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1. Stop Human Trafficking

After the cessation of African slavery, white slavery came to light. This is the force act of drugging a white woman and forcing her to do sexual acts while under the influence of drugs. As time went on it was not only white women being brought into this but all races, genders, and ages. Modern day trafficking is illegal but that doesn't stop people from abducting people and forcing them into this slavery. People are getting abducted and put into forced human slavery. If the united states can abolish African American slavery then we can abolish this. If the united states people band together the government has to take action.

2. The Forgotten Children

Child migrants coming from Central America and Mexico have endured countless occasions of abuse, whether that be in human trafficking, sexual slavery, drug dealing, or transporting drugs.

3. Stop Confiscating OFWs Phones

This Petition seeks to STOP the common practice of confiscation of mobile/cell phones from the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) by:

- the staff of the Philippine government owned shelter houses upon arrival of the distressed workers seeking government protection from abusive employers;

- the staff of recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine government;

- the staff of accredited recruitment agencies in the labor receiving countries, subjecting the OFWs to body searches, including body cavity search;

- the employers who are in the approved overseas employers list of the Philippine government.

The OFWs, already facing the uncertainties of employment or repatriation, their desperate situations, become more desperate when their cell phones are confiscated, effectively cutting off needed emotional support from families and friends.

Additionally, confiscating cell phones from abused workers discourages them from seeking refuge since they will be experiencing more isolations at the Philippine government owned shelters.

This Petition asserts the basic rights of the OFWs to communicate with the outside world via their cell phones.

4. Performance Audit of Philippine Embassies on Trafficking and Labor Issues

This is a petition to urge the Philippine Government to improve the services provided to the overseas workers, their families and the general public at various Philippine diplomatic missions Re: Human Trafficking and Labor Issues

Additionally, this is a collection from the general public of an unofficial Performance Audit about the quality or lack thereof of services provided at various Philippine Embassies Re: Human Trafficking and Labor Issues

This Performance Audit is not connected to any government, public, private agencies or organizations and does not seek to replace the complaint process provided by the Philippine government Re: Human Trafficking and Labor Issues

5. Punish those who traffic and use prostitutes, but help prostitutes get medical help

Prostitution has been an on-going and growing problem in the United States and around the world. In a few countries like, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, they use the Swedish model.

In this model the offenders who buy sex are punished and the ones who are sold are treated with the necessary medical treatment. As the numbers show, the rate of trafficked victims has lowered a staggering amount.

The United States should be a part of this model.

We, as Americans, should provide victims of human trafficking with a place to go and the necessary medical needs. The johns and pimps should be the ones who get a sentence or a harsh punishment. They are the ones who are responsible for these people getting sold and raped 25 or more times each day.

America should care for those who don't have a voice.

6. Help raise awareness and stop human trafficking to end modern day slavery

Human trafficking is define as a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim's rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation.

Human trafficking is the trade in people, and does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another. Many victims are women and children and have no way out.

Help raise awareness and stop human trafficking to end modern day slavery.

7. Stop Human Trafficking in the UK

Whenever we think about the biggest issues everyone talk about res-session in Britain or the economic crisis that have been faced by our society. Of course they are one of the most important issues that have been exposed to the people but some of them don't get any attention that they deserve.The issue I am talking about is human trafficking.

This is a really dangerous issue like people who are being victimized looses all their legal and human rights.For Example,Article 8 protects your rights in four areas: your private life, your family life, your home and correspondence. It is a qualified right, which means that your right to respect in these areas can be infringed in certain circumstances. This act is violated in the case of human trafficking but no important steps are taken to stop this. The large population who are been trafficked are of women and children. This means that our present and future both are in danger. The children that are future of our nation are being exploited. The women that are our pride are being victimized brutality and harshly, they are sexually abused.

