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31. Stop The Destruction Of Our Green Belts

The Government is making it easier for local Councils to use green belt land to build large scale housing estates on and in some cases even new towns, while we do need extra housing, all brown sites should be used before green belt land is even considered and in all cases full and truthful information should be given to concerned parties.

We must safeguard our Green Spaces as once they are gone they cannot be recovered. In Eastleigh the Local Council wants to build on several green Belt sites they say for local people, but only a small amount of these new build sites would end up being for Social Housing the rest would be for the private market, which would put more pressure on a town that is slowly sinking under the weight of traffic, lack of school places and health services. The housing situation could be eased by using the unoccupied houses that are in the borough, of which there are around about 1200 in the Eastleigh and Winchester area.

The only winners in this scenario will be the Developers and The Local Council. The losers will be residents of The Eastleigh Borough.

32. Mandatory Biodegradable Packaging

Have you ever bought something and got frustrated just removing all the unnecessary packaging material? Styrofoam and plastic stay in landfills for hundreds of years seeping toxic chemicals into the soil which compounds the global warming problem.

To give your children and grandchildren a better future with less toxic waste, please sign and pass on this EPA petition requiring all businesses to use only biodegradable packaging material.

This law would significantly reduce the landfill greenhouse gases and harmful chemicals left by the degradation of environmentally damaging materials.

We will present this petition to the EPA when we reach 1,000 signatures. Together, we can make a difference.

33. Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart

Thames Water are proposing to use green land next to Deptford Church Street and in the heart of Deptford as a worksite for the Thames Tunnel project. After works are completed a Thames Tunnel kiosk and vents to the sewage pipes will remain on the green.

We are petitioning against this because the site is valuable green space in the heart of a densely populated urban area. It is in a residential area in close proximity to two schools, a leisure centre and the High Street. Works here will have a big impact on our community. The site is also next to a grade 1 listed church and a listed railway viaduct.

We do not dispute the importance of Thames Tunnel works but we do believe there are other, more appropriate, sites available which would not so negatively affect community, buildings of historical importance and biodiversity.

34. Stop Water Pollution Now !

Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world - one of the worst form - Water Pollution! The government must take necessary actions immediately to minimize pollution and develop a greener environment! Please support us in this endeavor!

1. 10% of garments factories with international contracts do not have waste treatment plants - which means they should lose their contracts as all international clothing chains require these.

2. More than 50% of factories which actually have waste treatment plants only use them during inspections, as they are very expensive to run.

3. International chains have policies whereby they announce inspections to the factories beforehand - these factories take full advantage of these policies to make sure they get away with fake standards.

4. Local workers for international chains take bribes to help make inspections easier.


* 8,000 grabbers identified so far
* 1,000 acre land grabbed
* 60 percent pollution caused by industries
* 82 percent human excreta from city directly discharged in rivers
* Rivers almost biologically dead

35. We Demand a Better Waste Management System in Dhaka!

Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world! The government must take necessary actions immediately to minimize pollution and develop a greener environment! Please support us in this endeavor!

1. 10% of garments factories with international contracts do not have waste treatment plants - which means they should lose their contracts as all international clothing chains require these.

2. More than 50% of factories which actually have waste treatment plants only use them during inspections, as they are very expensive to run.

3. International chains have policies whereby they announce inspections to the factories beforehand - these factories take full advantage of these policies to make sure they get away with fake standards.

4. Local workers for international chains take bribes to help make inspections easier.


* 8,000 grabbers identified so far
* 1,000 acre land grabbed
* 60 percent pollution caused by industries
* 82 percent human excreta from city directly discharged in rivers
* Rivers almost biologically dead

36. We want a playing field for Henderson Green!

Norfolk County Council are going to buy the derelict land next to the school, but they are unwilling to pay the money needed to transform it into a school playing field.

37. Support research on Thorium reactors in the UK

Thorium reactors could power our world for as long as we need them.

If we are to all have carbon nano-tube batteries charging up our electric cars for 1000's of miles worth each time we will need a good abundant energy source for our electric charging and thorium power holds the solution for that.

India, Russia, Japan and France are already researching the technology lets not get left behind.

You can find out more about Thorium reactors at

38. Patrick Harvie should not be included the Holyrood 2011 leader debates

The Green Party think that they should be included in the Scottish Leaders debate. They have only two MSPs which by anyone’s standards makes them a fringe party in Scottish Politics. If the Greens are included in this debate then the Leaders debate would have to include other fringe parties such as the SSP, Solidarity, UKIP, Respect or even the BNP.

