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31. Forest Lake at Bear Creek Entry Sign and Landscaping

Demien Development Incorporated and Gittemeir Homes Incorporated are not meeting their obligation to the Forest Lake at Bear Creek homeowners on several issues and it is negatively impacting our property values.

The entry monuments and signage have not been erected as promised, there is a chain link fence at the entrance to the development which is in direct violoation of the Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Bear Creek Estates("Covenants and Restrictions") Section B Item 2, the cart path connecting Oak Creek Drive to the existing cart path on the golf course has not been installed, and the empty lots and common areas are not being maintained properly as per Item 11 in Section B of the Covenants and Restrictions.

32. Save our services

When the new East London Line arrives in 2010, it will mean severe and unacceptable cuts to our existing train services to and from London Bridge. We are asking for your help to fight these cuts by signing our petition.

- Direct trains to and from London Bridge are likely to be cut to four trains per hour.
- This is a reduction from the current service of six trains off peak and more at peak times.
- There will be an extra eight trains per hour on the East London Line stopping at Sydenham and Forest Hill but these will only be four carriages long, with limited seating available.
- Cuts are proposed to the Clapham Junction and Victoria service from our stations, possibly removing this service entirely.
- With these proposed cuts it is likely that London Bridge services will become even more congested than at present.

It is vital that we keep our existing level of services to and from London Bridge

We are not opposed to the new East London line - we warmly welcome it - but this should not be introduced at the cost of existing services.

This petition has been produced by the Forest Hill Society and is supported by the Sydenham Society.

33. STOP logging/burning of thousands of Hoosier National Forest NOW!

From: Protect Our Woods, Heartwood, GreenFire Consulting Group, Indiana Forest Alliance and Tree of Life Alliance.

Date: November 22, 2006

The proposed “German Ridge Restoration Project” would clearcut 355 acres, shelterwood cut 120 acres, and thin 215 acres for a total of 685 acres of logging. The proposed timber sale also authorizes the building of two miles of new roads, the building of two miles of temporary roads, and the reconstruction of nine miles of existing roads. The project further authorizes prescribed burning of 2,170 acres, in one of the most popular recreation areas in the forest, an area known to be used by Indiana bats, and would likely add even more pollution to an area of Indiana that is already a nonattainment area for particulate matter. This is the first project the Forest Service is attempting to implement under the new Hoosier Forest Plan, which is still pending appeal from several environmental groups and individuals.

The German Ridge project has been stopped two times in the past ten years; the first time in the late 1990’s due to the discovery of Indiana bats in the project area, and the second time, this past summer, due to the Forest Service’s appealing officer’s decision that the environmental impact statement did not include an adequate “cumulative impact analysis,” and that the costs of the road building were not included in the economic analysis.

This is the third time, then, that the Forest Service is attempting to recycle this same, environmentally and economically destructive project. A few weeks ago, the Forest Service issued a “Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement” (SDEIS) to “correct the deficiencies in the last Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).” In other words, the Forest Service is refusing to throw this project out, but instead, has merely changed its paperwork. The public needs to comment on this new SDEIS.

There is a 45-day comment period on this new Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) that will end Monday, Dec 4. The document can be viewed by going to You can also request a copy by writing the Forest Service at Hoosier National Forest Supervisors Office, 811 Constitution Avenue, Bedford, IN 47421 or by calling (812) 275-5987. You can send your comments to the Forest Service at the address above, or by Fax (812) 279-3423, or emailing Please send your comments into the Forest Service by December 4th!

34. Stop The destruction of Lymington

June 20, 2006

In common with towns across the UK the Town of Lymington is suffering from a rash of overdevelopment.

In the name of supposedly "Saving the Green Belt" developers are being encouraged by the UK Government to build at ever higher densities in the centre of towns.

This process has now gathered enormous momentum and the town now has numerous building sites as developers knock down good family houses to build block of retirement flats and second homes.

Unless the local council the New Forest District Council starts standing up to the developers and starts saying NO then the town as we know it will be lost for ever.

35. Alice Band Appeal

May 15, 2006

Long-haired jaffa-cake muncher Forest Jonny is taking part in an important footie tournament on Sunday.

He wants a haircut. We want him to wear an alice band, because he'll look daft.

He rashly agreed to wear one if we get 50 people to tell him to. Thanks to The Power Of The internet (tm), within just TWO HOURS we achieved that goal!

Now we're aiming for 1000 signatures to make him dye his hair PINK!

Sign the petition and make his life a misery!

*new info confirmed*
If we get 1000 signatures Jonny will dye his hair pink!* :D

36. Forest Hills Dog Owners Group

April 16, 2006

Giving dogs their own place to play means they're less likely to disturb other members of our community.

Adequate off-leash play and exercise helps make dogs better neighbors. A dog that gets plenty of exercise is less likely to bark incessantly or jump on people.

