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1. Bring Back Nick Jonas in HTSIB for Summer 2012!

I've read many stories online (Twitter and Tumblr etc.) of fans who were truly disappointed that How To Succeed In Business was cut short and only running until May 20th. Many of us, including my friends and I had already booked our trips to NYC, or like I've read other fans had plans on going during the summer.

We assume that the show would gain a bigger audience during the summer due to the fact that school is out and people are traveling!

Thank You for your support!

2. Bring Demi Lovato to Birmingham!

Demi Lovato - star of Camp Rock & Sunny with a Chance. She is best friends with Selena Gomez. This beautiful teen sensation and fashion icon did hit songs such as "Get Back","La La Land", and her current hit single "Don't Forget". Demi made a name for herself with the help of the Jonas Brothers, which is why she is so known. You should remember her being in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock and singing the hit "This is me" with one of the Jo'Bros, Joe Jonas.

3. Bring The Jonas Brothers To Belfast

Bring JB To Belfast.

4. Transport from Birmingham to Cardiff at 11:30pm on 17th November 2009

We would like to arrange some sort of transport from Birmingham to Cardiff for the people attending the Jonas Brothers concert on 17th November 2009.

Many people from Cardiff wish to attend this concert but are unable to find any available transport to return home to Cardiff. The people attending can easily get to Birmingham via a train but the last train leaves Birmingham at 10:12pm, the concert will not finish until 11pm and the Cardiff citizens are unable to get home.

We have looked at the prospect of staying overnight in a hotel or getting a taxi but the prices of this are extremely unafforadable. We do not wish to miss this concert as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these people to see their heroes perform live on stage. All we are asking is for a small type of transport to make the short return journey to Cardiff the same night at an affordable price.

We would really appreciate you considering organising a small trip. We would be extremely grateful and thankful to whom ever would be kind enough to organise this for the fans.
Sincere thanks.


Jonas Brothers are the best! & WE LOVE THEM!!!! (L) [especially ghadeer and tam (:]
Nick Jonas is SEXY! (nice curly hair and plays the guitar :P and drives TAM & GHADEER WILDDDDDDD)
Joe Jonas is FUNNY!
Kevin Jonas is a NICE GUY
why wouldn't you sign the petition?

6. JonasBrothers 3D; In IMAX-Melbourne

It would be FABULOUS if the Jonas Brothers 3D movie was playing at one of the BIGGEST movie screens in the WORLD, right?

right! so i need your help to get this to the IMAX theater it's self, so it WILL show!

We have to wait all the long time till MAY! so why not get the BEST out of it?!

PLEEEASE, tell all of you Jonas Brothers fanned friends to sign, this petition is only up for THIS WEEK! and we need ALL the help we can get, to get them to play it!

7. Jonas Brothers should Do "I Want You To Want Me"

This petetion is for The Jonas Brothers asking.. BEGGING them to re-do CheapTrick's song "I Want You To Want Me."

8. Asking JONAS BROTHERS to come to Egypt

The JONAS BROTHERS ARE MAKING A WORLD TOUR. they are visiting North America, South America, Europe and Asia. we all know that there are many fans for them in Egypt so we want them to come and make a concert in our country.

9. Jonas Brothers for Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show!

A petition for the Jonas Brothers to perform the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, Florida.

10. Jonas Brothers Come to the Beautiful Island of St. Thomas!!!!!

We are trying to get the Jonas Brothers to come to St. Thomas to perform a concert and bring good music to us teenagers.

The Jonas Brothers Rock And we want them to also enjoy Megan's Bay one of the top ten beaches in the WORLD!

11. The Jonas Brothers Are Too Awesome Not To Come To Alaska

The jonas brothers really need to come to Alaska its not a frozen waste land like people think. They have been to so many other places some more than once. We Alaskans love the Jonas Brothers we need them to come and show Alaska what they are made of.

12. Bring the Jonas Brothers to Vancouver, Canada

The Jonas Brothers are the greatest band in the music industry today. They have never been to Vancouver, Canada where they will find the greatest fans and lovers of their music in the world.

13. Save The Jonas Brothers from haters!

Haters are trying to get The Jonas Brothers off youtube by leaving rude comments!!, We need to help them by signing this!! =D

We Love the jonas brothers and we want to keep them on youtube so they can share more videos with us!

