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1. Make missing children a PRIORITY on the news

It's estimated that nearly 350,000 children are abducted by a family member each year in the United States. And among those 350,000 cases of family abduction, only a selected few will make it into the media

2. RE-OPEN Donna Jou's Case

Donna Jou, 19 years young, an honor, pre-med student at San Diego State University, was abruptly taken away from her family by John Steven Burgess, a man with a dark and sinister past, a THREE TIMES CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER.

He had made a deceiving story, which said: I injected her with drugs, she passed, and I dumped her into the Pacific Ocean.

Nothing has been developed in the course of this investigation to back up Burgess’ fabricated story. No DNA evidence detected, there are no credible witnesses to address what happened between Donna and Burgess on June 23, 2007 and he had failed a polygraph test.

Despite his self serving story, the facts of this case in no way FULLY support the statements given by Burgess. His confession serves ONLY one person in this case ---- and that is Burgess himself. His confession has gained him the least severe sanction he could possibly have received, a charge that kept him in prison for 2 YEARS ONLY and that, once again, provides him a license to commit whatever heinous crimes he will choose to perpetrate upon innocent victims in the future.

In fact, nobody has seen my daughter dead or alive after midnight on June 23, 2007, and a body has yet to be discovered. We have reasons to believe that Burgess has sold her and trafficked her to another country.

The system had used Burgess as the sole source of information and, as such, Burgess, for all practical purposes, had been enabled by the LAW to "pick" the severity of the sanctions allowed, given the severity of the crimes he would like us to believe he committed. Allowing Burgess the opportunity to "fictionalize" his crimes in order to minimize his culpability and resulting sanctions is terribly distressing to all of us who love Donna so dearly and are desperate to find out what really happened to her.

The situation is that, despite any tangible evidence, we are expected by the DA of Los Angeles to believe whatever Burgess says happened to my daughter. We are expected to accept his story as if it were based in fact. But where are the facts to support his story? The answer is that there are none.

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3. Bring Andoni Home

Andoni Petroutsas (Age 8) was re-abducted by his Mother on June19, 2010.

We are a group of friends and relatives that are doing what we can to reunite Andoni with his Father and bring Andoni Home!

Currently, George has been awarded the Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody of his son and a Federal (Hague) Court has determined that Andoni’s Habitual Home is the U.S. In theory, the judicial system seems to be working fairly in granting these orders. In practice though, the system is terribly flawed as our legal system and treaties are outdated and this topic needs to be highlighted for support and action for all left-behind parents here in the United States.

By signing this petition you can help to raise awareness for this cause to bring Andoni home.

Thank you for your time and support.

4. Stop Violence in Cumberland County

Cumberland County has had one of the highest murder rates in the US. Everyone who lives here knows how dangerous this area is.

Violent crime affects us all, most of us have been or know someone who has been victimized. The goal of this petition is to start the ball rolling on organizing a center for Victims of Violent Crimes and their families.

Please visit my website: also email me at for suggestions questions or anything at all. I want to help. I am a survivor myself, and I have done plenty of research plus years of counseling. One day I am going to major in Journalism and Psychology.

5. Make Missing Children a Higher Priority

A child goes missing every five minutes in the UK. Every 18 seconds in the USA. Every year over 100,000 children are reported abducted.

These families go through unimaginable agony whilst their child is missing yet we have a severe lack of statistics in the UK and many other countries. The responsibility for missing and abducted children is disorganized and fragmented.

In governments there is no chain of responsibility for missing children and no co-ordinating of policies. Secondly, there is no comprehensive or reliable data on missing children. The little information that we do have has been gleaned from un-coordinated sources.

This lack of data severely hampers any policies that may have been attempted to be put into place. Finally is the fact that the reluctance across all sectors of the government and society to treat missing children as a unique and urgent problem.

Today, in a world where we are battling terrorism and wars, may people forget that there are so many children who are missing and need a higher priority within the government. Act now to highlight the problem of missing children and reunite families.

These children are the future.
They matter.
Help bring them home.


All missing children and adults deserve to be found.

Failure to provide equal media coverage for our missing persons may prove to be detrimental in the RECOVERY of our missing family members.

Your failure to treat our missing person cases with the respect they deserve, may have sentenced MANY of our missing loved ones to the death penalty, BECAUSE NO ONE IS SEARCHING FOR THEM OR SEEING THEIR FACES ON THE NEWS. Dismiss the stereotypes and air all missing persons.

Men are the most under represented group in missing persons searches and we urge everyone to get involved and treat them all missing persons equal. DO NOT LET THE RACE, AGE, NATIONAL ORIGIN, ECONOMIC STATUS, OR STEREOTYPES PREVENT OUR MISSING PERSONS FROM BEING FOUND.