There aren't strict actions taken by the government as well. Too many human traffickers escape justice in UK, says solicitor general.There were 1,180 victims of trafficking in 2012, and 39 people were prosecuted the previous year, says Oliver Heald. If there won't be any action on the oppressor and prosecutors of human trafficking there would not be any lesson for the others that might help us to stop them. People also do this because of the huge amount of profit it has.As a global industry, human trafficking is worth in excess of $32bn (£20bn) a year.Not only the people are trafficked outside Britain but also they are sent in by other countries that means increase in population that are being exploited and might increase the crime rate further more.

I believe that Government of United Kingdom should take necessary steps against the human trafficking which will stop and threaten the people who dare to do it. This will also encourage people to come forward and work against the human trafficking as it will get exposure and attention from the community. It can save lives of millions of people, as there human and legal rights are taken away.

Sign this petition to be a Strong voice of the voiceless!

8. Ban all Pornograpy, Period. (ESPECIALLY in Israel)!


If you knew about how your neighbors were being kidnapped, one by one systematically.... what would you do? Who says that being Spiritually kidnapped is a lighter offense?!

An overwhelming majority of the Men Woman (and even the children!) of this generation have either gotten sucked into, or Spiritually/psychologically harmed by the sickening pornographic content that circulates all over the world with impunity while enslaving millions of people, each year, to disgusting cravings. Which have destroyed careers, lives, families, and entire societies (this can be easily verified looking at history). Biblical Sources call upon us to fulfill an obligation to Humanity; One that is undeniable and which we can fulfill, today. When the Future Health/Strength/Blessing of our People and (therefore) the Future of all Nations is now at stake - we are OBLIGATED to act....BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Maimonides writes: "The redeeming of captives takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them. There is no greater Commandment than redeeming captives for the problems of the captive include being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives too! {This obviously applies Spiritually as well} Ignoring the need to redeem captives goes against these Torah Laws: "Do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy fellow" (Devarim 15:7); "Do not stand idly by while your Neighbors Blood is shed {This obviously applies in the literal sense regarding this case} (Vayikra 19:16). And misses out on the following Commandments: "You must surely open your hand to him or her" (Devarim 15:8); "....Love your Neighbor as yourself" (Vayikra 19:18); "Rescue those who are drawn to death" (Proverbs 24:11) and there is no Commandment greater than the redeeming of captives." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Matanot Aniyim 8:10-11)

For further information, please read:

- s.s.s.


Brilliant Future, a non-profit campaign geared towards protecting the innocence of children.

10. Women against sex crimes and exploitation

Sign this petition. And join an organization to stand for women rights. Up to 70% of women face physical or sexual abuse by men in their lifetime. And 80% of human trafficking annually consists of women and girls.

Human trafficking in women causes for a huge concern and many of these nonprofits help stop the human trafficking and support the cause.

11. Support Bill 310 and Stop Legal Prostitution to prevent further Human trafficking

1) In response to the recent legalization of prostitution ALLOWED in Bawdy houses, and victimizers and traffickers who can now disguise themselves as Body guards, phone operators and drivers to continue Exploiting women and Children and living off their avails. I have created a petition and expect to acquire 1000 signatures and Postal codes to help create awareness to appeal the Ontario court of Appeal decision and the consequences of it. Just because it can be taxed and legal does not make it immoral.

I have sent a copy to Human Trafficking Advocates and a copy to the Supreme Court Of Canada and The Prime Minister, Premier of Ontario and Members of Parliament regarding this urgent matter.

Article 1:
Prostitution laws struck down Article 2: Court ruling won't help protect most vulnerable prostitutes





Explanation/Concerns If the law for prostitution legalized is not appealed:

Ontario is probably the next landmark for human trafficking there is no law or prohibition in preventing men and women from driving the girls, bringing them to and from brothels or their home in peoples family neighborhoods and no way to tell if they are being "manipulated exploited" by others.

Employment rates are down already, men and women who would be owners of escort agencies will exploit them, they have to perform acts even if they do not want to,RUNAWAYS, ABUSED, vulnerable younger girls/boys wanting to make fast money and dropping out of school unless they have morals, or a good family and a stable income. Now perpetrators will be fueled and have a reason to exploit them it’s legal to transport them, and if they live together how do you prove they are living off the avails, there is no enforcement of these big factors not to mention Ontario will be a port of trafficking now worse than before.

