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211. Prevent Abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)

The Liverpool Care Pathway was first developed by specialists in palliative medicine to give compassionate care and respect to those facing death. Its stated aim was to enable patients ‘to live until they die’, free of pain. Extended to all NHS hospitals since the 1990s, this Pathway has become subject to major abuse.

Large numbers of patients not suffering from terminal illness, but whose quality of life is judged deficient or too costly to sustain, are routinely being put on the Pathway - often without the knowledge or consent of either themselves or their families. The Telegraph, before Christmas, famously reported that of the 130,000 patients placed on the Pathway in NHS hospitals every year, 57,000 last year were given no hint that their treatment had been stopped and measures put in place to hasten death.

What it means: For patients on this Pathway all treatment, broadly defined so as to include food and hydration, is withdrawn. This effectively means the patient is starved to death. The process is then helped along by the administration of massive doses of narcotics, which serve to sedate the patient, but even by themselves can be lethal.

People wrongly put on this Pathway, if removed in time, have gone on to make a full recovery. Sadly, many others - also wrongly put on this Pathway, but for whom help has come too late, - have died. We do not criticise right use of the Pathway for those in the end stages of clear and established terminal disease, but we wholly deplore wrongful extension of this Pathway to the chronically ill, or to those whose only deficiency is to be old.

212. Free Christian Convert Mostafa Bordbar

UPDATE HRANA 10th July, 2013

The trial session of Mostafa Bordbar the arrested converted christian citizen who is currently imprisoned in ward 350 of Evin prison was held in Tehran.

According to a report of Mohebbat News, The trial session of Mohammad Hadi -Mostafa- Bordbar the converted christian from Rasht who was arrested on December 27, 2012 during last Christmas was held by judge Pirabbasi in branch 26 of Tehran revolutionary court on June 9, 2013.

The court announced charges of this christian citizen as “colluding and attending in home-church meetings” that according to Shima Ghoushe the member of human rights commission in Iran and Mostafa’s lawyer this accusation will result between 2-10 years imprisonment. But the final verdict is not announced yet.

Mostafa Bordbar was able to meet his parents a few minutes before his trial session in prison uniform and handcuffed but only his lawyer was allowed to enter the trial session. Now he is in ward 350 of Evin prison with other christian prisoners such as Farshid Fathi, Saied Abedini and Alireza Seyyedian.

Mostafa ,27, arrested after the invasion of plainclothes security forces to the worship gathering of the converted Christians for Christmas and new year.

Mostafa Bordbar was arrested once more in 2009 in Rasht on charge of converting to Christianity and presence in home-church. Also he was tried by branch 1 of court on charge of apostasy and after the trial sessions was released by bail and it has been added to his criminal records.

Source : Hrana

Editor: Human
Translator: Ramyar Hassani
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HRANA News Agency– Mostafa Bordbar from converted Christians who was detained by the security forces in Tehran during Christmas, is still in detention in Evin prison.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), quoted from Mohabbat News, there is no news from Mostafa Bordbar - who was born on 1986 and is a converted christian from Rasht- and how he has been arrested.

According to the released reports, on Thursday, December 27th of 2012, about 50 converted Christians in Tehran gathered for Christmas eve prayers and praising Jesus Christ at a home in Northern Tehran but have been arrested by the invasion of plainclothes security forces.

These people have been detained for hours at the same place and got permission to leave the house after interrogation. During this event also Priest "Verevir Avansian" arrested who is Iranian-Armenian christian, while he is sick hardly. The priest was released after 15 days detention in Evin prison by providing bail until the day of his trial.

Sources reported that the security agents after detaining Mostafa at the same night, went to his brother's house in Tehran and searched everything, but when they did not find anything related to his Christianity, they left the place with Mostafa after an hour.

Mostafa after detention by security forces, which seems spend his interrogation days under of Evin prison interrogators control, had not any contact with his family. Finally after two weeks they allowed him to have short phone call with his family to tell them that he is doing OK.

His family could not visit him despite of followings up, haunt to judicial centers and Evin detention center after Mostafa called them.

- Refusal of accepting the bail to release him:

After one month of Mosata Bordbar detention, according to the news, judicial department asked for bail instead of his provisional release until the trial day but unfortunately they refused the bail of his family because it belongs to Rasht and prevented the provisional release of this prisoner of conscience.

Judicial officials asked the family of this christian prisoner to provide a bail belongs to Tehran. Then it seems until his family will find a new bail he should be in detention.

Continuation of the detention of a converted christian in Tehran

Mostafa Bordbar has been arrested in accusation of conversion to Christianity and attending the hidden churches at homes in Rasht in 2009.

He is also accused to apostasy and released by providing bail which is registered in his dossier.

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

213. Free Manizheh Bohlouli, Lawyer at Iran Justice Department

The lawyer, Manizheh Bohlouli arrested


HRANA News Agency – Manizheh Bohlouli, The lawyer at justice department has been arrested without enough evidence and reason; and transferred to prison by the 4th branch of prosecutors in Miyaneh.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), This lawyer called her family from Miyaneh prison and informed them that she is in detention, and Also the assistant prosecutor of 4th branch has granted a bail of 5 million tomans for her.

Her family went to the prosecutors office and asked for her freedom with the bail in hand but unfortunately they faced the assistant prosecutor's refusal.

Five months ago in a case that Manizheh Bohlouli was lawyer, prosecutor himself with the investigator entered to her office and confiscated some of the evidences and her dossiers.

Manizheh Bohlouli formed a complaint in court judges against Mr. Bagheri the head of Miyaneh court, Hossein Moharrami the attorney general of Miyaneh court and Soltani the head of the 102nd branch of criminal court of Miyaneh court; But in addition of not being successful in complaint, judicial officials formed bogus case about her and arrested her illegally.

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

214. Legalise Voluntary Euthanasia in Western Australia

Voluntary Euthanasia is not about death, it's about choice.

We all have the right to a dignified death.

The next step is to legalise some very thorough legislation.

215. Free Imprisoned Iranian Earthquake Relief Workers

The Kaleme website reported that 20 relief workers were sentenced in Tabriz Revolutionary Court. Their prison sentences range from six months to two years.

A deadly earthquake in northwest Iran in August left hundreds dead and thosands homeless prompting volunteer relieft efforts by activists and ordinary citizens around the country.

The detained relief workers were arrested at an independent relief camp in Sarand when government security insisted on taking control of all relief efforts.

The detainees, who included many prominent civil activists, wrote an open letter to the head of the judiciary, condemning the security forces' misrepresentation of their humanitarian efforts.

The court has found the relief workers guilty of "collaboration in assembly and collusion to commit crimes against national security."

The judiciary had accused the relief workers of "trying to distribute expired food", but the relief workers have stressed there is no evidence that any expired food had been in the camp and they have denied all the charges brought against them.

UPDATE, JANUARY 16, 2013: Tabriz judicial authorities today also accused the group that was sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison, of drinking homemade alcohol, use of illegal satellite equipment, and non-religious mix of the opposite sexes.


216. Stop Sweden deporting Nasser Abiat to Iran

My husband did not come to Sweden just to marry me. My husband had to flee his country in order to save his own life. He had no choice, he had to escape ... or die.

He comes from Iran where people are living under a dictatorship, a country where people do not have the right to express their opinion, they does not have the right to choose their religion, have no right to dress as they want, have no right to speak their language or live according to their culture. The regime in the country does not know what human rights are. If someone go against the regime's rules, the regime hit down on them hard and unfair.

Nasser was politically active in Iran, he has been both imprisoned and tortured twice, and he has had double trials for the same crime. He lost his job because of this, his family has been harassed, his close friends have been harassed, and some of them have disappeared and even died for this cause. Nasser's crime is that he is active for human rights in Iran. Just the suspicion that people are involved in something that goes against the regime can get them hung.

When he fled, he fled to Sweden, he had a real passport but purchased by money and the Swedish visa was also bought, they even bought people on airport to get him out of the country. He travelled by airplane from Iran to Turkey and then to Sweden. Within a month after he came to Sweden, he continued his political commitment to get justice for his people.

Nasser works for human rights in Iran and fighting for what he believes is right. He is a blogger and has his own blog and is published on other websites, and he also published texts and picture on Facebook, he has had many exhibitions and speeches to tell us Swedes what the Iranian regime is trying to hide. He speaks to his people in the worldwide satellite channels and he has been published in Swedish news media. Nasser wants to help his people inside Iran.

The Swedish Migration Board doesn’t believe that he could buy a passport and visa, or that his political action in Sweden will give him trouble if he returns to Iran. They believe that Iran not have noticed that Nasser has been protesting against the regime here in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Board has not considered the fact that he is already known by the regime in the past and they know very well who he is. Nasser is now in a very difficult situation, because he is currently in danger of deportation from Sweden. I am now in danger of losing my beloved husband.

I beg everyone to help us to live together. Each of you, who give us a signature, is one of those that save my husband's life! We thank you with all our hearts that you support us!

Ingrid & Nasser Abiat

217. Free Ali Akbar Baghani, The Secretary General Teacher’s Union, Iran

HRANA News Agency – Ali Akbar Baghani, the secretary general for the Teacher’s Union in Iran, was sentenced to one year in prison and 10 years in exile to Zabol City, by branch 26th of Tehran’s revolutionary court.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Judge Pir Abassi at branch 26th of Tehran’s revolutionary court, sentenced Ali Akbar Baghani to 1 year in prison and 10 years exiled to Zabol, a city far in eastern south of Iran. This verdict was issued based on his case from 2010 on charge of propaganda against system.

If this new verdict been confirmed by Supreme Court, Ali Akbar Baghani will be imprisoned for six years, because he has a 5 year suspended imprisonment in his records from 2006.

218. Stop the Execution of Younes Aghayan

Fear of Imminent Execution: Younes Aghayan Was Transferred to Solitary Confinemen

HRANA News Agency 27 DECEMBER 2012

Younes Aghayan, ethnic prisoner sentenced to death was transferred from Mahabad prison to solitary confinement in Urmia prison, yesterday.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Younes Aghayan, a follower of the Yari faith (Ahl-e Haq), ethnic prisoner who is sentenced to death, was transferred from Mahabad prison to solitary confinement in Urmia prison. There is fear of his execution.

Younes Aghayan is a follower of the Yari faith (Ahl-e Haq) from the village of Ooch Tappeh, near Miandoab. In October 2004, police raided Ooch Tappeh village to remove signs with religious writings of Yari faith. When villagers resisted the raid and confronted the police, Younes Aghayan, 21, and another Yari faith follower by the name of Mehdi Ghassemzadeh (Aghayan’s uncle) were arrested. In January 2005, the two men were put on trial by Branch Two of Mahabad Revolutionary Court, and were sentenced to five years in prison on charges of “carrying ammunition and arms,” and to death on charges of “armed resistence against the Islamic Republic of Iran.” After the Supreme Court confirmed the sentences, Mehdi Ghassemzadeh was executed in 2008, and Younes Aghayan has remained on death row inside Orumiyeh Prison since then.

Mehdi Ghassemzadeh was executed without the knowledge of his family and his court-appointed lawyer, and according to the source, his body was never returned to his family for burial.

219. Free Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini

UPDATE aclj Apr. 15, 2013

It began last week. American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who is serving an eight-year prison term in Iran because of his Christian faith, has been suffering from internal bleeding for months - injuries received from the beatings in prison. In what could only be viewed as a cruel act of psychological abuse, prison officials took Pastor Saeed to a hospital last week - only to be turned away - and brought back to Evin prison without receiving medical treatment for his internal bleeding.

Now, comes word out of Iran, that the beatings and physical abuse are intensifying. Pastor Saeed reported today that last week he was severely beaten the same day the prison officials took him to the hospital. During the weekly prison visit today, Pastor Saeed's family reported that his physical condition is worsening - seeing first-hand the marks and symptoms left by the recent beating. These beatings and the internal injuries are causing Pastor Saeed frequent fainting spells. Iranian officials are telling Pastor Saeed it could be an additional two months before he will receive medical treatment. Such a delay is inhumane and a gross violation of Iran’s international obligations.

In addition to refusing to give Pastor Saeed the medical care he needs, it now appears authorities are stepping up their physical abuse and psychological torture. Pastor Saeed reported that cellmates, who appear to have connections to the Iranian intelligence police, recently threatened they would suffocate Pastor Saeed in his sleep, making his death look like an accident. The daily threat that his life could be taken by his internal injuries or by the hands of cellmates, weighs heavily on Pastor Saeed.

Full story here :

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UPDATE 23 MARCH , 2013

#US Secretary of State #Kerry Urges Release Of #Iran Pastor

RFE/RL March 23, 2013

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called on Iranian authorities to immediately free an Iranian-American Christian pastor who has been sentenced to eight years in jail.

In a written statement, Kerry said he was "deeply concerned" about the fate of Saeed Abedini.

The top U.S. diplomat said he was "disturbed” by reports that Abedini has suffered physical and psychological abuse in prison, and that his condition has become increasingly dire.

The statement said “such mistreatment violates international norms as well as Iran's own laws."

Abedini, a naturalized U.S. citizen who converted to Christianity, was sentenced in late January.

He has denied charges of attempting to undermine Iranian state security by creating a network of Christian churches in private homes.


