Petition Tag - foreign aid

1. Help Support Sen. Rand Pauls Bill To fix America

As estimates to fix the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey reach over $100 billion, the U.S. Congress has pushed for a bill that would raise the national debt in order to pay for it. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul suggested a different solution—why not make cuts to foreign aid in order to help Americans in need?

2. Repatriate or aid will stop!

Your silence is no longer an option. Act now!

The immediate and heightened dangers of numerous diseases being brought into Texas and all across America by illegal alien minors who continue to be bused into the United States remains unanswered. Nothing has been done to immediately halt this invasion that places all Americans at risk.

Sign petition to tell our public servants to demand foreign countries take responsibility for their citizenry:

"Repatriot your citizens immediately, or the United States will halt all aid to your country."

3. Divert Foreign Aid to UK Flood Victims

Britain is sending millions of pounds to foreign countries in aid.

Should this now be diverted to help the victims of the floods that have left parts of the UK under water for weeks?

4. Increase the foreign aid budget to 0.5% of the total budget

There are still many problems in third world countries which we, as a first world country, can help solve.

Many politicians have already promised to increase the foreign aid budget to 0.5% of the gross national income by 2017-2018 and we intend to make them keep that promise.

5. Aid for the poorest of the United States

Billions and billions of U.S. money is sent every year to foreign countries.

Let's temporarily suspend a percentage of foreign aid and concentrate for a while on helping the poorest regions of the United States get a leg up.

6. Stop Forcing Taxpayers to Subsidise Abortions

The Department of Health gives abortion clinic Marie Stopes £30 million per year.

In addition, the UK Foreign aid budget has given Marie Stopes International nearly a million pounds per year to perform abortions in the Third World.

This abuse of taxpayers' money must stop now.

7. Lift Jones Act to get Foreign Aid in Gulf Of Mexico

The main obstacle that is preventing the clean up of the oil spill that began on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, is an act that was instilled in 1920, called the Jones Act.

The Jones Act was passed by the Congress just after the end of World War I and was enacted in order to protect American sailors when they were injured on the job, and to re-build the shipping revenue of the U.S.Currently, there have been no requests to lift this act which can be waived by the president but yet there is more advanced technology that is being offered by 13 different countries.

Their technology can cut down the clean up of the oil spill from 10 months to 3 or 4 months.

8. Time For Anwers: Rescue Haiti

I would like answers for the continued suffering of Haiti, and action to be taken against those responsible for not distributing funds and supplies to the Haitians.

Haitians are dying as we speak and we do not see any progress. Nothing has been done to facilitate the donations! Nothing is being done, and nothing will happen unless someone speaks up. Well, that someone is me; I am a 16 year old high school student who is sick of the suffering of these innocent people. Why is it that America can be so powerful yet so ignorant, as it appears nonchalant about the innocent Haitian people and their children dying? Yet runs to other countries to rescue its people. Yes, we Americans donated money, food, clothes etc. but what good is it if it doesn't reach the suffering Haitians. People are running away with the donations and we sit and watch it happen. Why?

If the governor really cared they would have taken action and given justice and held those responsible, respectively. America! We have the power so why not?