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61. Stop Parking Outside Brooke Primary School

After a child was narrowly missed being run over on Wikegate Road directly opposite Brooke Primary School and after speaking to a number of Parent and Carers to get their opinions most have agreed that the parking around school is getting out of control.

This area is an accident waiting to happen and if something isn't sorted soon then a child is going to be injured.

62. Save Sauble Beach

Joe Szewczyk (Sauble Beach Development Corporation) proposes to bulldoze the dunes between 5th and 6th St. N to put in a paid parking lot. The zoning by-law does not permit motorized vehicles on the beach.

Recently Szewczyk has been driving on the beach and has put a No Trespassing Order against the Town. Mayor John Close has ordered the police and local by-law enforcers not to enforce the Dynamic Beach By-law.

The Pine Grove Park subdivision has had legal care and control of this section of the beach since 1932 and are insisting that the By-laws be enforced.

63. Change the by-law that prohibits 3 hour parking

The current By-Law 2003-530 prohibits parking on all city streets for a limit of 3 hours from 7AM to 7PM. This by-law is enforced on an on-call basis. It is not enforced on a consistent or regular basis.

The by-law was passed in the 1980's and carried over to the City during the period of amalgamation. Currently if you park your car in front of your residence for more than 3 hours you can be ticketed. In 2011, approximately 31,000 tickets were issued and a revenue of approximately $1,000,000.00 dollars was collected.

There is no other reason needed to ticket you car, other than it is parked on the street for more than 3 hours. Some sections of the city you can buy a permit to allow you to park on the streets for more than 3 hours. There are certain conditions that must be mete to get a pass approved.

64. Stop parking on Badajos Road

Recently MRs S Walker started a petition on here regarding non residents parking on Badajos Road.

The DIO listened and erected signs and double yellowed the entrance, however people still park here off the double yellows despite it being sign posted at the entrance that it is resident parking only.

This creates an unsafe environment for children, restrictions on residents entering their own properties and blocking the road from removals vehicles trying to access to move soldiers from their properties.

65. Help Fight Paid Parking in Osborne Park

HERDSMAN Business Park owners and employees could be slapped with $1200 a year in fees under a new paid parking proposal.

Now open to public comment, the new policy will see people parking in the Osborne Park precinct hit with a $5 all-day fee.

Motorists looking to park in the streets around Glendalough train station could also expect to be charged under stage one of the scheme.

The City is set to make more than $2.2 million from the scheme in the first year alone.

Stage two of the proposal will see paid parking rolled out in Mt Lawley, at Bradford Street near Edith Cowan University, Railway Parade and the business precinct.

Plans are also being developed for business precincts in Inglewood, Main Street in Osborne Park and Innaloo.

The public comment period will close at the end of May with the scheme available to view at

66. Review the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Development re parking and overshadowing issues

The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital redevelopment project is at the concept plan stage for its first stage of works.

Whilst the community welcomes this long overdue development, the residents living in the streets adjoining the hospital site have strong concerns about two major issues that have not been addressed adequately in the concept plans:
1. the limited on-site parking for hospital staff, patients and visitors;
2. the overshadowing of neighbouring homes by the four storey building due to be erected on the Burdett Street side of the hospital site.

1. Regarding parking: current parking on the hospital site is already inadequate and results in the neighbouring streets being filled with staff cars from early morning until after 5 pm evenings during all weekdays. This has been an increasing problem for residents in recent years. Residents' visitors and relatives cannot find parking within two or three blocks of their homes during week days, residents cannot receive deliveries or have tradesmen call unless trucks and trade vehicles double park on the streets , or park in driveways.

This causes problems for elderly or less mobile residents and visitors and there are ongoing safety risks from cluttered streets where walkways are blocked and cars entering and leaving driveways have limited visibility of the oncoming traffic. The problem has existed for many years, has not ever been adequately addressed and with the proposed new and more intensive hospital activity will only become worse.

Whilst residents do understand that budgeting for parking is a budgeting issue they would like to point out that other developments in the area (high rise unit blocks and commercial businesses) are required to provide on site parking facilities for their staff and clientele.