I feel afraid for the new generation, the message that humans can be bought, IT doesn’t make it right to legalize something immoral as long as they can tax it?

I also am worried about my nieces and friends children. Also our young generation, this message is saying that it is ok for a guy to buy sex and/or females it is vs. Education and Morality and Employment Once again, I am calling for your support and immediate action to criminalize prostitution and bawdy houses, and to abolish the “support staff permitted aka pimps” and protect the minors and new immigrants from human trafficking, as Ontario will be a hub for prostitution for minors as there is no way to completely enforce protection for them. THEREFORE WE MUST STAND UP FOR CANADA AND SAY NO WE WONT ALLOW FURTHER EXPLOITATION

MP wrote the petition for me and I am posting it below
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CITIZENS OF CANADA, draw attention to the House to the following:

WHEREAS it is internationally acknowledged that the median age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years of age;

WHEREAS 92% of prostitutes would leave prostitution if they could;

WHEREAS the demand for commercial sex with women and children is the root cause for prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes;

WHEREAS child prostitution and violence towards women have increased in countries where prostitution has been legalized;

THEREFORE your petitioners request that Parliament amend the Criminal Code to decriminalize the selling of sexual services and criminalize the purchasing of sexual services and provide support to those who desire to leave prostitution.

We are asking for tougher laws to be proactive against crime. The legalization of bawdy houses will not help the victims but cause more trafficked children and women and victims.


Josy Chafoya LOG1B0

12. The NFL Must Tackle Human/Sex Trafficking

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the Human Trafficking Bill into law January 30, 2012, saying he hopes it will “put up the ‘Don’t Try It Here’ sign in Indiana” just in time for a game that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says has a history of attracting increased activity in the commercial sex trade.

“Let’s hope that the law has a deterrent effect,” Daniels said, “and that these criminals will take their horrible business somewhere else.”

The law, which took effect immediately upon the governor affixing his signature, closes loopholes that have made it tougher for Indiana to prosecute those who have helped sell children into sexual slavery.
It also strikes a provision of state law that required prosecutors to prove that those who are accused of coercing children into sexual slavery used or threatened to use physical force to do so.

Advocates said it was the one step Indiana absolutely had to take before the game.

He know now the following statistics:

* Each year 1 million children are exploited by the commercial sex trade according to the U.S. Department of State, The Facts About Child Sex Tourism: 2005

* 100,000 to 293,000 U.S. children are in danger of becoming sexual commodities, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

* 12 is the average age of entry into pornography and prostitution in the U.S., according to The US Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

* 33% of a sample group of female commercial sex workers in Chicago began in the sex trade between the ages of 12 and 15, with 56% being 16 or younger according to an investigation conducted by Schiller DuCanto& Fleck Family Law Center.

With the Super Bowl comes this crime-sex trafficking

We ask the Commissioner of The National Football League "if your part of the problem, your against the solution" ! Be part of the solution and promote awareness of this global problem that follows the Super Bowl by advertising against the insidious crime that comes to large sporting events like the Super Bowl

Go to my Facebook link send a Like message to your friends:

13. The Register - for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

As a Charity we have worked with childhood sexual abuse for over 15 years and are very aware that the current government agency figures only reflect the tip of the iceberg statistics of this hideous crime. There is still little understanding from professionals, of the psychological problems that occur and we hope to change this.

The Register for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, will record the numbers of adults that suffered sexual abuse as children, so finally the real statistics can be recognised by government and legal establishments throughout the world. This is an attempt to change government legislation and acknowledge the severity of one the most serious and silent crimes to children, that still continues unnoticed today.

Millions of children suffer sexual abuse and lack the support or the courage or even the vocabulary to report these crimes. You can now sign here as an adult survivor and be counted and become a strong voice for the children of today.

14. Support for a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking in CANADA

It is quintessential that Canada have a National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. According to the US Department of State’s 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report, Canada is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking.

The RCMP estimates that 600-800 persons are trafficked into Canada annually, predominantly for sexual purposes, and that an additional 1,500-2,200 persons are trafficked through Canada into the United States.

