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1. A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture

Since at least the early 1950's, the US government has been secretly researching mind control technologies. And although there were a few volunteers, the vast majority of experiments were conducted without the subjects' knowledge or consent, many of which were brutal and even fatal.

After Congress was alerted to these abuses, such as the CIA's MKULTRA Project, and hearings were held in the late '70's, these programs were officially dismantled. However, in reality, they continued unabated according to government whistleblower accounts and the experiences of targeted individuals(TI's). And now, nearly 60 years later, the technology has evolved to a point where most people would find unimaginable. Because of the secrecy surrounding these programs, government agencies will not acknowledge the existence or use of their invasive practices and technologies, which are designed to avoid detection or blame for the offending parties. The elements of power, control, and money have come together to make these instruments some of the most diabolical that man has ever created and have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of law-abiding American citizens. And its victims so far have had nowhere to turn for help.

We believe that Congress must face its responsibilities to its constituents whose rights to privacy are being violated and once again commence an investigation and hearings into the covert activities and abusive practices of the US intelligence agencies.

2. Help Cease Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment

I am corresponding today because I am a supporter of “Social Reform”, and a victim of an almost unknown, incredulous, silent, secretive, and a growing crime sweeping across North America, and targeting innocent citizens in our country. I am a “Humanitarian” at heart and I truly believe in being empathetic, concerned, compassionate, and thoughtfully sensitive toward our universal humanity as a whole.

This anonymous and mysterious offense indeed has a name and it is called “GANG STALKING”. There are various terminologies for this phenomenon such as:

 Vengeance/Vigilante Stalking
 Cause Stalking
 Organized Stalking
 Group Stalking

There are numerous reasons for this unfamiliar attack on a Human Being’s life and psyche. Those reasons are not ethical and lastly, certainly not lawful. These clans usually consist of mostly everyday citizens and are not only driven by hate, oppression, obsession, harassment, indifference, inequality, and prejudice, but are driven and sustained by corruption. I mean corruption that’s perpetrated by authorized officials “Sworn In” to protect and serve!

First off, it has taken me three years of affliction and in depth research to combine the pieces together and also finally come forward. It has taken an insurmountable amount of courage and esteem to speak out. It has taken not only confidence but a strong belief that this matter is in existence. The purpose of this Petition is to address Congress and urge reform in regards to Human and Civil rights/Social reform!

One of the intentions of these groups is power and ultimate control. There intent is to cause the target to feel powerless, but in my strength I am not powerless. There is something that can be done and must be done. I happen to be a well-informed, outspoken individual and I speak out for not only “self” but for the thousands or maybe millions of survivors extended across the countries domestically and believe it or not internationally, because this crime affects individuals all across the world!

The average person would not understand, comprehend or believe that this crime exists, but it does. I not only define this crime as unknown, but I define it to be connected to a “Hate Crime”. I write today to insist that Congress addresses this matter because it needs to be addressed, especially when it involves corrupt officials or government principalities as a driving force. I would also like to infer that Gang Stalking is usually and most often coupled with “Electronic Harassment”.

Below are online sources that you can review at your leisure to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon!


Gang Stalking Harassment Websites:

Electronic Harassment Websites:

Videos on Gang stalking:

Thank you, for taking the time to hear me out and support this Petition!