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181. Justice for Garry Mann

In 2004, Garry Mann, a fireman from Kent, went to Portugal to watch the European football championship. According to Garry, he was with friends in a bar in Albufeira when a riot amongst English football supporters broke out in a nearby street.

Garry was arrested on 15 June 2004, along with several other football supporters, and charged with causing the riot. He was tried the following day, together with 11 other defendants, under a temporary fast-track procedure set up ahead of the championship to combat football hooliganism. Unable to instruct a lawyer and unable to understand or participate in the proceedings due to poor quality of translation provided, Garry was convicted and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

Garry reports being told the sentence would not be carried out on the condition that he accepted voluntary deportation back to the UK and not return to Portugal for at least 1 year. This also seems to be the understanding of the Home Office, whose spokeswoman told Sky News back in 2004, “The intent of the judge [of the Portuguese court] appears to have been to get Mr Mann out of the country rather than immediate imprisonment, stating that he would serve two years in custody if he returned to Portugal.” Notes from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from the time of Garry´s arrest similarly suggest that consular officials also shared this understanding.

Upon his return to the UK, Mann’s case received a significant amount of public attention when the then Home Secretary of the UK, David Blunkett, said he had “not given up on the idea we are going to nail this individual.” To this end, the Chief of Metropolitan police took out an application for a worldwide football banning order to prevent Mann from travelling abroad to attend football matches.

In 2005, the Magistrates court considered the application for the football banning order. Justice Stephen Day denied the application, finding the trial in Portugal to be “so unfair as to be incompatible with the respondents’ right to a fair trial under Article 6” and concluding “it would be unfair to rely upon the Portuguese conviction.”

Garry resumed his life in Kent and, for four years, had no further run-ins with the law. However, in March 2009, British police arrested him at his home on a European Arrest Warrant issued by Portuguese authorities in 2008.

When asked why it had taken so long for them to issue the Arrest Warrant, Portuguese authorities claimed to be unaware that Garry had not served a sentence in the UK.

Despite the earlier ruling by Justice Stephen Day branding Garry’s trial in Portugal “unfair”, in August 2009 the Westminster Magistrates court ordered Garry’s extradition to Portugal. Garry Mann and his legal team are still trying to resist this extradition. Should he be extradited, Garry will have no right to appeal the Portuguese decision; he will be forced to spend two years in prison on the basis of an unfair trial.

The trial in Portugal was a travesty of justice, with major breaches of Mann’s rights to a fair trial, including:

• Inadequate legal representation (1 lawyer for 12 defendants);
• No opportunity to prepare a defence (the trial having taken place within 24 hours of Mann’s arrest) or to instruct a lawyer;
• Poor quality interpretation (there was only one interpreter speaking English), meaning that the defendants could not follow or participate in the trial.

Fair Trials International has serious concerns about the European Arrest Warrant. In practice, the system has been interpreted as leaving no scope for the British courts to prevent an extradition even where, as in this case, it would lead to clear injustice.

182. Get the FA using more Fairtrade Footballs

Fairtrade farmers are unbelievably under-paid and deserve to get a fair price for their hard work.

If the FA were to come out in support of Fairtrade then there could be a 'domino effect' where many clubs and other national organisations would follow and buy Fairtrade footballs.

183. Bring Back Death Penalty In South Africa!

For the past fifteen years there has been a RAPID increase in murder, rape and all other incredibly savage acts and crime in general. South Africa is currently NUMBER ONE on in the world for murder, rape and all crime and therefore earned the name "CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD".

More then THREE THOUSAND FARMERS have been murdered since 1994 and nearly more then 50 South Africans are murdered PER DAY! A BIG portion of that are CHILDREN that were RAPED TO DEATH!

These SAVAGES are seldom caught and only a few gets captured and convicted. Most of these murderers actually prefer being in jail. They receive clean beds, three meals and free education if they so desire.

This becomes another burden on the taxpayer. With other words the law-abiding citizens of South Africa actually are then the ones getting punished for the murderer 's heinous acts! More then 600 South Africans have actually successfully gained refugee status in other countries! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS South Africans have already fled the country in fear of their lives! This resulted in the ultimate "Brain Drain" of the country.

Instead of keeping the LAW-ABIDING, EDUCATED citizens of South Africa IN the country, the Lack of the South African Government's involvement and lack of proper punishment has secured South Africa 's first place as a MURDER/RAPE/CRIME - CAPITAL IN THE WORLD!

I am of the strong opinion that Capital Punishment for murder should be reintroduced to South Africa! Amnesty International states that the Death Penalty 'violates the right of the life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' The question - What about the lives and rights of the victims? Were they not entitled to the Right of Life and Prohibition of Torture?

