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1. Let The O'Campo 6 in Kenya have A fair Trial - DO NOT CONDEMN UNHEARD

My petition has been triggered by a Petition urging the media to give a publicity black out to the PEV (Post Election Violence) crime suspects. I think,the O'campo Six have a right for hearing.

I am not a lawyer,but Law of natural justice requires, non-condemnation before you are heard, What a better way than letting the world know what transpired,who was responsible, than the medium and agent of the people - The Press. Unless there are people who have issues to hide, the press has right to inform. Giving a black-out to such a global issue to me is non-sense activism, brawn politics and a cover up to truth.In the crimes these Group is accused of Murder, rape and violence, these are Capital offenses, punishable by the harshest/severest deterrent sentences in Any Penal Code Globally. But the standards and threshold is so high, to condemn a life,the onus is on the Prosecution and accusers' witnesses to Proof BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBTS (I wish I could under-line this).