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1. New Sleeping Dogs Game

Sleeping Dogs was released 5 years ago. It is one of the best games ever created. We want to see a second installment in the series! Fans from around the globe, vote for CHANGE!

2. Calling for the Continuance of Hong Kong – Fukuoka Flight (CX510, 511)

Since Cathay Pacific’s establishment of the Hong Kong – Fukuoka flight route in 1965, it has greatly contributed to the flow of people and goods between the two regions. We hereby express our extreme gratitude.

In the recent years, there has been a vast increase in the number of Hong Kong visitors to Japan. From that, Fukuoka Airport is known to be the gateway to Kyushu, the place blessed with rich nature, hence inviting many Hong Kong visitors.

Moreover, the branded strawberry “Amaou”, fresh seafood and other high quality ingredients are being transported from the Fukuoka Airport to Hong Kong. These ingredients are not only used in small restaurants, but also in many high-end restaurants, supporting Hong Kong as “Food City”. Especially when referring to the role of CX511, fresh seafood that is caught in the fishing port of Fukuoka in the morning are transported to Hong Kong on the same day. Then, supplied to many restaurants and served as dinner at night. This is how people in Hong Kong, or even the many tourists who come to Hong Kong, are able to enjoy dishes made with ingredients of the highest quality and freshness.

Unfortunately, we learnt that the CX511 route will be cancelled in October this year. The cancellation will not only affect the flow of people and goods between Hong Kong and Fukuoka, but will also lose the chance of providing fresh ingredients that help make Hong Kong the “Food City” that it is now.

3. 聯署支持成立金鐘都市農業園。Call for supporters: "Urban Agri-Park in Admiralty"

耕種在金鐘 !金鐘都市農業園

添馬公園的口號為「公眾的添馬」和「地常綠」(永久綠化土地),它一直是市民大衆的休憩用地。傳統概念上的「綠色」是公園內的樹木和花草,越來越多城市開始明白要真正可持續發展,糧食生產不可能只依賴外地入口,從環保、社會和糧食安全的角度看,糧食應盡可能在本地生產,基於這份理念及需要,何不把綠色概念與21世紀同步推進,把花草樹木的「綠」轉化成「可食用的綠」?使「地常綠」更可持續地發展下去!我們的理念非常簡單:維持添馬公園草地和樹木的面貎不變, 改變至少10%添馬公園用地成為可以吃的食景。

添馬公園位於政治決策核心地帶,是可持續發展思維的出發地。政府說打算推行一系列民生議題, 可是面對本地食物被內地市場壟斷引致的食物安全問題又有何實際解決方法?如何透過社區農業和教育讓人在社會更好地團結起來? 又如何在環境保護上真正促進生物多樣性和回收廢物, 創造一個更好的環境?

添馬既是一個政治地標: 標誌着我們的行政及立法機關;它同時亦是社會地標, 廣闊的草坪讓人休憩和相聚。 我們何不再進一步讓它成為一個關心環境系統的地標,把環保的思維與政治行動互相串連成為我們社會共同關注的目標?


「金鐘都市農業園建議書」尋求在社會日漸失衡的民生議題中一些明確解決之道。如果你支持在金鐘耕種,推動都市農業的理念和行動,我們邀請您在這聯署,成為支持行動的一份子 (可以用個人或組織身份,匿名也可以)。

請參閲Facebook 民主耕地。

2.「申請金鐘社區耕種計劃 - 時序表」

Tamar Park was created as a place of green for the benefit of the public, as evidenced by the slogans “公眾的添馬” (Tamar for the Public) and “地常綠” (perpetual green land). “Green” was traditionally known to mean trees and flowers in public parks, but increasingly the urban world is beginning to recognise that to sustain cities it is no longer tenable to outsource food production to the hinterland, and that food production has to happen closer to home for various environmental, social and food security reasons. Following this line of thought, why not enhance the “green” idea behind Tamar Park and bring Tamar Park up to speed with the 21st century by taking it a step further and reinterpreting “green” to include also “edible green”? Keep the lawns, keep the trees, but change at least 10 per cent of Tamar.

