Petition Tag - paraphernalia

1. Removal of Paraphernalia that encourages the distribution and use of Drugs

In our town, local convenient stores are carrying paraphernalia instruments that assist in the distribution & use of drugs in our community.

While, the police are fully aware of this contraband, there is a gray area in regards to our "Paraphernalia Ordinance" for our small town. They have repeatedly gone into these stores, "ASKING" for the removal & termination of sales on this contraband. The owners have simply refused.

As a community, we must come together and let the owners, among others, know that this is unacceptable in our town. We are trying to better our children and encourage them to have more positive outlets and not negative ones, such as drug use. These instruments only encourage a negative situation that is not wanted among our community.

Those of you who are not aware of these things include, glass pipes, papers, little plastic baggies, etc. We are trying to build up our town and this type of paraphernalia will only tear it down. We were told to start a petition in hopes that we can get the removal of this garbage off of the shelves and unavailable to those who want to endanger our children.