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31. Support Palestine

Everything begun on 29th of November in 1947 and still this time. Unfortunately, children still breathe the air there that smells of blood. Palestine or Israel, Israel or Palestine?

Nobody still really knows who is right and who is to blame, one thing is clear - to stop this madness. It seems that this war - eternal! We believe that every country deserves to be independent, and Palestine, is not out of question. It seems that everything is difficult. Yes, but we should at least try to change something. Let’s take 20,000 votes and UN will here us.

Let us not be indifferent. We are part of this world and we came to do something. I do not think that somebody likes most things are still resolved in this way- act of violence. Let us try to save Palestine. We need your help!

Periods of the conflict

On the historical timeline, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has had seven distinct phases:

Late 19th century-1917: The period of the Ottoman Empire rule in Palestine in which the Arabs in The Ottoman Palestine saw themselves as part of the overall Arab territories which were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During that period, the disputes were on the basis of religious background and not on national background.

1917-1948: The period of the British Mandate of Palestine, in which both parties were under British rule and under a single political entity, called Palestine in English. During this period significant Jewish immigration from Europe altered the demographic balance. The term "The Israeli–Palestinian conflict" was not used, and instead the conflict was referred to as "the Jewish-Arab conflict over the Land of Palestine" (by the Arab population and the British population), "the Jewish-Arab conflict over Erez-Israel" (by the Jewish population).

1948-1967: The period between the declaration of the State of Israel and the Six-Day War in which the parties resided in three separate political entities: The State of Israel, the Gaza Strip which was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank which was annexed to Jordan.

1967: The Six-Day War: Border clashes between Syria and Israel
First Day: Combined air attacks on all fronts by Israel in early morning destroy two-thirds of Arab aircraft.
Second Day: Paratroops move from Ammunition Hill to Mt. Scopus (Jerusalem).
Third Day: Old City liberated, the West Bank is controlled, and Israeli military government is established.
Fourth Day: Israel reaches Suez Canal.
Fifth Day: Battles continue, mostly up north.
Sixth Day: Cease fire proclaimed, Israel controls Golan Heights and demilitarizes Jerusalem area.

1967-1993: The period between the Six-Day War and the Oslo Accords, in which the conflicted parties reside in the areas addressed by the UN Partition Plan that were under the control of the State of Israel.

1993-2000: The period between the Oslo Accords and the Second Intifada, in which Israel existed alongside the semi-sovereign political autonomy - the Palestinian Authority.

2000–2005: The period between the beginning of the Second Intifada up until 2005, in which Israel returned to perform arresting operations in Area A zones in the West Bank.

2005–Present: The period after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. The withdrawal led to the strengthening of Hamas, which in 2006 won an election, then took control over the Gaza Strip.

32. Declare a Palestinian State - vote now

"Why Palestine? Because it is a just cause, a noble ideal, a moral quest for equality and human rights".
Edward said

What kind of future do we see? The future should be better than the past and the present. Because life is about evolution and growth.

It is about equality and human rights. We invite the international community including Israelis to join us.

33. Free the Children of Palestine!

According to Israeli police, 1200 Palestinian children have been arrested, interrogated and imprisoned in the occupied city of Jerusalem alone this year. The youngest of these children was seven-years old.

Children and teen-agers were often dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night, taken in handcuffs for questioning, threatened, humiliated and many were subjected to physical violence while under arrest as part of an ongoing campaign against the children of Palestine. Since the year 2000, more than 8000 have been arrested by Israel, and reports of mistreatment are commonplace.

Further, based on sworn affidavits collected in 2009 from 100 of these children, lawyers working in the occupied West Bank with Defense Children International, a Geneva-based non governmental organization, found that 69% were beaten and kicked, 49% were threatened, 14% were held in solitary confinement, 12% were threatened with sexual assault, including rape, and 32% were forced to sign confessions written in Hebrew, a language they do not understand.

Minors were often asked to give names and incriminate friends and relatives as a condition of their release. Such institutionalized and systematic mistreatment of Palestinian children by the state of Israel is a violation international law and specifically contravenes the Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Israel is supposedly a signatory.

