Petition Tag - national geographic

1. Ban Use of "Killer Whale" as name for the Orca

I would like to submit a petition to National Geographic to stop using the term "Killer Whale" to describe the Orca. They are not whales at all, but the largest toothed mammal of the Dolphin Species.

They may be proficient hunters, but do not attack or kill humans in the wild. So, to call an Orca a Killer Whale is a falsehood. In getting National Geographic to ban the use of the term, I believe it will lead others in phasing out the term for good.

2. National Geographic: Stop showing Cesar Millan

It is believed by many expert dog trainers and behaviourists that Cesar Millan's methods can make dogs more aggressive and in some cases are cruel and abusive towards the dogs.

By showing Cesar Millan the National Geographic channel is condoning these methods and encouraging many people to try them out for themselves.

In inexpert hands these methods are dangerous and warnings of 'do not try this at home' are inadequate to prevent people copying the methods.

Also contact me with any case histories of dogs who have been made worse by following CM's methods.