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91. Save Resident Evil

Resident Evil, arguably the greatest Resident Evil fansite ever, is soon to be closing its doors for good. Sign this petition to show Roody that the world NEEDS Resident Evil Fan!

92. Pave Our Streets - Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road

We the undersigned residents of the City of Montgomery, Alabama, residing within District One, do hereby recognize the following to be true and just:

1. It is the duty of each city council official to assure the needs of the council district represented by the official.

2. Each official is responsible for the conditions of the streets and roadways within the official's district.

3. Each street and roadway within the offical's district should receive equal care for upkeep and maintainence.

4. Several roadways within the Eastmont community of district one have been repaved and surfaced within the past twenty years, while other roadways have not.

5. The roadways of Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road, within district one, are in long need of repair, in order to insure the needs of safe driving along these roadways, equal continuity of the the community's road maintainence, and the aesthetic appearance of the community.

THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that the residents of the Eastmont community of district one of Montgomery, Alabama, compel its official, the Honorable P.C. Pilgreen, to utilize his office to immediately affect the repaving and surfacing of the roadways of Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road.

93. Glenlawn needs a Football team!!

Getting a High school Football team for Glenlawn Collegiate.

94. "Yes" to Government Funding for Music Therapy in the UK

This is a new petition that will go hand in hand with a new web site to make more awareness of the charity Music Therapy.

95. PA State needs control over the Schools

Pa State board of Education has no control over the school system. Most teachers in our schools do not even need to be certified.

96. Get Rid of Rocket Power!

Rocket Power, a Nickelodeon cartoon about skateboarders, needs to go NOW!!!!

97. Allow Science Fair Project

I am trying to conduct a science fair project on propulsion using high voltage asymmetrical capacitors, with no moving parts. The SRC Board has turned down my project and stated that my designated supervisor needs a PhD in Physics, the project needs to be conducted in a qualified lab, and I need to use a voltage lower than the required voltage for the project to operate. These restrictions are unnecesary

98. Release the Mark Thomas Product on VHS & DVD

The Mark Thomas Product is one of the greatest things ever to grace our dusty little TV screens, and needs, NEEDS to be released so those fortunate enough to catch it the first time can see it again, and those who did not can be inpsired by it.



100. Baby Paint Brush price too high at Neopets

We think that the baby paint brush price is way too high and needs to be lowered. It is not fair to most of us that only the rich are aloud to get one and not everyone else. Maybe some people aren't good at games and you should lower it so its fair for the others. Please sign thanks.

101. Grand Theft Auto should be Online

The grand theft auto series has been one of the most popular sagas to date. It has been an excellent experience. However, with the new title, GTA Vice City, I was informed it would not be online. That is what everyone is begging for. So we come here to request that rockstar either make the game online or create a GTA online.

If Rockstar decided to do this, it would help PS2 internet make an earlier debut. That would surely make the console the ALPHA system. That is all PS2 needs is a game like this, with the pleasures of multiplayer capabilities

102. The Peace Pipe Inititiave

In order to form our global government policies .All nations need to cooperate under new and changing leadership everywhere.This petition brings American government leaders, closer to Peacefull solutions regarding Terrorism and other issues .
The goal is to achieve neutral summit meetings of conflicting governments, to reach a rational understanding of each sides needs a fulfill these needs peacefully.

103. Hear Our Voices: FMS, CFS, CFIDS, CMPS, MCS

For those of us who live with these invisible illnesses (Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Chronic Myofascial Pain and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) this Petition is for you.

It is our hope that together we can make a difference in the education of the medical personnel; not only that these illnesses will be required teaching in their schools but also that courses are made available for current physicians and nurses in their Continued Education Requirements.

The medical community needs to know what these illnesses are, to realize they are very real and not just waste basket diagnoses or all in our heads. It's time for us to step up to the plate and demand that our voices be heard.


On February 28, 2002, began random shop times, making it harder for people to purchase items from the shops. This procedure was put into place to prevent the use of autobuyers, thusly making their site further addictive. Neopets needs to realize that the reason people are cheating is because they, THEMSELVES, have made items so hard to buy, that cheating/scamming have become big problems. needs to realize that if items were more readily available and affordable, this problem would cease. Punishing ALL players by making a more complicated buying process and random stock times is ridiculous, the answer lies within better HTML coding, and more available/affordable items. NOT IN PUNSIHING EXISTING PLAYERS.

105. Pass Equal Rights Amendment in the USA

Think women have equal rights? Think again. There are still police that will let wives get beaten, saying it is a "Domestic Affair." Discrimination runs rampant in the workplace - espescially male dominated professions. Those of you going into those may have already experienced it in classrooms.

Arguments for why not to pass this amendment go as silly as to say that it will cause the elimination of men's and women's sex-segregated bathrooms. Even if that were true, who would care? It's just a bathroom - why does everybody have to attach a sexual meaning to everything? I really could care less who I am doing my business next to. This legislation needs to get passed and it needs to get passed now.

Those who say a simple amendment cannot change anything are wrong. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Consititution form the basis from which the races are guaranteed equality today. We can change society.

106. Oldham Rugby's Fight For The Right

As you will be aware of the recent events surrounding the use of Boundary Park, an online petition is now set up so that you can support ORLFC's cause to play there.

Oldham RLFC is a vital sporting organisation to the town of Oldham. Since the tragic demise of our spiritual home, Watersheddings, and then the sad death of our beloved Oldham Bears, the reformed ORLFC needs to build on the success of last season and needs a permanent base to play their games.

107. Get Ireland Wrestling

Ireland needs a promotion to entertain all our fans so please sign us and help us little guys watch some wrestling.


Take a look at this bloke. He has the biggest most ugly head i have ever seen. He needs to use a bloody potato sack when ever he goes outside. His parents tried paper bags but they were just too small. So instead they used a potato sack. Born on the 10th of january 1986, he has had a torment filled life. His tremendously big head always makes his head fall over under the tremendous weight of it! even when he was happy his parents would have to say to him keep your head up son, but the fact of the matter was he simply couldn't. The potato sack was brought into play when the world had had enough of this shocker head of his! GIVE THIS BLOKE A FALCON!!!


We the residents of East Brunswick believe there is a need to construct a Skatepark in order to give every one (children and adults) who enjoy the sport of Inline Skating, Skateboarding, and organized Roller Hockey a safe location and facility to do so. Neighboring towns have constructed skating facilities, or have them under study for future construction. We believe East Brunswick needs to do the same. Rollerblade sports should be given the same consideration baseball, soccer, and baseball receive. The construction of a Skatepark is an important step.

110. Sarah's Law for the Uk!

Parents have THE RIGHT to know about child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood. However the government has now backed away from introducing a US-style "Megan's law" into Britain. The home office minister Paul Boateng made clear that a public right to names and addresses is not likely to be made available. Isn't it about time to put needs of of children before the needs of convicted sex offenders?