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1. Get invaderZIM back

Invader zim did have a lot of viewer I can prove this because there are many organizations trying to put it back on tv like operation head pigeons 2.0 and soapy waffles.

2. Bring Invader Zim Back

Invader Zim was the best show Nick has ever had but they took it down because it scared kids that's a load of crap.

The show wasn't even on that long plus it was funny and it should be the job of the parent to control what the kid watches not the station.

3. Bring invader zim back

Invader zim was one of the greatest cartoons ever made,but it was cancelled and breaking the contract og them making 40 episodes. But only made 27.

And I want all 40 episodes to be made.

4. Bring Back Invader Zim

What kind of sick minded morons would kill the best show that ever aired? Nick that’s who now all they play are overly happy shows like sponge bob and some stupid show about a kid w/ a freaking rock star as his dad. How lame is that? If Nick wanted to get good ratings they would have kept Zim. No the rating thing was just an excuse to get rid of Zim because it was original




5. Bring Invader Zim Back On NICK

March 25, 2006

To see the great show again.

Sign To Bring Invader Zim Back On

6. Down With Invader Zim!

Invader Zim may be loved by many people, but I absoulty despise this reatarded show, a friend of mine named Easterling44 and I have both pointed out influence of drugs and terrorism on this show, it is quiet obvious that the show put's bad ideas into kids heads and needs to go!

I understand that Zim is already cancelled, but I WOULD LIKE TO SHUT UP ALL PRO-ZIM PETITIONS! Thats final!

7. Bring Invader Zim to Cartoon Network

May 19, 2004

Back in 2002 The best show on Nick was taken from us. Invader Zim by Jhonen Vasquez is a MUCH loved cartoon.

I would like to see some progress made on trying to bring it back other than trying to get Nick to do it.

Cause they don't care about their audiences enough to bring back everyones favorite cartoon!

So I'm petitioning that we ask cartoon network to bring it back!

8. Save The Invader Zim Show

It's time to put invader zim back in t.v.!!!

9. The Irkens Will Not Fall!!!

The irkens will not fall!!!
How can Nick be so greedy they say that since they cant have Invader Zim nobody can! They wont give it to Cartoon Network when they failed it and they wont make new ones just because they think it is inapropriat for these times. They think that Invader Zim (being a alien invader from another world bent on the destruction of earth) is an inapropriat show since 9/11 happened. "This is an outrage" says I "Invader Zim may be an invader sent to destroy earth but he is not a very succesful invader and to add to this his A.I. robot, Gir, is a total nut and dose more damage than help."
"How can this be" says Conner Jones,an anonymous bystander "Invader Zim was the best show that ever happened to T.V. how could they do this to all of us kids. That is just wrong. Besides they made a lot of money off the merchandise"

10. save INvader Zim!!!

Invader Zim is about a kewl alien who is trying to prove to the tallests that he is a good invader. So the tallests send him to earth hoping to get rid of him.

11. Bring Invader Zim to Teletoon!

I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks so, but Canada really needs Invader Zim!!! I know they are not making new episodes so there's no point in asking for new ones. But I never got to see all of them. So PLEASE TELETOON! BRING IT TO CANADA!
P.S Don't let MTV steal everything away from us.

12. Bring Back the Old SLAM! Schedule on Nickelodeon!

On August 25, 2002, Nickelodeon premiered its SLAM! block. It consisted of the following shows: Speed Racer, Invader Zim, Butt-Ugly Martians, and Robot Wars. Later, a new show called Super Duper Sumos (an incredibly stupid show in my opinion) premiered in Zim's and BUM's time slots and Robot Wars was replaced with another episode of Speed Racer. These new shows are replacing good, quality shows like Invader Zim and Robot Wars!

13. Spread the ZIM

This petition is to show that the people of America love "Invader Zim" and will not see it banned.


Invader ZIM must not be cancelled.

It's come to the attention of many that a much loved show is being cancelled. Invader ZIM. This funny, twisted, and popular cartoon will be cancelled UNLESS the good people of the world stops Nickolodeon from doing doing it.

If we all sign Petitions and write complaint letters to Nickolodeon I'm sure we can convience them to save ZIM. While saving Invader ZIM you'd also be saving his fans. Who knows what some people would do with out the smart and halarious cartoon, Invader ZIM. So please sign this and SAVE ZIM!!!

15. Save Invader Zim!

Fans of Invader Zim were shocked to find out that, on January 17, 2002, the show was cancelled. This can't happen!

16. Save Zim!

There have been many people saying that invader Zim is or will be cancelled.

Invader Zim is one of the best shows on television. It's so different from all of the others. If it gets cancelled, there will be a lot of very dissapointed people. So we want Nickelodeon to KEEP INVADER ZIM!!!!!!!!
The Zim man rocks our world!!!

