition is to abandon requirement of General Certificate of Aducation (Matura) for admission to Universities (especially private) and Colleges in Poland.

Remembering Polish schools under Soviet occupation this exam was nothing but extorsion of loyalty oath by Soviet Union as graduees of Polish high schools were force to praise communism and Soviet Domination.

Pre 2nd war system stagnated by military regimes enforced by surrounding aggresive superpowers and originated from restrictive totalitarian systems of Prussian Germany and Russia seems to be also not suitable for modern capitalistic Polish state.

It it outragous that free academia especially private academia in free Polish state without Soviet and any foreign army present is corrupted by national standards and exams when milions are forced to stepping to low quality crime and prostitution friendly public schools without protection of basic right to privacy and self education, but noncotroled by tuition payments of Polish students.

64. Desovietize science in free Republic of Poland

This petition is to Polish Parliament to free laws abouts poish science and education.

The current law is the carbon - copy of soviet laws regulating science and education structure under military regime.

We ask Polish Parliament to take affirmative steps to desovietize Polish science and education. The current laws regulating financing and structure of Polish academia are nothing but make-uped Soviet laws corrupting freedom of education and science of Polish Nation.

Some of the afirmative steps sould be: lack of requrement of National Exams as entry requrement into Private Universities, Liquidation and clear condemation of Polish Academy of Science as Soviet invigilation device during occupation of Soviet Army.

The following steps are also needed: Liquidation of so called Public Institues, the highest form of soviet ties between communist military and science, Liquidation of so called Professor nominated, highest form of illegal invigilation of communist state over private academia having now the same rights and being obtructed like public, lay off of all scientific personell working under owe of occupied communist states PRL.

65. Ban the Bloc

On September 11, 1993, the Bloc Québécois federal political party, based on the need to defend the French language and promote Quebec culture, became officially registered with Elections Canada.

With this mandate in mind, in the October 1993 federal election, the Bloc formed the Official Opposition in the House of Commons, with Mr. Bouchard as their leader. In Canada, an opposition party is a political party with members elected to the House of Commons or legislative assembly that is neither the government party nor one of a coalition of parties forming the government.

The role of an opposition party is to oppose the government by criticizing government policies, suggesting alternatives and keeping the public informed about issues relating to government administration.

The Bloc Québécois has no other thought other than what is of benefit to Québec, and has no interest in being of benefit to the rest of Canada. They constantly strive and push for separation from Canada, seeking an autonomous and sovereign relationship with Canada.

The existence of the Bloc in the House of Commons is unconstitutional as this party does not run candidates outside of Québec. Should the Bloc ever become the Official Opposition Party again, how could they honestly and justly defend the interests of her Majesty and the people of Canada if their only reason for being is for the welfare of Québec?

66. A fair go for Disability Support Pensioners

The Liberal Party of Australia will have absolute legislative control of Parliament as from June 2005. One of the Government's first acts will be to slash the entitlements of people with disabilities.

The major change will be classifying anyone able to work 15 hours per week as no longer eligible for disability support, and instead, being classified as unemployed. This will subject an estimated 60,000 Australians already living in poverty to even worse poverty.

67. Do not force a new Canadian election!

Dear Honourable Stephen Harper and associate Members of Parliament;

As stated in the Globe and Mail, on Thursday April 28th, 2005, the honourable Stephen Harper will move to bring a no-confidence vote against the liberal government in the following month. Such an action has dire consequences for both Canadian Democracy, and the faith one has in Canadian Politics.

Although this faith has been repeatedly shattered, given the claims of corruption brought forth in regards to the sponsership scandal and the Gomery inquiry, forcing an election prior to the release of the report would undermine Canadian's ability to judge for themselves whether the Liberal government has lost the 'moral authority' to govern. While there is much anger with the Liberal Government, in Quebec and throughout Canada, for the sake of democracy, Canadians must be able to judge for themselves the scope of the injustice of the sponsership scandal. As a result, an election should not be forced until the Gomery Report has been produced.