Women, children, and men have been identified as victims of trafficking in Canada according to the US Department of State’s 2006 Trafficking in Persons Report.

While there is no reliable data on the number of persons trafficked within Canada, Aboriginal women are disproportionately affected according to the 2007 Report of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women.

Girls as young as 12 are trafficked in Canada for sexual purposes according to Criminal Intelligence Service Canada’s 2008 Strategic Intelligence Brief, Organized Crime and Domestic Trafficking in Persons in Canada.

As stated by a leading anti-human trafficking voice, MP Joy Smith:

"The complex and clandestine nature of trafficking in persons and the rapidly increasing occurrence of this crime demands a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach that draws together the existing frameworks, stakeholders, and agencies. I am convinced a Canadian National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking would address the challenges raised by implementing an integrated, targeted response to human trafficking. Such an approach would include benchmarks and measurable targets to ensure that continued progress is made."

Please sign the petition to ensure that Canada takes a comprehensive and national stance to combat human trafficking!

15. Help Rescue Human Trafficking Victims

Human Sex Trafficing is a serious and increasing problem in Michigan.

A well-advertised and safe place for trafficking victims to report to without fear of prosecution is a necessary part of ending this crime.

16. Stop Illegal Immigrants' Detention Centre Northam WA

The Federal Government, under the leadership of Julia Gillard, has decreed it will construct a $165 million illegal immigration centre to accommodate 1500 able bodied male illegal immigrants, at the disused army facility in Northam WA. This equates to $110 000 of our money per illegal immigrant and that is just for their accommodation! This decision was reached without consultation with the people of Northam or the surrounding townships or shires.

It seems incredulous that, in a State which not only suffers severe water shortages and restrictions both summer and winter, but whose population is also asked to refrain from using air conditioners and other “non essential” electrical appliances during peak summer conditions , we would be forced to accommodate this vast number of resource consumers. Miss Gillard assures us the benefits to the local communities from the increase in commercial growth this illegal immigration centre will provide, should more than compensate for the copious amount of our precious water these illegal immigrants will shower and flush away each day.

Miss Gillard also fails to mention how many of our other resources these illegal immigrants will be exploiting. Not only do these people avail themselves freely of our water and electricity, they abuse our welfare system, medical services and law enforcement facilities. They then proceed to bleed our church and welfare groups dry. Time, effort and resources which would otherwise be used to assist our own aged, needy or less fortunate citizens will now be siphoned off to the illegal immigrants.

It is even more incredulous that despite the deplorable shortage of medical and aged care facilities, not to mention law enforcement amenities within this State, the Federal Government can find the funds and inclination to complete this project within a mere eight months.

According to a media release from the AMA in November 2005, the Eastern region was promised a new 326 bed hospital in Midland. “To its credit the Government has decided to build a new hospital on the old Midland workshops site and save most of the services provided by Bentley Hospital. These decisions will ease the concerns of thousands of families living in the region. Construction on Midland Health Campus is set to start in 2012 with the new hospital scheduled to open in 2015.”

In May 1999, the Midland region was also promised a $42million Police Operations Centre. To quote the Ministerial Media Statements website “Construction on the Midland operations centre is expected to begin next year. The facility, within the Midland Workshops Precinct, will consolidate operations support functions from 11 locations into one facility to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The centre, which will accommodate police communications, forensic, traffic operations and other divisions, is due for completion in 2001-02.”
It appears the people of Western Australia can wait with baited breath for the infrastructure to sustain acceptable living standards while supplying the rest of the country with seemingly unlimited bounty from the resources boom. It is to be noted that despite her best efforts, Miss Gillard could find no suitable sites to house such vast numbers of illegal immigrants within the vicinity of Canberra.

This petition is not about racisms or xenophobia it is about protecting Western Australian culture and ensuring a sustainable future for our State. Please add your name and signature to the list to ensure the future of our State and our Australian way of life.