We suggest that an underground facility could be provided by involvement of private sector joint venture partners (such as the Infrashore involvement in the Royal North Shore Hospital car parking facility) Residents also suggest that a 2 hour street parking limit and resident exemption stickers would encourage staff to park on the hospital site rather that on the surrounding streets, or to take public transport to their work.

2. The erection of a four storey hospital facility will potentially create overshadowing of homes, particularly on Derby Road and Burdett Street. Winter sun will likely to be blocked from these homes for significant periods of the day. Petitioners request that winter shadow diagrams be tabled for residents to consider before any final decision is made on the location of the four storey facility.

It appears to residents that decisions on the building design, size, location and parking facilities have been taken without due consideration for the residents whose homes adjoin the hospital site.

67. No to Blackheath Station Car Park Charges

Network Rail have recently re-taken control of the car park at Blackheath station after the Lewisham Council's lease expired.

They now plan massive, inflation-busting rises in parking charges that threaten the vitality of local businesses and the farmers market, as well as demanding more from hard-pressed commuters who already face large rises in their train fares.

68. Better Parking Facilities at Townsville Hospital

Townsville Hospital needs more adequate parking spaces. The parking situation at Townsville is going beyond simply ridiculous to outright dangerous. At any given time up to twenty cars are circling the one carpark vying for spaces.

People resort to parking illegally as it is the only option other than parking outside of hospital grounds. It is something that needs to change and with the upcoming election now is an ideal time to bring it to the attention of our state premier.

69. Residents only parking in Southsea

Parking in Southsea is an ongoing nightmare for residents. If you live anywhere near the seafront, you have very little chance of parking near your property.

This is due to offering free parking to anyone for up to 3 hours - this is often abused and in summer/sunny days - there is no chance.

We think Portsmouth City Council should be fair to the residents (Lennox Road South and streets nearby) and have residents parking ONLY!

70. Say NO to Lidl

250 Fencepiece Road, Hainault is a commercial site that has fallen into neglect with the closure of the car showroom on the site some years ago. Now Lidl has purchased the site, and they want to build a supermarket.

There is already a supermarket across the road, as well as other local convenience stores, and so another is unnecessary. There are also larger supermarkets within driving distance. This proposal would also involve a change of use, food waste disposal, large delivery lorries and traffic increase.

Cars speed down this road, and access from side roads is already difficult, especially in the mornings. This is a residential area, and a supermarket on this site is not in keeping with the neighbourhood.

71. Stop Students Texting While Driving in Student Parking lot

There has been numerous accidents in the student parking lot at my school.

The cause of those accidents are students being distracted because they are either texting or talking on their cell phones while driving.

72. Re-Acquire Hulse Property

The two pieces of properties that runs east to west from beach to lagoon where the Lobsterfest is currently held, between Tuna and Cozy Corner running back to the Police Station, as well as the open property next to Cozy Corner on the south side, that runs east to west, beach to road side adjoining the current graveyard.

This property, which is affectionately known as the Hulse Properties, which was initially owned by Archbishop Arthur Dunn and Evadne Hulse; is the only two pieces of property that the village can and should re-acquire in downtown Placencia Village that can, once again, serve a public good, a public purpose and public space for one and all Placencians to enjoy now and in the future.

This property is of perfect size and location where we can have proper space for public parking, public beach area, properly extending our cemetery and to have a general public space.

Placencia must do everything it can to re-acquire this property, we cannot afford not to.

73. Review Commercial Traffic Concerns in the Danforth/ Riverdale area

My name in Jimmy Vlachos.  I'm a Real Estate agent and local resident of the Danforth/ Riverdale community.  

I've been active in addressing violations of city by-laws by Commercial Entities, Business owners, and their suppliers for several years with great success.  

My desire is to create a safer environment for property owners and tenants as well as addressing the needs of our community partners and business owners.

Commercial traffic in the area has increased and will continue to increase as we grow and prosper.