Secondly, such an election would be a waste of both time that lawmakers could spend doing their job, as well as of the taxpayers money. Millions were lost in the sponsership scandal, but just how many more millions would be lost in an election that would produce near-identical results as the previous one. It is highly doubtful that given the divided support of Canadians an election would result in anything other than another minority government. As a result, it would be likley that such an election would produce a conservative or liberal minority government to be toppled once again a year or so after its formation. In other words, the question must arise, "Why must an election be held now?"

It is obvious that the Conservative Party's answer to this is that the liberal government has lost all moral authority to govern. However, this sponsership scandal is hardly new to this minority government, as it was equally an issue in the previous federal election of 2004. The only change is the production of the Gomery report revealing the details of the scandal. And that is exactly why the federal election should wait until at the very least the entire report has been released. Let the Canadian people see for themselves the details of the corruption first hand. There should be no reason for the Canadian people to have to rely on the media's point of view of the Gomery inquiry. It should be released to the public PRIOR to any move for a federal election.

Finally, in June 2004, the Canadian people expressed their wish to have a divided parliament. There was no clear majority, which proves to the legistlature that the Canadian people are divided. The Canadian elected the LIBERAL party as GOVERNING party, the CONSERVATIVE party as OPPOSITION, and both the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY and PARTI BLOC QUEBECOIS as significant but smaller OPPOSITION parties. Therefore, each of these parties should work towards comprimises which BEST REFLECT the WILL of the Canadian People. A Minority Parliament is an expression of the Canadain People's desire for comprimise.

68. Close Polish commitee of scientific research

This petition asks the Polish Parliament to close one of the last relics of Soviet domination in the free Republic of Poland, the Polish committee of scientific research.

69. Poland should abandon visas for Russian citizens

This petition asks the Polish Parliament to cancel visa requirement for Russian citizens, to stop blocking free trade, and stop acting against Polish citizens wanting to visit Russia.

70. Ukrainian Presidential Elections

This petition is in responce to the recent events surrounding the rights and libierties of teh Ukrainian people and their right to fair, open and transparent elections.

This petition seeks to call on teh Australian Givernment to join the international community in supporting the right of Ukraininans to democracy choose their President and for the conduct of elections to be Honest, open and transparent.

In doing so demonstrate to the world Austrlia's leadership in democratic development by reinforcing its relationship with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people;

The Austraolian Givernment should also take such steps as necessary to deny Australian entry visa's to person(s) who attempt or have been found to have been guilty of falsify the results, or interfering with the democratic rights associated with the conduct and the outcome of the 2004 Ukrainian Presidential Election.

71. CityRail Trains Never on time

NSW Transport Minister Michael Costa has become the "Goldilocks" of state parliament, with conditions either too hot or too wet for Sydney's trains to run on time, the state opposition said.

Releasing coalition figures, opposition transport spokesman Mike Gallacher said that just under one million people ran late on the city's rail system this week, as 1,100 trains ran four minutes or more behind schedule.

Of the 925,000 people in Sydney the opposition estimated ran late, more than 400,000 people were delayed by 10 minutes or more, Mr Gallacher said.

"This week, without a doubt, goes down as the worst week in recent history for the NSW public transport system," he told reporters in parliament.

"On October 1, CityRail blamed the weather ... they said the wet weather was responsible a 10 per cent (of trains running on time) result.

"On October 13, the hottest day recorded, once again they blamed the weather.

Blame Who? We just want our trains to run on time. I'm sure our tax dollars can give us this.

Sign the petiton and let your say be heard.

72. No to EU's Arms Sales to China

October 2, 2004

After the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 the European Union Parliament adopted a resolution banning weapons sales to China. Now France and Germany suggest lifting the ban.

We strongly oppose this as human rights in China continue to deteriorate and China already has over 500 ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan. Furthermore, lifting the ban would directly endanger Taiwan, lead to a regional arms race and destabilize global peace and stability.

73. Poland should quit the European Union

This petition is for Poland to abandon membership in European Union.

74. Close state universities in Poland

Polish universities have a dark past in extortion and of slave labour by communists at today by armed
forces. Currently they interfere
with private university operations.
This petition is to close all polish public higher institutions of education.

