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91. Support Human Rights - End British Military Aid to Colombia

The war in Colombia began in 1948 and widespread violations of human rights have been a permanent feature of it. The UK plays a role in the conflict by providing assistance to the Colombian military. Very little detail about this assistance has been made public, though the UK is reportedly the second largest donor of military aid to Colombia after the US.

Support Human Rights - End British Military Aid to Colombia

UK military aid to Colombia is concerning for several reasons:

• The Colombian military has a very poor human rights record which has deteriorated in recent years.
• Abuses attributed to soldiers include regular murders of trade unionists and other civilians;
• There is strong evidence to suggest that elements of the Colombian military continue to collaborate with rightwing paramilitary death squads and drug traffickers;
• Impunity remains the norm in cases of human rights abuses, demonstrating a lack of will on the part of the Colombian regime to punish perpetrators;
• There are no conditions attached to UK military assistance – so even as the abuses get worse the aid continues to flow.

Whilst details of UK military assistance are for the most part secret, the Government has argued that some of it is aimed at improving the human rights record of the military and combating drugs trafficking. As Justice for Colombia’s new report ‘UK Military Aid to Colombia, Alternatives to a Flawed Policy’ shows, there is little evidence to suggest that the aid is having the desired outcome in either area.

The UK Government claims that it would review its assistance to the Colombian military should evidence come to light of human rights abuses being perpetrated by those benefiting. Yet on repeated occasions evidence has been presented, and UK policy has not altered. Indeed, the only military unit that the Government has publicly confirmed receives UK assistance, the High Mountain Battalions, has a well documented history of involvement in the torture and murder of trade unionists among other abuses.

There is widespread opposition to continuing to provide military assistance, including from more than half of the Government’s own MPs and the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee. In July 2008 the Committee described the assistance as “inappropriate” and stated that as the human rights situation in Colombia “shows little sign of improvement” the UK Government “should request the Colombian military to demonstrate measurable and verifiable human rights improvements in exchange for future assistance”.

The UK runs the risk of becoming isolated internationally on Colombia. US Democrat leaders, including Barack Obama, are increasingly raising concerns over human rights in Colombia and Democrats in the US Congress have significantly reduced US military aid as a result.

92. Peace for Iraq

Our military has been fighting in Iraq for a VERY long time. Many have lost their lives in this war and the ones who live want to see their family.

If you think about it, only about 5% is causing all of the trouble and the other 95% is happy that that our troops are there to protect them!

I want them to get rid of that 5% and make both our countries happy and content again.

93. Change Arlington Cemetery Burial Honors (Enlisted vs. Officer)

Arlington National Cemetery Burial Honors (Enlisted vs. Officer)

The difference between a Full and Standard Honor Funeral is dramatic, however, unless you have worked at Arlington, you would never know the difference. In fact, the only way an Enlisted Service Member can receive a Full Honor Funeral is to be a Medal of Honor Recipient, which are usually awarded well after burial, meaning a Enlisted Medal of Honor Recipient wouldn’t receive Full Honors at time of burial.

Basically, a Full Honors at Arlington consists of a Horse Drawn Caisson transfer from Chapel to gravesite, 8 pallbearers, Army Band, 1-2 escort marching Platoons, Cannon Salutes for General Officers, “Cap Rider-less Horse(0-6 and above), firing party, bugler and a Chaplin. A Standard Honors Funeral consists of a hearse transfer, 6 pallbearers, firing party, bugler, and a Chaplin. Another misconception is that E-9’s receive Full Honors as stated in Army Regulation 600-25, however, they don’t, in addition to the Standard Honors rendered above, they get the Caisson, 1 escort marching platoon, and a drummer, which contradicts what Army Regulation 600-25 states they will receive the band.

I might add, the above Special Officer Honors rendered at Arlington, are not offered at any other National Cemetery in the United States. I feel Arlington Honors should mirror the rest of the National Cemeteries.

For the last year, I have addressed this with the President, multiple Congressman and Senators, multiple Veteran Organizations of which I am a member of, and Army Offices in Washington D.C., but have received little to no response back. The ANC Superintendent sent me a response stating that he agreed with my position, however, he believed changes would be difficult to implement. I have talked to numerous Senior Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers as well who support this and are addressing this in their own direction.

The bottom line is this, a 2nd Lieutenant can die in a car accident 2 days after graduating Officer Candidate School and get a Full Honor Funeral, while a Master Sergeant in the Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, or Navy with 22 years of Service can die in Combat in Afghanistan or Iraq, receive a Silver Star for Valor, and receive a Standard Honor Funeral. This is flat out disgraceful. In a place our Nation considers to be the most hallowed ground in America, a place that demands our respect, I think this issue deserves to be looked at. Honors rendered should be equal, based off actions, not just rank. A panel should decide official criteria for Honors rendered based off individual careers, and circumstances of death, not just by rank. I think the Funerals should be like the Tomb Stones in Arlington, all the same. At a minimum, all Active Duty Soldiers’ killed in Combat should receive a Full Honor Funeral.

Official criteria needs to be re-looked at is the bottom line, this disgraceful discrepancy has been passed over as “customs and courtesies” too long.

Anyone wishing to assist my efforts please sign this petition which I will be submitting to applicable parties in Washington D.C., so please forward this to all Veterans you know asap. The only way this will be changed is through legislation, so please contact your Representatives'.

