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1. Demand for Immediate & Unconditional Dismissal of Charges against Iranian Activist Amir Amirgholi

Iran's Authorities Issues a Heavy Sentence against Amir Amirgholi.

Amir Amirgholi, 33 arrested in the street by security forces under Branch 6 of Ghods Court warrant has been sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Judge Abolghasem Salavati handed down the sentence.

Amir is a dismissed student of the Islamic Azad University of Ghazvin and the son of Abbas Amirgholi. Officials had taken him to his father's house and seized his personal belongings: a laptop, cell phone and hard drive of his PC. He was transferred to Ward 8 after an intense two-month investigation in solitary confinement.

Branch 6 of Shahid Moghadas Court of Evin court chaired by Amin Naseri, where he was accused on vague charges of "assembly and collusion against national security", "blasphemy", "insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran", "propaganda against the regime of Iran".

Amnesty International has stated that Amir Amirgholi, Iranian activist was sentenced to 19 years and sex months incarceration on charges in connection with his peaceful activities, following an hour-long trial in early 2016. He is being held in prison under extremely poor conditions while waiting for his appointment with the appeals court.

The leftist activist was arrested and taken to the Evin prison on August 30, 2007, after taking apart on the anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in Khavaran. He was then held in solitary confinement in Ward 209 of Evin Prison without access to legal counsel and with no contact with his family for 56 days. Almost a month after the arrest, he was granted permission to speak with his family in a brief phone call, stated Amnesty International He had reportedly served 16 days in solitary confinements at the Islamic Republic chambers.

Amirgholi was previously arrested in the peaceful demonstration supporting Kobani on September 2014. He was released after spending a night at the chambers of Intelligence and Public Security Police of NAJA, according to the reliable sources. According to the reports, he also was arrested by security forces in front of Milad Hospital; officials released him after a few days.

According to his family, it is of urgent concern at this time that Amir suffers from a pancreatic disorder and require medical attention. Previously he was held at Ward 8 of Evin prison alongside hardened criminals convicted of pirating, theft, embezzlement, fraud and forgery. Evin prison is notorious for it's poor treatment and torture of political prisoners.

Branch 36 of Tehran's Appeal Court will hold a retrial session to re-examine Amirgholi's verdict on August 3, 2016.

2. We will (re)join the Labour Party if it adopts genuinely left wing policies

The labour party lost the support of the broad left wing when, in the words of John McDonnell, " [New Labour] lost the moral basis of the Labour party as it was founded ... the creation of a fair and just and peaceful and equal society". During the Blair/Brown years, membership and activism fell, as natural allies of the party became disillusioned and disenfranchised.

Since that time there has been no mainstream voice arguing for working people or against the pernicious neoliberal consensus. The results of this failure were seen at the last election.

Now is the time for all those on the left to unite in order to combat the menace of the new right-wing coalition government. Left unchallenged, David Cameron’s government will lay waste to our public services as Thatcher’s did our manufacturing sector. Such sweeping cuts and marketisation will damage irreparably the health, education, well-being and social cohesion of the nation.

The only way to effect this challenge is to unite the voices of all left wing and progressive people behind a party that will truly represent their interests and those of the working people of Britain.

3. Stop left wing activists from teaching

It has come to my attention that left wing activists are teaching in primary schools. I as a parent condemn this, I have seen first hand how violent these people are towards people that don't agree with them. You can see for yourselves here. .

I believe politics should not be forced on our children but left at the school gates, however left wing activists are so violent i believe that if a child has his own opinion which differs from these people they will most certainly be discriminated against.

Parents therefore should be made aware just who and what are teaching their children.

4. Diane Abbott for Prime Minister

Diane Abbot was the first black woman to be elected to the house of commons in 1987, and remained the only one for 10 years. She is known as a free-spirit with high morals and not one to 'tow the party line', with both a honest, professional and frank personality, whilst still retaining a sense of humour. Furthermore, she also has the ability to admit her mistakes and isn't afraid to answer the hard questions.

She can be seen regularly on the television program "This Week" along with Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil, on which she is a regular political commentator.

Even more appealing however, is the fact that she doesn't have a second home.

More information is available about her at: