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91. Provide Black Entertainment Television (BET) to residents of Columbia and Greene County

The people of Columbia and Greene county would like Mid Hudson cablevision to provide it customers with the Black Entertainment Televsion Channel. We believe that this network expresses the diversity needed in our area and is reflective of the growing population who this channel will cater to.

92. Have cartoon network bring back the old X men cartoon

this is a petition to show cartoon network that they should play reruns of the Original X men cartoon from the 90's. they already are playing reruns of X men:evolution and that one is only half as good as the orginal. Cartoon network is known for bringing back old shows and this is one that they should definatley pick up. I'm sure there are alot of people that agree so come one and sign!

93. Bring back Voltron Cartoon Network

We want a new Voltron cartoon with anime style drawings based on the original series. Since the early to late 80's cartoons are making a coming back He-man,TMNT,Transformers It only seems a must to have one of the greatest ''Voltron'' come back also. It has given ideas to many of todays shows Power Rangers,Gundam and Neo Geniesis. It is now that we must take a stand and bring back GREAT cartoons. Cartoon Network please make this happan bring us an NEW Voltron.

94. Keep the original Transformers cartoon on Cartoonnetwork

I always wanted to see the original transformers cartoon. I think they could put it on cartoon network.

95. Add Dr. Russell to our Blue Cross Blue Shield Network!

This petition's goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network allowing the residents of Commerce, TX the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care.

This peition is directed to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. Its goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Network, allowing the citizens of Commerce, Texas the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care. Dr. Eric Russell is the husband of Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University-Commerce, and has opened a Chiropractic office, Beacon Chiropractic in Commerce, Texas. Dr. Russell has appealed the decision denying him inclusion as a participating provider within the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network since the recommended number of Chiropractors within a 75 mile driving radius of Commerce has been met. It is my desire as a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas policy holder (Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce ISD and Zurn/Quest employees) to add Dr. Russell to the in-network provider list so that I may have freedom of choice concerning my healthcare providers.

96. Make Cartoon Network a Seperate Channel

Have you always wanted to watch Toonanime late at night but can't because Austar switches the channel to that crappy National Geographic one. Well sign here if you want to make a difference.

97. Save Adult Swim on Cartoon Network

Upset by the recent news of Cartoon Network changing the Adult Swim times to a later time, I created this petition so that many other people can express their reactions towards this. Although another petition has been sent to Cartoon Network, I fear they would not care so this is to show them about how much users they might lose.

98. Support the Austin Music Network

The Austin Music Network is the only independent music channel in the world. They broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and showcase the best of Austin and Texas music. Each day features original music videos and uninterrupted concert performances with a short list of national artists mixed in. Most of the programming is one of a kind and can only be seen on AMN. They are on Time Warner Cable in Austin and Grande Communications in San Marcos.

99. Put Hamtaro back to 7:30 am!

Help put Hamtaro back on in the morning at 7:30! I am a big Hamtaro fan and school starts at 8:30! 9:30? Why? Why would Cartoon Network put Hamtaro at 9:30 and have a double dose of Baby Looney Toons? I am VERY unhappy that I can't watch Hamtaro. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Cartoon Network! Put Hamtaro back at 7:30 or play it again sometime at night! EVERYBODY! PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION FOR ALL THE HAMTARO FANS OF THE US!

100. The "Good Shows" Petition to Nickelodeon

Over the years, it seems Nickelodeon has become more and more corrupted. It all started in 1993 when their smash hit game show Double Dare was cancelled. Then, 2 other popular Nick shows, Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, were cancelled. Big mistakes. Then, Nickelodeon greatly redeemed itself by premiering Spongebob Squarepants and Rocket Power in August of 1999. Later, in March 2001, Nick redeemd itself even more by premiering Invader Zim, one of Nickelodeon's most popular TV shows, which was cancelled in January of 2002. Huge mistake. Let's back up for a second. In November 2001, Nickelodeon premiered probably its worst show ever created: Butt-Ugly Martians. Later, in August 2002, Nickelodeon premiered its Slam block, featuring Speed Racer, Invader Zim, Butt-Ugly Martians, and Robot Wars. Later on, in September, Nickelodeon pre-empted Zim and Butt-Ugly Martians for another really bad show called Super Duper Sumos. I practically gagged. What's even worse is that they also pre-empted Robot Wars for a second episode of Speed Racer. Big mistake. So I created this petition because I'm fed up with Nickelodeon cancelling quality shows and replacing them with really bad stuff. By signing this petition, you (and no, you don't have to agree to all of these conditions to sign this petition. Just a couple):

1. Want the classics back on the air.

2. Want Invader Zim brought back from cancellation with new episodes.

3. Want Butt-Ugly Martians removed from the airwaves.

4. Want Super Duper Sumos removed from the airwaves.

5. Want new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

6. Want new episodes of Rocket Power.

7. Want Robot Wars back on the air.

101. Get Rid of game show Friend or Foe

On June 3, 2002, Game Show Network premiered Friend or Foe. I was not impressed. Kennedy turned the contestants against each other, trying to make them go foe, and the concept is stupid IMO. A game show shouldn't be about trust, for crying out loud! It should be about skill, nerve, and luck!

102. Bring back episodes of Neighbours from the early 1990s

At present Network Ten Australia repeat Neighbours from the early 1990s.
On the message board there are lots of discussions about these episodes and there are lots of exciting storylines comming up but if any channel in the UK repeats the show from the beginning then it will be years before it gets to this stage.

So if you want to see Neighbours but not right from the beginning then sign this.