SFC Robert Allen Durbin
Taji, Iraq

94. Make JROTC/ROTC signatures on

I have sent a request to the owner of to begin to make signatures for ROTC/JROTC. Here is my original request as well as the next two emails.

From Me "If you don't mind, I would really appreciate it if you were to make a ROTC/JROTC section. That would really make me happy!"


That's not a bad idea. Aren't the rank different or something for ROTC? I'm not real sure..


Jay Guardia

From me: "The Ranks vary once you reach the officer ranks. And the Awards very a lot.
View full size
those are the ranks and the awards can be found on
View full size
These are for Air force which can also be found at
View full size
these are for navy which can also be found at
The Army JROTC awards can be found at
Most of the Marine JROTC awards can be found at

This is all I know as far as awards outside of Army JROTC.
Thanks for listening,
(This post does not include the pictures I sent with the email.)

It is obvious that he is considering my request, however I would like to show him that I am not the only one who wants this.

95. Stop Turkish Military Aggression against Iraqi Kurdistan

A petition expressing our strong opposition to the United States' policy - as advanced by the U.S. State Department - that supports the Turkish government's unchecked use of military force against Iraqi Kurdistan under the pretext of fighting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

This is a clear violation of Iraq's integrity and national sovereignty that is resulting in the calculated destruction of Kurdish civilian villages, bridges and other infrastructure; the displacement of thousands of innocent Kurds; and the destruction of numerous livestock. It also is a blow that threatens the democratic and economic progress that the region has worked so hard to establish following years of devastation and deprivation under Saddam Hussein's genocidal rule.

We demand that the State Department insist that Turkey immediately halt its political and military aggression against Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan and, additionally, that the State Department advocate a policy the demands recognition and respect for Iraqi's integrity and national sovereignty.

96. Petition Congress To Make A Breach Of Contract With Military A Felony

This petition is written due to the controversy concerning the U.S. Appeals Court decision Allowing Dr. Mary Hanna, a Boston-based physician to legally breach a contract to serve in the Army as a medical officer on the grounds claiming that she is a conscientious objector.

Dr. Hanna accepted fully paid medical education scholarship from the Army and in exchange for receiving that scholarship signed a contract and gave her promise to give 8 years of service to military even after being given a promise by the Army that she would only be ordered to serve on staff as a physician in a military base hospital in Texas, she still refused to report to active duty.

97. Military should recognize state mandated marriage separation periods

The military views a soldier single or married. Even though the JAG office will prepare a state mandated legal separation agreement, the military does not recognize them. This means many military members are made to support their estranged spouse for periods up to a year until they are able to file for divorce.

The spouse is allowed to date other people while the service member is not allowed to date or they risk being charged with adultery.

Army Regulation 608-99:
Family Support, Child Custody & Paternity requires soldiers to pay temporary support depending upon the family situation:

Civilian spouse/children not in military housing: BAH-II (aka "BAQ") at the with-dependents rate.

Civilian spouse/children in military housing: Difference between BAH-II at the with-dependents rate and the without-dependents rate.

Civilian spouse/children not in military housing and not living together: Pro rata share of BAH-II to each.

Military spouse with no children: No support obligation.

Military spouse with children split between parties: No support obligation.

Military spouse with all children: The difference between BAH-II at the with-dependents rate and the without-dependents rate.

In-kind payments (such as buying groceries or paying bills) do not generally count towards the support obligation, except in very rare situations. A battalion/squadron commander may relieve the soldier of the spousal support obligation only in very limited circumstances, such as the civilian spouse having a higher income, being in jail, or committing physical abuse against the soldier, or the soldier having already paid support pursuant to AR 608-99 for 18 months.

Note that the soldier must still pay the same support if the spouse has the couple's children. Finally, infidelity or abandonment do NOT constitute grounds for relief.

**This means the military members estranged spouse would have an affair, but the military member has to support them during the separation period that the state requires before filing for divorce. In some states this could be up to $11,000 if the separation period in one year.**

This regulation holds up even if you have only been married for one month. Until your divorce is final you have to support a spouse you were with for even one day and then separated from because the marriage did not work out.

98. Stop The War In Iraq

The War in Iraq has been going strong for 5 years now, As of September 2007 over 27,506 Military Men and Women have been Injured in Iraq and Over 3728 have Died on the Battlefield...and Counting.

There are thousands of National Guardsmen and Women in Iraq who are trained to deal with fires much like the ones in California.

We need too get out of Iraq and deal with more important issues:

-California Fires

-The Darfur Conflict

Nobody else should die in that desert.

99. A National Remembrance Museum for Wales

Welsh servicemen and women deserve recognition for their contribution to the world, and a National Remembrance Museum should pay tribute to them and should also be a creative way of highlighting an important aspect of Welsh life as well as highlighting the suffering experienced by civilians.

100. Helping Disabled Vermont Veterans

Several counties in the state of Vermont provide an exemption on taxes to town governments once a Veteran reaches a disability rating of 50% or greater. (32 V.S.A. § 3802 (11) )

However each year the disabled Veteran must go into a local government office and certify that they are still qualified for this benefit. This is where I feel the problem is, if paperwork becomes "lost" that Veteran loses. The veteran faces potential discrimination from government officials who "doubt" paperwork.

It is time to stop asking our Disabled Veterans to fight! Our country sent them off to war. Even if you don’t agree with the war (who does) PLEASE HELP ME TELL MY STATE TO STOP ASKING ITS VETERANS TO FIGHT!!!