34. Urge Obama to Press Israel to Free Palestine

Israelis and Palestinians are again beginning "direct talks" about "Middle East Peace". The "direct talks" are yet another episode in nearly 20 years of talks, plans and negotiations, which include the Madrid Conference, the Oslo Accords, the Camp David Summit, the Taba Summit, the Mitchell Report, the Zinni Plan, the Red Sea Summit, the Roadmap and the Anapolis Conference, among other failed initiatives, frameworks and meetings.

But worse than having failed to achieve peace, as conducted, "negotiations" have often undermined the cause of peace between Israelis and Palestinians by providing a curtain behind which violations of Palestinian rights, including home demolitions, land confiscation and settlement construction, have occurred.

To avoid repeating this outcome, the United States should insist that Israel respect Palestinian rights and begin to free the Palestinian people by ending Israel's occupation, regardless of the existence of "direct talks". Such actions require no talks at all, will advance genuine Israeli-Palestinian peace, and will enhance the image and security of the United States in the Middle East and beyond.

For more information on the American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights, please visit

35. Support Children in Jordan Valley

For generations, long before the 1967 war that led to the occupation of the West Bank, the Bedouins let their sheep graze on their land, in the north of the Jordan Valley. These shepherds are very poor. But they do not complain.

The difficulties for the inhabitants began in the 1970s, when the village was declared a closed Israeli military zone. Some years later the Jewish settlements of Ro’i and Beka’ot were founded in the east of their land. Since then, Israel has imposed harsh restrictions on building and movement there that apply to Palestinians, effectively pushing them to leave area.

36. عريضة دعم اقرار الحقوق الانسانية للشعب الفلسطيني في لبنان

نحن الموقعين ادناه، ندعو المؤسسات الرسمية اللبنانية، التشريعية والتنفيذية الى اعادة النظر بالقوانين الراهنة، التي تحرم اخوتنا اللاجئين الفلسطينيين من أبسط الحقوق الانسانية. عبر تشريعات قانونية تأخذ بالاعتبار الوضع الخاص للاجئين الفلسطينيين في لبنان، باعتبارهم جزء من شعب شقيق يختلف واقعهم عن بقية الرعايا العرب الموجودين في لبنان، بما يشمل منحهم الحقوق الاقتصادية والاجتماعية، كما أقرتها مواثيق حقوق الانسان، خاصة حق العمل، من خلال الغاء اجازة العمل، واستثناء الفلسطينيين من مبدأ المعاملة بالمثل، اضافة الى الضمانات الاجتماعية، وحق التملك لمأوى لحين العوده، والاعتراف القانوني بمن لا يملكون أوراق ثبوتية.
ان اقرار هذه الحقوق يشكل اسهاماً فعلياً في صيانه حق العودة، والهوية الوطنية للاجئين، بما يعزز الموقف المشترك برفض التوطين والتهجير والتمسك بحق العودة وفقاً للقرار

37. Stop sending money to Israel to kill American citizens

Israeli forces killed humanitarian activist Rachel Corrie who was trying to stop destruction of a doctors home in Palestine.

They killed humanitarian activist Furkan Dogan who was a member of the freedom flotilla and onboard the Mavi Marmara. He was killed in international waters near Gaza while attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

38. We call on the Australian Government to cut ties with Israel

On 30th May 2010, under the cover of darkness, the Israeli military hijacked the Free Gaza Movement flotilla in international waters. During this illegal act of what can only be described as piracy, at least 15 international peace activists were killed and scores were wounded.

The ship was carrying tons of desperately needed humanitarian aid for the besieged people of Gaza. The items on board the ships included water purification equipment, cement, generators, prefabricated homes, chocolate, crayons, wheelchairs, crutches, basketballs, and tons of paper to be used by schoolkids.

There was absolutely no need for Israel to attack this ship and murder unarmed peace activists.

39. BBC should Give UP Its Bias toward Israel

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) expresses its deep apprehension and anger over the BBC coverage regarding freedom Flotilla.

The Freedom Flotilla which is a mere humanitarian mission has been covered by a wide range of western media outlets in the last few days. The BBC started to speak about the Boats of the flotilla only in the last 2 days.