Say no to this dangerous precedent that the Green Party in Scotland are trying to set. No one wants to see parties like the BNP on the leaders debate but this could happy if the fringe Green Party get their way.

39. Radical Changes in the Cycling Policy of Cardiff

I want to express all my disappointment regarding the current facilities for cyclists and, in particular, for cycle-commuters in Cardiff.

I have been living in this city for almost six years and I have witnessed little or no improvement.

Cardiff is an extremely bike-unfriendly city. This is a true shame, given its consistently flat layout and small size. A simple look at the map provided by the council ( shows that, outside Bute Park, there are effectively no traffic-free paths apart from the link between the centre and the bay. Unfortunately, not many people work in Bute Park, which, by definition, is a recreational area.

Two of the three main employers in Cardiff are the University and the NHS. Because of the presence of the University and the University Hospital, an extremely large amount of commuters transits daily through Cathays and Heath. The area enclosed by North Road to the West, Dumfries Place and Newport Road to the South, Waterloo Road to the East and the Eastern Avenue to the North comprises some of the busiest commuting routes; yet there are zero traffic-free paths. This is unacceptable.

Park Place, Albany road, Newport Road, Column Road, Richmond Road, with buses, cars (often parked on both sides of the street) are a nightmare for a cyclist.

I live in Princes Street and work in the Heath Hospital. My natural itinerary goes through Connaught Road, Pen-y-lan Road, Ninian Road, Wedal road, Allensbank Road. These streets are horrendous. There are a lot of potholes, badly placed patches and unlevelled surfaces. Nothing has changed in the last year and half. A lot of these disrupted spots are located at the far sides of the roads, exactly where people cycle. Exactly where, in some streets, the supposedly red bicycle lanes are painted (it seems that in Cardiff, to create a cycling path, all you need is a bucket of red paint and a brush). I am not even getting into the layouts of these lanes, very often starting and ending abruptly and without any logic (e.g., Senghennydd Road, Crwys Road, Allensbank Road, Withchurch Road).

The whole segment which starts from the roundabout where Ninian Road meets Fairoak Road until the junction of Allensbank Road with King George V Drive (which is the entrance of an Hospital Site!!!) looks like a freshly bombed ground. The same applies to the side streets of Ninian Road and to Inverness Place. The link in the header of this text shows once more how bad Cardiff is at this regard!

I understand that the maintenance of the roads is not an easy task. However, a traffic-free cycling path requires almost no maintenance, given the very little weight passing on it as compared to cars. This point can be readily proven by cycling along Jamest St. and Clarence Road in the bay, where the cycling path that a year ago was brand new, now is already completely ruined.

Whoever is responsible for all this should be ashamed in front of the people, because he/she miserably failed in taking care of such an essential aspect of the daily life of the city and the commuters.

40. Pi Lambda Phi Green Week

Green Living is defined herein as any action or activity that results in a positive impact, to any degree, on the environment so that the planet may continue to support future generations.

41. Please Turn Google Green for 25 Bahman!

Article 20 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which the nation of Iran is a sponsor and co-signatory, and Article 27 of the Iranian Constitution, to which the government of Iran is bound by law, each provide for peaceful freedom of assembly by unarmed protesters as a basic human right to freely speak and express themselves in an open and unrestricted public forum.

طبق ماده ۲۰ اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر، که کشور ایران حامی و امضا،کننده آن میباشد و ماده 27 از قانون اساسی ایران، که دولت ایران طبق قانون موظف به اجرای آن است، آزادی تجمع مسالمت آمیز را توسط معترضان غیر مسلح به عنوان یک حق اساسی انسانی فراهم نموده تا آزادانه کلام خود را در انجمن های عمومی بصورت باز و نامحدود بیان کنند.

42. The Simple things to "GO GREEN"

Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin".

THE Time to Act is Now!

43. Stop the import of dangerous nuclear reactors to India

The government is about to import some nuclear, these nuclear had not been tested by the countries from where it is been imported, The nuclear could be dangerous if it been brought untested. the Place where it is been put up, has also not been conducted environmental impact assessment.

Our only request is to conduct the proper assessment as to loss of the ecology and environment. if there is any damage it could not be able to measure the consequences. This raises concerns about the safety of people around the plant.

44. Help Subsidize the purchase of environmentally friendly products in Windsor, Ontario

Clearly Green is composed of a group of students at the University of Windsor who are shining the light on the danger of greenwashing by companies who brand products as environmentally friendly, when in reality, they are not. The consumer is often confused and manipulated into purchasing products that are more “marketing” than “substance”. This “green sheen” PR spin must cease.