Commercial traffic is affecting the overall safety of residential streets and steps must be taking to ensure public safety and increased efficiency of business deliveries and pick ups.  

The city, Danforth/ Riverdale residents, local businesses and there suppliers must work together to create an environment that is safer and able to handle the increased commercial demands of today and the future.

74. Free Westminister Parking on Sunday

As from 1st December 2011 any vehicles parking in Westminister area on weekends must pay for parking even on Sundays which at the present time is FREE.

Minister for Transport Mr Lee Rowley should be stopped from doing this to us motorists.

We pay more then enough as it is.

75. Stop Crowded Parking Lots

The parking lot at Murphy's Landing Apartments (MLA) becomes sporadically overcrowded, frustrating residents. MLA should assign a number to each parking space, and have a tag for the resident's vehicle matching that parking space number and current license plate.

Parking spaces should be assigned based upon the resident's apartment lease date. This parking space system is needed to utilize parking areas for residents first, guests second. Parking spaces in front of buildings should be reserved for residents only.

The overflow parking areas should be claimed by residents with a second vehicle, then the remainder used by guests.

76. Change the way in which Penalty Charge Notices are issued across the UK

Perhaps it is about time we changed how "parking enforcement" works. A completely new, friendly approach, not incentivised by money.

Each Council Ward can appoint its own group of "wardens", they may even be local volunteers, with the necessary powers to issue PCN's. Everyone in the ward will know who they are, and have their number to call if they have a problem. The point is however, that they will be welcoming, friendly sort of person, rather than the authoritarian set up we have now.

They will only issue tickets in the most extreme cases and will only issue a ticket as a last resort. The vast majority of PCN's issued currently are completely unnecessary and are purely issued to generate revenue - these would never get issued under this new arrangement.

I realise it may take some time to make these changes but they will be worth it if it encourages a more friendly local community.

In the UK at the moment you can steal and be fined less (or not at all), than the motorist who parks on the wrong line, displays the wrong permit, or just overstays his parking ticket. It is plainly very wrong and unfair.

Please sign the petition if you would like this to change.


Whilst the Bath Road Traders Association strive to make the Bath Road and surrounding areas pleasant places to live and work, they feel the Councils approach to parking regulation must be stopped.

It is generally believed/accepted that the proposed parking scheme has not been initiated by and is not fully supported by local residents. Therefore the introduction of parking meters, parking permits and subsequent fines can only be seen as a new Council “Money Spinner” or “Stealth Tax”.

With the current economic climate, it is not acceptable to burden Residents and Traders with extra costs on top of the high Council Tax and Business Rates, they may struggle to afford currently. Their plans will leave a blossoming trading area without sufficient street parking, thus driving many shoppers to alternative shopping areas and endangering business to the Bath Road.

78. Save Parking in the Iffley Road

Oxfordshire County Council proposes to remove the parking bays along the Iffley Road from The Plain to Bullingdon Road in order to make way for a cycle lane.
This plan is permanent and the bays will be gone for good, not just during the current roadworks. This plan will result in

- The severe reduction of parking spaces for local residents, which will be especially grave during the proposed redevelopment of the St Clements' Car Park.

- The severe reduction of parking for customers of businesses in the area with the removal of short term parking bays in the Iffley Road.

- The dramatic increase in road noise and vibration caused by large vehicles passing much closer to the houses in the Iffley Road once the parking bays have been removed.

- The inevitable increase in speeding vehicles in the Iffley Road due to the removal of the parking bays which currently calm traffic and provide an effective chicane, in due course make cycling MORE dangerous not less.

Given that the proposed removal of the parking bays will only provide a cycle lane for a matter of a few hundred yards the overall improvement for cyclists will be minimal, yet it will also be at substantial cost to the already hard-pressed ratepayers of the borough.

Meanwhile the Iffley Road will be turned into a quarter mile straight which cars, buses and lorries can power down unimpeded, with one zebra crossing in the middle – an accident waiting to happen ?

79. Review parking at Rivermead Primary School

The unadopted access road to Rivermead School has become a dangerous environment for the children at school opening and closing times.