Dog runs bring people together, create a sense of community, and provide a forum for dog owners to share information that can help foster more responsible pet ownership. That in turn makes dog owners better neighbors.

37. Removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal

March 08, 2006

We the parents and residents of Spring Lake and Shaw Road sStudents are requesting the removal of Pine Forest Senior High School Principal, Mark Culbreth due to prejudiced remarks and comments made against the Spring Lake and Shaw Road students.

Mark Culbreth states that these are the students responsible for his low test scores and the students responsible for bringing elements of gang activity into his school.

38. Megson Out

December 16, 2005

For the sake of Nottingham Forest Football Club Gary Megson has to go?

Yes, only 1 league away win all season. His tatics stink.

Time for a change.

39. A Investigation of CFHS high turnover

Numerous Faculty at Carolina Forest High School have either resigned or transfered to other schools for many reasons but one root cause.

Now, Guidance Counselor Margie Gordyk has been suspended by the Principal, and we ask that the state investigate this and the way faculty are managed.

40. Support Dominican University's Easement Request

Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois, is seeking support for an easement to access Thatcher Avenue through a small section of Cook County Forest Preserve land. This project will allow the university to construct a new campus entrance/exit onto Thatcher Avenue, 200 feet south of Greenfield.

The total requested easement area is located at the northern tip of a non-contiguous section of Forest Preserve land. The requested area is 2240 square feet, of which 650 square feet would be paved This represents 1/20th of an acre or 1.3% of the area in question.

This project would support Dominican University's enrollment and relieve traffic congestion on Village streets.

41. Keep our State Forest Trails Open to Horse Riders

The decision is soon to be made on our Qld State Forests by Minister John Mickel whether to transform them to National Park status. Under old laws regarding wild Brumbies, horses are banned from National Parks. We as horse owners, riders and supporters are fighting to retain our right to use the tracks, trails and fire breaks we currently enjoy using within our State Forests.

42. Abolish Hidde View Development Jacob Road Access

Eight years ago the plans for the Wall Township Hidden View development was introduced. The plans proposed access from Cherry & Red Bud lanes in the Ramtown section of Howell. The Howell Council took action against this proposel. The NJ Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing access to Hidden View from Cherry & Red Bud lanes. Plan B was to build a bridge over the Garden State Parkway which proved to be to daunting. The new plan calls for access to Hidden View via a new $750,000.00 "T" intersection at Jacob Road in the Forest Ridge development.

This plan is a result of complaints from the residents in and around the Cherry & Red Bud Lane area. While no one wants the access road in their area, to move it to another area is just shifting the burden. The Cherry & Red Bud Lane area has numerous alternate routes to Newtons Corner Road. The Forest Ridge area has extremely limited access to Newton Corner Road for vehicles from 177 new homes.

This "T" intersection if built will pose a serious threat to safety and well being of the children and all residents in the Forest Ridge development. Direct access to Newton Corner road or another main road should be found. Builing a new access road that funnels the traffic from 177 new homes trough ANY existing residential development must not be allowed.

43. Stop the World Bank carve-up of the Congo forests!

We are asking people around the world to sign an online petition asking the World Bank to immediately halt plans for the expansion of industrial logging in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read on to find out more, and don't forget to forward this to friends and colleagues, as we need as many signatures as possible.

Logging the Congo rainforests will cut down more than just trees!

The rainforests of the Congo - which are the second largest on Earth after those of the Amazon - are imminently threatened. New laws being introduced under the guidance of the World Bank, as well as a 'zoning' of the country's forests, will potentially see an area the size of France handed out to logging companies.

35 million people (75% of Congo's national population) live in and around the forests, and depend on it for food, shelter, and natural medicines. The forests are also home to thousands of plant and animal species, including the lowland Gorilla, chimpanzees, forest elephants, and the rare okapi. So far, the rainforests have largely been spared widespread destruction.

However, the new laws, which are due to come into effect this year, will encourage a massive expansion of the timber industry, including a 60-fold increase in industrial logging.

This could be the start of the first major environmental and humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st century.

The Rainforest Foundation, along with dozens of environmental and human rights groups from the Democratic Republic of Congo is calling on the World Bank to immediately halt plans for the expansion of industrial logging of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to ensure that the rights of people living in the forest are respected.

Please spare two minutes to sign the online World Bank petition and forward this email on to your friends and colleagues?

Yours sincerely

The Rainforest Foundation

44. Midnight Madness for Wake Forest

Wake Forest has cancelled their annual midnight madness!!! Let's show them that they are making a huge mistake and we want midnight madness!

45. Change Community Bylaws of the Gatewood Forest Homeowners Association

On July 29, 2003 the annual meeting of the Gatewood Forest Homeowners Association was condcuted. Many concerns were brought forth by community members including the lack of information about association activities and appointments.