17. bring back invader zim!

zim is the best show you got. you think that if you take it off, the ratings will go up...right? are you really that dumb? everyone loves zim. it is the only dark cartoon on your network. even the coths like it! you guys are crazy if you think the ratings will go up! im, im not sorry for screaming at you! if you take invader zim off the air your ratings will drop like an two ton anvil! many viewers will stop watching Nickelodeon. if you dont believe me then dont put it back on the air and then see what happens! and if you dont put it back will have a VERY nasty letter sent to you from me!

18. Save Invader Zim!

Invader Zim is a great show for the more mature pre-teen. It does show slight terrorism, but in each episode, it tends to fail.

19. Bring ZIM Back

Thursday night (1/17/02) word came down that Invader Zim has been cancelled. This is not a rumor as it has been confirmed by the Zim cast and crew: Wally Wingert (voice of Red), Richard Horvitz (voice of Zim), Jhonen himself, and various others. Nickelodeon has, as of now, not made any press release as to why, nor is expected too.
Fortunately, cancelled does not yet mean off the air. Invader Zim will still air on Sundays for an unknown amount of time.

Since production was halted in the midst of making a new season, we'll still be getting a few new episodes (including Battle of the Planets, Tak: The Hideous New Girl, and Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom). But any episode that was nowhere near complete at the time of the cancellation is scrapped. Which means we won't be seeing "The Trial" which, according to Wally, had the Almighty Tallest when they were younger. Nor will we be getting Return of Keef, Simon says DOOM, Invader Poonchy, and many others.

See If we can get it Back!!!

20. save all good shows on nicklodeon!

i heard that nickoldeon whats to cancel some shows, hey arnold,sponge bob [] pants and invader zim, please sign this petition to tell nicklodeon to not cancel this show

21. Save Invader Zim

Petition Cartoon Network to Pick Up the Cartoon Invader Zim. The Cartoon is being dropped from Nickelodeon.

22. Save Our Invader Zim

This petition is for all of you out there who are outraged because Invader Zim was ended. I waited excitedly each week for Invader Zim, as I'm sure many have, just to have it suddenly ripped away! We can't let this happen! I want to be polite with Nickelodeon, but it's very hard. I don't understand how a show so popular could be ended. If it didn't have enough audience, why not move it up to an earlier time? I know I'm not alone in these beliefs!

23. Invader Zim: Door to Door

Recently, reruns begun again for Invader Zim. This does not bother me, except that there was still at least one more episode to show! However, Nickelodean decided that it would offend people if 'Door to Door' was shown. Why? September 11. I am aware that September 11 was horrible, no one is debating that. However, I do believe that some people may be somewhat over sensitive. Think about it. Would anyone have been offended by aliens destroying buildings before? Not most people would have. So, why are we so horrified now? It seems to be because we now relate falling buildings to death. Really? Falling buildings can mean death? No way! Come on!

Any one with a brain knew what could happen if buildings are destroyed. The truth is, September 11 was real. However, the buildings and the people in them in Invader Zim are not. We cannot limit our own culture! We can not limit the range of acceptable material so much that perfectly good potential bits of our culture die! We can not forget the entertaiment is just that, and is not real. The people who die in a movie are not real or do not really die. Death in reality can be mourned.

Serious mourning of deaths in movies or television is ridiculous. I'm sure very few would dispute that. Now then, is the problem that people are reminded of September 11 by such things. This suggests people want to forget the deaths. This, too, is foolish. To wish to forget does more dishonor to the dead than mocking the event. At least mockery accepts that the death happened, while forgetting does not. So, in short, take a risk Nickelodean! WE CAN HANDLE IT!

24. Destroy The Butt Ugly Martians

Rumors on the internet have been saying that Invader Zim is going to be replaced by The Butt Ugly Martians. So, we have decided to exterminate The Butt Ugly Martians and return the Irkens to their rightful place.

25. Invader Zim will stay!

Don't let Zim die! Zim must stay! Don't let the meanie-poo-heads, full of dukey, cancel our fave show! Thanks!

26. Save Invader Zim

Invader zim is a fairly knew show with alot of devoted fans. I AM SUCH A PERSON! but as we all know invader zim is being over run by spongebob (even tho i like thta show) fairily odd parents*shudder* and the BUTT UGLY MARTION SHOW THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT!! invader zim was created by jhonen vasquez aka jhonny the homicidal maniac, and the zim pplz who do the voices work vary hard to bring us the episodes we want! zim is usuall on 1once or twice a week. but the other show i mentioned are on every day. we constantly yell at about this. ITS ALL THEIR FAULT! but they've agreed to give us 2 more seasons of zim, yet why do they keep playing re runs. the reason zim isnt on as much is it is a bit violent and the humor is targeted for a teen and up audience. my whole family loves zim. were constantly quoting from it and singing the doom song.


November 13, 2001

Invader Zim is a really popular Nick show, adored by bazillions of fans around the world.

Now it's up to fans to save our favorite show from *coughs* low budgets... *coughs*
IZ has attracted so many fans in so little can they just take it away...isn't it bad enough it only comes on FRIDAYS?! Now do they take it COMEPLETELY away?!

28. Get Rid of Butt Ugly Martians!

Butt Ugly Martians...What the hell was Nick high on?