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Banning the bail of Saied Abedini and threatening it's provider

HRANA News Agency – The illegal Evin prosecutor banned the bail for Saied Abedini the Iranian-American pastor.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), also the islamic revolutionary guards interrogators threatened the person who tried to put bail to prevent this prisoner's furlough.

Saied Abedini is the Iranian-American who is accused to establishing home-church in 2009 and after his arrival to Iran in 2012 has been arrested by islamic revolutionary guards Etela'at and transferred to ward 2A.

More than eighty US senators from both Democrat and Republican parties on Thursday February 14th wrote a letter to John Kerry the United States Secretary of States and asked him to try to do all what is needed for freedom of Saied Abedini the Iranian-American pastor.

Translate by: Ramyar Hassani

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US Confirms Pastor Sentenced To 8 Years In Iran

RFE / RL January 28, 2013

The U.S. State Department has confirmed that Iranian authorities have sentenced an American Christian pastor of Iranian origin to eight years in prison.

Spokesman Darby Holladay said Washington is calling on Iran to respect Saeed Abedini's human rights and release him.

Earlier this month, Abedini reportedly went on trial on charges of attempting to undermine Iranian state security by creating a network of Christian churches in private homes.

The pastor, who is of Iranian origin but lives in the United States, denies the charges.

The U.S. spokesman said the State Department is in close contact with Abedini's family.

He also called on Iran to uphold the right of freedom of religion.

A rights group, the American Center for Law and Justice, has alleged that Abedini was beaten and tortured during his detention.
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Lies and a Conviction: Iran Mocks Justice, Convicts & Sentences American Pastor Saeed_Abedini

ACLJ Jan. 27, 2013

Our worst fears have been realized. This morning in Tehran on an empty promise that American Pastor Saeed Abedini might be released, his lawyer came to court. The lawyer had no formal notice that his presence was required, only the casual request less than 24 hours before from a court administrator to a family friend that the lawyer should come to the court because it was releasing Pastor Saeed. But this was all a lie.

Upon arriving at the court, Dr. Naser Sarbazi, Pastor Saeed’s lawyer, saw his client. He knew he had been deceived.

Without family present, Judge Pir-Abassi of Branch 26 of the Iranian Revolutionary Court, known as the “hanging judge,” verbally convicted and sentenced Pastor Saeed to eight years in prison for threatening the national security of Iran through his leadership in Christian house churches. The evidence provided was of Pastor Saeed’s Christian activities primarily during the early 2000s, when under President Khatami house churches were not perceived as a threat to Iran. Despite Iranian law requiring a written verdict, none was given.

Here’s the troubling reality: A U.S. citizen, who has been beaten and tortured since him imprisonment last fall, now facing eight years in Evin Prison, one of the most brutal prisons in Iran.

We represent Pastor Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh, and her two children who live in the U.S. Upon hearing this injustice, Naghmeh, said: “The promise of his release was a lie. We should not trust the empty words or promises put out by the Iranian government. These false hopes amount to psychological torture. You don’t want to trust them, but they build a glimmer hope before the crushing blow. With today’s development I am devastated for my husband and my family. We must now pursue every effort, turn every rock, and not stop until Saeed is safely on American soil.”

We know that with the Iranian Revolutionary Court, Pastor Saeed’s conviction and sentence had to be approved at the very top – The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini had to sign off.

Iran has not only abused its own laws, it has trampled on the fundamentals of human rights. We call on the citizens of the world to rise up in protest. We call on governments around the world to stand and defend Pastor Saeed. As his wife has pleaded, starting with our own government, every effort must be pursued. We are calling on the State Department and the White House, which have both called for Pastor Saeed’s release, to engage further.

This is a real travesty. An U.S. citizen faces a lengthy prison term for simply because of his Christian faith. Pastor Saeed facing eight years in a harsh prison – likely facing life-threatening torture and abuse at the hands of the Iranian regime.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Saeed and his family. We will continue to utilize all of our efforts to see that justice is served and Pastor Saeed is safely in the arms of his loving wife and two children back home in the United States.

Jordan Sekulow is Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

UPDATE: ACLJ Jan. 24, 2013

Iranian guards turned away the family of American Pastor Saeed Abedini this morning when they attempted to visit him in Evin Prison. They were told Saeed was not there.

On Monday, the first day of his trial and the only day he was allowed to be present and make a defense, Pastor Saeed’s attorney, Dr. Naser Sarbazi, asked that Saeed be moved from his current ward in Evin to ward 305, so that he could receive better medical treatment.

Judge Pir-Abassi told Saeed’s attorney that he would see to it. However, since then, no indication has been given to Saeed’s attorney or his family that this move would take place.

It's important to note this is one of Iran's “hanging judges” who told family members that Pastor Saeed would be released on bail. The fact is the family's repeated efforts to secure Pastor Saeed's bail have been flatly rejected by Iranian officials, and Judge Pir-Abassi’s own right-hand man threatened a family friend to stop assisting Pastor Saeed’s family.

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Jailed U.S. Pastor Says He 'Will Hang' for His Faith

CBN January 16, 2013

An Iranian-born American pastor imprisoned in Iran is set to go on trial Monday, Jan. 21:

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UPDATE 22 December 2012

Iranian-American pastor imprisoned in Evin, Iran, without notice of charges

HRANA News Agency – Saeed Abedini, a 32-year-old Iranian who is a U.S. citizen and a Christian convert has been imprisoned without notice of any formal charges while visiting his family in Iran.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), The Rev. Saeed Abedini, is currently awaiting trial at Iran's notoriously brutal Evin Prison, where he has been incarcerated since late September.

He lives in the U.S. with his wife and two young children, was making one of his frequent visits to see his parents and the rest of his family in Iran, his country of origin and where he spent many years as a Christian leader and community organizer developing Iran's underground home church communities for Christian converts.

On this last trip, the Iranian government pulled him off a bus and said he must face a penalty for his previous work as a Christian leader in Iran.

In July, Abedini left his wife and kids to go to Iran to visit family and continue a humanitarian effort he began years ago to build an orphanage.

After a short visit to a nearby country, Abedini was traveling back into Iran to catch his flight back to the U.S. when members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard stopped his bus near the Turkey-Iran border and pulled Abedini from the bus, confiscating his passports and subjecting him to intense interrogation, according to his wife.

After weeks under house arrest and many calls to Iran's passport control office about the status of his confiscated passport, Abedini was told that his case has been referred to the Revolutionary Guard, the Iranian government's elite military force.

On Sept. 26, five men kicked open the door of Abedini's parents' residence in Tehran where they collected all communications devices and arrested him.


