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1. Support Arthritis Ireland's call for a third Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

Children with arthritis are fed up waiting in pain. 688 is the number of children waiting to see a consultant paediatric rheumatologist for the treatment of childhood arthritis, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). This is a national health crisis, so enough is enough. During the month of May, Arthritis Ireland is calling for the urgent appointment of a Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist to be appointed at Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin to help ease the huge burden on overstretched services. Children on waiting lists are not just waiting in pain; they’re also at risk of permanent, irreversible joint damage that can impact on their ability to live a normal life.

We are asking the public to help us put an end to Waiting in Pain. Help us by signing our petition.

2. Support for Kerry's only RHEUMATOLOGIST looking after public patients

We are calling for the HSE and management of UHK to support Dr. Haroon the only public RHEUMATOLOGIST in Kerry.

3. Introduce a Childcare Tax Credit

We are calling on the Irish Government to help Irish families get back to work by introducing a childcare tax credit in the upcoming budget.

This will assist Irish families to return to work by giving financial assistance in respect of the escalating cost of childcare.

The proposed tax break will ultimately benefit parents by reducing the economic burden of childcare in Ireland.

4. Irish Department of Health should compensate vaccine victims

My son was injured by H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine, as were many others, encephalomyelitis, resulting in many side effects, movement disorders, sleep & Breathing disorders, muscle disorder, and more. He is now 17.

He wants to go to college, he wants to work. But Irish Dept of Health who administered vaccine refuse assistance and compensation.

Medical costs are in the thousands per year.

5. Irish Government Out Now

The Irish government did not allow for the fact that economic booms are cyclical.

Their policies have left us with a crumbling health service, underfunded education system, an 8.3% unemployment rate and an economy in free fall. After calling an early budget they found they had miscalculated by €8 billion.

Now they plan to have the electorate pay for the mismanagement of successive Fianna Fail governments. They've tried cutting back on education and on medical card's for over 70s but have had to role back somewhat on these. They have recently announced that they want to cut Child Benefit and Lone Parents Allowance, thereby hitting the worst off.

The electorate were duped into believing that the government would be "a safe pair of hands" with regard to the economy but now circumstances have changed and we deserve a second chance at correcting the mistake of voting them in. We should get them out before they do more damage.... could the replacement be any worse?

6. We have no confidence in our Government

Following the recent health scares, government pay rises, ministers going to prison for fraud and the lack of
support that Fianna Fail have given to the people of Ireland since 1994 Ireland is slowly going down the tubes.

This country is getting deeper and deeper into debt and Our Taoiseach has given himself a pay rise of 38.000 euro.

7. Please help find our missing people


The Irish Missing Persons Helpline is based in Dublin and works with the Garda Missing Persons Unit and the Missing in Ireland Support Service (M.I.S.S.) to ensure there is a support service for families and friends of Missing Persons.

8. Child Abuse Prevention in Ireland

Child abuse in Ireland is growing. This is simply because of the failures of our justice system and our legislators to impliment harsh laws in order to bring these atrocities against children under control.