I know first hand the difficulties facing our disabled Veterans in the state of Vermont. My husband is one, and we are currently fighting our town on the exemption issue. Our town Collection Agent refused to discuss the exemption issue with us when she was first presented my husband's paperwork. She questioned why it did not detail his medical issues. I refused to give her private medical information. Since then our town has claimed no attempt has ever been made to get this benefit and of course they can not find the paperwork we have provided. I contacted each of my Senators and Rep for my county, out of 13 only 2 would speak with me.

It is shocking but this type of discrimination (my personal opinion) happens everyday to many Veterans. It is our elected officials who sent these young men and women off to war and it is their responsibility to ensure fair, legal, ethical, and just treatment is provided.

This should apply even if they voted no for the war, even if it was a predecessor who made the vote .... they now hold the responsibility! The voters provided this benefit and if the elected officials will not honor this law what is next?! What group will find themselves facing the same discrimination?

101. Save the Obudsman and Keep The Peace In The Navy

Do you know that we are about to lose one of the best ombudsman we ever had. She has gone far and beyond what her duties were. She went out of her way to make sure every person was happy, down to the last fraction.

Even on her days off and her breaks every second she could get she helped us out. Doing anything and everything just to help us out, even with the smallest of things. Plus she would never let bad things be said about anyone, when a rumor started she stopped it right then and there, she made sure everyone was happy and getting along.

Now all I'm asking you to do is sign this petition and make sure we keep the best ombudsman we ever had. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition.

102. Vermonters Against Passage of HR 2956

On July 12, 2007 Democratic leaders engineered a 223-201 passage of legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops to begin within 120 days, and to be completed by April 1, 2008. The measure envisions a limited residual force to train Iraqis, protect U.S. assets and fight Al Qaeda and other terrorists.

The vote generally followed party lines: 219 Democrats and four Republicans in favor, and 191 Republicans and 10 Democrats opposed.

To view a list of how the votes fell, visit:

103. Mandatory Funding for Veterans’ Healthcare Services

You Can Join OFFE 2008 In Its Demand For Mandatory Veteran's Funding.

104. Restore the Royal designation to the Canadian navy and Canadian air force

We, the undersigned veterans, citizens and residents of Canada, and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, draw the attention of the Minister of National Defence to the following:

WHEREAS the Senate of Canada passed a motion on December 14, 2010, encouraging "the Minister of National Defence to change the official structural name of ‘Maritime Command’ to a new name that includes the word ‘Navy’.";

WHEREAS the Naval Service Act received Royal Assent on May 4, 1910, and the Canadian navy commemorated its centennial in 2010;

AND WHEREAS the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was the navy of Canada until 1968 when the three Canadian armed services were unified to form the Canadian Forces, and the modern Canadian navy has been known as Canadian Forces Maritime Command since unification, but still refers to itself unofficially as the "navy" and maintains many RCN traditions;

AND WHEREAS Command-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces is vested in the Canadian Monarch and ships of the Canadian Forces continue to be called "Her/His Majesty's Canadian Ship";

AND WHEREAS it is currently improper to use the expression "Royal Canadian Navy" and its abbreviation "RCN" in references to the Canadian navy after February 1, 1968;

AND WHEREAS the Royal designation of the Canadian Navy was executed by a Royal Proclamation which has never been revoked, and that the Canadian Government and the Canadian Forces are required to resume usage of the expression “Royal Canadian Navy”, if the expression “Canadian Navy” is used in any official capacity;

AND WHEREAS the above also pertains to the "Royal Canadian Air Force" and its abbreviation "RCAF" in references to the Canadian air force after unification, which has been known as Canadian Forces Air Command since September 2, 1975, but still refers to itself unofficially as the "air force" and maintains many RCAF traditions;

AND WHEREAS notwithstanding the National Defence Act, which states that "The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces", separate service uniforms were reintroduced in 1986, separate service chiefs were reinstated and returned to National Defence Headquarters in 1997, separate service websites were officially established and references to the separate services are now commonplace throughout the increasingly tri-service Canadian Forces, all of which have been accommodated without in any way compromising the unified command structure, integrated nature or corporate unity of the Canadian Forces;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of the Royal designation as it pertains to the "Canadian Navy" and "Canadian Air Force" could be facilitated without in any way undermining the unity of the Canadian Forces acting as a single organization under a unified command structure, and without in any way compromising the integration of military operations, logistics support, personnel and administration of the separate services acting together under the current functional command system, which was the intent of Bill C-243, The Canadian Forces Reorganization Act, which we the petitioners strongly support;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations could be facilitated without in any way replacing Canadian Forces Maritime Command and Canadian Forces Air Command, whose Chiefs of Staff would continue to exercise nominal command over the navy and air force respectively;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations could be efficiently accomplished and executed without material cost to Canadian taxpayers;

AND WHEREAS resuming usage of such Royal designations would restore the traditional esprit de corps of the navy and air force, just as continued usage of the Royal designation of longstanding regular force and reserve regiments has preserved the traditional esprit de corps of the army, and just as continued usage of the Royal designation of the longstanding Royal Canadian Mounted Police has preserved the traditional esprit de corps of Canada's federal constabulary force;

En français:

Nous soussignés(es), les vétérans, citoyens et résidants du Canada ainsi que les loyaux sujets de Sa Majesté la Reine du Canada, désirons attirer l'attention de la Chambre sur ce qui suit :


que le Sénat du Canada a adopté une motion sur Décembre 14, 2010, encourageant "le ministre de la Défense nationale pour changer le nom officiel de construction» du Commandement maritime à un nouveau nom qui inclut le mot «Marine» . ";

que la Loi du Service Naval a reçu la Sanction royale le 4 mai 1910, et la marine canadienne a célébré son centenaire en 2010;

que la Marine Royale Canadienne (MRC) était la marine du Canada jusqu'en 1968 où les trois Forces armées canadiennes ont été unifiées pour former les Forces canadiennes;

que la Marine canadienne moderne a été nommée « Forces canadienne Commandement maritime » depuis l'unification, mais se rapporte toujours officieusement à elle-même en tant que « Marine canadienne » et qu’elle maintient beaucoup de traditions de la MRC ;

que le commandement des Forces canadiennes est investi dans le monarque et les navires des Forces canadiennes continuent à s'appeler « Navire Canadien de Sa Majesté »;

qu’il est actuellement inexact d'employer l'expression « Marine Royale Canadienne » et son abréviation « MRC » dans les références à la Marine canadienne depuis le 1er février 1968;

que la désignation « royale » de la Marine canadienne a été instaurée par une proclamation royale qui n'a jamais été révoquée et que le gouvernement du Canada et les Forces canadiennes sont obligées de reprendre l'utilisation de l'expression « Marine Royale Canadienne » si l'expression « Marine canadienne » est employée dans sa qualité officielle;

que ce qui précède concerne également l’ « Aviation Royale du Canada » et son abréviation « ARC », qui s’appelle « Forces canadienne Commandement aérien » depuis le 2ieme septembre 1975;

que malgré la Loi sur la Défense Nationale , qui déclare que « les Forces canadiennes sont les forces armées de Sa Majesté levées par le Canada [et] constituent un service intégré appelé ‘‘Forces armées canadiennes’’ », des uniformes séparés ont été réintroduits en 1986 et que des chefs de services séparés ont été rétablis et sont retournés au siège social de la Défense Nationale en 1997. De plus des sites Web séparés des services ont été officiellement mis en ligne et les références aux services séparés sont maintenant une banalité dans toutes les Forces canadiennes de plus en plus tri-service ayant été ainsi adaptées sans compromettre a structure unifiée de commandement, la nature intégrée ou l'unité de corporation des Forces canadiennes;

que réinstaurer la désignation royale appartenant à la « Marine canadienne » et la « Force aérienne canadienne » pourrait être fait sans miner l'unité des Forces canadiennes en tant qu'organisation simple sous une structure unifiée de commande et sans compromettre l'intégration des opérations, de l'appui de logistique, du personnel militaire et de l'administration des services séparés tels que voulus par le Bill C-243, Loi sur la Réorganisation des Forces canadiennes que nous, pétitionnaires soutenons fortement;

que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales pourrait être effectuée sans remplacer les Force canadiennes Commandement Maritime et les Forces canadiennes Commandement Aérien, dont les chefs du personnel continueraient à exercer le commandement nominal;

que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales pourrait être efficacement accomplie et exécutée sans coût pour les contribuables canadiens;

et que la réinstauration de l'utilisation de telles désignations royales reconstituerait l’esprit de corps traditionnel de la Marine et de la Force aérienne, tout comme son usage continu l’a préservé pour les régiments réguliers et de réserve de l'armée et tout comme c’est le cas pour la Gendarmerie royale du Canada, la police fédérale du Canada;

105. Help Capitan Ulman!!!

Capitan Ulman was a spetsnaz GRU officer serving in Chechnya during the recent war. One day his group took part in a military operation aiming to surrender and capture the group of Arab terrorists allegedly based in some remote mountain village. His task was to block one of the outbound roads and do not let the terrorists to escape.

While on duty he ordered to open fire upon the vehicle which refused to stop and tried to run over one of his men. Out of the 6 people in the car one was killed instantly,and few others injured. He passed this information together with the ID details of the alleged terrorists to his commanding officers up in the military headquarters.

In return he received a direct order to shoot them all and continue with his task He was arrested after and charged with manslaughter. Court hearing took place twice and TWICE he was found NOT GUILTY in the court of law by the Jury. Despite all this the government ordered him to be put on trial once again - for the THIRD TIME on the same charge with NO JURY this time.

This is a violation of all and every Russian law on this matter. Nevertheless preparations to this third court hearing was underway when information was passed around that Ulman and his group disappeared. Officials claim that he ran away, but there are rumours that he was kidnapped by the relatives of those killed Chechens.

There are grave concerns for his and his friends life in this case. This tragic development of events could only become possible due to the terrible civil unrest in the country ended up in a war in Chechnya, when the Army has called to perform its duty on the territory of it’s own country and in the absence of the formal state of war.

This put hundreds of honest soldiers and officers in the situation the same of similar to the Ulmans one. Highest authority the President of the country has full and direct responsibility for all this mess hence we kindly ask you to sign this petition which intends to draw the attention of Mr Putin to this tragic event, and asking him to use his powers and ensure swift and fair investigation of this disappearance and the whole Ulmans case.

106. Stop the Prosecution of Allied Soldiers for BOGUS CRIMES!!

Allied soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are being charged with BOGUS CRIMES and in some cases, sent to prison for life by foreign government beasts/INFIDELS.