_ _ _ _ _ _

A Iranian-American pastor, Saeed Abedini, has reportedly been arrested and charged in Iran while visiting his family.

Reports say the 32-year-old Christian convert has been detained in Tehran’s Evin prison since late September.

The charges against him are not clear.

The American Center for Law and Justice, which is representing his wife, has alleged that Abedini was jailed because of his Christian faith.

The group says it is launching a campaign to demand the release of the pastor, who became a U.S. citizen in 2010.

Earlier this year, Iran released pastor Youcef Naderkhani, a Christian convert, who had reportedly been sentenced to death for apostasy for refusing to renounce his faith.

In the Islamic republic, a Muslim who converts to another faith can face the death penalty.

220. Free Hamid Eslami and Rahman Vafa’i

3-year sentences confirmed
for Hamid Eslami and Rahman Vafa’i

Sen´s Daily September 16 , 2013

The review court has confirmed the 3-year sentences hand down to Hamid Eslami ( حمید اسلامی ) and Rahman Vafa’i (رحمان وفائی ). They were arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in Shiraz on July 14, 2012, and were charged with “membership of, and propaganda for, illegal groups” and “endangering national security.” However they are held in Adel Abad prison in the section for religious prisoners, not as security or political prisoners. The review court considered their files on August 22, 2013, with the lawyer for the defendants present. On September 14, their lawyer was informed that the sentences had been confirmed. Mr. Vafayi, who is 59 years old, suffers from heart complications and his family fears the effects of imprisonment on his health.

Source : Sen´s Daily
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UPDATE Sen´s Daily July 13 , 2013

Concerns for the health of Rahman Vafa’i,
imprisoned in Shiraz

Rahman Vafa’i (رحمان وفائی ), a 59-year old Bahai serving a three-year sentence in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz, is in poor physical health and has been denied prison furlough. He suffers from high blood pressure and experiences severe pain from a sciatic nerve. He was receiving medical treatment before his imprisonment, but it has not been possible to continue this in prison. His family send medicines to the prison, but they are not always passed to him by the prison.

Although he needs surgery for his sciatic problem, as he has lost all feeling in his left foot, the prison doctor has not recognized that this is necessary. He was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in Shiraz on July 14, 2012, and after almost 9 months in detention was sentenced, in May 2013, on the charges of “propaganda against the regime” and “membership in Baha’i organizations.”

Source : Sen´s Daily

_ _ _ _ _ _

UPDATE Radio Zamaneh 05/31/2013

Two Baha'is sentenced to jail for “propaganda”.

Two Iranian Baha’is have been sentenced to three years in jail by the Islamic Republic judiciary in Shiraz.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that the two Baha’i citizens were arrested last July in Shiraz and, after 11 months in Adelabad Prison, were finally charged with “propaganda against the regime” and “membership in Baha’i organizations.”

Rahman Vafayi and Hamid Eslami have each been handed three years in prison.

HRANA adds that 59-year-old Vafayi suffers from heart complications and his family fears the effects of imprisonment on his health.

The Islamic Republic does not recognize Baha-ism as a legitimate religion, and most Baha’is face severe discrimination and persecution in Iran, which is the birthplace of the Baha’i faith.

_ _ _ _ _

Hamid Eslami ( حمید اسلامی ) and Rahman Vafa’i (رحمان وفائی ), who were arrested in Shiraz on July 14, have now been in “temporary custody” (detention without trial) for five months, including 68 days in solitary confinement. According to reports from relatives, the two have been subjected to harsh conditions such as cramped quarters, severe cold, malnutrition and being stripped of their clothes as well as lack of medical facilities.

They have also been placed in a cell with murderers and drug users. Although their interrogation has ended, the court has not released them on bail and has even extended their remand.

221. Free Kurdish Brothers Ali Afshari and Habibollah Afshari

Ali Afshari and Habibollah Afshari two brothers were in Iranian Kurdistan in court of Mahabad sentenced for execution. They are accused of being members in a party against the Iranian regime. They are accused of propagating against the regime.

Ali and Habibollah are prison in Oroumieh and not allowed to receive any visitors since last week. Ali Afshari was wounded by a shot from an agent of the regime. 75% of his body is ulcerated by the gunshot wound. The prison authority still refuses to provide him medically. His inflammation worses day by day. Ali and Habibollah have two other brothers who are also imprisoned in Oroumieh prison. Both Jafar and Vali were sentenced to five years in prison.

222. Stop the Killings in Manipur, NE India

We are alarmed that the killings in Manipur continue to happen and the impunity in the manner that these killings are done despite numerous investigations done by a high level investigating agent, the Central Bureau of Investigation regarding the BT Road killing , official visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Execution, Prof. Christof Heyns and his meeting with human rights groups and victims in Guwahati 28 March this year ; and the intervention of the Supreme Court initiating investigation on the killings .

Despite these investigations, there is no substantial and action taken by the government to bring the perpetrators to justice, indemnify the victims and to put these incidences to a full stop.

223. EU asylum for Anastasia Grishay

Anastasia Grishay is a very kind person and a very good mother.

She loves her kids and places them above all.

She is being persecuted in her home country Ukraine, for starring in porn.

As a fact Anastasia needed money so badly after she has been left alone with kid, that she was ready to do anything to feed her family.

Getting into the porn business was not an easy decision at all. And sometimes, more often these days, people have to face the struggle to protect their families from poverty.

A beautiful soul makes a beautiful person; and Anastasia is very beautiful indeed.

Please, your support can save her family.



A lo largo del año 2012, ciudadanos y organizaciones no gubernamentales coincidimos en torno a un tema fundamental para una nación democrática: las Elecciones Auténticas. De allí nació la Declaración de Caracas (*1), y en particular el “Proyecto Elecciones Venezolanas Auténticas” - Proyecto EVA - (*2).

La oposición ha limitado su ámbito básicamente al plano electoral, y de paso, en los términos y condiciones que el gobierno impone a través del CNE. No parece haber ningún interés en diseñar una estrategia capaz de neutralizar el complejo sistema electoral electrónico. Y se autoriza la convocatoria – lo que es más delicado aún – a procesos electorales que atentan contra la forma republicana de la nación, sin que ello pase por exigir condiciones mínimas para que la sociedad democrática le ponga un punto final a un sistema electoral perverso.

Han pasado dos meses de la elección presidencial del 7 de octubre y los ciudadanos que votamos ese día no hemos podido constatar los resultados de la verificación ciudadana (auditoría de la mesa electoral), pues a pesar de haberse solicitado (*3), no se publicó ninguna de las “actas garantías” del adecuado funcionamiento del sistema electrónico.