14. JonasBrothersTourScotland

The Jonas Bros have a lot of Scottish fans too and some can't travel all the way to England.

So I think they should tour around Scotland.

15. Jonas Brothers on Rove

Jonas Brothers are the hottest boy band now. Please put them on your show Rove. I really love them! Jonas Brothers rock!!!!! PLEASE!!!

thank you

16. get the jonas brothers to come to oregon!

hey, this one is for all you oregonians out there like me, who are huge jonas brothers fans. have you noticed anything about the pattern schedule of the jonas brothers tours. They go back and visit places like new york a lot, but what about us over on the west coast, we love them too.

So if you are dying to see the jonas brothers but you can't be traveling across the united states sign this petition to get them to come to oregon.

please sign my petition it would mean the world to me if i got enough signitures to send it to them and they listened! The more signitures the merrier. go jonas!!!!!!!

17. jonas brothers to come to Alaska

Let's make this simple we need the jonas brothers to come to Alaska.

18. Bring Jb Back To The UK For Another Concert

I Want The Jonas Brothers To Come Back To The UK.


19. JoNaS bRoThErS NEED To pLay In IrElAnD!!

It would be really cool if the Jonas brothers played in Ireland and we barely have any cool bands play here (well we do sometimes but not the jonas brothers!)

20. My Journey to Joe petition!!!!

We wanted to start a petition to get 1,000 signatures so we could finally get this journey and Paige to Joe.... we wanted a friend close to us who will be meeting Joe to hand this petition to him so he could see all of the 1,000 people who want paige to get to Joe.....
Please sign this petition and lets get this to Joe!!!

21. Please allow the Jonas Brothers On Guitar Hero

Over the recent months for some odd reason there are many men out there who seem to have such a deep passionate hatred for the jonas brothers. Which me and my mother call "Sippin. That. Hater-aid" I feel and so do many other sensibly thinking people feel that the jonas brothers are amazing artists who are extremly talented, and in so deserve a fair chance at being on GH.

22. Get The Jonas Brothers To Australia

These 3 boys have inspired so many fans in Australia that they dont even know of. They create the best music and are the hottest guys ever.

Everyone is talking about them and listenin to their music 24/7 and half of Australia have their rooms full of jonas brothers posters.

23. Get Jonas Brothers into a Walmart Near You!

We've all been to Walmart and we've all the seen the hundreds of Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls, and High School Musical items, correct?

Employees have even said themselves that these items are simply not selling. They sell a little here and there, but yet their store is flooded with the faces of the characters mentioned above.

However, I believe that if Walmart decided to start Jonas Brothers items (notebooks, clothes, bags, practically everything that thw other characters get) that they would sell.

Jonas Brothers fans will buy almost anything they can that has JB on it, right?

24. Los Jonas Brothers En Mexico

Los Jnas Brothers Tienen Muchisisimas Fans En Mexico! y Creo Que Seria Muy Genial Si Vinieran Otravez!!

25. jonas brotherĀ“s concert in argentina

Se an creado aproximadamente 68.500 sitios argentinos de los de jonas brothers.Y ya salieron mas de 100 entrevistas sobre ellos en revistas y miles de articulos sobre ellos(luna teens , tkm , para teens, programas de tv 67, zz, noticieros, diarios, etc). Los amamos!!!!!



27. Jonas Brothers Should Have a tour in England

Hello, Im an ojd fan =] And i think that for all the english jonas fans they should have a tour in england. But they will only come if theyre are enough signatures.

Because imagine coming to england to do a tour and having no-one turn up ? I'm sure we all would but tey dont know ! so sign this petition so they might just come =]

28. Get the Jonas Brothers back to Germany!

In June 2008, the Jonas Brothers were on Tour with Avril Lavigne. Now they're back in the U.S.

We want to get the Jonas Brothers back to Germany, because they have tons of fans here who want to see them.

29. Help get the Jonas brothers to hawaii

We can not go to see them because they are hundreds of miles away from us and i think it would be nice if they could have a change sites. And they need to feel the aloha spirit we have for them here.


The Jonas Brothers aren't coming back to Las Vegas for their second tour.

We really want them to add an extra tour date for our city.