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1. Release Kelsey's Records

Petition to Release Kelsey's Records
Kelsey Smith-Briggs of Meeker, Oklahoma died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen on October 11, 2005.

Join us in our endeavor to petition the court to have the records released for Kelsey Smith-Briggs. There are many records that have been withheld from the public including the records for the guardianship hearings in February and June of 2005 and the visitation hearing in September, 2005 and DHS records.

Ryan Luke Law requires that the records be released, yet for some reason those in power have withheld them from public view and kept them confidential.

By signing the petition on this page, you are adding your name to the list of those who want Kelsey's records released so that the truth in this case can be known. We welcome signatures from all over. Please share this site with all of your friends and help us get the records released!

Thank you for your support!