Que el resultado de una elección repose únicamente en las actas que arrojan las máquinas bidireccionales, constituye una gravísima deformación de una Elección Auténtica, pues ni se hace un escrutinio popular, ni el mismo es público. Que además, deliberadamente se conecte un equipo a la máquina para generar una duda sobre el secreto del voto, y más grave aún, para hacer técnicamente factible la posibilidad de que el Régimen conozca las secuencias de huellas y votos, coloca a los electores, en su conjunto, como rehenes de un sistema de dominación de nuevo cuño.

El 7 de Octubre marcó un triste hito para Venezuela, nación que fue ejemplo a seguir en la Latinoamérica de los sesenta y setenta, llena de dictaduras militares y oligarquías perversas. Un militar activo, en abierta violación a la constitución, resultó supuestamente reelecto por el voto de una mayoría, siendo que ese pueblo que lo eligió nunca salió a celebrar. Todos estos hechos, junto a otras irregularidades debidamente sustanciadas, esperan su respuesta procesal y jurídica por parte del máximo tribunal del país. (*4)

El 16 de diciembre ha sido concebido por el CNE como otra oportunidad más para perfeccionar el control de las elecciones. El órgano electoral, conformado mayoritariamente por militantes del partido de gobierno, contraviniendo el artículo 296 de la constitución, ha decidido darle cuatro vueltas más al garrote vil con el que pretende asfixiar la vocación democrática de la sociedad venezolana. Y por ende, busca impedir que la crisis de gobernabilidad y constitucionalidad, que existe de hecho en el país, sea superada entre otros elementos, con el concurso de elecciones limpias, justas, transparentes e imparciales.

El CNE ha aprobado cuatro medidas adicionales, ilegales e inaceptables, para una sociedad democrática:

1. La creación y posterior modificación de los circuitos electorales, base para la elección de los diputados de los concejos legislativas, instancia fundamental para la gobernabilidad de un estado (provincia para los lectores extranjeros). Caso especial de esta táctica previa a una elección difícil, fue la elección de la Asamblea Nacional del año 2010, en la que siendo mayoría la oposición, terminó convirtiéndose en una minoría irrelevante para el Régimen Militar, una suerte de jarrón chino del parlamento, y todo ello en franca violación al principio de representación proporcional consagrado en el artículo 63 de la constitución vigente (*5).

2. La Colocación, en la pantalla de votación, de la opción “combo candidato-diputados”, con el objetivo de “entubar” los votos de los electores, atentando abiertamente con el principio constitucional de personalización del voto mismo -articulo 63-, y con el agravante de generar una gran ventaja a favor del Poder Central, dada su capacidad de manejo de recursos para la propaganda en todas las regiones del país.

3. La ilegal e injusta medida impuesta a los electores, para que se vean obligados a pasar primero por el Servicio de Información al Elector (S.I.E.) únicamente en los centros de tres (3) o más mesas. Esta decisión discriminatoria contraviene los artículos 2 y 21 de la Constitución y el artículo 125 de la LOPRE.

4. La modificación del registro electoral para favorecer a una opción, fuera del lapso previsto en la LOPRE, y que popularmente se ha conocido como la migración de los “candidatos paracaidistas”. Con la imposición sin obstáculos de los circuitos electorales, y en ausencia de condiciones que den autenticidad a los resultados, muy pocos de los concejos legislativos estadales tendrán mayoría de los representantes de la oposición, aún en aquellos estados en los que resultaren electos candidatos opositores, ya sea por capital político propio, o por ser parte de la estrategia del Régimen Militar. En este escenario, el Régimen tendría a su disposición en los consejos legislativos, una suerte de pelotón de fusilamiento, con el cual colocar a un gobernador en situación de crisis de gobernabilidad, cuando la troika cubano-venezolana lo considere oportuno. Y con el botón del “combo candidato-diputados”, el Régimen resuelve cualquier posible error de sus electores, ya sea por desconocimiento de cómo votar, o por la decisión de gente de la base de no aceptar imposiciones en el voto por lista uninominal. Y este precedente puede ser muy útil cuando el Régimen considere oportuna la convocatoria de una Asamblea Constituyente.

Los cambios en los circuitos electorales y el botón antes citado, atentan contra el espíritu del concepto expresado por el constituyente en el artículo 162 de nuestra Carta Magna: “El Poder Legislativo se ejercerá en cada Estado por un Consejo Legislativo conformado por un número no mayor de quince ni menor de siete integrantes, quienes proporcionalmente representarán a la población del Estado y a los Municipios....” (subrayado agregado).

Con la obligatoriedad de pasar por el S.I.E., el Régimen se mantiene informado, en tiempo real, sobre la composición de los electores que han pasado por las mesas de votación, así como de los electores censados en sus patrullas electorales, que no hayan votado, siendo que la oposición no cuenta con dicha información, estableciéndose así otro desequilibrio más a favor del Poder Central.

Con la modificación extemporánea del registro electoral, se verifica una de las causales de nulidad previstas en el numeral 2 del artículo 215 de la LOPRE. Los principales voceros de los partidos políticos de la oposición tradicional, y de la mayoría de los grandes medios de comunicación social consideran, que sin importar el costo, lo más importante es recuperar espacios. Y por ello favorecen la participación en condiciones leoninas. Y pasan por “invisibilizar” a quienes denuncian este proceso de deformación continuada del sistema electoral venezolano (recordar el caso de la reciente censura - de la MUD en Globovisión - de la entrevista de Nitu Pérez Osuna al Ingeniero y abogado Alfredo Weil), excelentemente diseñado con el concurso de expertos cubanos, para que el Régimen Militar consolide victorias perdiendo, o aplaste al rival ganando.

Este nuevo ensayo del CNE, se realiza en una coyuntura política marcada por la incertidumbre sobre el estado de salud del líder del Régimen Militar y la ofensiva comunicacional sobre el nuevo Estado Comunal, como paso previo a la cubanización de la sociedad venezolana. El control de los consejos legislativos puede ser vital en el proceso del cambio de la geometría del poder local, toda vez que el Régimen controla la Asamblea Nacional, y es a través de ella que puede promover la castración de las competencias de gobernadores y alcaldes, con la respectiva legitimación de una nueva burocracia local con competencias de gobierno y presupuestos independientes, mermando así, el ya deficitario presupuesto de los estados.

El año 2013 obliga a los factores del Régimen a jugar inteligente y duro. Y a los factores de una Oposición seria y patriota, a responder con más inteligencia y visión estratégica.

Ya sea por la vía de una enmienda a la Constitución (Estado Comunal y más poder al Vicepresidente), o por una posible elección presidencial, o por una acción de la propia oposición como podría ser el revocatorio de diputados del PSUV, es posible que la sociedad venezolana se coloque de nuevo ante una oportunidad histórica para cambiar el actual rumbo por la vía electoral.

