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91. Increase presence of Park Rangers in our National Parks

I have seen the National Park service decreasing the budget. The public is losing service and protection it deserves due to the budget cuts.

92. Children's Choir Should Sing National Anthem at Every Nascar Race

This petition is designed to go to Nascar for a local children's choir to sing the National Anthem at every Nacsar race.

93. Protecting the national identity of the USA

The idea of America being a multicultural community --- which has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. We have to stop worrying about whether we are offending some individual or his culture. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, the majority of Americans came together bound by patriotism. However, it wasn't long before the "politically correct" group began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending "others" -- our own enemies!

I am not against immigration. Our population is almost entirely comprised of descendants of immigrants. However, there are some things those who have recently come to our country both legally and illegally, and some born here, need to understand. As Americans, we have our OWN culture, our OWN society, our OWN language and our OWN lifestyle -- developed over centuries of struggles, trials and errors and victories of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, Learn the Language! If you don't like our customs, our lifestyle, why did you come here?

Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion, and we will allow you every opportunity to do so. But, once you're done complaining, whining, griping about our flag, our pledge, our national motto, our way of life, God as a part of our Culture, Christian principles which founded this nation, I highly encourage you to take advantage of one other great American freedom: The right to leave!

94. Keep our State Forest Trails Open to Horse Riders

The decision is soon to be made on our Qld State Forests by Minister John Mickel whether to transform them to National Park status. Under old laws regarding wild Brumbies, horses are banned from National Parks. We as horse owners, riders and supporters are fighting to retain our right to use the tracks, trails and fire breaks we currently enjoy using within our State Forests.


Excerpted References: Articles:

Op-Ed Columnist: Education Is No Protection on January 26, 2004 By BOB HERBERT:

"...The main objections came from a handful of protesters who stood outside in a brutally cold wind waving signs that said things like "Stop Sending Jobs Overseas" and "Put America Back to Work." No one paid them much attention.

The conference was titled "Offshore Outsourcing: Making the Journey Work for Your Corporation." Its goal was to bring executives up to speed on the hot new thing in corporate America, the shipment of higher-paying white-collar jobs to countries with eager, well-educated and much lower-paid workers.

... He said his firm had helped clients ship about a billion dollars' worth of projects offshore last year....

...You want a national security issue? Trust me, this threat to the long-term U.S. economy is a big one. Why it's not a thunderous issue in the presidential campaign is beyond me....

...We can grapple with this problem now, and try to develop workable solutions. Or we can ignore this fire in the basement of the national economy until it rages out of our control...."
(E-mail: ...)

Also: Article: News Analysis: New Patterns Restrict Hiring
on March 6, 2004 By LOUIS UCHITELLE:

"By almost every measure, the economy has been expanding at a healthy pace for six months. But the nation's employers remain stubbornly reluctant to add jobs in the United States.

Outsourcing abroad, particularly the shifting of work to China and India, so much in the news, is one reason hiring at home has been sparse...."

The following are general observations:

Our higher "cost to live" in America (versus those in most other countries)
is a "given burden" (for both natural born and those who acquire citizenship)
to live in America. It must certainly follow then that all working Americans
to have equivalent purchasing capability with citizens of other countries must be paid higher salaries. Other related topics needed for scrutiny are:

• What is the tax loss to the U.S. on jobs given to foreign Nationals?

• Who of the unemployed are not figured into the Labor Dept. unemployment

96. Abolish the BCS - Bowl Championship Series system !!

We the undersigned move to abolish the Bowl Championship Series system for choosing national champions in College Football. We believe the system is unfair and does not promote true competition. The system must be changed and made equal for all participants.

97. AT&T & ABC Consumer Addressibility Improvement

The current state of the broadcasting industry is not immediately held liable for content and other intellectual property issues known to cause severe brain damage and mental illness. This petition would establish a plausible option for residential parties and consumers to generate inquire concerning content, thematic inference and other causes of particular conditions such as parkinson's disease, alzhimer's disease and even some forms of schizophrenia.

