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1. Full Amnesty Now - Reverse Revocation - Save London Met

Following significant campaigning and political pressure from students, staff, and supporters, the High Court has allowed London Metropolitan University to proceed to full Judicial Review to challenge the revocation of its Tier-4 HTS licence to recruit international students.

As a result of the High Court decision the Home Office, via the UK Border Agency, has now agreed a limited 'amnesty' for current international students at London Met of up to one academic year.

Unfortunately, as welcome as such an amnesty is, it fails to address the needs of over 500 current London Met international students. This includes students in either the first or second year of a three year degree course, and PhD students with more than one academic year of study remaining. This is an invidious position to place such students in.

In addition to the immediate damage the decision to revoke the university's Tier-4 licence has had on its international students, the long term damage to the university as a whole is considerable.

London Met now finds itself in significant financial trouble with anticipated revenue losses following withdrawal of its Tier-4 licence running into £10M's.

We understand that such losses now jeopardise the university's continuation as a community-based public university, primarily serving two of the poorest boroughs in London and the UK - Tower Hamlets and Islington.

Additional notes:

TUC Congress 2012 unanimously adopted an Emergency Motion from the University and College Union (UCU) that demanded a full amnesty for London Met international students and the removal of international students from net migration stats and targets. Details here

Jeremy Corbyn MP (Islington North) has launched a parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM 437) calling for the reversing of the revocation of London Met’s Tier-4 HTS licence. Details here

ITN London Tonight - News report on 28/9 demonstration demanding a full amnesty for London Met international students:

2. Don't write off the LDU

o On Tuesday 9th November, staff in the Learning Development Unit (LDU) & Writing Centre at London Metropolitan University were informed of the intention of University senior management to close down both services.

o This will make London Met one of very few UK Universities offering no expert Learning Development support for students.

o Senior management are attempting to justify this by suggesting study support will be arranged as necessary by faculties/departments. However, in the absence of any additional funding allocated for this, it will result in sporadic availability of study support at best.

o This decision flies in the face of present Strategic Plan promises to offer ‘learning advice, support and environments to assist learners from many different educational backgrounds’ and is based on an inadequate and highly secretive ‘review’ process.

o Redundancies are planned to take place at an unspecified time before the end of the present academic year and staff in the LDU and Writing Centre have been given 44 days to argue the case for alternative proposals.

o For more information on the LDU and Writing Centre and their range of support for students and staff within the University, see: ... click on ‘events, times & locations’ (the LDU’s staff-supporting website)

Messages of support can be posted on:

3. Save our Education at London Metropolitan University

• The recent financial crisis and cutbacks in Education have resulted in a proposed restructuring of the courses at London Metropolitan University

• The current course structures enable Students to have elective modules

• Key skills and knowledge is gained from elective modules that Students apply to graduate positions

• Students are already receiving reduced services for money paid to London Met

• Student fees are increasing

• All Students who know about the proposed restructuring are against it

• Students have not been properly consulted about this matter