17. Ban “sex for sale” advertising

A 2010 study (ACPO) estimated over 11,000 trafficked and vulnerable women are prostituted in England & Wales, many brought to the UK under false pretences,but increasingly perpetrators find their vulnerable victims on the streets of the UK. In 2016, 25% of all reported potential trafficking victims in the UK were victims of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation includes but is not limited to sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, forced prostitution and the grooming and abuse of children for sex and the production of child abuse images/videos.

Many women are forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. Victims of forced prostitution earn huge tax-free profits for the people who control them.

Fraud, deception and violence pull vulnerable women and children into the sex trade where they endure appalling conditions – this is not their free choice.

Sex of all kinds is readily available to view and purchase on the internet, through ads in newspapers, magazines, massage parlours, lap-dancing clubs, shops, toilets, even telephone boxes.

Sex advertising increases the demand for prostitution and fuels human trafficking.

How come we ban tobacco advertising but not “sex for sale” advertising?

18. Amazon must stop the glorification of pimp

For some time now, has arbitrarily chosen to ban books that are LGBT related from their general search tools. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they were somehow able to explain that there had been a glitch in the system. Their new strategy has been to remotely delete books from their customers' Kindle service. These books had a commonality - they had a way to criticize our current political and economic system in some way or another. Amazon explained the Kindle version of these books were bootlegged or pirated, and they were simply trying to protect the authors.

While it seems that Amazon has a knack for deleting, making unavailable, banning or censoring themes they may deem offensive, controversial or not aligned with their belief system, they blatantly make available books that promote the denigration, abuse and exploitation of women and girls by selling books that glorify the pimp lifestyle and their secrets on how to become successful through the exploitation of women and girls. Among these books are: "The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide" in which the cover portrays the silhouette of a naked (seemingly minority) woman, "Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game", "The Art of Mackin'", and others.

19. Be the KEY to Freedom

The practice of slavery has plagued the human species for over 5,000 years. Yet here in the 21st century, slavery is more prevalent than ever before with an estimated 27 million people enslaved worldwide.

Even in the U.S slavery continues today. The U.S government estimates 14000-18000 people are trafficked into the U.S annually and put into some form of modern day slavery.

20. Tell Congress to Take Action Against Human Trafficking

Many people believe that slavery ended over 200 years ago, yet the world today tells a different story. In reality there are actually roughly 27 billion slaves in the world today.

How does it happen? And why hasn't it been stopped?

Modern day slavery and human trafficking bring in over a billion dollars a year. The trade of human beings is profitable. Yet it is also wrong. The rights of those who are trafficked are stripped away from them and they literally have no voice.

21. ¿Qué se está haciendo realmente para detener la Trata de personas?

En los últimos diez años, la Trata de personas ha acaparando cada vez más la atención global; muchos gobiernos a través del mundo están desarrollando políticas y leyes para combatirla, y se están gastando cientos de millones de dólares a escala mundial. El próximo paso lógico sería examinar estos esfuerzos para combatir la Trata de personas y así, evaluar cómo se están poniendo en práctica las medidas contra la Trata (incluyendo la forma en que se está gastando el dinero) y cuáles son las consecuencias de estas medidas.

Necesitamos urgentemente un examen riguroso de la situación. Cada vez más, a los defensores de los Derechos Humanos y activistas de todo el mundo les preocupa que estas medidas contra la Trata de personas estén conduciendo a aún más violaciones. Tenemos que preguntarnos lo que los gobiernos realmente están haciendo para prevenir la Trata y proteger los derechos de las personas Tratadas. ¿Está funcionando? ¿Quién se beneficia? ¿Los derechos de las personas que emigran, o que regresan a sus países de origen, están mejor protegidos por las políticas de lucha contra la Trata?

CASO. El Gobierno de la India consideró a las trabajadoras migrantes como una “categoría particularmente vulnerable” y “dictó una orden que prohíbe que cualquier mujer trabajadora del hogar por debajo de la edad de 30 años sea empleada en el Reino de Arabia Saudita, bajo ninguna circunstancia.” La preocupación es que las mujeres puedan ser abusadas sexualmente o ser víctimas de la Trata en condiciones de explotación. Para evadir esta prohibición, las mujeres tienen que tomar opciones de migración más arriesgadas que sus contrapartes masculinos, lo que las hace aun más vulnerables a abusos en el lugar de destino. “(Daño Colateral, Capítulo India, GAATW p. 129).