103. New Anime in US!

There are tons of great animes in Japan that lots of anime fans would like to see in the US. We know that some animes must be dubbed, but can't they try to do that? If we got a lot of anime in the US, it would be a hit! This petition is going to be sent to Cartoon Network. As we all know, Cartoon Network shows a great deal of anime which include animes like, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, etc. But, they have stopped giving some of the old but popular animes including Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo! Cartoon Network would be a hit if they focused more on showing more and awsome animes!

104. Get Sushi Back Online!

SushiCam is the first fish cam at ISI. Sushi works, travels and sees different things and people everyday. He's been entertaining ISI employees for over a month now.

Recently, I got directive from ISI network admins to shut the camera off. Not exactly sure why. Bandwidth usage maybe? Although, the bandwidth he uses is miniscule compared to ISI's total outgoing traffic...

Anyway, here's a petition to keep Sushi online! Long live Sushi!!!

105. Stop Ruining 80's Cartoons

Lately corporate america has made up this new formula. Popular 80's cartoon + Anime style = instant hit!

Not only does this come off as very desparate for ratings but it also leaves pisses all over most people my age's memories.

So please Cartoon Network. Stop messing up Classics like He-Man and Transformers. Their time has come and gone. Just show the old reruns.

Make new classics instead of rehashing old ones.

106. Save Whammy!

Fans of the game show Press Your Luck may have heard that Whammy: The All-New Press Your Luck has premiered on Game Show Network on April 15, 2002. Well, I was watching Game Show Network one day and I saw a commercial with Todd Newton (the host of Whammy) saying something about saving the Whammy. This could mean the show might be cancelled!


Save Our Scouts By Putting the sailor stars on cartoon network! Got To Be Able To view Sailor Stars In english on cartoon network!

108. Give Five Weeks a Chance!

Fans of the cult hit Five Weeks wanted to get it aired on a network, and we decided that HBO would be the perfect place for this quirky show, so we decided to start a petition to gain the notice of top network executives.

109. Public Apology Demanded

This petition is to ask and, if not supplied, then to demand a public apology to Susan Lucci for the treatment she received from CBS last night, may 17th at the daytime Emmy awards ceremony! First they play the AMC theme music and then they announce Susan's name as the cameramen encourage our Susan to walk up to receive her Emmy! Only to get there and be told it is Susan Flannery who won and not Susan Lucci! A mistake? I think not! How horrified Susan must of been. Your treatment was inhumane and unacceptable and will not be tolerated! Susan Lucci is the most popular daytime actress in all of daytime history and she is loved and adore not just in our country but in countries all over the world! And we, the fans demand you treat Ms. Lucci with the respect she so well deserves and meet the demands of her fans and give her the public apology she deserves!

On be-half of her millions of fans all over the world! Tory

110. Bring Back TechTV to Comcast Customers

Recently Comcast customers have lost TechTV channel in favor of the Yes network. We want it added back to the channel lineup.

111. Dragonball Z Uncut on Cartoon Network

Please Sign to get Cartoon Network to show Uncut DBZ!!!!!

112. Nsync on Disney Channel

Petition asking the executives at the Disney Channel network to reair the Nsync in Concert Special and Episodes of the New Mickey Mouse Club.

113. Plz Help Me Get Cartoon Network To Get The Right Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop On

Plz help me get the right episode of cowboy bebop on the right nights i would really appreciate it

114. FOX Television Network - Please Don't Cancel Futurama!

On or about 2/12 2002, rumors of Futurama, (an animated sit-com on the FOX television network) being canceled became credible as many sources 'in the know' came forward.

115. Save TechTV

This is to save TV channel TechTV. TechTV is going through some financial problems. This is why this petition is being started -- to show TechTV and Vulcan that lots of people like, even LOVE, TechTV and we want it to grow and expand. Sign this petition, and we can save techtv -- the best tv network for technology. Hell, the only one! The CEO stepped down, for no real known reason. We dont want Techtv to go down! :)

Thank you.

116. Bring TechTV Back To Toms River

In the October cable bills, Comcast sent out a notice. Changes to the channel lineup were coming. Among them, TechTV would be removed on December 31, 2001 to make room for The Inspiration Network. Calls to Comcast were fruitless, they did not want to listen to their customers, and on December 27, 2001 (four days early), TechTV was removed from the Toms River lineup.

Please sign this petition which will be sent to both Comcast of Toms River (delivered by hand) and TechTV (sent by mail).

Please be sure to include your ADDRESS on the petition. Although these fields are listed as optional, please be sure to fill them in to prove you are a Comcast customer in their Toms River service area.

117. Save Invader Zim

Petition Cartoon Network to Pick Up the Cartoon Invader Zim. The Cartoon is being dropped from Nickelodeon.

118. Bring back new episodes of MST3K

Recently, I heard that the SciFi network is taking Myster Science Theater 3000 off of the air!! I don't know about other people, but i thought this was a creative, hilarious television show!!! A modern classic! anyone who has seen it knows how funny it is! They even made a movie from it! Please, Please sign the petition to bring back MST3K!!!!!!!

119. EWTN broadcast

This petition is to request that Charter Cable reinstate broadcast of EWTN Global Catholic Network to the Catholic community in the Greenville, South Carolina region. When Charter Cable merged their Anderson area and Greenville area services, they changed all programming to the Greenville, SC programming already in place. The EWTN programs were deleted from the new schedule.

Charter has stated that they will not re-instate EWTN programming without a petition for same from local Catholics. This programming is FREE OF CHARGE to Charter, but will not be re-instated unless a demand can be shown from the local Catholic community.

Thank you!

120. Save The Huntress

The USA Network series "The Huntress" is in danger of being cancelled. Please help us to keep it on the air!