107. National POW/MIA Intiative Requesting New Policies to return the POW/MIA's Home


Members of the office of the President of the United States of America, Department of Defense, Congress, State Department and the media need to address the issue of having foreign nations return our missing Combat Veterans from all current and previous wars that have been classified as "Missing and Presumed Dead".

Whereas there are large numbers of sightings of POW/MIA United States veterans within foreign nations who had served within the US Military, who were captured, and then stated within declassified federal records they maybe still alive, being held against they're will, even till this today.

Even with the possibility of these men and women still being alive and being held overseas, no one has attempted seek for there return nor has there been any dialog within the State Department or any other agencies to establish a dialog between the United States and host nation holding these prisoners.

Furthermore even upon receipt of complains of families, friends and other citizens all who question the missing status on these men and women our government has never set up and special task force concerned with federal funding, manpower and government clearance to act as both investigators and allowance within presidential power to act to seek .

These men and women fought in wars going back as far as WWII and there has been enough evidence to move forth with full investigative power to return these men and women to the United States.

108. A Public Apology by John Kerry

In the weeks, past, Mr John Kerry has said some pretty degrading things about our United States military, not only the army, but the marines, the coast guard, the navy, and peace corps.

As I was lisetning to Mr. John Kerry speak about education and the remark said about the military, I was astounded, I could not believe what I was hearing, I believe his exact words were, "If you make the most of it and study hard and do your homework and you make an effort to be smart you can do well, if you don't, you can get stuck in Iraq"

I cant believe how he cut our U.S. Military down to nothing !. We serve our country not to have people degrate us like we are nothing, our soldiers serve the united states proudly , not to have people like John Kerry cut them down to nothing. Some of our untied states soldiers have many college degrees and have decided to serve our country. Others are currently in college elevating their education and still have to serve in iraq.

If you would like to sign my Petition to have him speak again but to apologise for what he said, please sign below ! Thankyou for taking time to read this !

109. Military Fares

We are asking that airlines provide reasonable airfares for the active soldiers, so that when they get their leave (because they have no choice) that they can get fares that they can afford so that they can visit their families at holiday times.

For example my son spent a year in Iraq, and survived many close calls. Many of his friends died including his captain. He did receive a purple heart, but now he is in Germany and for him to come home for Christmas it will cost him $1200 which he does not have. Is this fair??

He puts his life on the line everyday for americans, and what does he get back????

110. Villages of Benning: rules for the care of children

July 2006

The school year is about to begin again, but if you aren't walking your children under the age of 12 to, and from, the bus stop every day, you could be issued a violation from housing.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the company in charge of post housing (Pinnacle) plans to enforce rules that do not comply with post rules the military police enforce.

They will enforce these rules regarding the care of your children while playing outside by issuing violation letters and calling the MPs to pick up your children. These are the exact words used by Mary Frances DeRivera, community manager.

The following is from a letter dated 7-14-06 I received:

Paragraph 6.2 Care of Children "Any children/youth under the age of 12 will not be left unattended by parents or guardians. This includes allowing a child/youth to remain unattended in a yard or playground while the parent, guardian, baby sitter or person is absent from the premises, or such child is out of sight of the adult. Children/youth under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision of a legal guardian..."

However, according the the military police here on Fort Benning, their rules are as follows:
Children aged 4-6 must be in immediate access and in sight of the child.
children aged 7-9 must be with in access and the sponser must know the exact location of the child.
Children aged 10 & 11 must be within access and the sponser must know the general location of the child.

Currently, The Villages of Benning need no documentation or proof to issue a violation to you. If someone calls them to complain, they do not have any rules in place which require them to document the phone call. In addition, when someone places an annonymous complaint, they are not required to follow up on the issue themselves to prove the violation is valid, and not just hearsay.

Right now there is nothing to stop an angry neighbor from having violations sent to your house.


May 8, 2006


Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of these deaths are caused by accidental inhalation of DHMO, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. Symptoms of DHMO ingestion can include excessive sweating and urination, and possibly a bloated feeling, nausea, vomiting and body electrolyte imbalance. For those who have become dependent, DHMO withdrawal means certain death.

Dihydrogen monoxide:

-is also known as hydroxl acid, and is the major component of acid rain.
-contributes to the "greenhouse effect."
-may cause severe burns.
-contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.
-accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.
-may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes.
-has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.

Contamination is reaching epidemic proportions!

Quantities of dihydrogen monoxide have been found in almost every stream, lake, and reservoir in America today. But the pollution is global, and the contaminant has even been found in Antarctic ice. DHMO has caused millions of dollars of property damage in the midwest, and recently California.

Despite the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used:
as an industrial solvent and coolant.
-in nuclear power plants.
-in the production of styrofoam.
-as a fire retardant.
-in many forms of cruel animal research.
-in the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce remains contaminated by this chemical.
-as an additive in certain "junk-foods" and other food products.

Companies dump waste DHMO into rivers and the ocean, and nothing can be done to stop them because this practice is still legal. The impact on wildlife is extreme, and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer!

The American government has refused to ban the production, distribution, or use of this damaging chemical due to its "importance to the economic health of this nation." In fact, the navy and other military organizations are conducting experiments with DHMO, and designing multi-billion dollar devices to control and utilize it during warfare situations. Hundreds of military research facilities receive tons of it through a highly sophisticated underground distribution network. Many store large quantities for later use.

This is an extremely urgent issue, please sign this petition so that we can get he Government's attention and stop the disastrous spread of this speciously dangerous substance!

