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1. Get Laila McQueen More Attention

Laila McQueen is a Drag queen participated in RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 but was sadly eliminated in the second episode. I and many other fans of RuPaul's Drag Race believe that although she has had a successful career in what he/she does, she does not get enough exposure to many drag race fans who have not had the pleasure to experience her fully or have forgotten about her short time on drag race.

2. Please Remove Homosexual And Lesbian Materials From Rochambeau Library Circulation

Material has recently begun to circulate within the adult section of the Rochambeau Library (including within the magazine section, a section which is highly visible to visiting children) promoting homosexual and lesbian content, often of a semi-pornographic erotic nature. Most visible to be seen in the magazine section was the homosexual magazine called “Out!” which had upon the front cover two homosexual men kissing and caressing in an abnormally-erotic fashion (the February 2017 issue), that was easily visible at the time (a new Out! magazine issue has just arrived to cover that February issue up) to children and teenagers who lounge around the magazine section, and also highly offensive in general to the traditional family-values-adhering heterosexual majority of the surrounding vicinity, where there is a substantial
Bible-believing religious population, including many Orthodox Jews.
The Rochambeau Library is located at :
708 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 272-3780

3. Stop the Disgrace

There is a picture circulating the web now that compares the day gay marriage was legalized with the day the Iwo Jima picture was taken. During February 19th-March 26th, 1945 this country lost 26,000 men at the battle of Iwo Jima. 26,000. Let that number sink in.

How many men and women have been lost to fighting for gay rights? How many were shot and killed? The numbers aren't even a fraction of the men killed that day.

These two pictures are incomparable, yet someone thought it was a good comparison. This is not a petition to go against people of the same sex being able to be married. Equality is an important thing.

This is a petition to remove the photo that so wrongly compares their fight to the fight of Iwo Jima. They are two very different historical events and need to be kept that way.

4. No To SOGI Bill

The SOGI Bill or the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bill, or simply, "Anti-discrimination" Bill is a bill that is immoral and unconstitutional in the Bible. Because they say, they were born male but have a 'heart' of a female (gay), and female who has a 'heart' of a male. In the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 and 2 Timothy 2:22 says the following:

· 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, "Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

· 2 Timothy 2:22, "Flee also youthful lust: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart."

· In Genesis 1:27, "So God created MAN in his own image, in the image of God created he him; MALE AND FEMALE created he them."

Just like what others are saying: "God created ADAM AND EVE, not Adam and STEVE."

5. Save Hassinah Bukenya, a Ugandan lesbian from deportation

A 22 year old lesbian, Hassinah Bukenya fled her country Uganda to seek refugee in The Netherlands. On 3rd September 2014, Hassinah's request for asylum was turned down.

She was then detained and sent to prison by the Dutch immigration officials where she will be tried to see that she is forcifully sent back to Uganda, a country which is homophobic.

Hassinah lives an open life as a lesbian, participates is gay events and she likes to live a free life. See her facebook:!/hassinah.bukenya for her pictures

This kind of life is a traumatic experience for someone who left her country to seek protection in a safe country like Netherlands.

6. Give Michael Sam Back His Original Draft Pick Position

Michael Sam is the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and, after completing his college career, he came out as gay. Before this revelation, he was at least the third pick.

Anonymous sources to draft analysts have, according to Sports Illustrated, said that he has dropped to thirteenth since then, presumably because coaches don't want controversy.

My request is simple: Can he have his old position back, please?

7. Restore the HPB's original "FAQ on Sexuality"

1) Sexuality is identity, not illness. The scientific community agrees on this point almost as much as they agree that climate change is actually a thing.

2) Sexuality is experience, and for many LGB youth this experience is not pleasant, and includes - health screening in an environment that stigmatises and demonises their existence; or fear and anxiety in learning environments that treat their identities as a mere contestable point.

3) Because of this, LGB youth suffer poorer health and higher suicide rates than their heterosexual counterparts. The HPB should provide -literally- life-saving information; and direct LGB youth and their families to resources equipped to address their physical and mental health concerns.

4) The health, safety, and wellbeing of LGB youth should not be battleground for the homophobic to advance their agenda, especially not to the HPB. Opponents can ride their moral high horse elsewhere.

8. Bizzle's "Same Love (A Response)" needs to be Stopped

Christian rapper "Bizzle" has taken the beautiful human rights song "Same Love" and made it in to an anti-gay protest.

