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1. Return the Polo in the Park event to Golden Gate Park polo fields

Horses in California run the James. S Brady Therapeutic Riding Program for children with special needs. To hold the program every week funds are raised at our annual event 'Polo in the Park'.

From 1985 to 2008 the 'Polo in the Park' event was held at the Golden Gate Park polo fields. Unfortunately the event was temporarily moved to Bercut Equitation Field in 2009 due to the dangerous state of disrepair the polo fields were in.

Horses in California were delighted to hear last fall that the polo fields were to be restored to their former glory and the 'Polo in the Park' event would be welcomed back to its historical home.

Unfortunately we have now been informed that the polo fields cannot be used for our event this year due to a number of different reasons, including suggestions horses will damage the field making it unfit for use for soccer teams and interference with the existing soccer league schedule. We have addressed each reason with a solution and an explanation and are still refused permission.

This year, Horses in California is partnering with The Churchill Centre and Museum, London, to present the “Winston S. Churchill and James S. Brady Courage Cup.” Honorary Chairperson Ms. Celia Sandys, grand-daughter of Sir Winston S. Churchill and noted author and historian, will present the trophy to our winning polo team.

In honor of this charitable alliance, and adding to the international scope of the event, Polo in the Park will feature a group of Chinese polo players, Great Wall Polo (HK), who have been enthusiastically pursuing the game of modern polo in China.

Bringing together the elements of polo, philanthropy and the history of old allies from Europe, the U.S. and China will make Polo in the Park a truly memorable international event!

2. Oppose Construction of Permanent Skateboard Park at Waller Cul-de-sac (Waller & Stanyan)

We believe that constructing a permanent skateboard park at the Waller cul-de-sac is an inappropriate use of this space and that such a skateboard park would have a highly negative impact on the neighborhood.

Noise pollution would be extreme and would be magnified with any skateboard event or exhibition. Additional potential side effects include the influx of large numbers of skateboarders, graffiti, loud music, at-risk pedestrian safety, and the degradation of property, sidewalks, and streets.