In most of its coverage BBC depended on Israeli sources whilst the Palestinian side has been ignored. PRC suggests that such coverage harm the image of BBC and could classify it as an alternative for some Israeli media outlets.

PRC and part of its day-to-day monitoring for BBC observed the following:

On one of its today’s article BBC gave a space for the Israeli side while it has ignored the Palestinian side. The official account of Israel though, Danny Ayalon, Israeli deputy foreign minister was presented, which stated that organizers’ intent was violent. The article mentioned that 'Guns and knives' were used by the civilian passengers.

The great exposure of Israeli account continued on the BBC breakfast and its running news casts.

Spokespersons and Israeli officials were given a chance to justify the Israeli attack. BBC reporters in Israel also contribute to this dilemma as they only speak out what they get from the official Israeli sources.

PRC call on BBC to stand neutral and give up its routine policies of quickly admitting and giving a space for the Israeli narrative.

BBC spokesperson, told PRC that, 'We are unable to respond as we have not been given the courtesy of detailed evidence of any accusation.'

However, PRC told the spokesperson of the above mentioned coverage and the time of the news casts.

40. We Condemn the Israeli Terrorist Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Around 20 activists massacred, dozens injured, as Tel-Aviv Apartheid regime opens fire on Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla on international waters.

Hundreds of unarmed Turkish and Arab civilians, dozens of foreign journalists, European parliament members, British and American nationals, Jewish activists against Israel, 50 women and a one year old baby were in the boats.

A priest and Muslim cleric among the critically wounded by the Israeli gunfire.

41. الحملة العربية لمنع نظام مبارك من السيطرة على الجامعة العربية

Egypt free.

42. Petition to Stop the Flow of U.S. Tax Dollars to Israel

-Israel continues to occupy Palestinian land illegally;

-Israel systematically violates Palestinian Human Rights
-U.S. aid to Israel violates U.S. laws;

-U.S. support for Israel's military threatens U.S. security and global stability;

-U.S. aid to Israel does not make Israelis safer;

-Israel is receiving $8,000,000 USD in foreign aid DAILY.

43. Defend the Gaza protestors

The arrest of over 100 people who demonstrated last year against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, the charging of 78 of them with violent disorder and the imprisonment of many of them for up to two and a half years is completely disproportionate. This police operation amounts to the persecution of protesters. It is made more alarming by the fact that almost all of those charged are from Muslim backgrounds.

44. Israeli Citizens say YES to President Obama's settlements freeze demand

The 1967 occupation of Palestine by Israel continues to deprive the Palestinians of their fundamental human rights, and the construction of Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank seriously curtails Palestinian viability.

The more than 100 recently constructed illegal outposts on Palestinian property, the widespread demolition of Palestinian homes, and the pervasive abuse of Palestinian citizens - all these must be stopped in order to make way for a durable and honest Peace.

45. Australian Jews support Obama's MidEast Statement

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society together with other Jewish Australians who care greatly for both the future of Israel and the legitimate national aspirations of Palestinians, strongly endorse the views recently expressed by the US President in Cairo.

His words represent a sea change in approach to a conflict that has festered for so long that many of us have despaired of the possibility of finding a path to a resolution. His words articulate both the main elements of the conflict as understood by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society and a way forward to hope:

46. Free Salah Hamouri

Salah Hamouri is a french-palestinian born in france, 24 years old
Salah Hamouri is in jail in israel since 13th march 2005 because he defended the palestinian rights.
According to the israeli gouvernment, he was wrong because he is against the injustice and the sionism genocide in Palestine.

Please sign this petition if you are against this injustice but for civil rights.


47. UMSU Students' Council: Uphold the Appeals

Students for Palestine claims to be a collective of the Union, run by the Education Public Affairs Office in response to the recent events in Gaza. No motion declaring that this collective is part of the Union has passed through any committee or meeting of Students Council, the peak representative body for students at the University of Melbourne.

In a time where students are faced with structural changes due to the Melbourne Model, increasing class sizes, staff cuts and reduced subject choice, increasing costs and challenges like rising unemployment and costs of living, we reject the notion that these issues should be considered less important by the Education Department than taking sides in a conflict on the other side of the world.

