Petition Tag - gender issues

1. Help Stop the Mistreatment of Women in Prison

We, the concerned citizens of the DC area, strongly advocate for reform in the health care system of female prisons. We demand that greater attention be devoted to the mental and physical well-being of incarcerated women and their newborns. All men and women deserve proper access to both mental and physical health care; and in our objective of evoking government reform, we aim to expose the injustice that incarcerated women face in accessing the help they need. If the objective of prison is to reform members of society, then they should be given the tools and support they need to thrive after their incarceration.

2. Stop Facebook's Legal Name Requirment

Recently, Facebook began flagging and locking out certain member's accounts and requiring legal verification of the profile name used before Facebook would unlock said account.

This petition was started to stop this account lock. There are numerous Facebook account holders who identify with and answer to a name that is not their legal name.

While this issue has an impact on many people, this petition has been tagged as a gender issue for a very important reason:

Facebook claims the verification is to ensure that people are able to find you on Facebook and know they're connecting with the right person. The issue here is that many transgender, agender and genderfluid account holders cannot afford to legally change their name. Furthermore, many have been using their preferred name for so long that no one would even know their birth name. For example:

Sally was born a male and named "Fred" but Sally is male-to-female transgender and only answers to the name Sally. Other than Human Resources, none of Sally's work colleagues know that she is transgender or that her legal name is "Fred". When a work colleague asks to add Sally on Facebook, is it fair for Sally to have to say, "My name is Fred Smith."; should Sally be forced to out herself just to connect with friends on Facebook?

For anyone who does not feel safe using their legal name; this account lock is unjust.

3. Same-Sex Marriage; For it.

Same-Sex Marriage should be legal in the United States! It is said that we live in a free country, but it isn't fair for gay or lesbian people.

They already get strange looks in public and they should be able to have the same rights as any other American.

It is racist and sexist to look at gay couples differently. This is a federal issue for fairness to all Americans and for human rights.

4. Give women the same military career options as men

In the military, there are certain career choices that are limited to only men. For example, pararescue, special forces communication sergeant, special forces engineer sergeant, etc. What ever happened to womens rights?

5. Violence Against Women is a Human Rights Violation


In society women are still considered second class humans, scorned and humiliated. As the concept of “Honour” is unified with women, they undergo and experience all sorts of violence and even are killed.

Women are still used as cheap labour force, their sexuality is used as a commoditiy that is sold in the prostitution, their unsalarised slavery in the household is still ongoing, their education is considered unimportant, in the political life and leadership positions they are under represented.

Although crimes such as; sexual molestation, rape, incest, forced marriages, jalousy, tradition and honour killings around the world negatively effect women's lives from childhood on, the sentences for these crimes in court are not sufficient.

6. Capacity building and better self-perception of women in India should be promoted

Unless one is elf-employed after receiving eduction or training in vocational guidance or in technology, a woman cannot feel self confident. There lies her own perception a regards to her own security, independence, incentive to her own identity, importance to her existence, and that builds in her that ability to interact whether she may belong to any race, caste, creed or religion. Secondly capacity building is not merely education and employment it is also her ability to participate in the forums and discourses of any field or of any ability.

Thirdly her low self-perception whether in her own eyes or through other's gaze can only be eliminated if she is granted knowledge and awareness in law, politics, economics besides social and cultural participation. She needs to be improvise in all areas of strength and enrichment, which she had not thought of.

Fourthly this can be possible by the women who are already highly educated or in power positions and also by the male counterparts if they want their family and nation to progress.

Fifthly I am not stressing that she should go away from her natural duties, but she should be the partner in all strengths of men, if mankind wants humanity on earth to be above all to conquer the goals, which even God has not open before the mankind.

Dr. Jayshree Singh
Assistant Professor
English Department
Bhupal Nobles Girls' Post-Graduate College
Affilated to Mohanlal Sukhadia University
Rajasthan, INDIA

My home Address is :
wo Sudhanshu Singh
Rajshree Colony Road -2
Bohra Ganesh

7. Fair Treatment of Muslim Women

The Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. is a national domestic violence awareness organization with supporters who live in various parts of the US.

Our goal is to bring more awareness to the issue of domestic abuse and to educate people how not to be perpetrators of abuse and how not to be victims of abuse.

8. FREE Human Rights Activist Chen Guangcheng

Blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng, 36 years old, is currently serving an unmerited prison sentence of four years and three months after grossly unjust trials. He was sentenced for damaging property and blocking traffic, after he brought a class-action lawsuit against the local authorities in Linyi, Shandong province, for implementing a campaign of forced abortions and sterilizations, which allegedly affected thousands of local women.

Human rights advocates, including myself, believe Chen’s sentence is a politically motivated effort to prevent him from pursuing his peaceful human rights activities. Hence, we strongly advocate for his immediate and unconditional release from prison.
Catherine Baber, Deputy Asia Pacific Director at Amnesty International stated:

"We condemn utterly the sentence imposed on Chen Guangcheng and consider him a prisoner of conscience. Chen has been imprisoned solely because of his peaceful defence of human rights and he should be released immediately."

"The charges against Chen were politically motivated and the trial was grossly unfair from start to finish. Chen's lawyers were obstructed at every step of the way, from collecting evidence to representing him in court. By some accounts the trial lasted only two hours; and the courtroom was filled with official representatives preventing members of the public and most of Chen's relatives attending."

Chen was initially convicted in August 2006 during a swift two hour trial. Since his conviction, his defense attorney, supporters and even his family, have been subjected to harassment, beatings, and intimidation. He appealed his sentence, and to everyone’s astonishment the appeal court ordered a retrial. However, the retrial was unsuccessful because the appeal court refused to consider new evidence from key witnesses.

Chinese activists have expressed that the lengthy sentence reflected that officials are cracking down on human rights advocates who include a growing number of lawyers, academics and dissidents trying to expand citizens’ freedoms through litigation and internet campaigns for legal reform.

According to Chen’s wife, Yuan Weijing, Chen hasn’t eaten well for the past few months and has not received a decent meal since his transfer to the Linyi Prison. Chen also expressed that the prison applies a cruel system: where certain prisoners are empowered to governing other prisoners. Chen’s wife thinks he is being mistreated in prison and we are all very worried about his well-being. Time is of the essence, we most join together to advocate for his immediate release. Also we most continue to build awareness about the illegal practice of forced abortions and sterilizations against women being practiced in various regions of the world.

9. MEN’S SELECTION CHARTER for Administrative Employment

Age discrimination has at last been recognised and considered an illegal practice in Britain today and it is time a similar measure was taken against gender preference, the discrimination unrecognised.

While women have fought for the right to go out to work and become equal citizens with equal pay, the emphasis has shifted away from men who can no longer even get accepted into admin roles so long as there are young women applying. Despite being equally qualified, it’s a multiplied task for male applicants to get accepted into positions such as secretarial, PA, human resources or even receptionists and offices across the land are still 80% female.

Young females are the ones selected who go onto promotion breaking through the glass ceiling never thought possible. Where does this leave men, particularly the older ones?

10. Reinstate 5 million dollar tax cut

The Conservative Federal Government has cut $5,000,000 from the Status of Women Department.