Ahora bien, un evento nacional de esta envergadura debe ser asumido únicamente desde el marco de las Elecciones Auténticas, so pena de seguir enterrando el futuro de las próximas generaciones. Y es que es la única manera de que se recupere el ánimo para votar.

225. Stop abusive biological experiments by scientists

I recently watched a TV program on how psychological tests were performed on baby monkeys who were kept isolated for nearly 1 years in cages. The movie showed them suffering in awkward positions inside the cage. Also a human baby was scared continuously for several months. The purpose of these experiments were to test their emotions. It stated that the monkeys had severe psychological damage after 1 year in total isolation.

The alarming part was that a modern day scientist who was interviewed said that he was not sure if they should have been kept in isolation but if a scientific panel asked him to do such a research, he will do it in the name of science. It showed me how much the scientific community are brain washed and cold. They can even kill somebody in cold blood and say “ it is in the name of science” “ it is for the survival of humanity”. I was wondering if they want to save humanity, why wont they volunteers to be guinea pigs or select one of their loved ones ? Always good to save humanity at the expense of somebody else being sacrificed for their noble prize.

People who perform psychological or pain inflicting experiments on life forms are not fit for civilized society. They do not possess the emotional intelligence needed to make ethical judgement and their brains work similar to serial killers. The only difference is that they are educated and have the ability to influence high ranking figures in society by exhibiting their PhDs. The only thing stopping them from performing the same experiments on humans is the fear of the law. If they had a way to evade the law, they would definitely try out these experiments on humans. This might be a reality today with entities having huge budgets to accomplish scientific breakthroughs at any cost.

226. Stop the killings of human rights advocates and community leaders

34 Mindanawons, including 26 Lumads, have been killed since June 2010 for their defense of the land, environment, and people’s livelihood. This includes pregnant women, human rights defenders, environment defenders, missionaries, priests...

More than 159 environment and human rights defenders have been slapped with legal harassment cases, vilification, and intimidation from the military.

An estimated 1,106 families with 6,066 individuals have been forcibly evacuated in the course of intense military operations carried out by the Philippine Army most notably in the Caraga, Northern Mindanao, and Southern Mindanao regions. There were also 30,000 Moro civilians who were displaced due to militarization.

227. Universal Healthcare Free at the Point of Use

Currently in Georgia, the healthcare system is largely privatised and people must pay for their care either through medical insurance or by out-of-pocket payments.

The insurance companies often do not pay out people's claims so many must personally pay for their treatment. In fact, 73% of total health expenditure is out-of-pocket payments.

The same insurance companies often run the hospitals and clinics with the aim of maximising their profit. This usually entails lowering medical professionals' salaries and increasing treatment costs. This lowers the overall level of care and makes healthcare inaccessible for a great many people.

Access to healthcare should not be determined by the invisible hand of the market. It is unjust that the market determines who lives and who dies.

We want the government to introduce a universal healthcare system which is free at the point of use, financed by general taxation and provided by a public, nonprofit national health service.

This would mean that there would be universal coverage throughout the country, universal access throughout the population and improved levels of patient care. We believe this is the right thing to do for the people of Georgia.

It is also the right thing to do for the country and the economy. A healthy population is a more productive one. A universal healthcare system would lower crime rates and make the country more politically and economically stable.

Georgia can afford to do this. According to our calculations, such a universal healthcare system would cost in the region of 850 million GEL per year. If the government increased healthcare spending to 11% of the budget, it could afford to implement this system.

If we want to live in a modern, civilised country with people who care for and respect each other, we need to adopt this model of healthcare.

It is simply not just or acceptable to leave people suffering and dying for want of money.


დღეს, საქართველოში ჯანდაცვის სისტემა ძირითადად პრივატიზებულია და მით სარგებლობა საკმაოდ ძვირი ჯდება.

მოსახლეობის იმ მცირე ნაწილს, რომელსაც სამედიცინო დაზღვევა გააჩნია, მაინც უწევს მომსახურებისთვის თანხის გადახდა, რადგან სადაზღვევო კომპანიები უარს აცხადებენ ხარჯების სრულიად დაფარვაზე. 2009 წელს ჯანდაცვაზე დახარჯული 1.8 მილიარდი ლარის 73%-ს მოსახლეობის მიერ ჯიბიდან გადახდილი თანხა წარმოადგენდა.

სადაზღვევო კომპანიები, ხშირ შემთხვევაში ასევე არიან კლინიკებისა და საავადმყოფოების მფლობელნი და მათი მთავარი მიზანია მოგების მაქსიმირება, რაც ერთი მხრივ, ექიმთა ანაზღაურების შემცირებით და მეორე მხრივ, მომსახურების ტარიფების გაზრდით ხორციელდება. ეს მიდგომა აუარესებს ჯანდაცვის ხარისხს და მრავალი ჩვენგანისთვის მიუწვდომელს ხდის მას.

ჯანდაცვით სარგებლობა არ უნდა განისაზღვრებოდეს ბაზრის უხილავი ხელით. უსამართლობაა, როდესაც ბაზარი განსაზღვრავს იმას, თუ ვინ იცოცხლებს და ვინ არა.

ჩვენ გვსურს, რომ მთავრობამ შემოიღოს ჯანდაცვის უნივერსალური სისტემა, რომელიც უფასო იქნება გამოყენების დროს, დაფინანსდება საერთო გადასახადებიდან და უზრუნველყოფილი ჯანმრთელობის ეროვნული სამსახურის მიერ (ორგანიზების ამ სქემას ტრადიციულად უნივერსალური ჯანდაცვის ბევერიჯისეულ (ბრიტანულ) მოდელს უწოდებენ).

მთავრობის მიერ შემოთავაზებული ბისმარკისეული (გერმანული) მოდელი (რომელიც გულისხმობს ჯანდაცვის სისტემის სავალდებულო დაზღვევით თანადაფინანსებას) ჩვენთვის მიუღებელია, რადგან:

პირველი, თუ გავითვალისწინებთ ქართულ გამოცდილებას დაზღვეული მომხმარებელი მაინც არაა დაცული ფინანსური რისკისგან;

მეორე, საჭირო იქნებოდა შუა რგოლის არსებობა - არა მომგებიანი სადაზღვევო კომპანიების სახით, რაც გაცილებით მეტი დაგვიჯდებოდა და გაგვირთულებდა ჯანდაცვის სისტემით სარგებლობას;

მესამე, შრომის ღირებულება დაახლოებით 15%-ით მოიმატებდა, რაც უარყოფითად აისახებოდა უმუშევრობის ისედაც მაღალ დონეზე.