Regulatory issues would include:
1) Launching a full scale internet service operation for all national regions
2) Introduce the Medicaid/Medicare coverage plan which would allow a co-pay option for partial internet access (SSI-SSA);
3) Create a national broadcast community in which forums and other programming are recognized by the US Congress under meritious and technical basis. (FCC-ABC)

98. Promote Hockey Fights

We, the undersigned fans of the NHL and hockey fights, would like to petition its commissioner Gary Bettman, director of hockey operations Colin Campbell and Andy Van Hellemond, the league's supervisor of referees to consider not banning fights.

Not only will banning fights lower your already dwindiling and depeleted popularity, but as well, it will lower attendace exponentially. If you ever actually watch some of the games, you will notice that while there is a fight going on, not one person leaves their seats, and in fact are all standing and applauding.
Lets save hockey and hockey fights!!


This is a petition to NBC to keep the television show "ED" on air.

100. Keep the Nets in New Jersey

Katz wants to sell the Nets to Ratner, who is offering $300 million for the team. Keep the Nets in New Jersey with Kushner. If 75% of the NBA Board of Governors do not approve the move from NJ to Brooklyn, then the team cannot be moved. I whole heartedly object to moving the New Jersey Nets away from their hometown and state to Brooklyn.

I feel as though it is in the best interest of the league to keep the Nets in New Jersey, and therefore the NBA Board of Governors should consider all ramifications of a NJ-Brooklyn move for the Nets. One will clearly see that it is in everyone's best interest that the Nets stay in New Jersey.


NCAA division 1-a football is the only sport in the country without an established playoff system. For years, crowning a National Champion came after all the bowls were played and the final AP rankings came out. A few years ago, the Bowl Championship Series was implemented so that the top two teams in the country would play each other in a true championship game. And as novel of an idea as this once sounded, it hasn't quite lived up to its purpose.

102. Help the 1086th Transportation Company

The 1086th Transportation Company of the Louisiana National Guard has been in Kuwait since March 23, 2003. The Department of Defense has extended tours of duty for National Guard soldiers currently deployed. Our soldiers of the 1086th TC were promised a homecoming date on September 20th,2003. They were informed that there was no date for them to return home because there is no company to take their place. Our soldiers are in limbo and deserve to have a date to come home.

103. Yellowstone National Park Responsible Access

NPS Announces Public Comment Period for Yellowstone Snowmobile Rules.

Everyone who would like to responsibly enjoy Yellowstone National Park in the Winter needs to respond. Quickly Or it may be closed during the winter this year forever

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a rule requiring that most recreational snowmobiles entering Yellowstone National Park meet specific air and sound requirements and be accompanied by a trained guide. The proposed rule also dictates daily limits on the number of snowmobiles allowed in the park. These guidelines result from the March 25, 2003 Record of Decision that addressed the impacts of oversnow recreational vehicle use in the park. Details of the proposal are available at The NPS is accepting comments regarding the rule until October 14, 2003. Comments can be sent to Yellowstone National Park, Planning Office, PO Box 168, Yellowstone NP, WY 82190, or online at

104. Tamils fighting for freedom are not terrorists

Tamils fighting for freedom are not terrorists [ Ottawa Citizen Canada ] [ 20:07 GMT, Jun. 14, 2000 ]
By: Karen Parker

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, or LTTE, is not a " terrorist" organization, but rather an armed force in a war against the government of Sri Lanka. Characterization of the LTTE as a "Terrorist" organization is politically motivated, having no basis in law or fact.

There is a war in Sri Lanka. The LTTE are organized militarily, with a military commander and military chain of command. The LTTE uses traditional, modern military weaponry in its combat against the military forces of the government of Sri Lanka. The LTTE uses a variety of military tactics, including open warfare, raids or guerrilla warfare. The government armed forces use similar military means against the armed forces of the LTTE. Most armies in the past 200 years have utilized essentially the same tactics. The war in Sri Lanka may be characterized as a civil war or war of national liberation in the exercise of the right to self-determination. A civil war exists if there is armed conflict inside one country between government armed forces and at least one other force having an identifiable command and having sufficient control over territory to carry out "sustained" and "concerted" military action and the practical capacity to fulfill humanitarian law obligations. The LTTE has clearly met this test for more than 10 years.

