Petition Tag - new uniform

1. No New Uniforms for senior level students at St. Thomas Aquinas SS Students

In the 2011/2012 school year, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School (STA), will require that all students wear the new school uniform. The 2010/2011 school year required that all new grade 9 students purchase the new uniform and it was optional for all other grades.

It is unfair to require that the senior level students spend hundreds of dollars on new school uniforms when the more logical solution would be to do a slow transition requiring all new grade 9 students to purchase them.

This requirement would be most unfair for all students entering into their final high school year in the next term.

2. Resolve New Houseman Uniform Conflict

The new mandatory uniform for the Housekeeping- Houseman, has been a "thorn in the side" of each of the following mentioned houseman from the day it was implemented.

We have recieved random insults from fellow employees and some laughs from department managers, and feel completely uncomfortable wearing this uniform.

The insults, snickering, and the feeling of inequality to other employees (due to the new uniform), has risen to the point where many houseman are becoming stressed and embarrassed while working on the job.

In addition, the design of the t-shirt resembles that of the female housekeepers and doesn't represent the Housekeeping department in a flattering or respectiful mannar. We were not given a fair choice for this new uniform and feel it would be unjust to leave this issue unresolved.