112. Justice For Tharsini (University Campaign)

January 17, 2006

In December 2005, 20 year old Tharsini, a pre school teacher in the Sri Lankan army occupied Northern Tamil island of Pungudutivu, was gang raped and murdered, allegedly by members of the Sri Lankan Military; her body found in a well next to a Sri Lankan Military camp.

She was murdered in a government designated 'high security zone' where civilians live, which means that access in and out of the zone is tightly controlled by soldiers. The evidence of the Sri Lankan Military's involvement in the rape, murder and attempted cover up, is extensively documented in a report by the North Easter Secretariat for Human Rights ( whose founder member Jospeph Pararajasingham has since been shot allegedly by Sri Lankan military intelligence.

The Pungudituvu Cooperative Society has said in a press release that the Sri Lankan Navy should take responsibility for the murder and has appealed for international action to ensure that women in their island and in neightbouring areas can live without fear of violence from the occupying army. T

We, the undersigned join the students of the University of Jaffna in their concern and ask for action by the British government and the European Union, to ensure accountability and to prevent future sexual abuse of women in army occupied areas. As we draft this appeal a 16 year old school girl in another part of Jaffna was abducted on her way home from school by Sri Lankan soldiers. Your immediate preventive action is asked for.

Many of those who have appealed for justice for Tharsini so far have been intimidated and some shot by the Sri Lankan Army & Navy.

· When her body was found, residents protested against the Sri Lankan Navy. A 55 year old post man was shot by the Sri Lankan armed forces.

· The University of Jaffna, both its professors and students, then took up the protest. They too, including the Vice Chancellor, Professors and students were assaulted and shot by the Sri Lankan Army.

· Mr Gajendran, TNA Member of Parliament for Jaffna who joined the protest march for justice for Tharsini was injured by the Sri Lankan Army. The TNA party protested in Parliament. But on Christmas Eve, after the protest, the TNA's leading parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham was also shot.

· Journalists who covered the protests were assaulted.

We the undersigned, who are students and alumni of British universities who live in Britain in safety, now join the Universtiy of Jaffna in expressing concern and take up this appeal for immediate and unequivocal action as outlined below.

113. Justice For Tharsini

January 17, 2006

In December, 20 year old Tharsini, a pre school teacher in the Sri Lankan army occupied Northern Tamil island of Pungudutivu, was gang raped and murdered, allegedly by members of the Sri Lankan Military; her body found in a well next to a Sri Lankan Military camp.

She was murdered in a government designated 'high security zone' where civilians live, which means that access in and out of the zone is tightly controlled by soldiers. The evidence of the Sri Lankan Military's involvement in the rape, murder and attempted cover up, is extensively documented in a report by the North Easter Secretariat for Human Rights ( whose founder member Jospeph Pararajasingham has since been shot allegedly by Sri Lankan military intelligence.

The Pungudituvu Cooperative Society has said in a press release that the Sri Lankan Navy should take responsibility for the murder and has appealed for international action to ensure that women in their island and in neightbouring areas can live without fear of violence from the occupying army. The Pungudutive Welfare Association in the United Kingdom have taken up this appeal.

We, the undersigned join in their appeal and ask for action by the British government and the European Union, to ensure accountability and to prevent future sexual abuse of women in army occupied areas. As we draft this appeal a 16 year old school girl in another part of Jaffna was abducted on her way home from school by Sri Lankan soldiers. Your immediate preventive action is asked for.

Many of those who have appealed for justice for Tharsini so far have been intimidated and some shot by the Sri Lankan Army & Navy.

· When her body was found, residents protested against the Sri Lankan Navy. A 55 year old post man was shot by the Sri Lankan armed forces.

· The University of Jaffna, both its professors and students, then took up the protest. They too, including the Vice Chancellor, Professors and students were assaulted and shot by the Sri Lankan Army.

· Mr Gajendran, TNA Member of Parliament for Jaffna who joined the protest march for justice for Tharsini was injured by the Sri Lankan Army. The TNA party protested in Parliament. But on Christmas Eve, after the protest, the TNA's leading parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham was also shot.

· Journalists who covered the protests were assaulted.
We the undersigned, who live in Britain in relative safety, now take up this appeal for immediate and unequivocal action as outlined below.

114. Break continuity of the Polish State with PPR

The Republic of Poland was being under German and Soviet occupation since 1939 untill the first free election in 1994.

This petition is to uniquely condemn the legal statue of communist state under Soviet occupation the Peoples Polish Republic by the statutory decision.




BERLIN, Sept 10 (Reuters) - A German air force plane loaded with 15 tonnes worth of ready-to-eat meals earmarked for flood victims in New Orleans was refused entry into the United States last week, a government spokesman said on Saturday.

Confirming a report in Der Spiegel news magazine, the spokesman said the Luftwaffe Airbus was loaded with 9,000 military "eimannpackung" ("one-man packages") but was grounded in Germany because it did not get U.S. flight clearance.

The spokesman said he did not know the reason for the decision by U.S. authorities. He said the refusal to allow German aid had since been lifted.

Der Spiegel news magazine reported that U.S. authorities had blocked the import of German military rations that contained hamburgers, goulash, sausages, pasta and jam due to fears of mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

The magazine reported that relief flights from Britain and Russia were also denied entry for the same reason.

116. Desovietize science in free Republic of Poland

This petition is to Polish Parliament to free laws abouts poish science and education.

The current law is the carbon - copy of soviet laws regulating science and education structure under military regime.