Tamar Park, at the heart of Hong Kong policy-making, is where sustainable, community-led ideas should emanate from. With the government currently pushing an agenda of livelihood issues, where’s the focus on healthy and nutritious food in a market dominated by China-produced food with questionable standards? Where’s the social aspect in livelihood by bringing people together by for example community farming and education? Where’s the environmental aspect in livelihood of promoting biodiversity and recycling organic waste to create a better environment?

Tamar is already a political landmark: it features the head office of our executive branch and plays host to countess debates in Legco. It’s also a social landmark, as its wide and open lawns invite people to saunter, rest and meet. Why not also make it an environmental landmark and combine environmental thinking with political action and entwine it into our social discourse?

Organic farming will be the main practice of our farming method, while permaculture will be the main design concept in our implementation process. Our actions on the farm will be based on the permaculture ethics of Earth care, people care and resource share. That is the thinking underlying this proposal for an Urban Agri-Park, envisioning a renaissance of urban farming and community interaction, and logical urban counterpart to the government’s new agricultural brainchild of creating a rural Agri-Park to revitalise our ailing agricultural sector.

For more information, please visit our facebook:

This proposal seeks to redress this imbalance and focus on some livelihood issues currently being overlooked with real, tangible results. If you support the idea and our efforts for urban farming, put down your name as a supporter (either as individual or organisation; anonymous also possible) by following this link.

4. 回饋港幣8000-10000給持有香港身份証的60或以上長者 (必須在港領取; 行動不便或癱瘓長者酌情處理) Rebate HKD 8000-10000 to Senior Citizens Aged 60 (Require to Claim in HK, Special Cases – negotiable)

香港財政預算案2013-2014年,與未來一年民生息息相關。其中一項值得正視的是,香港綽綽有餘時, 可否回撥現金予市民自主運用。
香港是否有足夠的優質選擇, 令市民在集資回報中產生持續不斷的社會和經濟效益, 行善的渠道是否足夠 ( 望增設家人和親友醫療/經濟支援免稅額, 行善免稅額等), 物價是否受控等.

不過, 有一個鐵一般的事實, 我們的長者為社會貢獻過. 若立法會議員能在這方面多瞭解民情和民意, 我們不難發現回撥現金的建議可以是這樣的:


Facebook群組: 香港「家家」敦促「港府」修好2013至2014財政預算案

5. Early Opening of CUHK Swimming Pool


It's only February and the weather is already warm enough to go for a swim or take some laps in the morning. However, according to the officials of CUHK, the swimming pool won't open until the 1st of April.

We would like to ask that the swimming pool open immediately after Chinese New Year holiday.

We believe that if this petition got over a thousand signatures, officials should reconsider the opening day.

6. Traditional Chinese Characters for iTunes Music Store HK

It's wonderful that iTunes store has finally landed Hong Kong, allowing local music lovers to enjoy the quick and easy way to purchase copyrighted music any time, anywhere.

However, the names of some Hong Kong/ Taiwanese/ Mainland Chinese artists, Canto-pop and Mando-pop song and album titles, appear in English (which most of us can decode) or worse, in Mandarin pinyin ONLY!

In Hong Kong, we read authentic, i.e. traditional Chinese characters. We might speak Mandarin other than Cantonese and English, but most of us cannot decode the Mandarin pinyin as this is not part of our culture.

In this petition, I hope you can support my cause to ask Apple Inc. to reinstate all the Canto-pop and Mando-pop song and album titles in traditional Chinese characters its iTunes Hong Kong store.

This not only makes digital music shopping more convenient for us Hong Kong music lovers. It is also an act to protect our very own traditional Chinese heritage and roots, telling the world that though Hong Kong is a very small place, we deserve the respect we need.

Thank you for your support!

7. 要求公營藝術機構合乎道德的作業方式 Call for better ethical practices of public institutions for contemporary art

2012年6月22日, 香港藝術發展局(「藝發局」)及西九文化區視覺文化博物館M+,"藝術家李傑將代表香港在第55屆威尼斯藝術雙年展亮相。" 這個突如其來而獨斷的決定,改變了過往以公開徵集計劃書方式來甄選藝術家代表香港參與威尼斯雙年展的政策,實屬黑箱作業,事前並沒有公開相關改動部署之意圖及進行諮詢,也沒有向大眾交代及闡釋。相反,卻令大眾對藝發局及M+的角色更不明所以。誠然,是次決定乃香港藝術發展的一大倒退。

On June 22, 2012, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and M+ announced the selection of LEE Kit as the artist to represent Hong Kong at the 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, 2013.

