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1. Change US Military Enlistment Policy

Currently the US Military turns down hundreds of applicants due to their criminal record. I believe this is an unfair policy. You cannot judge one's character by whats in a computer or on paper. Character and devotion to our freedom comes from within. There are people who would gladly serve and devote their lives for their country who are turned down because of their past mistakes. Serving in the US Armed forces teaches things a prison or a civilian workplace cannot teach. It teaches teamwork, discipline, devotion.

When you're serving in the military you are taught to think of your country before yourself. You are trained to die for your country if required. You fight for your country's freedom. What better way to ensure that protection then to open this opportunity to everyone. In this time of war we're in a shortage of manpower because those trusted to our country's protection are not willing to fight anymore, or are getting killed.

We need a strong military and we can't do that without enlisting more soldiers.

2. Kevin Lane step down

We the parents of Colmesneil Football team are asking for your help. By signing this petition, you are asking Coach Kevin Lane to step down as Head Coach.

3. Youth Judge for Canadian Idol 2

Getting a youth judge on the television show for canadian idol 2.

This Petition is for all those "Canadian Idol fans", which believe that next year on "Canadian Idol 2" there should be a YOUTH Judge. The following Petition will be sent to "CTV" if given enough Signatures. Thank you for your support and for your participation!

4. Get rid of the crypack

Have you ever had to deal with someone crying all day long? We at OCTV have had to deal with this for too long. We want to discuss the trials on TV yet we get crying all day long. Stand up for your rights sign this petition and strike a blow for your right, to have adults act like adults.