Petition Tag - heritage buildings

1. Stop the demolition of heritage buildings in Christchurch

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has authorized the demolition of 1200 Christchurch ( 50%) inner city buildings many of them are listed with the Historic Places Trust.

Evidence of the carnage can be found on the CERA web site The few buildings which haven't been pulled down yet should be considered for repairs and strengthening.

This initiative is aimed at protecting the city's identity and it's economic recovery as many businesses are forced out of the CBD with nowhere to go because of Cera's injudicious recovery strategy.

2. We need an AREA ACTION PLAN for Clapton

We have lost too much of our heritage and seen too many houses turned into flats. It needs to be brought under some control. As residents we are having to fight bad design and "over optimistic" developers by objecting to planning applications. Applications that should never have been allowed in the first place.
Without an Area Action Plan there is no "vision" for Clapton.

More than that, visual environmental standards need to be set in many areas. Our visual environment is too often overlooked but its subliminal effect can be profound. A badly designed, badly cared for or visually jarring environment reduced the quality of life for everyone.

We need to stabilize or reduce local population density and set a whole raft of priorities so that Clapton can truly fulfill its potential and take its rightful place as being one of the all-round best places to live in london.

We need an Area Action Plan now!

David White
Sec. Beecholme & Casimir TRA
Sec. Clapton Resident Panel

Supported by Cllrs Linda Kelly and Ian Rathbone.