The announcement marked a sudden and arbitrary policy change in the selection of artists representing Hong Kong in the Venice Biennale. The policy change was made in a black box, and was communicated and articulated in a way that confused public understanding on the role of HKADC and M+.

This is a serious and unfortunate setback for the development of art in Hong Kong.

8. 熱烈祝賀梁振英先生七月一日就任新一屆行政長官



9. Give Voting Rights to Hong Kong Permanent Residents Living Abroad

Hong Kong permanent residents living abroad currently have no voting rights. This situation is becoming somewhat unusual in an international context.

Currently, there are more than 100 countries and territories – including nearly all developed nations – that have systems in place to allow their citizens abroad to vote. And the number is growing. Some of the countries that allow their citizens abroad to vote include Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Britain, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Singapore.

Most Hong Kong permanent residents living abroad still have strong family and emotional links to Hong Kong, care about Hong Kong’s future and continue making contributions to Hong Kong in one way or another. They should therefore be provided with an avenue to have a say through their votes.

As Hong Kong is moving towards full democracy, it is time for the Hong Kong SAR Government to change its policy of only allowing Hong Kong permanent residents who ordinarily reside in Hong Kong to sign up as electors.

Please join me and take a stand.

10. Stop discrimination against motorcyclists 反对歧视电单车

Some car parks in Hong Kong prohibit motorcycle parking, even when motorcylists are willing to pay normal parking fee. Motorcyclists are forced to park at far away and insecure places, risking theft and parking tickets.


Personal experience include:
IFC, Mirama, The One

These are car parks opened to public, especially shoppers and dinners who patron their restaurants and shops. When confronted, management failed to give any reason as to why motorcycles are not allowed.

Motorcycles are registered vehicles under HK laws. We pay vehicle license fees and insurance like other vehicle owners. Motorcyclists should not be discriminated against.

Positive example of car parks welcoming motorcycles:
Tsing Yi City
All Wilson Parking I have visited

11. 立即停止歧視外傭 End Discrimination Against HK Foreign Domestic Workers, NOW!

On 30 September 2011, the Hong Kong High Court ruled that the restrictions imposed on foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in the current Immigration Ordinance violated the provision in Article 24 of the Hong Kong Basic Law, on the eligibility to apply for permanent residency after having lived in Hong Kong for seven years.

Under the existing Immigration Ordinance, non-Chinese people who have lived in Hong Kong with a legal identification document for seven years can apply to the Director of Immigration for permanent residency in Hong Kong. Having verified that the applicant takes Hong Kong as their permanent residence, the Department of Immigration will then approve the application. However, the provisions in the Immigration Ordinance amended during the Provisional Legislative Council after the handover discriminatively deprived only FDWs of the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

The High Court ruling on 30 September restores to FDWs equal treatment as other migrant non-Chinese people, to possess the right to apply for residency in Hong Kong. The ruling successfully eliminates the occupational discrimination in the current Immigration Ordinance and brings along a positive message to the society. It shows Hong Kong’s core value of individual human equality, where “all are equal before the law.”

The High Court ruling also has effectively recognized that the Hong Kong government has committed serious discrimination and injustice against FDWs until now. The Hong Kong government and all Hong Kong society should recognize that a large number of FDWs have been facing deep human rights violations and social and legal discrimination due to current government policies not limited to the exclusion from the right of abode, but including for example exclusion from the statutory minimum wage, the live-in requirement, the limitless working hours per day, the ‘two-week rule’ (by which they may only stay two weeks in Hong Kong after the termination of the contract) and other conditions they uniquely face.