The person that takes the life savagely of another should no longer benefit from the protections afforded under any legislation. The failure of the government to actually ensure the citizens of South Africa a safer country is no longer expectable.

A Jail term is no longer a deterrent. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN SOUTH AFRICA! PLEASE VISIT our pages on FACEBOOK -


184. Review Manchester United And Chelsea "Offside Goal" (April 3rd)

The Football Match Between Manchester United And Chelsea is a big big match all the time but this season with just points in between the top 2, it counts more than ever that a referee or a linesman is accurate and fair.

Chelsea player Drogba scored a goal from which was clearly a off-side position and the linesman Simon Beck was clearly able to see this, and he has been penalised by being demoted to Championship duty.

But Why should a team also be penalised?
Manchester United in this case.

The Goal was offside and it should not count.

185. No To Banning Of English Flags During The World Cup Football Tournament

There has been talk that the government of Tower Hamlets in London are banning the flying of English Flags during the World Cup Football.

We feel this is wrong that the people that want to cannot support their country through fear of upsetting other religions.

186. Να Τιμωρηθεί Παραδειγματικά όποιος ευθύνεται για την κακοποίηση μέχρι θανάτου του ανυπεράσπιστου ζώου

Α football fan sprayed a rabbit with orange paint in an attempt to taunt the other team’s supporters whose color is orange. The rabbit’s legs were broken probably so he can't move or run away from the field. The rabbit died while dozens of people girls and boys were laughing and applause the hero...

This petition has nothing to do with football, we don't support any team, all we ask for is for the people who tortured and killed the animal to be prosecuted for what they have done. We want Cyprus to respect that EU has laws for the animals also. As European citizens we demand Cypriot authorities to respect and follow the EU laws for animal abuse and protection.

187. Citizens of Fitzgerald & Ben Hill County

Going before the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners on April 6, 2010, is the 2011 SPLOST Referendum.

The Fitzgerald City Council voted unanimously in favor of the final proposal in February 2010, meeting.

We ask that the City Council to reconsider allocating $600,000 toward synthetic turf.

We are continuing to collect signatures as the referendum is planned to appear before the County Commissioners on April 6, 2010.

188. Keep Football Fever on the air!

Australia's premier football show for over six years, Football Fever, founded by Paul Williams is to go to air for the final time on March 28th on SkySports Radio 1017AM.

The show is THE source for A-League and international world football news on the Australian airwaves. With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa fast approaching, football fans and Sky Sports Radio NEED Football Fever to stay on the air!

Sunday nights just would not be the same without Damo, Francis, Les and Terazio - not to mention Mr Modrich, fellow emailers and callers!

Express your support for the show and let SKY SPORTS RADIO know about the loss that FOOTBALL FEVER will be to their program schedule.

189. Vote of no confidence

ATC have shown in their dealings with Molson Coors that they are not qualified to make the best decisions on behalf of all Altonians in respect of town planning.

They have also shown that they are not prepared to listen to residents whose views do not coincide with their own.

They have allowed their own personal agendas to take priority over what is best for the town in the long-term,


Brett Favre is an amazing quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings.

He is also a great family man, role model and humanitarian (Brett Favre Fourward Foundation).

This petition is to show our love and support for Brett, and to ask that he please return to another year of football.

191. Let Fairlawn Local Schools have Football

For an example Sidny Schools were falling through so we got some of there athletes... An I think they should still have a chance to play. We don't have to buy a new stadium all we need is some lines and a couple of field goal posts and we can use the new soccer field.. All we need is your help..

192. Annulez La Sanction Du Togo - Reverse the Togo ban

La Confédération africaine de football (CAF) a décidé le 30 Janvier 2010 de suspendre pour deux Coupes d'Afrique des nations le Togo, qui s'était retiré de la CAN-2010 sur décision gouvernementale à la suite du mitraillage de sa délégation, le 8 janvier dans l'enclave de Cabinda, faisant deux morts. La CAF demande également au Togo de payer $50,000 d'amende.

Cette décision a choqué tous ceux qui aiment le football et sont épris de justice. Dans le monde entier, des voix s'élèvent pour condamner l'attitude d'Issa Hayatou, le Président (25 ans) de la CAF.

La présente pétition est initiée en vue d'exiger l'annulation de la décision inique et rétablir le Togo dans ses droits.

193. 2010 FIFA World Cup for Haiti

Football is important to the Haitian people. After what they have just been through, after what they have just survived, what better way to bring a smile to their faces than by dedicating this year's World Cup to them?

194. Reverse the Togo Cup of Nations Ban

We, the undersigned, believe that the decision to punish the Togo Football Team for withdrawing from the recent Cup of Nations to be a highly insensitive one that shows no respect to natural justice.

