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1. Save PENRHOS Nature reserve (coastal park) Holyhead for the community

Penrhos Nature Reserve (coastal park) Holyhead, has been used by the community for 40 years. Anglesey Aluminium has, over the decades, been given substantial government subsidies, part of the subsidy went towards the upkeep and management of this widely used local nature reserve.

Anglesey Aluminium have decided to sell the entire area to a leisure development company, including Penrhos which is 200 acres. Land and lakes have entered into an option agreement with AA, their proposal involves building a holiday camp on the entire woodland area which means Penrhos nature reserve would cease to exist destroying the unique unspoilt habitat. The public would be prohibited from this area.

Destroying the unspoilt landscape could effect the type of tourism we have on this island: we are at risk of losing our unique selling point our ‘Natural capital’.We would like to invite people to sign this petition to prevent the development.