As Hong Kong residents, citizens and workers, we want to achieve a 'world city' based on justice and equal rights for all human beings. We stand together with the foreign domestic workers who we live with and benefit from in our society, to ask for the following:



9月30 日高等法院裁定外傭與其他外籍人士一樣擁有申請居港權利。此裁決成功消除《入境條例》中職業歧視,同時對社會發出正確訊息,向公眾表明法律面前人人平等這一核心價值。



12. 魚翅婚宴。人情七折 Discount our gift money for shark-fin banquets


Discount our gift money for shark-fin banquets








As banquet goers, traditionally we could not affect the hosts on their menu choices -- even if they decided to serve shark fin soup, which imposes dire environmental consequences for the sharks and ourselves.

At the same time, we all understand that we the banquet goers are the true financiers of the banquets -- we pay for our own meals in the name of "gift money" in the red envelops.

As such, if we concern about our environment, why don't we just "follow the money" and make a change at the source ?! I suggest that we pledge to discount our gift money -- by 30% -- if we know in advance that shark fin soup will be served in a banquet. We will also pledge to donate the balance to organizations that are promoting the well being of our environment.

I believe if there are more people making the same pledge, we can signal our distaste of shark fin soup to all the banquet organizers, and let them know that:

It is not embarrassing to host a banquet without serving shark fin soup; on the contrary, it is disgraceful to host it with the soup.

Slowly we will turn the tide on the problem of excessive shark finning.

Let's work together -- for ourselves and for our future generations. Together Yes We Can!

Please invite your friends to participate.

13. 譴責立法會保安無理拘捕多名70多歲菜園村村民


14. ATNC Monitoring Network condemns the closure and layoffs of workers at Triumph International's Plants

The Asian Transnational Corporation Monitoring Network (ATNC) strongly condemns the closure of the Triumph International Philippines factory inside the FTI Complex in Taguig City and the nearby Star Performance Incorporated as well, as the layoff of nearly 50% of the workforce in the Body Fashion Thailand (BFT), Triumph International's Thai subsidiary.

15. Support Hong Kong Christian Zheng Sheng College

The Christian Zheng Sheng College, located in Chi Ma Wan on Lantau Island, is a drug rehabilitation school for teenagers.

Due to the schools success at supporting teenagers, it has become oversubscribed and needs to move to a larger premises.

The school has put in a proposal to relocate to the vacant Southern District Secondary School in Mui Wo, which has been met with resistance from the local residents.

This petition is for HK residents to show their support for Christian Zheng Sheng College and their plight to move into a larger premises.

16. 保護香港的演化論和科學教育! Protect the education of evolution and real sciences in Hong Kong!

Petition signing period 請願書簽署期限:
2009/05/30, 12:00nn - 2009/6/30, 12:00nn

English version












In Hong Kong, the new senior secondary school biology and combined science curriculum effective from September 2009 contain a statement in the part of evolution that may encourage unscientific theories to be propagated in science classes. The related passage reads:

"In addition to Darwin's theory, students are encouraged to explore other explanations for evolution and the origins of life, to help illustrate the dynamic nature of scientific knowledge."

News media reported that at least 31 secondary schools in Hong Kong have already admitted to teach Creationism and/or Intelligent Design as an alternative to the theory of evolution during science lessons. The Education Bureau first turned their back to the complaining scientists from the University of Hong Kong, but later stated in a TV program that creationism is not “considered as an alternative to Darwin’s theory”.

In the same TV program a secondary school principal lashed out at the scientists for being narrow-minded by expelling religious ideas. Another secondary school principal said on the newspaper that "Our religious belief does not approve of evolution" . In early May 2009, a group of 62 people, including educators and scientists, signed a statement calling for controversial guidelines to be retained because it is "stimulating, balanced, non-biased and has worked well" .

To date, the theory of evolution is the only robust and established scientific theory regarding the biodiversity on Earth. It has stood numerous tests ever since publishing, and is supported by overwhelming evidence and confirmed by other areas of sciences like biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, physics and geology. This central theory in biology has substantially contributed to many of the greatest scientific and technological advancements in modern medicine and agriculture, thus has saved many lives and improved their living.

The other "explanations", such as Creationism or Intelligent Design, are not even consistent with the definition of science, and have been dismissed by scientists worldwide as pseudo-sciences with strong reasons. Scientists have already stated openly and widely that these unscientific ideas should not be taught in science classes .