Truly green products can be an investment. This investment, however, should not be a barrier to improving our environment and our future. We are appealing to the Canadian Ministry; Canada Parliament to help subsidize the purchase of truly green products, including wind turbines, solar panels, and other environmentally friendly products to reduce our reliance on conventional and/or fossil energy sources. By doing so, the prices of these products will lower to levels attractive to the mass market. Significant change is possible if enough people can afford to purchase and install these products.

We are united in our desire to make Ontario a more sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

45. Hands off Linear Park

Since 2010 iCARE have been making the community aware of the CFPA intention to take over the local amentiy land known as Linear Park.

This was originally denied by the port manager as rumours, but at a meeting of the Community Council on the 3rd November 2010, he confirmed that he had indeed been charged with looking at the possibility of taking back our park and using it for port business.

On December 14th 2011 iCARE made the community aware by way of a leaflet distributed to all households that the CFPA and the HC were in receipt of a confidential letter that informed the CFPA they had certain permitted development rights.

Over the weekend of 21st April iCARE was made aware of the distinct possibility that the CFPA were about to erect temporary fencing to get the public used to having no access to their park anymore and then they will erect the proper steel fencing and this was further confirmed on Monday 24th April

In response iCARE along with its members organised a public protest on Monday 23rd April at 7pm on the linear Park and had a fantastic turn out.

As Chairperson I would like to thank everyone who is supporting this campaign and signing the petition.

Tina McCaffery

46. NASCAR: Green-White-Checkereds in EVERY Race

Would you like to have exciting finishes EVERY race NASCAR has? Then sign this petition to get, the #1 sport in America, NASCAR to have Green-White-Checkereds in EVERY race they have. They could throw a caution on the 3 to go lap, to set up the 3 attempts of a Green-White-Checkered.

Because say that there was an exciting race throughout the entire race (crashes, fighting for positions, etc.) and there was a boring finish, and we don't want that.

47. Stop Another Hungary Environmental Catastrophe in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

Today, in the light of the Hungary’s toxic red sludge spill, the Viet Ecology Foundation is, once again, calling you and other concerned world citizens – together with several thousands of Vietnamese scholars, scientists, environmentalists, we urge the Government of Vietnam to consider the safety of the ongoing bauxite mining projects in the Central Highlands of Vietnam: If it were a toxic red sludge breakout, this environmental catastrophe would not limit its havoc within and around the Central Highlands and the Dong Nai River Basin.

It could also potentially carry on its path of destruction downstream to the Lower Mekong River Basin.

48. Protect Reading's elderly and vulnerable people

The new Conservative and Lib Dem administration in Reading have announced plans to review the eligibility criteria for the care they provide to elderly and vulnerable people such as those with learning difficulties. Elsewhere in Berkshire where this has happened thousands of people have lost much needed services.

The Local Green Party believes that the cuts will affect thousands of Reading families who rely on these services to support them in living their day to day lives and it is essential that we fight to keep these services.

Recent local news articles on the proposed cuts can be found on line by following the links below.

If you or anyone you know are concerned about how these cuts might affect you, please have your say by signing the petition.

If you would like to get more involved in campaigning against these cuts then please get in touch with Rob White or Melanie Eastwood through the Reading Green party website.

49. Build Rockford for Biking!

Rockford, Illinois has a growing bicycle culture. Every year, every day, more Rockfordians are using the bike paths in our city, or are attempting to ride bicycles for transportation and commuting.

We believe that Rockford city officials and the Illinois Department of Transportation have a duty to address the infrastructure and safety needs of these riders.

50. Help Kombucha Go Nationwide by 2011

Vibranz's eight raw and delicious flavors are available in 19 states nationwide, but we think our friends in all 50 states should be able to grab a Vibranz Kombucha Tea at their local store. Sign our petition to let retailers know you want to see our kombucha available nationwide!

51. Equal Rights for Scooters and Motorbikes in Edinburgh

We believe that scooters and motorbikes should be able to use the same roads as buses, taxis and bicycles in Edinburgh.

Scooters and Motorbikes do not cause congestion and the Carbon Emissions are much lower than cars, buses and taxis.

52. Dieren van het Groene Woud terug op TV

Dieren van het Groene Woud terug op TV

Van 1978 tot 1983 zond de NL publieke omroep Tros 49 van 52 afleveringen uit van de animatieserie Dieren van het Groene Woud. Wij vragen Tros deze opnieuw uit te zenden en zo mogelijk uit te brengen op DVD!