A war of national liberation exists if armed conflict exists between the armed forces of a government against the armed forces of a people that has the right to self-determination. The war in Sri Lanka is a war of national liberation because Tamil people have the right to self-determination. This is because the Tamil people, the original inhabitants of the north and east of the island of Ceylon, had their own state complete and separate from the Sinhala state prior to colonization by the British. The Tamil people, primarily Hindu, and secondarily Christian and Muslim, speak their own language and have their own traditions and customs. The Sinhala people are primarily Buddhist, and secondarily Christian and their traditions and customs reflect that heritage.

With the forced unitary rule, first as a result of colonization and then under the post-colonial Sinhala majority rule, the Tamil people were increasingly threatened. In the late 1970s, after nearly 30 years of attempted peaceful resolution to profound differences, the Tamil people began forming armed defense forces. At present, Tamil forces are consolidated in the LTTE, which continues to defend Tamil areas in a war against the Sinhala government's armed forces, "home guards" and other armed entities.

If the war in Sri Lanka is a civil war, outside states are required to be neutral- a civil war is by definition an internal affair of a state. This is known as the duty of neutrality. If the war is a war of national liberation, outside states are required to support the side with the self-determination claim- the Tamil side. This is because of the jus cogens nature of the right to self-determination. This does not mean another state must provide direct aid to the Tamil armed force. However, the other states must not engage in any activity with the Sinhala government that in any way undermines the realization of self-determination by the Tamil people.

Both parties to the armed conflict on Ceylon violate the rules of armed conflict or humanitarian law. However, the mere fact that one side or the other violates humanitarian law norms does not deny either the rights or duties of combatant forces. Accordingly, the LTTE may not be called a "terrorist" organization because in the course of the armed conflict, some of its soldiers have violated the rules of armed conflict. In the same light the government cannot be called a "terrorist " state because some of its military operations have violated armed conflict rules. Neither side, of course can be considered to violate humanitarian law for carrying out military actions.

I have noted "condemnation" of the LTTE by the government and others for carrying out military operations not prohibited in humanitarian law. For example, the LTTE shot down number of airplanes and sank a number of ships of the Sri Lankan forces. These are not violations of humanitarian law and therefore are not "terrorist".

I do note, however, the rampant disregard of humanitarian rules by government forces in military operations against hospitals, schools, market places, churches and locations with historical and cultural significance to the Tamil people. I also note the difficulty in establishing the culpable party (ies) in situations where the LTTE has been accused by the government of killing civilians. This is not to say the LTTE has not resorted to killing civilians. However, the fact that the government accuses the LTTE does not mean the LTTE actually carried out the acts in question. The government's rejection of impartial, international fact-finding makes ascertaining the truth ever more difficult.

The international Court of Justice decided that all states have an obligation under Article 1 common to the Geneva Conventions to "ensure respect" for the Geneva Conventions even when not directly or indirectly involved in a conflict. From my point of view, this requirement mandates at least that the international community insist that the government of Sri Lanka allow both humanitarian reliefs to all victims of the conflict and international, impartial fact-finding to take place

Karen Parker, a lawyer specializing in international law and humanitarian rights, has testified on the Tamil conflict before the United Nations and the U.S. Congress. She lives in San Francisco.

Pg:A19 :: Wednesday 14th, 2000

Courtesy : Ottawa Citizen

105. Stop the BNP and NF in the UK

The British National Party and the National Front have been gaining support recently. We must ally against these thugs in suits. They do not represent the working class. Their policy is similar to that of Hitler, who also claimed to represent the working class, yet stopped the trade unions and took away the workers voice. We must now do something about the Nazis, apathy is the real danger.