The problematic statement in the new biology and combined science syllabuses will open a loophole for pseudo-sciences, resulting in a great damage to quality education in Hong Kong, whereby knowledge on the theory and fact of evolution of life on Earth are being concealed, denied, or confused with ideas or notions not testable by science, and thus contradicts the objectives of science education.

There are evidences showing damages have already been made to science education, as schools and teachers with religious background unscrupulously teach Creationism and Intelligent Design during science classes. Education Bureau, as stated in its vision statement, is responsible for providing quality education to our next generation; it must address this problem seriously and with urgency, and clearly expresses their position publicly, to prevent this problem from further spoiling Hong Kong’s international image.

To know more about the issue or to support us, please visit our website.

17. 反對現任區域立委參選縣、市長




地 點:台大校友會館樓3樓A3室


18. Apologize Jackie Chan

As many people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China know, Jackie Chan recently said "I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. If you're too free, you're like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."

Whether he said this to please communist authorities in China or not, this comment was not only insulting as he described Taiwan and Hong Kong as "chaotic," but also because he described us Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Chinese as "Need(ing) to be controlled."

We are not animals, we are people with rights to democracy and freedom. Therefore, we ask Jackie Chan to make a simple apology and perhaps show some more respect to Taiwan and China

19. 中國合法領土權在美洲


20. Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics

As many as 115 million animals are experimented on and killed in laboratories in the U.S. every year. Much of the experimentation-including pumping chemicals into rats' stomachs, hacking muscle tissue from dogs' thighs, and putting baby monkeys in isolation chambers far from their mothers-is paid for by you, the American taxpayer and consumer, yet you can't visit a laboratory and see how the government has spent your money.

You can't even get an accurate count on the number of animals killed every year because experimenters and the government have decided that mice and rats and certain other animals don't even have to be counted.

Animal experimentation is a multibillion-dollar industry fueled by massive public funding and involving a complex web of corporate, government, and university laboratories, cage and food manufacturers, and animal breeders, dealers, and transporters. The industry and its people profit because animals, who cannot defend themselves against abuse, are legally imprisoned and exploited.

21. Please Stop Bear Bile Industry

Based on reports from the WSPAUSA, I can see that the industry of Bear Bile is one of the most cruel industries I have learned of. There must be some other medicines that can cure what is supposed to be curing right one. Please use your political power to save these beautiful animals.

Alvaro Cereceda

22. Say NO to United Nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2012

The Chinese language has many dialects spoken yet Mandarin has always been the official language.

In Mandarin, there are two present types of writings: Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese has been the official form of writing for thousands of years. And from it, the Simplified form was born.

In recent decades, China's effort in trying to make Chinese easier for both her youth and foreigners resulted in this push of Simplified Chinese. However, at the same time, Traditional Chinese is still studied and widely recognized.

The purpose of Simplified Chinese was meant for an easier reading (with less characters) and less pen-strokes in writing characters. It is the attempt of making Chinese more phonetic rather than having many words pronounced the same.

The two forms of Chinese have always co-existed peacefully for many years. The importance of Traditional Chinese lies in the fact that each character represents a very specific meaning. This is of extreme importance because it allows the reader to understand a written word even without the word being in context.

Simplified Chinese, although convenient, fails to incorporate meaning into its characters. Many words of same phonetic sounds are replaced by a single character that possesses the same sound but lacks in meaning. The major downfall of Simplified Chinese is that it lacks meaning. Currently, historical texts are in Traditional Chinese, (simply because one can read and understand based on the author's choice of words) however, if Traditional Chinese is to be replaced by Simplified Chinese, one would not be able to understand these texts/writings because words have lost their meanings, they simply represent a way of pronouncing the texts. As time progresses, this would result in the loss of history and culture.

UN's action to "unify" the Chinese characters and recognize ONLY Simplified Chinese will have devastating impact upon the Chinese language, culture, history. Internationally, Traditional Chinese would be forgotten and neglected, it would only be a matter of time before Traditional Chinese becomes the next "Latin". (the dead language) Along with this loss of language, would be a culture and history lost forever.