UPDATE: De TROS heeft aangegeven dat ze de serie niet opnieuw gaat uitzenden. TROS heeft niet de rechten voor DVD-release want deze liggen bij de maker. Het omroeparchief Beeld en Geluid kan me niet vertellen hoe ik de maker bereik en heeft geen kopie van de NL-versie. Helaas...

Fables of the Green Forest back on TV

From 1978 to 1983 Dutch public TV network Tros broadcasted 49 of 52 episodes of anime series Fables of The Green Forest. We would like Tros to broadcast them again and, if possible, to release on DVD!

UPDATE: TROS announced that it will not broadcast this series again. TROS does not have the rights for DVD-release. They reside by the maker. The dutch broadcasters archive cannot tell me how to contact the maker and doesn't hold a copy of the dutch version. Alas...

53. Save the Green Belt in Ollerton

Please help stop property developers from destroying our countryside. An application for affordable housing has been submitted to Cheshire East Council which will destroy a unique woodland feature on Marthall Lane, Ollerton in the supposedly protected Cheshire Green Belt. Despite having so-called protection from development, the law provides loopholes for property developers to exploit and believe it or not, could allow the Green Belt to be built on.

There are far more suitable brown field and derelict locations in the area that could, and indeed should be developed, but of course this land is more expensive than 'protected' green belt. Voila, out comes a proposal from the developer that may allow destruction of this unique habitat.

This petition does not reflect anyone's opinion on the merits of affordable housing or whether such housing is needed in our village but is purely a statement of our desire to protect the Green Belt.

The planning application number is 10/2203M and the consultation period ends on August 11th 2010.

54. Coalition of disaffected Labor voters for climate

Opinion polls demonstrated a significant number of ALP voters prepared to desert the ALP after its backflip on climate change earlier this year. With the recent change in Prime Minister, there is likely to be an announcement on climate soon, aimed at placating those voters.

The risk is that any new announcement will not be a significant improvement on existing ALP climate policy, but disaffected voters will feel they have to vote Labor for fear of worse under the Tony Abbott and the Coalition. This petition aims to give those voters a voice before the ALP announces its new approach to climate.

We also aim to empower voters who want to vote climate by providing easy to understand answers to questions about climate, climate policies and the implications for climate of their vote.

If you want to know more about these issues or if you like our petition but have questions or concerns you want to raise before signing, then visit our facebook site (above).

55. Green Roof Initiative for FCPS Schools

For the past year the Green Roof Initiative has been working with Fairfax County to help the local schools go green. The Initiative was first set up by three high school freshman over a year ago who researched, set up meetings and proposed a plan to help their high schools be a better place. A green roof is a type of green architecture were living plants are planted in a soil layer on top a roof.

Just to name a few of the benefits: green roofs help lessen the urban heat island effect, filter stormwater runoff and provide added insulation to the building which saves energy.

56. RePower Alberta

RePower Alberta Launches Across the Province
Building the Green Economy

Sierra Club Prairie and Greenpeace Canada have launched the Province-wide campaign, ‘RePower Alberta: Building the Green Economy’, to spread the word on the growing economic and community benefits of moving to a green economy.

RePower Alberta is calling on the Alberta Government to implement a Green Energy Strategy.

After decades of riding the roller-coaster of the fossil fuel sectors’ boom and bust cycles, the time has come for Alberta to forge a new energy path. Renewable energy resources and green just solutions are ready and waiting to meet our energy demands.

Diversifying our energy economy will provide tens of thousands of new clean and green jobs for Albertans, and has the opportunity to create just solutions to our province’s contribution to the climate crisis.

The government of Alberta, however, continues to drag its heels on introducing real policies, strategies or legislation that would set Alberta on a proactive course of strengthening the province’s position with one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Building the Green Energy Economy - We know that Albertans agree! In 2009, an Ipsos Reid poll showed that 78% of Albertans prefer that the Alberta Government provide subsidies for Renewable Energy over the Oil and Gas Sector.

Alberta can continue building a strong economy while maintaining a healthy environment for all of us to live in. We call upon Albertans everywhere to raise their voices and demand that the power be put back into our hands!

Check out and please help us spread the word, and sign the petition.

57. Save Plumley's Green Belt

We are opposing attempts to build housing estates on Green Belt land within our village. The plans are neither in keeping with the community or required by the community and are viewed as a profit making scheme and nothing else.

There are enough Brown Field sites in the UK to support our housing needs for the forseeable future so any attempts to build on Green Belt should be strongly opposed. Save our Green Belt!

58. Protect Norwich's Grass Verges!

Norwich South parliamentary candidate Antony Little has called for action to save our City's grass verges!