106. Abolish the Redwatch - National Front Website

The racist, Nazi organisation called the National Front (NF), supporters of the British National Party (BNP) have compiled a website with pictures, names and addresses of people that have protested against such racist organisations. The reason behind such publication of personal details is to target supporters of the Anti Nazi league and other decent human beings.

Please sign this petition and hopefully we will end up with two outcomes, the Redwatch website will be closed down and the known connection with the National Front and the British National party will become even more exposed.

107. Change the National Bird

When our country was formed, people obviously were not familiar with the Ostrich, or else they would have found it waaaay cooler than a bald eagle. See our site for more details. If you agree that the national bird should be changed, please sign this! When we think that enough people have, we're going to send it to the White House so that they can know what the American people really want!!!

108. Save the lions left high and dry at Sattur, TamilNadu, South India

Four lions are left high and dry by a circus company at Sattur, TamilNadu, South India. This incident has appeared in local newspapers. No action has been taken for the past four months. The lions are living in small cages. They don't get enough water and food and they are semi starved condition. If left so in the summer months, they would definitely die. Please take immediate steps to leave the lions in a national park or a zoo.
B.Harinathan, VIII
I.Bibul, VIII
S.S.Vignesh V
Boopathy, VIII
Muthuraja, VIII
MAthan, V
Nature Club Of YRTV MAT. HR. SEC. SCHOOL, SIVAKASI, TamilNadu, South India.
Pin - 626 123

109. September 11th - Patriots Day

To create a national holiday honoring the victims and heroes of September 11th, 2001.

110. National Will Young Day

National Gareth Day is November 17th. National Will Day is the 12th of Never! And how comes? Because Gaz Gates puts his hair like a dead hedgehog!! Who won Pop Idol? OUR POP IDOL IS MR WILLIAM ''droolfest'' YOUNG! Surely, if Gareth gets a day, he will too!!

111. Support the Austin Music Network

The Austin Music Network is the only independent music channel in the world. They broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and showcase the best of Austin and Texas music. Each day features original music videos and uninterrupted concert performances with a short list of national artists mixed in. Most of the programming is one of a kind and can only be seen on AMN. They are on Time Warner Cable in Austin and Grande Communications in San Marcos.

112. Protect Australia's National symbols

This petition is against the destruction of Australian National symbols, ie. the Australian Flag.

113. Institute a Playoff System for NCAA Football

NCAA Division I-A football is the only men's or women's sport in America for which no playoff system exists. The Bowl Championship Series attempts to create a championship game each year by having the top 2 teams from their polling system play against each other. This system has been controversial since it's inception and needs to address the issue at hand. An undisputed national champion can only be decided on the field of play through a playoff system as in every other sport.

114. Defy Sugdenism!

Sugdenism did not die when the character finally left Coronation Street and you don't necessarily have to be old to be a Sugden. Their presence is felt anywhere and everywhere as meddlesome self-righteous intrusion into our daily lives:

They are the occasional busybody on public transport who rally for passengers support against a misguided albeit inoffensive youth who has their feet up on the seats.

The ones who wish to return to the draconian days of discipline and corporal punishment, constantly criticising the unsung good deeds our liberals who fought tooth and claw to end them. (Back to Basics circa '94)

The condemners of modern men who refuse to patronise women by giving up their seats in public places.

The ones who want to bring back national service (and the birch) to younger generations because they "all have it too easy."

The constant extollers of "respect" "discipline" and "manners" not always practicing them of course but believing such virtues no longer exist.

Sugdenism has been around a lot longer people think and before Corrie's character had been invented. It is the unnoticed doctrine of small-minded sanctimonious bigotry mainly in small towns or suburban areas across the land and will sadly always be with us. It cannot be eliminated so the best we can do is to defy it at the day-to-day public level it manifests!