Although Simplified Chinese is an easier way to learn Chinese, but it should not be the only form of Chinese written language. It should be a convenience, not an absolute. By allowing it to become the "official" writing, the Chinese language would be in regression.

Traditional Chinese does not even exist in the UN anymore (except prior to early 1970's).

An earlier campaign by Jennifer Ping at Online petition - Say NO to United Nations' abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008 has been rejecetd by the United Nations.

A letter from GoPetition in October 2008 to the United Nations (enclosing a link to over 500,000 signatures) requested that the UN include Traditional Chinese in all press releases and UN documents. The letter from GoPetition was ignored by the UN which did not acknowledge the protest.

Without further protest, the UN will continue to marginalize Traditional Chinese through to 2012 and beyond.

For news click here.

23. Public Transport Fare Concessions For Overseas Hong Kong Students 爭取留學生擁有公共交通學生乘車優惠權利

We want to raise our concern over the recently released anti-inflation policies, one of which sees local full time students to enjoy half-price concession whilst taking the Mass Transit Railway and Kowloon Bus. We believe this is unfair to all Hong Kong permanent residents who are studying overseas.

Our parents are both citizens and taxpayers of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and they are hit by spiraling inflation as much as, if not worse than, everyone else. Moreover, we are both full time students and Hong Kong residents. Thus, it is well within reasons that we should be included in this scheme. Yet this so-called relief package does not in any way benefit us, and our families are also part of the society. On the other hand, it only alleviates the pressure of certain minority groups and fails to ease the plight of the general public, especially those among the middle-income families. This only serves to aggravate the inequality and resentment within the society.

Discount-price transportation fare policy is carried out among many leading economies. For example, Young Persons’ Rail Card of the National Rail Company in the United Kingdom allows any youth between 16 and 25 living or studying in the country to pay only 2/3 of the original fare, The Student Railway Pass of Tokyo Metro Company in Japan lets students travel between stations on the specified routes for free. In view of this, Hong Kong, suggested by your government as the Asia’s world city, should also follow the trend. Otherwise, your anti-inflation measures will be seen as favouring a small number of the population and working against your own government’s policies, and Hong Kong’s image as an international city may be damaged.

24. 反對推行膠袋稅



而且,對環保也沒有作用,節錄《 蘋 果 批 》

常 被 提 及 的 愛 爾 蘭 , 也 顯 示 出 膠 袋 稅 並 不 環 保 。 該 國 於 ○ 二 年 開 始 徵 收 膠 袋 稅 , 向 每 個 購 物 膠 袋 徵 收 約 一 點 五 港 元 。 最 初 購 物 膠 袋 的 使 用 量 減 幅 達 九 成 四 , 隨 後 縮 至 七 成 五 , 雖 然 看 起 來 仍 減 少 了 膠 袋 使 用 量 , 可 是 膠 袋 稅 又 令 商 店 預 先 包 裝 新 鮮 食 品 , 以 及 使 用 更 多 紙 袋 。 有 人 做 過 調 查 , 愛 爾 蘭 徵 收 膠 袋 稅 後 , 實 質 上 使 用 的 , 比 不 徵 時 用 多 三 倍 以 上 , 更 不 環 保 。

再 說 , 台 灣 的 例 子 同 樣 不 環 保 。 台 灣 於 ○ 二 年 實 施 環 保 徵 費 , 並 禁 用 厚 度 少 於 零 點 六 六 毫 米 的 購 物 膠 袋 。 跟 愛 爾 蘭 一 樣 , 表 面 上 減 少 了 使 用 購 物 膠 袋 , 實 際 上 卻 用 多 了 塑 膠 。 原 因 是 , 人 們 轉 用 較 厚 的 膠 袋 來 盛 載 同 樣 的 物 品 , 用 厚 膠 袋 還 是 薄 膠 袋 較 為 「 環 保 」 , 相 信 不 用 多 談 ; 同 時 紙 袋 的 使 用 數 目 亦 增 加 , 明 顯 是 比 以 往 更 不 環 保 。