We ask Polish Parliament to take affirmative steps to desovietize Polish science and education. The current laws regulating financing and structure of Polish academia are nothing but make-uped Soviet laws corrupting freedom of education and science of Polish Nation.

Some of the afirmative steps sould be: lack of requrement of National Exams as entry requrement into Private Universities, Liquidation and clear condemation of Polish Academy of Science as Soviet invigilation device during occupation of Soviet Army.

The following steps are also needed: Liquidation of so called Public Institues, the highest form of soviet ties between communist military and science, Liquidation of so called Professor nominated, highest form of illegal invigilation of communist state over private academia having now the same rights and being obtructed like public, lay off of all scientific personell working under owe of occupied communist states PRL.

117. Shankar Rajee and LTTE

Tribute: Shankar Rajee
M.R. Narayan Swamy

Shankar Rajee, who died of a heart attack in Colombo on January 10, 2005, was one of the earliest entrants into Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, one who closely witnessed the growth of the movement from its nascent days to the frightening proportions it has now assumed.

In the last years of his life, Shankar (real name Nesadurai Thirunesan) had bowed out of the Indian media scene and led a largely low key, though not quiet, life, hopping between Chennai, where his mother lived, and Colombo, where he was a consultant with the state-run Cashew Corporation. He was also the leader of whatever was left of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisation (EROS), the oldest of all the Tamil militant groups which came up in the 1970s in response to growing Sinhala chauvinism.

Shankar, who was educated in Jaffna and London, was among the earliest Tamils who took military training from the Palestinian guerrillas in the Middle East, probably in the hope that their own community would some day produce a Yasser Arafat.

In the years I covered the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict, I came into close contact with Shankar and he helped me gain valuable insight into the Tamil society. Our first meeting took place at the EROS office in a middle- class Chennai neighbourhood where I had gone to interview its other best-known leader, V. Balakumar. As the latter spoke to me, I saw Shankar seated by his side, studying a map of Jaffna and making a note or two. EROS had a collective leadership in which Balakumar and Shankar were the first among equals. They had contrasting personalities. Balakumar was the quiet one, almost inaudible, at home in Tamil, while Shankar spoke Tamil and English with equal ease, was outgoing and felt comfortable dealing with Indian bureaucracy and diplomats. Shankar was designated the head of the EROS military unit and maintained liaison with revolutionary groups from around the world.

Like so many Sri Lankan Tamils of that era, Shankar was a Marxist during his student days. In London, he and like-minded students formed a student group and then, in 1975, set up EROS. It was a path-breaking development in Tamil history. Some EROS members enjoyed a warm relationship with the local PLO representative who helped them to fly to Lebanon and Syria to get military training from Arafat's Fatah guerrilla group. Shankar valued this training although nothing much came out of it.

It was EROS that introduced LTTE, then a virtually unknown group, to the Palestinians but this produced friction between him and LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. The row was over money, which Shankar paid up. But their relations never improved, and years later LTTE's Anton Balasingham, probably reflecting Prabhakaran's view, accused Shankar of being an Indian spy—a charge the latter vehemently denied.

Much before that, Shankar recalled meeting Prabhakaran sometime in 1975-76 in the Tamil Nadu town of Tiruchy. Shankar had flown into India from London carrying air gun pellets, batteries and film rolls. He had been told to deliver them to a man but was not given his identity. It turned out to be Prabhakaran, a young and largely unknown entity who turned up at the small hotel across the Tiruchy bus stand where Shankar was putting up. When I reasearched for the LTTE chief's biography (Inside an Elusive Mind, Konark, 2003) Shankar told me: "It was Prabhakaran who came to take the delivery. Honestly, I was not impressed with him. He did not seem happy with what I had brought. He obviously was expecting some other things. Just what, I do not know."

Years later, before the souring of ties, Shankar had a more fruitful meeting, in an LTTE hideout in Sri Lanka's north, with Prabhakaran, who by then had begun to acquire a stature in the militant ranks. Shankar had a vivid memory, and in 2001 could recall what really happened: "Prabhakaran was eager to know what training the Palestinians imparted. His eyes sparkled at the mention of M-16s, AK-47s and anti-articraft guns. But he was keener to hear about pistols and revolvers."

But Prabhakaran was not a man of theory; he invited Shankar to display his shooting skills. The target was an empty Milk Maid can. From 20 feet away, Shankar took aim and grazed the can, toippling it. "Prabhakaran walked up to the fallen can, picked it up and put it back on the wall. He then returned to where the Fath-trained (Shankar) was standing and fired the gun, hitting it smack in the middle." Shankar was naturally impressed.

Despite the Palestinian training, Shankar and his friends in EROS did not carry out any military action in Sri Lanka. There were also differencs within EROS, leading to a split and the birth of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF). When Tamil militancy galloped from 1983, EROS was among the first groups to secure Indian military training.

Shankar was also among the first to understand that New Delhi would never allow an independent Tamil Eelam to come up.

During the years leading up to the 1987 India-Sri Lanka peace agreement that sought to end Tamil separatism, Shankar, as the EROS military wing leader, masterminded some deadly bomb attacks in the island-nation that claimed many innocent lives. He also developed close ties with the Indian establishment but this was not enough to save him from a jail term in Chennai that may have contributed to his early death.