228. Support human rights and fathers' rights to see their kids in Norther Ireland

It is a basic human right that fathers are give the same rights to look after children as i know to well that doesn't.. happen in Northern Ireland and the right to a family life the laws in uk and Northern Ireland are questionable in any court and if northern ireland are a part of uk why did prime minster say he was pm of northern ireland and then looking to change things to bill of rights i do thing that eu should step in because ppl have a basic human right to live and be a family; I was let down with UK goverment.

229. Amendment to the Charter of Human Rights and the Governing system

The Charter and Government are a ancient system that when they were created benefited the people then, but our modern society is no longer benefiting from the Governing body and the Charter is too often imbalanced trying to consider each right.

Rights are denied or other Rights supersede the ones that protects a person from either cruel and unusual punishment or the right to live, and the right to be free from persecution. Violations that are too numerous to name happen frequently.

We the people should be able to declare our government unfit and incapable of efficiently running the nation, that it is not doing it's job and that it needs reform.

230. Demand Rwanda cease all support for M23 and remove Rwandan troops from Congo

As of November 20, 2012, the Rwanda-backed rebel group M23, known for mass rape, summary executions, other human rights violations, has taken the key city of Goma. They say they are moving onto Bukavu and plan to "take Congo."

Rwanda has reportedly sent in 3000 troops in support of this effort. History (1996,1998, and the early 2000's), all show this invasion will result in massive rape and other human rights violations.

231. Stop the Keystone Pipe Line

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada does not care about landowners:
They have coerced families into signing fraudulent contracts and used eminent domain to take their land by force.

The pipeline threatens our health:
Toxic tar sands are corrosive and spill more often than crude. Spills are too difficult to cleanup. TransCanada’s pipeline threats the health of millions.

Grandmother and Texas landowner, Susan Scott has fought TransCanada for 4 years. She was unable to make an informed decision on TransCanada’s contract, which falsely described the pipeline as transporting crude oil, and not diluted bitumen (toxic tar sands).

Susan was bullied into signing with TransCanada after threats of land seizure by eminent domain.

U.S. pipeline company Enbridge is responsible for the worst tar sands spill in North America--and its total cover-up. Despite the warning signs, Enbridge allowed about one million gallons of toxic tar sands to spill in the Kalamazoo river. Over 200 people became sick, and the river’s fish all died. Enbridge paid for people’s silence and literally buried the spill.

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada has no integrity: They lie to landowners, indigenous communities, and regulators. TransCanada is a corporation that cannot be trusted with our communities’ safety.

Tar sands extraction is the most destructive plan on Earth: It produces four-times the carbon emissions as compared to crude oil. It will destroy a forest the size of NY state.

TransCanada has repeatedly lied about the contents of their pipeline. They claim it will transport crude oil, but we know that it will contain toxic tar sands. The contents of TransCanada’s pipelines are kept secret, even to regulators after dozens of uncleaned toxic spills. TransCanada lies to indigenous communities, and tramples their land and burial grounds.

Lies from TransCanada:
Tar sands exploitation has already destroyed 170,000 acres of ancient forest in Canada. There is no hope for regrowth.

With tar sands, Canada has no plan to comply with the carbon reduction agreements they signed, and their emissions will only make our climate crisis much, much worse.

232. Free Iranian Prisoner of Conscience Zahra Mansouri, Denied Her Medication for Epilepsy by Her Jailers

Zahra Mansouri, an epileptic prisoner, has been denied access to her medication in prison. Zahra Mansouri, 60, began serving her two-year prison sentence on October 27, 2012.

Zahra Mansouri's physician has warned against conditions that would bring on epileptic seizures for Mansouri, but prison authorities refuse to allow her access to medication provided by her family. Mansouri suffers from serious health problems caused by a recent intestinal operation.

Ms. Mansouri needs to regularly take her medicine and live in a stress-free environment, according to her doctors. Both are being denied her in the Islamic Republic's prison.

Security forces first arrested Zahra Mansouri on June 1, 2011. She spent 90 days in solitary cells inside the Intelligence Ministry's Ward 209 at Evin Prison. During her detention, she underwent surgery due to breast cancer, and immediately after her operation, authorities transferred her back to her solitary cell. She was released on bail on August 19, 2011.

Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Pirabbasi initially sentenced Zahra Mansouri to five years in prison on charges of "acting against national security." Due to Mansouri's ill health, her sentence was reduced to two years in prison and an additional five years' suspended imprisonment.

Zahra Mansouri's brother, Mohammad Ali Mansouri, is a political prison who has been serving a 17-year prison sentence in exile in Rajai Shahr Prison on charges of "relations with groups hostile to the regime". Zahra Mansouri has been exposed to a lot of pressure due to her familial ties.

233. Free Iranian Student Maryam Salehi, "Missing" Months After Being Arrested

Maryam Salehi, 24, a university student and resident of Tehran and a member of Mothers in Support of Human Rights in Iran in addition to several other human rights campaigns, was arrested early Wednesday, August 15 at her father's home in Arak.

Maryam Salehi's mother, Sedigheh Mahouri, told Melli-Mazhabi website that the forces who entered the Salehi home did not present a warrant or any form of identification. They treated the family in a very humiliating way and took some of the family's personal belongings with them.

Since her arrest, despite efforts made by Maryam Salehi's family and friends, no information about her detention location has emerged. Maryam Salehi's family remain concerned about her conditions and ask for help from human rights organizations.

234. Immediate Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier NOW!

November 10, 2012

To President Barack Obama, United States of America

WE the National and International Supporters of Federal Prisoner Native American Human & Environmental Activist Leonard Peltier (89637-132) do with Good Faith & Solidarity respectfully ask President Barack Obama of the United States of America to acknowledge, accept, and enact immediately the 2011 unanimously passed (NCAI) National Congress of American Indians’ Resolution for Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier which was presented in December 2011 at the Tribal Conference in Washington DC.

The facts presented in this Resolution remain unchanged today with exception to the fact that Leonard Peltier is now 1 year older.

Since NCAI presented their Resolution for Clemency in 2011, James Anaya, The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples presented his unbiased well-researched investigative report on the conditions and concerns of Native Americans to the United Nations. In Mr. Anaya’s report he favored Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier.

Leonard is 68 years old. He continues to suffer from un-treated and under-treated health problems. Despite his physical pain, suffering, limitations and the InJustice served upon him for close to 4 decades, he made a public statement during the recent presidential election campaign urging Native Americans and All other Americans of Voting age to exercise their Right-to-Vote! Leonard continues to work for his Humanitarian and Environmental causes as best he can.

