Petition Tag - his freedom

1. Support our campaign to free John Stout!!!

We know that he is being chased for environmental related issues but at the end, the man only wants a home!!!

We need your signature, contribution for his potential prosecution bail to ensure his freedom.

2. Give A.Q. Khan his freedom back

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, an amazing man who has done a lot for this country, has been under house arrest for too long.

Although it's quite late in the day to now start this petition, these are his last few years, sadly, we must give him his freedom back. Considering the fact that the U.S is the only country in history to have ever even used a nuclear bomb.

In addition, they along with, European countries, have proliferated nuclear technology to Israel - and continue to do so. Also, the Indo-US nuclear deal is yet another example of the US breaking its legal commitments to non-proliferation.

Therefore, it makes no sense to penalize A.Q Khan, who neither broke any international law to which his country was a party, nor any national law. It is high time that he was given his freedom back!

Despite all his faults, he gave Pakistan Uranium enrichment technology which allowed the country to acquire it's nuclear capability.