75. Ymgyrch .cw Campaign

The .cw Campaign is calling for a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) to be created for Wales on the Internet.

What this would mean is that Welsh e-mail, WWW, FTP addresses could be assigned a two letter country code suffix signifying Wales. Many of the obvious choices have already been taken by other countries, we therefore suggest .cw (c representing Cymru & w representing Wales). Currently Welsh addresses end in .uk or one of the general international suffices such as .net, .com or .org. Welsh businesses in particular, rather than having a Welsh address are forced to use either a .uk version, or an international one which might already be in use by a different company elsewhere in the world

We are campaigning on several fronts. Most notably we are lobbying:

* The UK Parliament

* The National Assembly of Wales

* ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers)

*ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

* BSI (British Standards Institute)

* The United Nations

The reasons why we have chosen the above targets is listed here -

76. Reinstate Nuclear Weapon Program in Poland

This petition askes the Polish Parliament to reinstate a nuclear weapons program in Poland.

77. Partnership For Life: For a Generation without AIDS

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, petition Parliament to:

Lead the international community to increase access to affordable medicines for the world's poorest populations as our commitment to the universal right to health;

Triple Canada's contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and that these funds not be taken from existing commitments to international development assistance;

Challenge international financial institutions' current paractices demanding debt repayment and imposing structural adjustment austerity measures that limit people's capacity to ensure their own health and well-being.

78. Zero Tolerance for convicted Child-Sex Offenders in Australia!

MAKO Inc has been distributing this petition off line for over 12 months with a positive response.

This petition is put forth by the M.A.K.O. Incorporation and the undersigned citizens of Australia requesting the introduction of a Zero Tolerance legislation in the criminal sentencing of Child-Sex Offenders in any State or Territory of Australia (meaning: mandatory lengthy Jail terms for first Child-Sex conviction), and for the introduction of legislation for community notification of convicted Child-Sex offender's exact residential location in any State or Territory of Australia following conviction. (Community notified would be community where convicted Child-Sex Offender chooses to reside).

The M.A.K.O. Inc. and petitioners would like to see these requests be given urgent Attention in Parliament and introduced throughout Australia to prevent victims and to deter Child-Sex Offenders from offending re/offending.

79. Ban Live Animal Exports from New Zealand

This is a petition created to urge the New Zealand government to ban live animal exports.

In light of the disaster that befell 57,000 Australian sheep aboard the Cormo Express earlier this year, this trade has got to stop.

The Green Party and myself have put together this petition to present to Parliament. We want as many signatures as possible from people all over the world.

The picture that I have added with this petition was kindly supplied by People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport (PACAT).

80. End horse slaughter in Canada

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the house to the following:
THAT hundreds of thousands of work horses and foals have been slaughtered for food in order to be sold as gourmet meat in foreign markets; and
THAT in 1998 alone, approximately 23 152 American horses were transported to Canada and killed for human consumption; and
THAT horses are companion animals, they are not raised for food and are taxed differently than food animals; and
THAT slaughtered horses come from a variety of places, receiving a variety of veterinarian care and drugs throughout their lives, unlike animals that are raised for meat; and
THAT the horse has been an important figure in the history of Canada and our Royal Canadian Mounted Police force; and
THAT in 1999, approximately 62 351 horses were slaughtered in Canada; and
THAT the state of California has already passed Proposal 6, known as The Prohibition of Horse Slaughter and Sale of Horse meat for Human Consumption Act of 1998:
THEREFORE we the undersigned, your petitioners call upon Parliament to enact legislation against the slaughter of horses and sale of horse meat for human consumption.

For more info go to or search engine end horse slaughter in canada.

81. Stop Slaughter and Animal Abuses in Romania!

Due to the lack of law for animal protection in Romania anyone can kill an animal without being punished.

Protected by this lack, people without conscience, without pity, more without respect, with cruelty hard to be imagined, are killing animals of any kind, without a particular reason.

For many months, the slaughter of homeless dogs from Romania has brought many tears to animals lovers.