The protest is founded in his belief that being gay is a choice and a sin in the eyes of god. As a Christian and also a supporter of gay and human rights, I think it is an insult. He is attempting to undo what human rights activists have been working on for years.

He is also slandering the name of the song and the people who made the song. This is not an attack on Bizzle or his beliefs.

Comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is not something that should be tolerated in today's world. While he says the song is not about hate, it clearly is meant in a very negative way. The link for the is listed below.

9. Australia cancels gay marriage law: petition cancelling the wearing of pants by women.

Australia's high court has overturned the country's first law allowing same-sex marriage, less than a week after it came into force.

So, in the book of Deuteronomy (23:17) it says that gays are an abomination. That's all very well, we respect Jews, Muslims and Christians and their rules, as stipulated in their Holy Books.

It also says, just before that (22:5), that women are not to wear pants. I hereby call on the Australian government to ban women from wearing pants.

10. Legalise Same Sex Marriage in Australia

This is a petition to help push through te bill to legalise same sex marriage in Australia.

11. Stop Indiana state officials on banning gay rights in the state of Indiana

Supporting rights to love and have happiness, rights our founding fathers gave us, i wanted to show the people who makes our laws that it isn't fair that they wanna take away our rights as a person and how would they feel if some one said no you can't marry this person cause your gay or lesbian or bi-sexual or some other oritation.

12. Save shiraz gay boys

be donbale dastgirie tedadi az dostane gay dar frodgahe shiraz.... va hamle be manazele anha va zabte computer va vasayele shakhsi va bi etelaie az vaziate anha.

13. Legalize gay marriage in Oregon

My thoughts on gay marriage: Why isn't it already legal? It shouldn't even be a public vote. It is taking away people's rights.

I'm not very religious but I will take a religious point of view on this part: if god created us and he gave gay people those feelings why are we denying the right for gay marriage?

Sign if you think these are true.



In Iran, a court has sentenced four men from the town of Choram, in the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, to death by hanging for sodomy.

Four men named ‘Saadat Arefi’, ‘Vahid Akbari’, ‘Javid Akbari’ and ‘Houshmand Akbari’ are due to be executed shortly after their verdict was approved recently by high court judges, according to a report from the Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA) in Iran.

The four men are said to be from the town of Choram, in the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province of Iran.

According to HRANA and JOOPEA, these four men will be hanged for sodomy according Shari’a law.

A gay activist based in Iran said: ‘Although being gay is not a crime based on Iranian criminal law but this is the most clear statement against same sex-acts in past months.’

He added that ‘there wereof our other men hanged in past five months.’

London based Iranian Human Rights Lawyer, Mehri Jafari said: ‘I am horrified and saddened to have heard the news about these four men. Not only with regards to the execution which is about to take place, but the fact that is beyond our control.

‘There are two important issues in this case; the location of the alleged occurrence and the interpretation of the Sharia’ law that a Hodud (strict Sharia punishment) is eminent. Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is one of the most undeveloped provinces in Iran and it is obvious that a lack of access to lawyers and fair trial can be considered a serious issue in this case. After this announcement it is very likely that the execution will be carried out soon, and the remote location makes it difficult to exert any influence on the process.’

Mehri further pleaded: ‘I hope international organisations act quickly and effectively on this specific case.’

Gorji Marzban chairperson of the Austrian-based Oriental Queer Organization (ORQOA) said: ‘The recent death sentence for the four Iranian men is a shocking reality and demonstrates the discrepancy between Western and Islamic perception of queer life. The rhetoric of announcement makes the link between same-sex sexual activity, or sodomy with corporal punishment very clear. Last month the Iranian authorities hanged a young man and the local news agencies/authorities were intentionally unclear about the reason for the death penalty. In the case of these four men we have a clear text attributing the reason for hanging is sodomy.

‘The judicial denial of same-sex relationships in Iran stems from its relationship to Shari’a law and patriarchy. This is a warning signal not only for the queer population of Iran but also for all types of gender inclusive the heterosexuals who have sexual relations outside marriage.

‘The death penalty has failed to eradicate homosexuality from Iran but it was successful to force queer people into the closets. Sooner or later any Islamic community is obliged to integrate queer people. We believe that Iranians should gain more gender equality and rights and wholly condemn such an archaic sentence to murder which is inherently unislamic!’

Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its 2011 - We are a Buried Generation: Discrimination and Violence Against Sexual Minorities in Iran - stated that because trials on moral charges in Iran are usually held in closed sessions, it is difficult to determine what proportion of those charged and executed for same-sex conduct are gay and in what proportion the alleged offense was consensual.

Because of the lack of transparency, Human Rights Watch said: ‘It cannot be ruled out that Iran is sentencing sexual minorities who engage in consensual same-sex relations to death under the guise that they have committed forcible sodomy or rape.’

The issue of the death penalty for same-sex acts is further compounded by the fact that the Iranian legal code does not differentiate between rape and homosexual acts.

Furthermore, in many cases, it is often unclear whether the accused has actually committed a sexual act or it is a mere accusation based on some dispute. Even in the cases where the same-sex act has happened, often it is not clear whether the individuals involved are actually gay or it is an occasional act of sexual gratification.

Iranian Human Rights activists constantly note the fact that the two genders are strictly segregated increases the tendency for same-sex acts among the youth, in a phenomena that is also similarly known in single gender prisons. Indeed this phenomenon happens throughout highly segregated societies in the Middle East and North Africa.


15. Support gay and lesbian rights

We have no rights as straight people do and we deserve to be treated with the same respect.

Acceptance of LGBT persons in the Americas varies widely. Same-sex marriages have been recognized in Canada nationwide since 2005 and in Argentina since 2010. Same-sex marriage in Mexico City is recognized nationwide, while in the United States, same-sex marriages are recognized by several states, but not the federal government. Same-sex marriage in Brazil is recognized in one state and in many cities of the country.

Same-sex marriages performed in the Netherlands are recognized in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles. Furthermore, some other nations have laws recognizing other types of same-sex unions, as well as LGBT adoption and military service by LGBT people. However, eleven other nations, all of them in the former British West Indies, still have criminal punishment for buggery on their statute books. These eleven countries include Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago.

See wiki:

16. Legalize Gay/Lesbian Marriage

In the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, it is stated:

Section 3. Definition of marriage
In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word 'marriage' means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word 'spouse' refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.

Yet, the Obama administration announced in 2011 that it had determined that Section 3 was unconstitutional and, though it would continue to enforce the law, it would no longer defend it in court.

Why should gay marriage be bound to a law that our own presidential administration states is unconstitutional? We fight for our freedoms. Some men and women in the military, and on our homefronts in the law enforcement, fire department, and EMS departments, are bi-sexual, lesbian, or gay.

17. Allow Gay/Bi men to Donate Blood

In Australia the Australian Red Cross do not allow Gay/Bi Men to donate blood.

Every Blood Donation is tested so there should be no risk of any infection from Stright or Homosexual people.

For every blood donation made up to 3 peoples lives can be saved. There are thousands of Gay/Bi Men who are willing to donate blood. So if you multiply them (1000's) by 3 that is how many lives could by saved by allowing Gay/Bi Men to Donate Blood.
Or worse think of how many people may die/suffer without there donations.

Other countries already allow Gay/Bi Men to donate blood including Isreal, Switzerland & Spain.

18. Legalise gay marriage

Gay people have been around for longer than anyone alive today, why stop gay people to live a happy normal life, what makes gays so different to everyone else, THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY LIKE THE REAST OF US.

19. Human Rights for Gay Marriage

After the case of a Lesbian couple in a Civil Partnership who tried to adopt a baby as a couple, the European Court of human rights has deemed that same sex marriage is not a human right and “if gay couples are allowed to marry, any church that offers weddings will be guilty of discrimination if it declines to marry same-sex couples.”

I do however ask the European Court, is Equality not a human right? and are they not being discriminatory by issuing this statement? I would also suggest that as this does not affect the government as a whole, it should be up to the people to decide in the form of a referendum.

20. Petition against an offensive article in the newspaper Delo# in Kyrgyzstan

On February 9, 2012 a newspaper Delo# published an article "A gang of prostitutes."
This article is written in a vulgar and insulting tone. It stigmatizes and demeans the human dignity of homosexual people.

9 февраля 2012 года газета Дело№ опубликовала статью «Шайка проститутов».