Having carried out several observations of the movements of traffic and children at these times and witnessing some near misses, it is clear that for the safety of the children, that traffic should be prohibited at these times.


Bicester Town is struggling and more and more local independent shops are closing due to lack of custom - why is this? One of the main reasons being the cost of parking in Bicester.

With Cherwell now charging for evening and bank holidays and a cost of 60p for 1/2 an hour or £1.10 for one hour people are opting to travel further afield to Towns/Cities which have a much wider range of shops and facilities. At a time when Bicester needs its local community to support it they are being pushed away by this.

Unless something is done now by the time the 'promised town redevelopment' arrives there will be little of Bicester left.

Please sign the petition and make the Council aware we are not prepared to just sit down and take this.

81. Stop Charging Faculty and Staff Parking UNCC

If you work for UNCC you must pay parking yearly. Every year we have had to pay with it increasing yearly.

We haven't had a pay increase/bonuses in several years. In fact we have been furlowed and still had to pay to park that day.

82. Abolish Parking Charges at The Beatson

The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre offers treatment and care to 60% of Scotland's population. During a difficult time, the staff at The Beatson provide excellent support to patients.

However, parking enforcers are hounding those unfamiliar with the area and its parking, adding additional stress to those already dealing with a very emotional and difficult time. These fines are completely unfair and plain money grabbing.

Chief Executive Tom Divers claims lack of managed parking regimes and commuters taking advantage of free hospital parking have led to the introduction of parking charges. Surely this is the lazy and unintelligent option?

This petition hopes to make NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde rethink the parking charges at The Beatson, so patients can at least have their treatment without the worry of a fine when they leave the building.

83. Review Austin Parking Ordinance

Austin City Council member Laura Morrison said that the meter extension was too drastic for the given problem and that it "changes the ecosystem of what makes up downtown at night and on the weekends."

Morrison pointed out Saturdays "add one more barrier to people coming to the Farmer's Market." (

84. Please reconsider the Round Hill conservation area for residents' parking.

Please see for a full presentation of the case for re-consulting Round Hill residents.

Love them or loathe them, CPZs (residents' parking schemes) are now a feature of UK city life. In Brighton and Hove, they have grown from 2 in 2001 to 14 in 2011.

As new CPZs reach the boundaries of our city suburb, Round Hill cannot comfortably store the vehicles of outsiders wishing to avoid a fee of circa £2 per week.

Preferential treatment is now needed for our own residents' parking needs as well as the other benefits (cleaner environment, clearer footways, more room on junctions for emergency services and recycling collection vehicles). Without a CPZ, the obstructions to our own residents' needs will get worse.

85. More Motorcycle & Scooter Parking in Sydney CBD

There is not enough parking for motorcycles and scooters in the CBD.

86. Resident Parking Permits for Wellesley Road, London, E11

My email to Redbridge Parking Services (12th April)

I live in Wellesley Road, Wanstead, E11 2HG.

Parking close to my house is a major frustration, especially because we have a young child. Today I had to park over 600m away and walk with him and all the objects that come with a small child! Also it practically makes it impossible to go for a big shop, as we can never park near our front door to make it easy to get the bags in.

I notice that there are a number of cars that arrive pre-rush hour and leave at the end of the business day (most probably getting on the tube at Snaresbrook) meaning that we struggle to find a space during the day. Also the Driving Test Centre causes havoc, with tens of learner cars taking spaces throughout the day.

There are a few small areas of 09:30 to 10:30 no parking lines, but these are no use to us, as we are unable to park on these too. I am not in a position to move my car from one of these positions pre 09:30, to move it back after 10:30 as I need to go to work at 09:00.

Is it possible to allow residents a permit to park on these 09:30 to 10:30 spaces? Your website describes them as "one hour commuter parking zones" but this is discriminating against us residents.

Otherwise is it possible to make Wellesley Road into a Resident's / Business Parking area only, with pay and display for visitors up to 2 or 4 hours? I, and I believe many other residents on Wellesley Road, will be happy to pay for a yearly permit, similar to the scheme that operates at the other end of the High St in the Controlled Parking Zone.