Como parte de nuestro trabajo de lucha contra la Trata de personas, es necesario hacer que los gobiernos rindan cuentas sobre sus obligaciones internacionales de Derechos Humanos mediante la revisión de sus esfuerzos y que hagan los cambios apropiados para garantizar que todas las medidas contra la Trata sean eficaces y esté basadas en los Derechos Humanos.

Esta petición forma parte de “Pare, Mire, Escuche!” de la GAATW la Acción Urgente, para hacer un llamado por un Mecanismo de Revisión, y será presentada a los gobiernos durante la cuarta conferencia de Estados Parte de la Convención de las Naciones Unidas contra la Delincuencia Organizada Transnacional y sus Protocolos (incluido el Protocolo para prevenir, reprimir y sancionar la Trata de personas).


22. Stop, Look, Listen - what is really being done to stop human trafficking?

Over the last ten years, human trafficking is gaining increasing global attention; many governments around the world are developing policies and laws to combat it, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent worldwide. The logical next step would be to examine these efforts to combat trafficking to assess how anti-trafficking measures are being implemented (including the way money is being spent) and what consequences they are causing.

We urgently need a rigorous review of the situation. Increasingly, human rights defenders and activists world-wide are concerned that these anti-trafficking measures are even leading to further violations. We need to ask what is actually being done by governments to prevent trafficking and to protect the rights of those that have been trafficked. Is it working? Who is benefiting? Are the rights of people migrating, or returning to their home countries, better protected by anti-trafficking policies?

CASE: The Indian Government considered women migrant workers a “particularly vulnerable lot” and “issued an order prohibiting any female household worker below the age of 30 from being employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under any circumstance.” The concern was that women may be sexually/physically abused or trafficked into exploitative conditions. To avoid this ban, women have to take riskier migration options than their male counterparts, making them more vulnerable to abuse at the destination point.” (Collateral Damage, India chapter, GAATW p.129).

As part of our work to fight against trafficking in persons, we need to hold governments accountable to their international human rights obligations by reviewing their efforts and make appropriate changes to ensure that all anti-trafficking measures are effective and human-rights based.

This petition is part of the GAATW Stop, Look, Listen! urgent action calling for the implementation of a review mechanism and will be presented to governments during the fifth conference of states parties to the UN Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime and its Protocols (including the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons) - October 2010.


23. Stop Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe!


• 200,000 individuals are being trafficked from Eastern Europe

• 80% of the world’s trafficked women are from Eastern Europe.

• Human trafficking is modern day slavery.

• They are forced to domestic servant hood, sweatshop work; but the majority of teenagers are forced into PROSTITUTION and CRIME.

• Albania is the country most involved in the sex trade, with women and children being lured to go to the West with false promises of marriage, jobs or education.

• UNICEF put the global value of human trafficking at over $12 billion dollars a year, just $2 billion less than Albania’s gross domestic income.

• In Belarus, over 800,000 are “missing” believed to be working --- many against their own will or in extremely hazardous conditions.

• 6000 children between the ages of 12 and 16 are trafficked from Eastern Europe each year.

24. Sexual Violence - A Call To Action

Prevention and Intervention of Sexual Violence is needed in the following areas: global youth violence, child abuse and neglect, violence by intimate partners, abuse of the elderly, sexual violence, self-directed violence, and collective violence.

For more wisdom please see:

Marital and partnership rape are another category of sexual violence that goes unnoticed, and is often not recognized as being a problem in our global society. It is the most heinous of crimes because of a women's human rights having no presence in the bedroom. There is no equal opportunity in adult age pertaining to sexual violence. In underage children, violations are committed upon either gender, male or female. In adult age, the predominant survivor's of sexual violence are women.

