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1. Stop Gun Range in Long Valley NJ

The Police Department of Washington Township New Jersey have proposed to build an 8 lane open-air shooting range within 0.5 miles of over 200 homes. The proposed site is also less than a mile from a local church, approximately 2 miles from a local elementary school with approximately 586 students, less than 1/4 mile from a veterinarian hospital which has outdoor boarding and within 150 yards from route 46 and Reservoir Road which is an area with a high volume of traffic.

The closest neighboring property, which is planned for residential growth, is approximately 125 yards from the proposed shooting range. The range will be used for Police officers to practice and qualify on their firearms. Our Long Valley mayor stated during the latest town council meeting that he cannot guarantee that the range will not be used by other police departments or for recreational use in the future.

This petition specifically opposes the proposed shooting range design/location on the basis of the risk to public safety, significantly increased impulse noise pollution, environmental/ground water impact, quality of life impact and the obvious negative impact on property values/tax revenues.

We recognize and support the need for our police department to train on their firearms, however approving this particular open-air shooting range design so close to so many homes and businesses would be contrary to the well-being of residents in and around Long Valley, basic good sense, and will cost much more to the county and neighbors than it could ever contribute.

2. Stop the Habersham Mills area gun range

This petition is to stop and/or relocate the proposed gun range in the Habersham Mills area.

We believe this is a violation of the noise ordinance in Habersham County.

3. Keep Our Local Gun Range in the Redlands OPEN

In Our community, a friend of ours has been unnecessarily beaten down by the LOCAL political machine. We're all aware of "Henry's", a well established and enduring Outdoor Sport Shooting and Training Range South West of the Redlands of Homestead.

The Range, owned by Henry & Betty Ladue since 1994 has come 'under fire' by several entities as of late in order to shut it down completely. It has even been said that there lacked community backing/need for use of the range.

Henry has complied with every request of many public hearings and code requirements and is still being harassed by an unregulated office (Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) not having oversight but with the power to say whether we can have an outdoor gun range or not. We believe that our Florida State Statute 790.333 and Our 2nd Amendment guarantees we can exercise the rights provided therein on this property. Please also make your support known to the Zoning Department - Franklin Gutierrez - FAX (305) 372-6106 and be sure to include this Dade Planning & Zoning Process Number Z2009000114