Shankar and Balakumar met the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, just before the latter flew to Colombo in July 1987 to sign the India-Sri Lanka accord. Prabhakaran, however, continued to mistrust him. Shankar and Balakumar met the LTTE chief at New Delhi's Ashok Hotel at that time; but on a second occasion, Prabhakaran told Balakumar that he did not want to see Shankar.

Shankar had a keen understanding of the Sri Lankan Tamil society and of LTTE. When the Tigers took on the Indian Army, he prophesied to friends that Prabhakaran would never, ever give up his Eelam goal. He was proved right. In March 1990 the Indian troops came home and the now-powerful LTTE ordered EROS to disband or merge with the Tigers. Some disgusted EROS members drifted away from politics, others (Balakumar included) joined LTTE while small band led by Shankar kept the outfit's flag flying for whatever it was worth.

Shankar was arrested in Chennai in 1997 on charges of smugggling foreign currency and was jailed. None of his contacts in the Indian establishment came to his rescue. He spent over a year in prison, where, his mother recalled later, he developed a good rapport with the other, mostly Indian, prisoners and became their leader. But despite the bitterness the detention caused, Shankar considered himself a friend of India. The imprisonment, however, affected his health, and he was never the same old self again.

Shankar never underestimated the LTTE or Prabhakaran, At the same time, he could not think of giving up his independent existence. Once the Sri Lankan military took control of Jaffna from LTTE in December 1995, Shankar visited the town to see a relative. The LTTE—which controlled a small part of Jaffna peninsula but had many eyes and ears in the region—came to know about the visit. The Tigers wanted to know if Shankar was merely calling on the relative or trying to resurrect EROS. Shankar got the message and promptly left Jaffna.

More than once he told me that Prabhakaran's personality would never allow him to compromise with Colombo, Norway or no Norway. It is a viewpoint that many have come to share now. But in February 2002, when the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government signed a ceasefire, only a few like Shankar asserted, with confidence that comes with experience, that it would not lead to Prabhakaran embracing Colombo, never ever.

From: Nesan Thirunesan, Son of the late Shankar Rajee, Leader of EROS.

118. Change US Military Enlistment Policy

Currently the US Military turns down hundreds of applicants due to their criminal record. I believe this is an unfair policy. You cannot judge one's character by whats in a computer or on paper. Character and devotion to our freedom comes from within. There are people who would gladly serve and devote their lives for their country who are turned down because of their past mistakes. Serving in the US Armed forces teaches things a prison or a civilian workplace cannot teach. It teaches teamwork, discipline, devotion.

When you're serving in the military you are taught to think of your country before yourself. You are trained to die for your country if required. You fight for your country's freedom. What better way to ensure that protection then to open this opportunity to everyone. In this time of war we're in a shortage of manpower because those trusted to our country's protection are not willing to fight anymore, or are getting killed.

We need a strong military and we can't do that without enlisting more soldiers.

119. Protect Veterans’ Benefits and Removal of Rep Steve Buyer as Chairman of House Veterans Affairs Com

The intent of this petition is to protect veterans' benefits and have Rep. Buyer removed as the Chairman of House Veterans' Affairs Committee.

Rep. Buyer seeks to redefine who is a veteran. We must not allow Congress to redefine who is a veteran. We cannot allow Congress to restructure veterans' benefits and reshape the definitions of disability. Redefine at a time when over 10,000 young men and women have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, at a time when young men and women have become disabled while training to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans and veterans' organizations have worked too hard for too long to not receive proper recognition for our service to our country.

Title 38, Veterans' Benefits, United States Code defines a "veteran" as: "The term "veteran" means a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable."
Also defined in Title 38 is "in the line of duty": "An injury or disease incurred during active military, naval, or air service will be deemed to have been incurred in line of duty and not the result of the veteran's own misconduct when the person on whose account benefits are claimed was, at the time the injury was suffered or disease contracted, in active military, naval, or air service, whether on active duty or on authorized leave, unless such injury or disease was a result of the person's own willful misconduct or abuse of alcohol or drugs."

Rep Buyer would like to redefine who is a veteran at a time when America shows a gratitude for her veterans, a time when America respects and treats her veterans with dignity. He is attempting to segregate our veterans, "the disabled and indigent veterans" (his core constituency) and then all others. Rep. Buyer is seeking to make these changes while our country is sending their servicemen and women world wide to fight the war on terror. He must realize that not everyone can serve in the war zone and that some stationed in the United States and other areas are working in direct support of Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terrorism.

Recruitment of our all volunteer force is falling short of its goals. The Army fell almost one-third short of its recruiting goal in March, its second consecutive month of shortfall amid concerns that the Iraq war is discouraging young people from enlisting. The Army's goal for March was to enlist 6,800 recruits, but it fell short by 2,150, or 32 percent. That was slightly worse than in February when a goal of 7,050 enlistees was missed by 1,936, or 27 percent. The target for April is 6,600. The Army Reserve did even worse in March than the regular Army. It recruited barely half the 1,600 soldiers it wanted for the month. It has not met a monthly goal since December 2004, and for the period from October 2004 through March it has met only 82 percent of its goal. Rep Buyer's "visions" will only add to already existing recruiting shortfalls.

Fellow veterans, it's time to take action. It's time to let our Congressional Representatives know we will not allow Congress to redefine who is a veteran or restructure veterans' benefits and reshape the definitions of disability. It is time they understand veteran's care will be our priority in voting in the next elections, congressional as well as presidential.

120. Condemn compulsory military service in Poland

This petition is to condemn compulsory military service in Republic of Poland, new member of Europenian Union.