Эта статья написана в вульгарном, оскорбительном тоне. Она стигматизирует и унижает человеческое достоинство гомосексуальных людей.

21. Recognize Gay marriage, Louisiana

The Constitution clearly states everyone has the same rights. Also, people who get amnesia/alzheimers still know they are gay, so it's not s "choice".

22. Support the new Family Code in Slovenia: Support Gay Family Rights

For support of the gay rights in Slovenia!
Za sprejetje Družinskega zakonika v Sloveniji!

By signing this petition you appeal to the Slovenian government not to hold the referendum and to approve the proposal of the government 542-08/09-0008/ EPA: 0817-V, "Družinski zakonik" (Family Code), which extends civil marriage to lesbian and gay couples and puts heterosexual and homosexual partnerships on an equal legal footing, including extending the right of same-sex partners to adopt.

On 16 June 2011, Parliament endorsed in a 43:38 vote the family law bill defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman but abandoning the reference to family as the purpose of marriage [R1.3].

On 27 December 2011, the Slovenian Constitutional Court ruled that the holding referendum on the recently approved Family Code was constitutional. The Code is being challenged by conservative pro-family groups over the right of gay couples to adopt children. The referendum is expected to be held in March 2012.

23. Gays should be allowed to get married

There are many technical definitions of marriage:

1.) The social institution in which a man and a woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments.

2.) The legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple including the accompanying social festivities.

So, if their is a definition that excludes the joining of a man and women why aren't same genders allowed to get married? That blows my mind.

24. Gay Blood Is Good Blood

Currently there is a ban on homosexual males from donating blood. Not only is this discrimination but it is also completely irresponsible.

Canadian Blood Services need blood, and there is an entire community willing to donate but can't. They run extensive tests on the blood, there should be no reason they should eliminate an entire community from donating.

25. Congress should Legalize Gay Marriage

America is supposed to be a free country, but in fact it is not free , this is a country who's freedom was bought and paid for by the men and women you shed blood and tears to give EACH and EVERY person rights to live how they want to live within the law.

Some of those men and some of those women who fought for the very rights that we have were homosexual, was there blood not good enough to give you your rights? Then why should we all not be treated as equals not as conditions.

I ask for the right to marry my partner whom I love now and forever I want the same chance to give her my last name as any divorced over and over again heterosexual. Bottom line our senators and congressmen don't ask our permission when that throw their vows away taking a hooker to a fancy hotel that we the tax payers pay for, why should I ask their permission to show the world that I love my WIFE!

26. Allow Gay Marriage in Australia

In recent years the homosexual community has been slowly getting some rights all except the one they all want.

27. Stop Cameroon From Attacking The Gay Community

Stop Cameroon From Attacking The Gay Community.




28. Gay men should be allowed to donate blood

It was estimated in 2011 that over 9 million Americans are either Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or Transgender. If there is such a shortage for blood donors, then WHY can't a gay man donate blood?

29. Remove North Carolina's Unconstitutional anti-gay law from the books

Despite the Supreme Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003, North Carolina still has laws against consensual sex between two adults, if they are gay. While not prosecuted in courts, as recently as 2008, gay adults found engaged in intercourse could be arrested under "crimes against nature" laws, a Class 1 felony, and could be forced into a stay in jail and a fine.

Using these same laws and by exploiting loopholes in the Supreme Court's ruling, heavier punishments are able to be levied on homosexual couples than they would be on heterosexual couples. To quote the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Legal Association: "a heterosexual couple "parking" at night in a deserted area or making love in the woods will most likely be ignored by law enforcement officers. At most, they will be charged with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor. Two men in an identical situation, however, will usually be charged with [crimes against nature]—a felony"

We, as North Carolinians, do not deserve to live in a state where Dark-Ages laws are still on the books and are used to discriminate against homosexual citizens. The Supreme Court of the United States has already decided that these kinds of laws are unconstitutional, so we should demand that our state government act in accordance and repeal the shameful sodomy laws.

30. Allow Same-Sex Marriages For GLBTI Australians

The Marriages Act needs to be completely overhauled in Australia at a federal level.

GLBTI Australians are missing out on contributing fully to advancing Australia because they cannot participate fully in activities that have made our culture and our nation great! Marriage laws need to reflect that Australians live in a changing world.

Love knows no boundaries, love knows no law, love is blind to gender and deaf to rules and regulations.