115. Eliminate Censorship in NASCAR Video Games

Too long has there existed a double standard in video games. Video game manufactures are permitted to represent gratuitous murder in their games as well as a large degree of sexually suggestive elements. In order for them to do this, they simply need to put a "T" (Teen) or "M" (Mature) label on the packaging of the game. However, the following law exists in the California legislature:

California Penal Code 308.5:

(a) No person or business shall sell, lease, rent, or provide, or offer to sell, lease, rent, or otherwise offer to the public or to public establishments in this state, any video game intended for either private use or for use in a public establishment and intended primarily for use by any person under the age of 18 years, which contains, in its design and in the on-screen presentation of the video game, any paid commercial advertisement of alcoholic beverage or tobacco product containers or other forms of consumer packaging, particular brand names, trademarks, or copyrighted slogans of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.
(b) As used in this section, "video game" means any electronic amusement device that utilizes a computer, microprocessor, or similar electronic circuitry and its own cathode ray tube, or is designed to be used with a television set or a monitor, that interacts with the user of the device.
(c) A violation of this section is a misdemeanor.

As reasonable as this law may seem at a glance to some parties, it creates a very unreasonable restriction on games which are produced within the abilities of the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) license. During every NASCAR broadcast, viewers bear witness to a variety of alcohol and tobacco related advertising in the form of Rusty Wallace's Miller Lite car, Dale Earnhardt Junior's Budweiser car, and most apparent, the name of the two main circuits of NASCAR, the Winston Cup (cigarette company) and the Busch Grand National (beer company). It would only seem logical that a video game that is licensed under NASCAR would be permitted to portray NASCAR in as realistic a manner as technology would allow. However, California Penal Code 308.5 forbids this.

This is actually a second double standard: A minor can view said controversial sponsorships (in addition to numerous others) in any given NASCAR race (one quarter of which are broadcast on a national non-cable network, NBC), however to represent the same in a video game in an effort to exude realism in what has been deemed a family-safe sport is forbidden. There should be no argument it is safe to conclude that if one plays a NASCAR video game, there is a very good chance that one has watched at least one NASCAR race on television. If the viewer/player was going to be influenced by alcohol or cigarette advertisements had they been in the game, is it not also safe to say that that person would have already been influenced by watching the race on television? In addition to this, the responsibility for keeping cigarettes and alcohol out of the hands of minors lies primarily on the vendors of these products. Secondary to the vendors, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the minors to educate them on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. If both of these "lines of defense" fail, all of the censorship in the world won't strip children of the ability to become consumers of these otherwise legal health threats.

116. Salviamo l'orso grizzly, l'aquila calva e l'habitat del Tongass in Alaska

ITALIANO - Un recente piano di "conservazione" per il Tongass National
di Alaska Foresta aprirà su più di 9 milioni di acri, saranno abbattuti
alberi e saranno scavate cave. La regione selvaggia di Tongass è il
posto dove il salmone si riproduce ed è il posto ideale per l'orso
grizzly. Vanta la più grande densità di aquile calve. Sono in gioco
gl'interessi di 30 ditte moto potenti che commerciano in legname, le
quali ditte metterebbero a grave rischio la regione con i suoi animali e
piante selvatiche. A causa della natura unica del Tongass, un corte
federale costrinse la Bush Administration a fare una rassegna di tutte
le aree senza strade a protezione permanente. Sfortunatamente, una
varietà di scelte buone per l' ambiente sono state rifiutate. Fu invece
pesantemente favorita una proposta che favoriva l'industria del legname
commerciale.Per cui la zona fu lasciata senza alcuna protezione.Gli
eco-amici alternativi, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation Proposal,
Alternative 6, proteggeremo i vecchi e preziosi foresta e le altre
originarie aree del Tongass.Le nostre foreste nazionali sono tesori
nazionali ed una volta sparite lo sono per sempre.

