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1. More Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer to the Climate Crisis

We believe that expanding the role of nuclear power may threaten the planet as surely as the global warming you seek to mitigate.

Fukushima alone demonstrates the risks of nuclear meltdowns even in a society based on science and advanced technology. The one hundreds plants in our country are terrorist targets.

There are no solutions in sight to nuclear waste disposal. The timelines for bringing new nuclear plants online exceed the UN's call for rapid decarbonization. The estimated costs are staggering.

2. Consult the People

It is a fact, successive governments have made major decisions which affect the people of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, yet they fail to consult them. In some circumstances, such as going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan this has cost lives and heartbreak. In other circumstances, such as Europe and the Lisbon Treaty, political leaders have promised a referendum, only to withdraw their offer.

The National Liberal Party believes in direct democracy along similar lines to those currently used in Switzerland. We call for this to be introduced into law enabling the people to be consulted before we enter into conflicts which do not necessarily concern this country, as well as other major decisions of national importance.

Switzerland has proved this can work. Therefore we believe it is time we followed the successful Swiss example, and allow the people of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to be consulted via referendum as part of the democratic process of government.

3. Stop the inquiry of a Nuclear Waste Facility in Wawa

Overflowing with rich wildlife, fresh scenic landscapes, and friendly residents, our town is a thing of beauty.

Despite the growing need for new sources of income, this town shouldn't surrender everything it represents in turn for something completely against what we strive for. Although economic recovery is needed in Wawa, a nuclear waste facility certainly should not be the answer.

We believe that no matter what economical impact this plan may contribute to our town, it is does not out way the risks involving storing these highly toxic materials.

We are a town known for its respect towards the environment, and by inquiring into nuclear waste, the municipal council is undermining our values.

4. All Nuclear Power Plants, Stop!

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5. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!!!!

You should be concerned about DHMO! The CDC will not protect us from then who will? We do not understand why CDC will not ban DHMO. It may be lethal to humans in high quantities.

We must petition the dangers such as death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, and prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.

This chemical is used in everyday use, and even day care centers for the purpose of sanitation but should it? It is also used in highly dangers places such as in nuclear power plants. Should young children and people use it if nuclear power plants use it?

6. Support the Construction of a New Reactor at North Anna

The populations of the Northern Virginia and Richmond areas are continuously increasing. As a result, by the year 2017, there will be an approximately 4,000 MWe gap between the electricity that North Anna can supply and what is demanded by the consumers.

Therefore, it is necessary to construct an additional reactor at the North Anna site to supply this ever increasing demand.

7. Stop Nuclear power in Australia

Requires larger capital cost because of emergency, containment, radioactive wastes and storage systems. Requires resolution of the long-term high level waste storage issue in most countries. Potential nuclear proliferation issue.

Nuclear explosions produce radiation which make people sick and even kill them.

8. No Nuclear Power in Australia!

Now that the world is heating up due to Global Warming, the Australian government has to turn to a new source of energy, as coal is a major player in the Greenhouse Effect.

Instead of taking the obvious choice, like wind or solar power, the government has gone to nuclear power.

Nuclear power is dirty and dangerous. If something went wrong, the results would be catastrophic. On top of all that, NO scientist in the WORLD has discovered a safe way to get rid of nuclear waste.
Wind and solar power are more environmentally friendly, and more effective.

9. Close Indian Point Now

I demand that the Indian Point Nuclear
Power Plant be immediately

The N.R.C. has admitted that the concrete containment buildings housing the nuclear reactors at Indian Point were not designed to withstand attacks by aircraft such as the type that terrorists used to destroy the World Trade Center.

Independent auditors have shown proof
that Indian Point has failed to prevent
intrusion by terrorists in mock terror
exercises. The Nuclear Control Institute and other experts on nuclear safety have warned that an attack on Indian Point could breach either of the two reactors or the fuel storage pool, causing lethal contamination of everything within 50 miles while impacting 8% of the U.S. population.

Indian Point cannot be sufficiently
protected to guarantee the safety of so
many residents within the fallout area.
There is no excuse for placing so many
lives in danger by the continued operation of this plant and it facilities in a time of war and into the future.