從 兩 國 的 經 驗 來 看 , 結 論 自 然 是 膠 袋 稅 危 害 環 境 。 膠 袋 稅 危 害 環 境 得 如 此 明 顯 , 難 怪 就 連 政 府 委 託 的 顧 問 公 司 , 在 報 告 的 結 論 中 亦 反 對 徵 收 膠 袋 稅 , 政 府 對 此 視 而 不 見 , 反 而 借 環 保 為 名 來 徵 稅 。 徵 稅 本 就 已 經 應 該 反 對 , 不 過 《 蘋 果 批 》 反 對 的 原 因 是 , 徵 收 膠 袋 稅 之 後 更 不 環 保 , 危 害 我 們 的 下 一 代 。

25. 捍衛言論自由 抗議選擇檢控 聲援司徒華及其他被告人士 Defend Free Speech In Hong Kong, Protest Irrational Selective Prosecution

(updated 12/6/2009)
捍衛言論自由 抗議選擇檢控 修訂過時《電訊條例》






1. 撤銷所有人士的檢控,包括:司徒華、劉慧卿、李卓人、張超雄、李永達、梁國雄、黃毓民、陳偉業、曾健成、羅堪就、陳妙德、林旭華、麥志恆、楊匡、張錦雄、李偉儀、柯華冰、曾浚瑛及潘達強;
2. 開放大氣電波,修訂過時《電訊條例》,容許民間開辦電台。



Defend Free Speech in Hong Kong; Protest irrational selective prosecution; Support Szeto Wah and other defendants

Hong Kong veteran politician Szeto Wah,78, the chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, was summonsed for delivering political messages using unlicensed communications equipment. He was charged of speaking at a forum hosted by the Citizen's Radio , topic of the program involved the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, and other four forums.There is totally another 18 persons has been charged.

Ho Chun-yan is representing Szeto in court, said Szeto and others did is protected by the Bill of Rights and other international covenants.That's lots of people had spoken on Citizen's Radio but not charged,included Hong Kong Executive Councillor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung and legislator Choy So-yuk of the DAB.

Szeto Wah pleaded not guilty to the charge and stated that he would not pay the fine if found guilty by the court. He would rather protest the charge in order to support the free speech as a citizen.

In order to support the free speech in Hong Kong, we ask for your support and signature in this petition.

artice. Justice for Mr. Szeto Wah

(video updated 12/6/2009)

26. 抗議警員涉嫌侵犯人權及性騷擾被捕人士


27. 反對「破壞大澳景貌」工程 (Objection to the Tai O ‘renovation’ project)



Damages under the name of ‘renovation’

In November 2004, the local government launched Concept Plan for the Development of Lantau Island with an objective to preserve the cultural heritage and natural resources of Tai O’s old fishing villages. The Concept Plan also suggested carrying out certain construction projects with a view to enhancing the local attractions of Tai O. On September 23, 2007, the Civil Engineering and Development Department held a consultation meeting titled Tai O Renovation, jointly with the Planning Department and an environmental engineering consulting company (邁進基建環保工程顧問有限公司), and announced a budget of 620 million dollars for the required construction works. However, the consultation period was no more than one month.

The Tai O Culture Workshop finds that those construction works are damages under the name of ‘renovation’. The whole planning was built on old mindsets, trying to implant an iconic theme park on a traditional fishing village abruptly through top-down policy implementation. This is totally going against the conservation of community lifestyles as well as the principles of sustainability and public participation. The Tai O Culture Workshop wishes to express its deep regret and strong opposition against the project.


28. Chinese Traditional Characters Must Continue to be Used

China has more than 3000 written history and we have so many beautiful articles and poems, versions were beautifully written in traditional Chinese characters.

I understand the simple way to write is to save time but what if the younger generations lose the ability to recognize and understand the value of Confucious' education that has influenced China for centuries?

Besides the traditional Chinese characters are still beautiful and its value worth the keeping! Just like Kilo vs Pound, KM vs Miles, why can't we keep them all?