46. Forest Fans In Lower Bridgeford

Please sign the petition so we can let the club know that forest fans should be seated in the lower bridgeford rather than away fans.

47. Salviamo l'orso grizzly, l'aquila calva e l'habitat del Tongass in Alaska

ITALIANO - Un recente piano di "conservazione" per il Tongass National
di Alaska Foresta aprirà su più di 9 milioni di acri, saranno abbattuti
alberi e saranno scavate cave. La regione selvaggia di Tongass è il
posto dove il salmone si riproduce ed è il posto ideale per l'orso
grizzly. Vanta la più grande densità di aquile calve. Sono in gioco
gl'interessi di 30 ditte moto potenti che commerciano in legname, le
quali ditte metterebbero a grave rischio la regione con i suoi animali e
piante selvatiche. A causa della natura unica del Tongass, un corte
federale costrinse la Bush Administration a fare una rassegna di tutte
le aree senza strade a protezione permanente. Sfortunatamente, una
varietà di scelte buone per l' ambiente sono state rifiutate. Fu invece
pesantemente favorita una proposta che favoriva l'industria del legname
commerciale.Per cui la zona fu lasciata senza alcuna protezione.Gli
eco-amici alternativi, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation Proposal,
Alternative 6, proteggeremo i vecchi e preziosi foresta e le altre
originarie aree del Tongass.Le nostre foreste nazionali sono tesori
nazionali ed una volta sparite lo sono per sempre.

ENGLISH- A recent "preservation" plan for Alaska's Tongass National
Forest will open up over 9 million acres to logging and
mining development, threatening grizzlies and bald eagles.
You Can Help Save The Tongass.
The Tongass wilderness houses salmon spawning grounds, prime
grizzly bear habitat, and the world's densest population of
bald eagles. Yet, over 30 pending large-scale timber sales
threaten the region and its wildlife.
Background: Because of the unique nature of the Tongass, a
federal court required the Bush Administration to review
all roadless areas for permanent protection. Unfortunately,
a variety of sound environmental options were rejected.
Instead, a proposal was put forward that heavily favors the
commercial timber industry! The so-called permanent protection
proposal recommends NO PROTECTION for roadless areas and offers
no new wilderness designations.
The eco-friendly alternative, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation
and other pristine areas of the Tongass.
The Forest Service has asked for your opinion in a special public
comment period. So please tell them today that you want this area
Our national forests are national treasures and once they're gone,
they're gone forever.

48. Get Rid Of Joe And Lois Sparks

This petiton is for homeowners at sherwood Forest. As homeowners here that have had to deal with the harrasssment, cusssing at our children, giving up the right to ride your motorcycles as a means of tranportation, told you can not bring home and park company trucks on our own lot, have had to either find someone to take your children to bus stop or you have to walk your children clear up to the front because managment won't let bus come back into park,you have been told you can not have a vehicle parked on your lot because it doesn't run, you have been told you have to get rid of your pet because it's not a lap dog, or any other rediculus thing you have been told by them.

49. "Pay off your Debt. Sell us a Forest!"

As an answer to many countries' debt problem and as a means of saving natural resources, especially tropical forests which affect global warming and weather patterns, the US government came up with a novel concept. The nature swap through the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998 (TFCA) - to exchange the debt of forest-rich countries for conservation mechanisms designed to protect the forests.

The Act, according to a US Embassy press release will allow developing countries to shed their debt burden, while helping them to preserve natural forests. In consultation with the US government the debtor country can set up a fund or board consisting of local NGO representatives to preserve tropical forests. The value of debt will be converted to local currency and programs initiated by the board will be paid in local value.

According to them Sri Lanka's most pristine forests- the Sinharaja rainforest, Peak Wilderness, Namunukula forest and the Knuckles forest range are in danger under the debt recovery act and Sinharaja forest will be the main victim.

The United States and Japan have already taken 45 patent rights for medicinal plants in Sri Lanka. There may be hundreds of such indigenous properties in our tropical forests which will be the future of our financial stability. Under this, we fear that, it will pave the way for uncontrolled exploitation of these assets.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Forestry and Environment in Sri Lanka appointed a committee to look into the TFCA, counteracting the speculations of selling off the virgin forests to United States to offset national debt. There are remarkable similarities between the wording of the US Act and the intentions of the donor agencies as outlined in the ADB Report. At first glance it all seems ideally suited to countries such as Sri Lanka which have high international debts, and yet require funding to maintain its rich biodiversity. However, on close scrutiny, questions arise as to the intent motivating such apparent generosity. After all it is ironic that the United States is so concerned about the environmental well-being of the rest of the world that it refuses to sign the Kyoto Convention on controlling carbon dioxide emissions despite being the creator of the largest volume of these emissions!

So, do not allow capital countries to exploit poor countries' natural forests, full of genetic assets. We all should oppose it.