Poachers without pity killed a hundred dolphins in few days in the Black Sea.
The abuses against animals of anykind, the exploitation of wild animals at Black sea are a few exemples of atrocities from Romania, due to the lack of one law for animal protection in our country.

Who will punish the sick minds that are killing hundred of thousands street dogs, when didn't break "any law"?

With your help, we hope to convince the Romanian Parliament to adopt new protective law NOW. This petition, along with your comments, will be sent to Romanian Government, Romanian Parliament, the Presidency of Romania.

82. Stop whaling in Tonga

Here is a letter sent by the whale watching operators in Tonga:

'The Humpback Whales of Tonga Need YOU.

AS YOU MAY KNOW that there is a strong possibility of Whaling starting in Tongan waters. Over the last two months there has been discussions in Parliament regarding whaling. If whaling is allowed we all will suffer with the lack of tourism. We all know that the Whale watching industry holds a very important role in bringing tourists to Tonga. Many South Pacific destinations have great diving, white sandy beaches etc, etc but what make us unique is the Humpback whales.

Whales Alive has started a petition which will reach the local, national and international supporters of whale watching and 'Stop Whaling in Tonga'. The first step is starting an email-based petition to get to people that have visited or are going to visit Tonga to see the whales. It is short and to the point but I believe it will be very effective. I am asking you to send this petition to people in your email address book to start the ball rolling.'

83. Abolish military obligations for Polish graduates

This peition is to abolish military obligations of any king for the graduates of Polish universities and colleges. Poland is forcing MSc recipients to military traininig on higher-rank level which is unacceptable both within NATO and the European Union.

84. Allow access to Polish agriculture areas for Dutch citizens

This petition is to create special status for the Kingdom of Netherlands to access Polish agriculture areas. Holland is suffering severe shortage of agriculture area as trying to cultivate the ocean.

85. Protect Alternative Tamil Opinion & Democracy

Protect Alternative Tamil Opinion & Democracy During the Ceasefire


We welcome the ceasefire commencing 25.12.2001 between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, in order to bring an end to the war caused by the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

People of all ethnic communities are yearning that both parties should continue to extend this ceasefire and hold talks in a responsible manner and with mutual understanding in order to bring a lasting solution to the ethnic problem.

But the LTTE which declared that it was going to cease hostilities from the midnight of 24th December 2001, has committed over 20 human rights violations since the date of its declaration. These violations include murders, abductions, extortions and attacks. But to date, nobody has either expressed concern or criticised the LTTE.

Current Violations by the LTTE

In the Batticaloa District, the LTTE has rounded up certain villages and has forcibly taken away a number of children for arms training. The LTTE has also burnt over 30 houses in the uncleared areas that were vacated by Tamil families who fled in order to safeguard their young children from being taken away by the LTTE.

The LTTE has even taken letters of consent from parents to the effect that they would hand over their children who are now below eight years, when they reach the age for arms training.

In the Jaffna District, the LTTE has started imposing taxes on all commodities. Because of this taxation, the prices of all essential items have increased by at least 15% in Jaffna.

All these incidents show that despite the ceasefire, the LTTE is threatening normality and the lives of the ordinary people living in the North and East.

Previous Ceasefires

When we look back at our past experiences, the Tamil and Muslim people and those who are democratic-minded have welcomed the prospects of ceasefires and peace talks. At the same time, they have been anxious about the terrible experiences that have taken place during those ceasefires and immediately following their breakdown.

In particular, it is undeniable that the LTTE has made use of the situations resulting from ceasefires to intimidate, imprison and kill those who dissent from the LTTE or disagree with its political views.

The reason for such killings is that the ceasefires declared so far have been viewed as those between the armed forces and the LTTE. They have not affected the behaviour of the armed forces towards the Tamil and Muslim people in the Northeast, or the behaviour of the LTTE towards the Tamil and Muslim people living in the Northeast. None of the previous ceasefires have included any clause to safeguard the democratic rights of the ordinary Tamil and Muslim people living in the Northeast and the rights of those who do not wish to live under the rule o the LTTE.