Please view the following fact sheet on sexual violence:
With the history of sexual violence, it needs to be advocated that global communities become more aware of its presence in our homes, work, schools, families, religious institutions/organizations. This awareness is vital to the views of sexual violence. It is key to ending the regenerated cycle of sexual violence.

In any environment, we must be ready and in place to be able to deal with the issue when confronted by the issue of sexual violence. No longer can ignorance or denial be an excuse.
Sexual trafficking is a strong component of human trafficking and a violation of human right laws.

As well as authorities keeping evidence locked away, and a woman being swabbed without permission at the scene of a crime/assault. It is her choice. To view more of this problem (video): and Full Text:

25. Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has been referred to as ‘modern day slavery’. It is a multi billion-dollar market worldwide.

Most often women and children are the victims of human trafficking.

United Nations has estimated that four million people are trafficked throughout the world each year. We believe this number is far too high.

26. End Domestic Sex Trafficking

Every day thousands of children in the United States are forced, manipulated, and lured into some form of commercial sexual exploitation. Violence and threats keep the victims silenced and fearful of escaping or trusting Law Enforcement.

Since the passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (T.V.P.A) in 2003, the United States government has spent more than 500 million dollars to spread awareness and assist in the rehabilitation of foreign nationals who have entered the country as victims of human trafficking—but funding and resources are inadequate for American children of the same crime.

27. Stop Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago!

Recently the government of Trinidad and Tobago has discovered an appalling number of persons missing for the year 2008. Upon further investigation it was discovered that it is as a result of Human Trafficking.

After its discovery the rate of these cases increased rapidly, now at there are at least 10 reports everyday and the country is now panicked as the government denies these cases and more evidence surface everyday!!

28. Slavery Still Exists! Abolish it!

Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, harbouring, or receipt of people for the purposes of slavery, forced labor and servitude. The total annual revenue for trafficking in persons is estimated to be between $5 billion and $9 billion.

Trafficking victims typically are recruited using coercion, deception, fraud, the abuse of power, or outright abduction. Threats, violence, and economic leverage such as debt bondage can often make a victim consent to sexual exploitation.

29. Stop Sex Slavery

I campaign for the freedom of women and child sex slaves who are used for pornography content.

Almost all online porn is produced from them, but despite locating many I have been unable to have the authorities move on them. (

30. Justice for Marichu! End Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery of All Filipina Domestic Workers!

Filipino domestic workers in New York and New Jersey, and our families, allies and supporters are demanding that Phil. Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration and the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) conduct a full investigation of former United Nations Ambassador Lauro Baja, wife Norma Baja, daughter Elizabeth Baja Facundo and their travel agency, the Labaire International Travel Inc. on charges of human trafficking, involuntary servitude, racketeering and US wage and hours violations filed by our fellow domestic worker Marichu Baoanan on June 24, 2008 at the US District Court Southern District of New York.

We call on the United Nations Human Rights Council Vice President Erlinda Basilio to head the DFA investigation on the charges against the former Ambassador who was also the former UN Security Council President.

We also support the demand of Marichu Baoanan for a public apology from the Bajas for violating her human dignity and subjecting her to involuntary servitude.

Like Marichu, about 30,000 Filipino domestic workers in New York work for very long hours and low wages, for less than the US minimum wage, and no overtime pay. In the private homes of our employers, we have no protection against abuse, maltreatment and slavery. We suffer from exclusion from major federal and state labor laws. We are also subjected to discrimination and harassment due to immigration status.

According to the preliminary results of a DAMAYAN survey of 210 Filipino domestic workers in the New York metropolitan area, 63 percent reported experiencing one or more wage and hour violations, and 34 percent of survey respondents reported being abused.

We are outraged by the thought that the Department of Foreign Affairs is not our haven, and that even top ranking Philippine officials could be traffickers instead of our protectors.

We are the lifeline of the Philippine economy. We will remit about $16 billion dollars, and more than $20 billion including informal channels to the Philippines this year. We were forced to leave our homeland due to the poverty and lack of opportunities in the Philippines. For these reasons, we demand respect and dignity.