Petition Tag - gaming community

1. New Staff Role at LegacyGamers

Details; Tutorial staff:

Job requirements are to provide base and advanced knowledge to other staff pretaining to the line of work (Deving, Coding, and etc.). Help resolve minor issues and teach new/old staff between the games/servers LegacyGamer's hosts to further boost there abilities.

I am unable to spend as much time coding and deving as i used to and this is a way for me to be in the staff team but at the same time atleast put my skills to good use as a coder/developer.. As i am able to learn how to dev a game very very quickly and can then teach others the CORE of what they need to know in the simplest way possible.

2. Stop CS 1.6

We want valve to recall counter-strike 1.6. This is one of the worst things to have in the gaming community. We would like 1.5 to stay the primary version of counter-strike.

3. EA should provide more support to the gaming community

Just to let EA know that the gaming community isn't too happy with it's support for Battlefield 1942...