WE Thank The Obama Administration for actively working with the NCAI to improve the severe conditions that continues to plague our Sovereign Nations. There is a long road ahead as so much more is needed to Right past Wrongs, to ensure Positive and Healthy Outcomes and to decrease the Prejudice and Racism that continues to prevail in some areas. WE understand that enacting Changes takes time… HOWEVER….WE know that Clemency for Leonard Peltier ONLY takes YOU, The Clemency Papers and A Pen!! Please Right the Wrongs of almost 4 decades IMMEDIATELY; Grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier!

In Good Faith & Solidarity WE thank you for your time and consideration and ask that you sign those Clemency Papers NOW!

235. Bring my grandkids home

Our grandchildren are US Citizens. Our grandchildren due to their ages (16, 13, 2) in the US would be considered vulnerable. Despite the Dublin US Embassy's request to meet with our grandchildren, the Irish government has refused to allow the US Embassy to meet with them.

We have safety concerns for them with the Irish system. Our daughter, the children's mother, has been a loving, concerned parent who has been prevented from leaving Ireland with her three children who are USA Citizens and non-Irish citizens.

Our American grandchildren are not allowed to communicate with family members in the US, or with the US Embassy in Ireland as is their legal right. We want to have our grandkids and daughter repatriated to the USA immediately.

Please help us get our grandkids back from these illegal actions by the Irish.

NA Mainerich/Kar

236. Investigate the Disappearance of Sri Lankan Journalist, Prageeth Eknaligoda

For the past 26 years, Sri Lanka has been wracked by a civil war between the security forces (who are mostly from the majority Sinhalese community) and the armed Tamil opposition group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who sought an independent state for the Tamil minority in the north and east of the island.

The war ended in May 2009 with the defeat of the LTTE by the government. Since 2006, journalists and other media workers have been prime targets for attack. At least 14 media workers have been the victims of unlawful killings since the beginning of 2006; one has allegedly disappeared in the custody of the security forces, while others have been tortured and arbitrarily detained.

Emergency regulations issued by the Sri Lankan President have been used to silence critical media and generally violate freedom of expression in Sri Lanka, including through detention without charge or trial for periods lasting up to 18 months.

237. Reform Facebook Regulations

The other day I received a Friend invite on Facebook from a lady I did not know, after checking profile, I accepted! Then I was sent to a page to choose possible new friends, since the choice was only two, I picked both! One accepted, no word from the other!

Shortly later Facebook blocked me from making any more invites, claiming I was inviting people I did not know! After accepting an invite from someone I did not know and responding in kind, I was blocked!

238. Deny visas to the Pakistani feudal lords

I am petitioning to all the Western Governments and specially the British Government to revoke visas and deny entry to all the feudals and the Ruling class from Pakistan against whom there is evidence of violation of Human Rights in Pakistan as the Pakistan Govt is complacent in their crimes against humanity.

239. Ratify ILO Convention No. 169

Affirming that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are equal to all other peoples, while recognizing the right of all peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, and to be respected as such; and

Recalling that Australia, in responding to the recommendations of the Universal Periodic Review at the United Nation’s Human Rights Council’s seventeenth session on 31 May 2011, committed to formally considering becoming a party to International Labour Organization Convention No. 169 concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ILO 169); and

Recalling that in April 2009, Australia supported the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ‘in the spirit of re-setting the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and building trust’; and

Noting the positive effect that ILO 169 has had on those Indigenous peoples living within or otherwise impacted upon by those nation states that have ratified the Convention, including Norway.

240. Free "The Five Iranian Christian Converts" Mojtaba Hosseini, Mohammad-Reza Partoei (Kourosh), Vahid Hakkani, Homayoun Shokouhi and his wife Mrs. Fariba Nazemian

Five Iranian Christian Converts Receive Trial Date

Following a long wait and much uncertainty and after the judicial authorities rejected their appeal to be released on bail, five Christian converts in Shiraz officially received a trial date. They spent eight months after their arrest in prison with their fate unknown.

According to Mohabat News reporters, five Christian converts, who have spent eight months in prison, finally received a date for their trial through their lawyer.

Their trial, according to the announcement paper, is to be held on Monday, October 15, at 10 a.m. in Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz. The names of the Christians are as follow, Messrs.. Mojtaba Hosseini, Mohammad-Reza Partoei (Kourosh), Vahid Hakkani, Homayoun Shokouhi and his wife Mrs. Fariba Nazemian.

The report received by Mohabat News indicates, these Christian converts are charged with "creating illegal groups", "participating in house church service", "propagation against the Islamic regime" and "defaming Islamic holy figures through Christian evangelizing".

Prior to this, on May 11, 2008, Mojtaba Hosseini and Homayoun Shokouhi had been arrested because of their Christian faith, together with eight other Christian converts in Shiraz. At that time, they were sentenced to five years in prison but released conditionally. One year from that suspended five year sentence is still remaining. It is believed that their prior case may also be reviewed in the trial that is to come.

Since their arrest, all five Christian prisoners are being held separately in wards where dangerous criminals like murderers and drug dealers are also being held in Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz. According to reports, Homayoun Shokouhi is being held in ward 10, which is believed to be the worst ward of all, Mohammad-Reza Partoei is in ward 11 and Mojtaba Hosseini and Vahid Hakkani are in ward 4, but on different floors. Also, Mrs. Fariba Nazemian is in the women's ward in the same place as feemale drug addicts and murderers.

Homayoun Shokouhi and his wife, Mrs. Fariba Nazemian, have two children, a 17 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. Their children are totally alone since their parents' arrest and are going through many difficulties.

It is noteworthy that their trial was set to be held between April 19 and 26. They were transferred to Revolutionary Court of Shiraz and were interrogated by Mr. Rezaei Dadyar in Branch Seven. They were told that some judicial officials have said that they would not accept any kind of bail for their temporary release.

These Christian prisoners' rights were also violated during their transfer to the court. As Mohabat News reporters witnessed, each time they were transferred with their hands and feet chained. This occurred although according to the regulations of the Prisons in Iran, prisoners of conscience should not be handcuffed or chained.

It should be remembered that security authorities raided a house on February 8, 2012, after they had identified it as a house church. The group of Christians who had gathered there to worship were ill-treated and eventually arrested. They were then taken in police cars to the detention center of the Intelligence Office in Shiraz, known as "Pelak 100", for interrogation.

It should be mentioned that harassment and discrimination against religious minorities has been a major Human Rights violation issue by the Islamic regime of Iran, during the last 30 years.

Regarding the situation of Christians in Iran, in the opening paragraph of its report, Fox News wrote that in a country like Iran where Christians are being pressured, the only way to secure the release of Christian prisoners is to continue the international pressure on the Iranian regime.

The Islamic government of Iran has increased its pressure on Iranian Christian converts during recent years. It has closed churches or prevented Farsi-speaking people from entering churches and uses all means to restrict and suppress "freedom of religion".