ENGLISH- A recent "preservation" plan for Alaska's Tongass National
Forest will open up over 9 million acres to logging and
mining development, threatening grizzlies and bald eagles.
You Can Help Save The Tongass.
The Tongass wilderness houses salmon spawning grounds, prime
grizzly bear habitat, and the world's densest population of
bald eagles. Yet, over 30 pending large-scale timber sales
threaten the region and its wildlife.
Background: Because of the unique nature of the Tongass, a
federal court required the Bush Administration to review
all roadless areas for permanent protection. Unfortunately,
a variety of sound environmental options were rejected.
Instead, a proposal was put forward that heavily favors the
commercial timber industry! The so-called permanent protection
proposal recommends NO PROTECTION for roadless areas and offers
no new wilderness designations.
The eco-friendly alternative, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation
and other pristine areas of the Tongass.
The Forest Service has asked for your opinion in a special public
comment period. So please tell them today that you want this area
Our national forests are national treasures and once they're gone,
they're gone forever.


Petition submitted to the Quebec National Assembly for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law.

For the attention of the Quebec National Assembly and, especially for the attention of the Prime Minister of Quebec and the Ministry of Tourism.

This said petition is for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law in the province of Quebec. Strongly convinced that the Government is in a position to accomplish tremendously for the protection of species, by creating this law;

WHEREAS zoological parks and other similar associations or establishments cannot offer adequate conditions to maintain dolphins alive;

WHEREAS captivity conditions lead to distressing behaviours and even to death on the part of dolphins;

WHEREAS the risks of injuries are very real for the dolphins as well as for the humans within the scope of swimming programs with the dolphins;

WHEREAS numerous deaths have been recorded as a result of dolphins being kept in such captivity;

For all these reasons and many more. We, the undersigned, request that the Quebec National Assembly take the necessary steps to adopt a law against dolphinarium projects of any type in the Province of Quebec.

118. Support H.R. 3741

We, as parents of vaccine-injured children, have developed this petition in an effort to help pass H.R.3741 into law. The enactment of H.R. 3741 will insure that the families and children who have suffered due to vaccination injury will have an opportunity to be compensated for lifelong debilitating illness or death related consequences. These children deserve every chance to be afforded the type of special care and consideration they require. Please support H.R.3741. NOTE: When signing the petition please include your address so that your name may be forwarded to the appropriate state representatives. This information will be used for the purposes of this petition only.

119. Keep the Pledge of Allegiance!

The words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 to show
the world the stark contrast between the United States of America and the
Communist regime. The words were added because the United States is truly
a nation under God. Our country was built on the principles and foundations
of the Judeo-Christian faith. The men who created our government were men
of strong faith. In establishing this country, they understood the inherent
rights that God, their Creator, gave to all men. The Declaration of
Independence states that certain truths are self-evident. These truths are
"that all men were created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable rights . . . ." The Declaration states very boldly
that the United States of America were appealing to the "Supreme Judge" and
that they had a "firm reliance on Divine Providence."

Why is it that a majority of Americans can grasp this concept but that men
educated in the law of this country, the very law stemming from these
principles, cannot? Throughout our history, this country has turned to
Almighty God, our Creator, for guidance and comfort in times of struggle.
In 1775, the Continental Congress called on the Colonies to pray for wisdom in
forming this great nation. At the close of the War for Independence, George
Washington directed his chaplain to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. In 1863
President Lincoln declared a day of humiliation, fasting and prayer. When
Pearl Harbor was attacked the President called on the country to pray.
During the years following World War II when this country was fighting the
Cold War, "In God we Trust" was adopted as our national motto. When Apollo
13 was disabled in space the President called on the country to pray. In
1988 President Reagan signed a bill declaring a National Day of Prayer. In
Desert Storm every soldier received a copy of the 91st Psalm. President Clinton called on this country to pray when the tragedy at Columbine Highschool occurred. And on September 11, 2001, this country experienced a tragedy that was unlike anything we had seen since Pearl Harbor and it was to God that this country turned. President Bush called on people across this nation to pray, a memorial service was televised across the country including many prayers, and many members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, gathered on the steps of the capitol building to sing, "God Bless America."

But on June 26, 2002, a majority of two judges decided that we are no longer
"one Nation under God." This court action is an outrage. It flies in
the face of our national history and traditions.


This petition is for liquidation of NIST.

Setting national standards on private enterprices is uncontitutional.