It is due to this reason that the LTTE was able to make use of this period to kill ordinary Tamils and Muslims, or violate their human rights without any hindrance. The Governments, which agreed to ceasefires with LTTE in the past, not only ignored these killings and other violations by the LTTE, but also did nothing to protect these people from the threat of the LTTE, nor take any action to inquire into those killings and punish those who have committed them.

Past Experiences

On 21st September 1989 Dr. Rajani Thiranagama was killed in Jaffna.

During the ceasefire period between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE from 1989 to June 1990, the LTTE had killed hundreds of Tamils in the Eastern Province for their connections with the non-LTTE groups and also those whom they considered as their opponents. Independent Human Rights groups have documented details of those killed.

When the IPKF started withdrawing from the North and East, the LTTE went in to those areas and arrested hundreds of Tamils whom they thought, had acted against them. These incidents had taken place in Amparai, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Vavuniya Mullaitivu, Mannar, Killinochchi and Jaffna Districts.

LTTE even checked the trains and other modes of transport, which came from Jaffna, Batticaloa and Trincomalee and abducted those Tamils on whom they had suspicion. Their whereabouts are not known to date.

Even in Colombo, with the help of the Government Forces, the LTTE arrested those whom they thought were their opponents, took them away, chained in state-owned and privately-owned buses plying between Colombo and Jaffna, and forced them out of the buses at Omantai and Murikandy in the Vanni. The fate that befell them is not known even to date.

And it was during a ceasefire, that the LTTE killed TULF leaders A.Amirthalingam and V.Yogeswaran, and seriously injured M.Sivasithamparam. They also killed Member of Parliament Sam Tambimuttu and his wife, outside the Canadian High Commission in Colombo.

Minister Gamini Dissanayake was killed during the period of exchange of letters relating to a ceasefire with the Government.

Our Demands

The NGOs and the INGOs who have been committed to peace in Sri Lanka and have worked to promote democracy and human rights in the country must pay particular attention to the violations of human rights that continue to take place during ceasefires.

While we agree that all necessary steps should be taken to continue this ceasefire between the Government and the LTTE, we request the government of Sri Lanka and those countries which are paying attention to the ceasefire and political developments in Sri Lanka to ensure that the LTTE does not violate the human rights of the ordinary Tamils and Muslims and those who express views not to the liking of the LTTE.

We urge the Government of Norway that has been engaged in facilitating the talks to pay particular attention to this matter and take necessary action.

We call upon the Government of India, which has always shown a genuine interest and concern for the Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka, to guide and encourage the Governments of Norway and Sri Lanka in this regard.

The Governments of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia which had banned the LTTE in their own countries and are pushing for the success of the talks between the Government and the LTTE, should maintain their pressure on the LTTE not to violate the rights of the other Tamils and Muslims.

We call upon all the democratically elected Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka to take up as their duty the protection of the democratic forces within the Tamil and Muslim community and pressure the government to act appropriately in this regard.

Because representatives elected by the Tamil and Muslim people have often been killed in the past, we ask all Members of Parliament to pay attention to this concern. In particular, we draw attention to the constant threat to their lives faced by the fifteen members of the Tamil National Alliance and other Tamil and Muslim Members of Parliament from the Northeast.

As the government and the Tigers are taking preparatory steps to workout a long-term ceasefire agreement and begin peace talks we would stress that particular attention be paid to the above concerns.
The right to life, and other fundamental rights and freedoms are inherent in all human beings. These rights cannot be taken away by governments or any groups to fulfill their own agendas.

For all contacts:

86. Stop forcing foreign citizens to Polish citizenship

This petition is to abandon Soviet citizenship law forcing foreign citizens
with Polish origin to Polish citizenship. The original law is based on the rule of Stalin forcing foreigners to the citizeship for the purpose of military service.

87. International Transfer of Offenders Treaty

This petition is on matters concerning the International Transfer of Offenders Treaty. American prison authorities, both federal and state, have for years violated the Transfer of Offender Treaty rights, including the letter of the treaty, with discrimination, denials, injustices, lack of medical treatment, the list is not exhaustive. Our men and women are suffering so much so, that even their family and friends are feeling the atrocities caused by these prison administrators.