Responding to the concerns of hundreds of residents regarding the state of Norwich's green verges, Antony has launched a campaign to see them cleaned up, protected and most importantly, green.

Commenting, Antony said: "I have launched this campaign regarding the state of our green verges because it has been an issue that has arisen often on the doorstep. I hope I can have the support of residents in pushing the council to seek solutions to this, such as installing wooden posts and more trees to stop cars driving onto the verges in the first place."

"We are lucky to have a very beautiful City where many residents take a great deal of care and pride over the appearance of Norwich. By protecting our grass verges and ensuring that they don't become tyre track covered mud pits, we can create a more pleasant environment for all."

"I encourage residents of all political leanings to sign up and save our grass verges!"

59. Legalization of Cannabis

You are cordially invited to enjoy, explore and create with us a New World embraced by supporters everywhere in favor of legalization of cannabis for medical, spiritual and recreational use. Our main objective is to present to the President of the United States of America a petition of one million plus signatures to abolish the prohibition of marijuana.

60. Investigate and re-launch the Federal government's Green Loans Program

As a result of poor foresight and very significant maladministration, the Australian Federal Government's 'Green Loans Program' is set to end before mid-2010. That is less than one year from its inception.

Initial estimates given to assessors, who are at the core of the program, gave 31 December 2012 as a date for when assessments may no longer be required.

The aim of the program is to assist householders in making their homes more sustainable with the environment. An often quoted definition of sustainability appears in the 1987 United Nations Report 'Our Common Future'. It is also known as the 'Brundtland Report'. The definition is: "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Green Loans is an excellent movement towards sustainability. It allows for a trained professional to visit homes in his/her area and engage householders on how their homes can be made more energy efficient. The householder then receives a report of recommendations from the government for implementation. If a recommendation is expensive, they may apply for a green loan of up to $10,000. This is fee free and interest free for four years.

Poor monitoring of the program has resulted in a massive influx of people being registered as assessors. It has been suggested that training organisations over-enrolled students to their classes. A huge rush to complete assessments is occuring to recover training and other costs before the funding for the program is exhausted.

In many cases, householders have had to wait for many months to receive the report of recommendations from the government. This is issued after an assessment has been lodged with the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. Until such report is issued, householders are unable to apply for the green loan. Nor can they know what any of the recommendations are.

It has also been revealed in Senate Estimates Hearings that since 14 December 2009 one company, Field Force, has received preferential treatment in being able bypass the call centre in order to book assessments. With under 10% of the assessor workforce, they are booking over 6,000 assessments per week (roughly 30%). In addition, they are passing on only half of the fees receive to their employees. This is to the detriment of thousands of self-employed individuals who made a conscious, life-changing, decision to join the program. They are not able to get through to the central call centre to book assessments, or have to wait inordinate amounts of time to speak to a call centre operator when they do get through. Even then, only five bookings per call can be made.

Update: Minister Garrett has today, 19 February 2010, announced that an additional 600,000 assessments will be rolled out. Funding will come by scrapping the less popular loans component of the program (this may have been less popular due to extensive delays householders faced in receiving the recommendations report). The number of assessors able to sign a contract with DEWHA will be capped at 5,000. The number of assessments per assessor will be capped at five per week and three per day and the number of total assessments per week will be capped at 15,000. From today, only individual assessors will be able to book jobs. The Green Loans Program will end on December 31, 2010 and Green Start will commence on 1 January 2011. Details on Green Start are promised in coming months.

Reaction has yet to filter through. As author of this petition, I am contactable on this page. The petition wording remains as it was since structural issues associated with the program continue to remain. These include:

* Uniformity in assessor knowledge, training and currency of knowledge;
* A need to investigate processes within DEWHA so that program changes (both present and future) can be incorporated smoothly;
* The establishment of a monitoring system (perhaps random), for both newer and older assessors.

The quality of the program (and the extent to which it may have thus far been compromised) remains, as always, an important consideration.

The government has promised an upgrade to assessor qualifications (to Certificate IV level). This is to be at no additional financial cost to assessors, although additional time will need to be invested. This upgrade provides a significant opportunity to bring the program back on track.

Author's note (19 February 2010): online petitions carry the advantages of amendability (to a point) and accessibility from diverse physical locations. This is a spirited attempt to connect people to elected representatives. Any other communication activities which occur, in addition to this petition, so that we may sustainably manage resources of the planet is encouraged. They may be individual or group based.

Having said that I will, with the collection of a sufficient number of signatures, print off the petition and personally deliver it to the Prime Minister and perhaps all elected representatives. Feedback on who the most appropriate addressee/s is/are is welcome. Thank you.