I can imagine come the Olympics next summer this situation will become a lot lot worse!

87. Mayesbrook Manor School and Parking Areas

Academy Central is being sold with a primary school adding to the sense of community and a focus on eco friendly homes and living.

The residents of the converted UEL campus were aware of the building of a primary school but the proposed new plans would have a significant impact on the area and is being undertaken at a time when the residents most affected are not yet in situ and will have no voice in determining the outcome of the proposed plan.

88. Exempt Tavistock Road from proposed 8 am to midnight parking

There is a proposal of 8am to midnight, Monday to Sunday controls for the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone (outer permit zones) by Croydon Council Parking Services. This means that the parking after 6pm till midnight, Monday to Sunday will be charged.

The Croydon Gurdwara also known as Guru Nanak Community Centre, has been in existence since the 1980s and is the hub of all activities of the Sikh community in Croydon and adjoining areas including, Kenley, Wickham, Sutton etc. The building itself has a limited number of parking spaces and priority for those is given to disabled and elderly attendees. It has always been the case, therefore, that Gurdwara attendees park their cars on the nearby Tavistock Road.

The ability to park on Tavistock Road is crucial to the Sikh community and everyone attending Croydon Gurdwara services on Wednesday (6pm to 9pm), Saturday (6pm to 9pm) and Sunday (6am to 10am). If new restrictions are implemented then it would virtually mean the end of the benefits which attendees obtained from Gurdwara and end of Gurdwara itself and the services it provide to many. The Sikh community in Croydon is vibrant and self sustaining. It has not obtained any monetary help from outside and yet provides many important services including:

 Religious services for families (e.g. birthdays, marriages, funerals etc).
 Looking after the elderly during the day, providing free food, company and care
 Free Punjabi Language, Religious Studies and musical classes for children
 Yoga classes
 Karate classes
 Health awareness events
 Pastoral care for Sikh patients in Mayday Hospital

There are more than 2000 members of Sikh community who would be severely affected by charging the hours the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone operates from 8am to midnight. On special religious occasions such as Diwali etc the number attending from all over Croydon is far more than 2000 and yet Gurdwara has never asked for any special favours on such occasions. However, continuance of existing parking arrangements is crucial for the Sikh community. With the Gurdwara’s own premises having limited parking space (less than 5), it is vital that families and the elderly are able to continue parking on Tavistock Road as they do today. The Gurdwara’s crucial role as a centre for families, the elderly and as a place providing sound moral guidance for children and adults will be severely impacted if attendees have to pay to park on Tavistock Road.

We urge you therefore, to exempt Tavistock Road from this proposal and to keep the existing parking arrangements in place.

People may write directly to Community Services Department, Parking Services, PO Box 1462, Croydon CR9 1WX. quoting ref CS/PS/DJW/7TC.

89. Stop Barnet Council’s Increased Motoring Taxes

Barnet Council are proposing to:

1. Increase the cost of resident parking permits from £42 to £100 (1st car) and £75 to £125 (second car).

2. Increase the cost of visitor vouchers from £10 per book to £48 per book (Camden charges £5.60!).

3. Remove the 15 minute minimum stay at pay and display machines (currently £0.35p) and replace it with £1 minimum half hour stay.

4. Remove all free bays within resident’s controlled parking zones in the borough as a blanket policy. Whilst such changes may be required on a case by case basis, this cannot be justified as a sweeping borough wide policy. Many people rely on these bays for visitors and workmen and combined with the above proposals, this will leave the residents out of pocket!

In addition, Barnet now require motorists to pay for Pay & Display by telephone where vending machines are broken. Where have we been notified of this policy!? Not all motorists carry phones and credit cards and this policy penalises us for broken machines!

90. Stop car parking charges at Cutteslowe Park

We understand that Oxford City Council are discussing a proposal to start charging for parking at the Cutteslowe Park car park at the end of Harbord Road.

Summertown Stars Football Club is a major user of Cutteslowe Park and has 400 boys and girls (ages 6 to 18) as playing members.