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1. STOP Farida Khan NOW! STOP horse abuse!

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« Farida Khan » regularly publishes cruel pictures and videos of herself on facebook and youtube in which she is abusing horses. She hits them over and over again with the whip and spurs, sometimes until they bleed. Needless to say that she does this for no apparent reason at all.

There seems to be a whole group of people who made a fetish of these practices. Comments like "I don't like the colour of the horse, you should change it to blood red" speak for themselves!

Doubts still exist about where Farida Khan is from. It might be India, Bangladesh or Nepal.

Please help us stop this woman and her supporters!

Links to the pictures and videos are provided at the bottom of this page. If she has deactivated her facebook and/or youtube account by the time you click on the link, please feel free to look at the proof that is provided in one of the 3 facebook groups (3 last links of this page).


“Farida Khan” publie régulièrement des photos et videos cruelles sur facebook et youtube dans lesquelles elle maltraite des chevaux. Elle les frappe de toute sa force avec un fouet et des éperons, parfois même jusqu’à ce qu’ils saignent.

Ces pratiques s’exercent dans le cadre d’un bizarre fétiche et les videos sont vendues très cher sur certains sites internet. Des phrases comme “Je n’aime pas la couleur du cheval; tu devrais la changer au rouge-sang” ne nécessitent pas d’autres commentaires.

Des doutes existent quant-à la localisation de cette femme. Il pourrait s’agir de l’Inde, du Népal ou du Bangladesh.

SVP aidez-nous à arrêter cette folie!

Vous trouverez les videos soit directement sur le profile facebook de farida khan ou, au cas où elle devait le désactiver, dans les divers groupes facebook ou encore sur youtube, don’t vous trouverez les liens ci-dessous.!/media/set/?set=vb.100000710206425&type=2!/groups/STOPFaridaKhan/!/groups/321361264630892/?fref=ts!/pages/Stop-This-WOman/494694557240253?fref=ts

2. Deport Hugh Meixner for Aggravated cruelty

Hugh Meixner, a Texan who migrated in 2004 to work horses here in Australia, plead guilty in the Bowen Magistrates Court to animal cruelty.

In court, prosecutor Sergeant Dave Blundell called for a prison term after giving a gut-wrenching description of the mare's injuries, which included the horse's head being so swollen both eyes were closed and multiple cuts, grazes and welts including a haematoma in the vulvar region.

Barrister Bronwyn Hartigan argued for a good behavior bond and Magistrate Athol Kennedy, after lengthy consideration, imposed a two-month jail term, suspended for 15 months.

3. Against Equestrian Sport

Currently Nevzorov Haute Ecole Research Centre has the unquestionable evidence of the equestrian sport's cruelty.

We are ready to bring on a highest level a conclusive accusation against equestrianism, races and other horse-torturing activities. Also we think it is legally acceptable to claim moral damage which is caused to children, who's mental health is endangered while participating in "sport activities" which considers the cruel treatment of a living being to be normal. The above is pertinent to the audience which is unsuspicious of the real nature of equestrian sport, races and other human entertainment which include horses.

Equestrian "sport" has nothing to do with a testing of power and ability of a human sportsmen. It is parasitizing on the abilities of another creatures, namely, horse. One of the proofs is that only equestrianism allows men and women participate on equal terms.

Equestrian "sport" can not exist because it is NOT sport at all. A sport discipline tests power and endurance of men, who act VOLUNTARILY, while in equestrian "sport" the one who acts like a sportsman is a horse, which is totally absurd and conflicts with the rules of Olympic Games and de Coubertin's behest. Parasitizing on other being's abilities and prize winning through violent and public coercion of a horse discredits sport and devalues services of real sportsmen who test the limits of their abilities and facilities.

We bear in mind the extent of the problem: we understand that the equestrian industry will use any means possible to defend its financial interests. Also we understand that we can withstand and win the fight only when we close our ranks. We need your aid, the aid of the sane and the intelligent people.

Let us together stop the lies and the rampancy of the legalized cruelty. Let us mark the 21st century with the prohibition of such a shameful sport as equestrianism. Let us exclude "Equestrianism" from the Olympic Games.

You can not ignore the public opinion nowadays. Internet connects people all over the world. Through the efforts of the publicity the use of the wild animals in circuses was banned in the USA. The horse slaughterhouses were also closed there. In Australia the horse races were banned at the Victoria race track. All of these happened because of the unity and bravery of the people who are ready to make a stand against the deadly machine of equestrianism. And this is just the beginning.

4. Say No To Horse Abuse and Slaughter!

Horse slaughter is the practice of slaughtering horses for meat. These animals come from auctions, private sellers, and from wild herds. Sometimes these horses are sick and injured but they can also be for sale by their owners.

Most are brought to the slaughterhouses by contract buyers who collect horses from all across the country, also known as kill buyers. Horses that are killed for reasons other than human consumption go to the renderer's(US) or the knacker's yard (UK) to make food for pets, carnivorous animals in zoos, etc.

In most countries where horses are slaughtered for food, they are processed in a similar fashion to cattle, i.e., in large-scale factory slaughterhouses (abattoirs). The animals are rendered unconscious by being shot in the brain with a metal rod, using a captive bolt stunner - pneumatically or cartridge driven. In the UK a captive bolt is rarely used. They are usually killed using a free bullet from a bell gun.

The skull is too hard to use a captive bolt the bell end to the gun prevents the bullet ricocheting and injuring the slaughterman. They are then killed by being exsanguinated ("bled out") by severing the jugular vein or carotid artery while suspended by the rear leg by a heavy chain shackle.