The Education (Public Affairs) Officers moved a motion at Students’ Council to allocate $1000 to Palestine Solidarity Week out of UMSU’s general-use “Whole of Union Fund”. This motion did not pass, due to concern over the appropriateness of the money coming from Whole of Union, and concern over the inclusiveness of the events.

In response to a direct question, Education Public Affairs Office Bearer, Tim Arnot said that the Jewish Students Society would not be allowed to participate. When asked who could take part, Arnot replied that the collective would decide - and that any student that they defined as racist and/or Zionist would be banned from participating. We have a problem with people being banned from an event, due to the decision of a small amount of people on whether they are “racist” or not.

Previously, a motion at Education Committee had passed asking for $650 for Palestine Solidarity Week in the case that the $1000 did not pass at Students Council. That decision is now being appealed by three members of the Education Committee.

Then, at the next quorate Welfare Committee Meeting, $650 was asked for from the Welfare Budget for Palestine Solidarity Week. This was also passed, and is now being appealed by 30 members of the Student Body who believe that the Welfare budget should be used strictly for issues surrounding Students Welfare on Campus.

This comes at a time when so many students are in need of emergency housing that the University Housing Service is renting out backpackers hostels to house them. It comes at a time when no Postgraduate or International student can get a concession card. It comes just as it’s about to become even harder to receive Youth Allowance. It comes at a time when the Welfare Department needs to focus on serving students, not fighting the war in the Middle East.

Socialist Alternative, like others in the past, use student unions as resources, strip-mining them for funds to support their political agendas, which do not necessarily agree with the majority of Students. For the Union to be truly representative of the students that it aims to serve, the union needs to listen and take note of the majority of students. It must reflect their needs, their ideas and what they want the Union to be.

It’s time to draw the line. Student Funds are for Student Use, for the benefit of our students. If Students Council won’t reign in political corruption, then we will have to do it ourselves.

When signing this petition, please put in the ‘comments’ section your student number and a Y if you are a union member. We can't use your signature without your number and proper name.

48. Say No to Veolia Bid

Breaking News: Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council decided not to further consider Veolia’s bid for the 'Waste Improvement Plan' contract. This contract was worth £1bn over 20 years for Veolia.

Sandwell Council's decision can be seen as a victory for organisations and individuals who wish to implement a campaign of Boycott, Sanctions and Disinvestment until Israel ends its illegal activities directed at the Palestinian people.

Simon Cardy/Jolyon Jones/Samrina Mir of WMPSC said: “We congratulate Sandwell Council, which has set a positive example which other councils need to follow and we would like to thank all those who helped to make this decision possible.”

West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign thanks all those who signed this petition and others who helped campaign against Veolia's inclusion in the shortlist. The campaign notes that Veolia continues to provide a service to Birmingham City Council and surrounding councils. We specifically urge Birmingham City Council to revisit its contract with Veolia along the lines that Oslo City Council revisited their contract, that is that Veolia is guilty of gross misconduct in supporting activity that contravenes international law.

The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign looks forward to working with all sympathetic Birmingham councillors, regardless of political persuasion, in this humane endeavour."

Veolia owns Connex, who along with another company called Aistom, are building a tram network to connect Israeli West Jerusalem with the illegal Jewish settlements, built by Israel on stolen Palestinian land in the east of the city and the West Bank.

The tram network breaches the Geneva Conventions which forbids the destruction of property and significant changes in the infrastructure of an occupied territory.

The campaigners argued that the Sandwell Council should not assign the contract to a company that is complicit in Israel's flagrant violation of international laws and whose work in occupied territories are contrary to human and civil rights of the Palestinian people. The campaigners are glad that Veolia will no longer be on the shortlist of contractors to provide a Waste Management service to Sandwell. We hope other councils and public services will follow Sandwell's lead ot that Veolia will change its ways and break any links with illegal activities in occupied Palestine.

49. End investment in Veolia at UH

Veolia are a large multinational French company who primarily deal with water resources (they own Thames Valley Water and manage the water resources in France). They also have several subsidiary companies, one of which is a transport company called Connex Israel.