29. 要求解散影視處及淫審處


淫審處在九十年代將「大衛王」評為二級不雅。相隔十數載(即2007年),香港書展開幕前夕,影視及娛樂事務管理處曾向其一參展書商表示,其參展書籍《愛情神話》指封面採用18世紀法國新古典主義畫家熱拉爾名畫《賽姬接受丘比特的初吻》(Psyche receiving the first kiss of Cupid),指當中有男女人物赤裸接吻,構成不雅成分勸喻參展書商停售此書。參展書商經勸喻後亦無奈收起此書,參展書商表示停售該書非因訴訟風險,而是對當局對文化藝術的定義如此狹隘感到悲哀。事件曝光經傳媒關注後,同日影視及娛樂事務管理處表示取消對《愛情神話》的勸喻。

公 然 侮 辱 法 國 藝 術
坦 白 說 , 此 事 可 大 可 小 : 小 者 , 遭 世 界 恥 笑 , 原 來 香 港 政 府 對 文 化 藝 術 評 價 , 還 逗 留 在 酸 秀 才 的 老 八 股 年 代 , 學 甚 麼 人 搞 西 九 龍 文 娛 藝 術 區 ! 嚴 重 一 點 , 把 人 家 放 在 羅 浮 宮 的 國 寶 級 藝 術 品 評 為 「 不 雅 」 , 那 是 對 人 家 藝 術 文 化 的 侮 辱 , 那 豈 非 等 同 公 開 侮 辱 法 國 、侮 辱 法 國 人 ? 若 法 國 傳 媒 廣 泛 報 道 此 消 息 , 引 起 法 國 人 民 憤 怒 , 認 為 中 國 借 此 侮 辱 法 國 文 化 , 隨 時 可 以 成 為 一 場 外 交 風 波 , 試 問 特 區 政 府 又 如 何 擔 當 得 起 ?

30. Street Lights in Restricted Areas of Sai Kung Country Park

A request for lights at village entrances, originally by members of the Rural Committee of Sai Kung North to the Tai Po District office, turned into a $.8M Highways Department (HyD) project involving a row of 80 lights all the way along Pak Tam Road from Lady Maclehose Village (LMV) to Uk Tau.

The land along the road is uninhabited between LMV and Pak Tam Au and frequented only by hikers who (presumably) are in the Country Park at night to enjoy an unrestricted view of the night sky and the opportunity to see the wildlife that make their home in the park.

HyD received approval for the project in late 2005 and began mounting lighting standards along the paved sidewalks stopping when they had completed about 1/3 of the standards when a group of concerned residents waved a red flag.

Arguments put forward for the lights by the Highways Department included many that have been refuted:

1. HyD states that Kadoorie Farm experts said lights posed little concern for the wildlife
• Kadoorie statement: “We have not been asked to survey and report…we suggested that (HyD) carry out its own studies….we have provided the dept with some scientific references …these studies show street lights…have a significant negative impact upon some species.”

2. HyD cited need for lighting to improve road safety
• 3 traffic accidents in evening hrs over last 7 years.
• Avg # cars/evening hrs is 5
• Literature review shows that, in rural areas, lights do not improve safety on country roads (full beams on unlit road more effective)

3. HyD says fatal motorcycle accident occurred at night (HyD cited newspaper source)
• Accident happened in daylight (Police source)

4. HyD cited need for safety of pedestrians
• 12 incidents of crime during evening hours in past 6 years
• All but one were at village entrances (not on uninhabited stretch)

Following 3 meetings with the residents, the HyD is standing firm. Although admitting that their expertise is in urban rather than rural lighting they insist that the additional lights are needed.

They have; however, suggested a new plan:
1. To downgrade the existing & new lights from 150w to 100w
2. To use full cut-off lanterns
3. To lower the lantern mounting height to 8 m
4. To reduce the lighting levels by 50% after 10pm

The above would entail an additional $.4M capital cost but it would reduce overall energy consumption from 78,000 kWh to 61,600 kWh

Residents applaud these as sensible approaches to reduce the existing lighting at village entrances; but are strongly opposed to any additional form of lighting in the uninhabited areas of the park.

As Andy Brown, Executive Director of Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden so aptly put it: “From a purely sustainable living perspective, it is better for (HyD) to resist the temptation to add more and more lights to our city. It is better to do nothing and save the money, electricity and effort and leave the rest of nature to carry on without further human disturbance.”

“We would like to see the HyD developing a grand plan to remove lighting, rather than add lighting, so that less climate-changing fossil fuels are burnt in keeping them lit.”