This company is involved in constructing a light railway system that links Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land in the west bank. Through its subsidiary Veolia Environmental Services Israel (which has bought T.M.M. Integrated Recycling Services), it also owns and operates the Tovlan Landfill in the occupied Jordan Valley, using captured Palestinian natural and land resources for the needs of Israeli settlements.

The occupation of Palestinian land is illegal under international law and Israel continues to occupy the territory in spite of UN Security Council resolution 242, which notes the ‘inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory through war’ and calls for ‘a complete withdrawal from the occupied territories’. There is no excuse for setting up large, long term settlements on land acquired through conflict and for Israel using this land to service themselves and not the Palestinians.

Several organisations have terminated their contracts with Veolia since they won the contract to build the light railway, including Dutch bank ASN.

Veolia are contracted to handle the waste management of the residences, the restaurant and the sports village on the De Havilland campus at the University of Hertfordshire by Carillion, the company that manages these sites under a contract with the University.

50. Urge Ceasfire in Gaza

There is a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and, without a ceasefire, the situation will only get worse.

Already, hospitals in Gaza are without fuel and necessary supplies, and families are without food, water, and heat. Four out of five Gazan families relied on international aid before this crisis-- the longer the ceasefire is delayed, the more Palestinian men women and mostley children will be killed.. the numbers of innocent women and helpless children is soaring up day after day and the situation is getting worse.

Please call for ceasfire today.

51. Stop War In Gaza

We need peace no more blood, let the children killed not die in vain, elders of all nations take heed and let the world make peace so we can live in a world without war.

52. Stop the war in Palestine and Israel

We want to stop the war in Palestine and Israel, now.

53. Petition to End the Siege on Gaza

As of 12/29/08

Please sign this petition to show your support for an immediate end to the collective punishment of the residents of Gaza as a result of Israel’s ongoing siege. Since Saturday, the bombings by the Israeli military have murdered more than 345 people and injured 1,450 more. An offensive on the ground is imminent. Show your support--- end the massacres, end the genocide!

This petition will be sent to president-elect Barack Obama, as well as Pennsylvania state senators and congressional representatives.

54. Stop the Israeli Incursion

As of December 27, 2008, Gaza strip has been bombarded by indiscriminate Israeli bombing, which has caused the deaths of many innocent civilians.

In the following day, CNN has reported that the "second day of aerial attacks brought the death toll in Gaza close to 300. Hundreds more people have been injured."

55. Allow Eid/Christmas Gifts for Children of Gaza

Justice for Gaza (JFG) is a humanitarian organisation which strives to supply basic needs to the suffering children of Gaza. On the 5th of December, 2008, a big van loaded full of clothes and toys as Eid/Christmas gifts for the children in Gaza will depart from London and drive all the way to Gaza.

Previously, in August 2007, a JGF van containing medical supplies was denied entry into the Gaza strip by the Egyptian authorities. The van was stranded at the Rafah border for a month. Egyptian authorities presented many and varied bureaucratic excuses to justify their refusal to allow entrance of the medicine. The latest was that the medicine was not accounted for in an item by item list. As the medicine was donated by various generous supporters in the UK, Al Niss and Willis did not have one list with receipts to present to Egyptian authorities. Yet Egyptian authorities refused the suggestion to have a third party, like the Egyptian Red Crescent, unload and supervise the itemizing of the medical supplies.

We do not want a similar ridiculous situation to repeat itself. Please sign the petition below to enable the delivery of donated gifts to the children of Gaza.

For more information, please visit the JGF website:

56. Free Palestine

Assalam alaikum. Please spend a few minutes to respond this email.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

URGENTLY, need action from Muslims. We URGENTLY need to get a signed petition of over 100,000. We hope you will use your friends network to help us for the sake of ALLAH let palestine have freedom.

we are struggling for our countryand to let our country have its Freedom. Complete the petition. Please pass this on to many Muslims as possible; they did many murder of our Muslim ummah,


57. Stop War on Palestine !

Our silence toward the palestine war is tragic. It is around 60 years that Israel has been attacking palestine...

During the last three days, Israel has killed around 117 person in the Quaza strip, around 40,000 students could not attend school, there is no trace of peace in this territory. Just the international reaction towards this incident could be a direct solution for stopping the war on palestine.

58. Appeal for Human Rights in Gaza

Please sign this petition to show your solidarity in opposition to the collective punishment of the civilians in Gaza during the ongoing siege. Your petition will be sent to California Senators Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein to urge them to take action against this violation of international law.

Thank you & Peace for Palestine,
Students for Justice in Palestine-UCLA

59. SAVE the holy sites and human history in Jerusalem from Israeli illegal excavation & destruction

End the Israeli destruction of the holy sites and human history in Jerusalem.

Recent Israeli excavations and destruction near and under the holy sites in the Old City Jerusalem threaten to change history. These excavations, if allowed to continue, threaten to seriously distort the historical significance of the Old City of Jerusalem. The integrity of monuments and historic sites that identify the heritage of humanity, especially sites of spiritual and cultural diversity, must be protected by responsible members of the world community.

On February 6, the Israeli antiquities authority started demolition of historic sites near the western wall of the holy sites compound. A hill, a wooden bridge, and two rooms at the foot of the hill will be eradicated in order to build a permanent bridge/walkway for Jewish settlers to access the Jewish Wailing Wall/ Muslim Buraq wall on the road leading to Magharba gate. These monuments represent different periods of human history.

Jerusalem, the mountainous walled city with a rich religious history, is sacred to followers of the three great religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; more than one half of the world's population.

For Jews, Jerusalem is the holy site of the Wailing Wall ; for Christians, the site of Christ's burial and resurrection; for Muslims, the site of the Prophet Muhammad's night journey to heaven, as well as the first direction they prayed towards before Makkah, and one of the three holiest sites.

Israel has been conducting what it terms 'excavation work' , an archaeological digging/tunnel , near and under the holy sites compound. since 1969.The current digging imposes a direct threat to the sustainability of Al-Aqsa mosque, as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; where it is believed Christ was buried and rose from the dead. Other adjacent historic structures are also threatened.

In February 2004, excavation work led to the collapse of a part of the path leading to Al Magharba Gate, one of the holy compound’s main entrances. However, Israeli media claims that the excavation had no effect on this incident and cites a snowstorm as the reason for the collapse. In February 2007, they characterizes the recent excavation/demolition as repair, maintenance, or restoration activities.

Jerusalem’s rich history belongs to all humankind. Old City of Jerusalem was declared by UNESCO as a threatened world heritage site.

The recent Israeli excavations and demolition of historic monuments of Jerusalem are a clear violation of the international laws as listed below:

UNESCO Decision 30 COM 7A.34 (2006), 31 C/Resolution 31, as well as to the provisions of the four Geneva Conventions (1949), The Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (1954) the related Protocol and to the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972), the inscription of the Old City of Jerusalem on the World Heritage List and on the List of World Heritage in Danger and the recommendations, resolutions and decisions of UNESCO on the protection of the cultural heritage.

Jerusalem world heritage sites are a significant part of world history. As we speak, the world is witnessing the destruction of a history that belongs to all humanity. If we do not raise our voices in opposition to this illegal excavation, this historical treasure could be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth forever.

We urge all concerned people of the world to stand firm to protect our human history and to stop all forms of demolition and excavations of the historical Jerusalem.

We urge the international community to appeal to governmental and non-governmental archeological, anthropological, historic, and human rights organizations, institutions, and legal entities to safeguard the cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem

Please be advised that this petition is not intended to undermind or discredit our Jewish friends who are working diligently on indispensable peace and justice projects. This petition calls on all people of conscience and truth including the Abrahamic communities (Jews, Christians & Muslims) to restore and maintain the right of humanity to protect its history in Jerusalem.

References: CID=31&ID_SITE=148&l=en!OpenDocument

We urge you to sign this petition to SAVE the holy sites and human history in Jerusalem from Israeli illegal excavation & destruction.


60. Message to Israeli Civic Society from the Arab Civic Societies

July 21, 2006

This is a message statement addressed to the Israeli civic society from members and representatives from the Arab civic societies.

It delcares our position from the latest Israeli attack and destruction against Lebanon and Palestinian cities and life.

It also sets our position towards possible future peace and reconciliation.