We understand that the reason for the ban and fine is the interference of the Togo government which did breach CAF regulations, but we believe that given the exceptional circumstances of the attack on the Togo Team bus, and the responsibility of the Togo government to the safety of its people, that the breach of the regulations on this occasion was wholly understandable.

We also note the failure of the CAF to provide adequate security to a team partaking in their tournament.

195. Give Kentucky an NFL Team

Kentucky hasn't had an NFL team since the 1920's. That's 90 years. Kentucky is big enough to have an NFL team. It could be located in Louisville or Lexington.

Please give Kentucky an NFL team. Even if they are horrible I know that I and a lot of people in Kentucky would support them. Thanks you.

196. Get Stephen Hopkins signed to Sporting Hinton Permanently

He may think he is too old but Hinton needs the old man at the back and we need him to know we don't think he is past it! The treble is on!

197. Stop schelden met kanker !

Het is de afgelopen tijd schering en inslag, als het gaat om het gebruik van het vreselijke woord kanker in onze maatschappij. Jongeren gebruiken het te pas en te onpas, zonder zich te beseffen hoeveel mensen ze daarmee kwetsen. Het is gewoon dagelijks taalgebruik geworden. Dit kan niet, mag niet, en zal niet gebeuren.
Het moet echt stoppen !!

198. New Improved Sudden Death Overtime

Some of the greatest NFL games are those in which 2 teams "leave it all on the field" and fight it out with all they've got, only to end the 4 quarters in a tie - going to sudden-death overtime.

It seems too anti-climactic that the outcome of these super-athletic performances would come to rest on the flip of a coin and the foot of a kicker.

These talented players, and more importantly the fans, deserve better.

199. Petition Against Floodlighting at St Aloysius School

Developers Balfour Beatty have applied for planning permission to erect eight 23 foot (eight metre) high floodlight columns on the sports and games areas at St Aloysius School in Hornsey Lane. The pitches are next to a woodland conservation area and the floodlights will be clearly visible to homes on all sides of the school. This contrary to policy.

The facilities can accommodate 3 football games, the users of a large sports hall and associated spectators. The planning application requests permission to use floodlights until 9pm weekdays and until 7pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

200. Let SOUTHAMPTON bid to host the 2018 World Cup

In two weeks time the FA will decide on which cities it will put forward with its bid to host the World Cup in 2018. The South is not represented! After Pompey pulled out it is left to SOUTHAMPTON to represent the South (Milton Keynes is hardly the south) as a host city for England's 2018 World Cup bid.

We weren't on the original list due to Southampton FC's financial woes in the summer but now we're set to step up and be counted.

The FA simply has to allow the city to bid. We have the facilities, both in footballing terms and the ability to welcome the world's football fans to our great city.

201. Show Your Support For Coventry RFC

Coventry RFC, founded in 1874 has been put into liquidation today by its owner Andrew Green.

We now need to move forward and show this that this Rugby Club is for the people of Coventry and for the rugby community at large.

202. Retire number 9 at Larissa FC!

Antonio de Nigris, a Mexican footballer who played for Larissa FC, tragically died on November 16, 2009. He died because of a heart attack while sleeping on that fateful night.

De Nigris played with #9 at the club. We want Larissa FC to retire the number in memory of him.

203. Support NCAA Division I-A Football Playoffs

As we all know, the BCS system for determining the Division I-A National Champion has never allowed for schools from the lesser publicized conferences to really have a chance to win a National Title.

During the '90s, Marshall University and Florida State were the only two undefeated teams in the nation, yet Marshall was only ranked at #7 with no chance to prove themselves. More recently, Boise State has also not been afforded that opportunity.

This year could produce as many as four undefeated teams and two will also not be afforded that opportunity.

We therefore propose the following petition to the NCAA to eliminate this discrimination.

204. Introduce Video Technology for Soccer/Football

Video Technology must be introduced into Soccer/Football. The player's want it, the manager's want it, and the fan's want it! The only people who do not are Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini!

There is evidence across the globe on a daily basis as to why it must be introduced! If everyone gets involved, then surely the governing bodies must listen!

205. Greater Team Power in Football

The blatant cheating the French national team inflicted on the Republic of Ireland in Wednesday's (18/11/2009) Play Off Game.

Darren Fletcher's Red card against Arsenal 08/09 Champions League.

Chelsea vs Barcelona 08/09 Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg refusal of Penalties.

206. Replay Ireland vs. France World Cup Qualifying Match

On November 18th, 2009 Ireland took on France with a chance to qualify for the World Cup.

In the final seconds, however, France was allowed to get away with a blatant handball that caused Ireland to lose the game and any chance of qualifying for the World Cup as well.

Since then many surveys have been taken, all with the overwhelming majority crying for a rematch.

207. Support Football Video Referees

This petition is a response to the injustice felt by the lifeblood of football, the people who support their club/nation, the people who sustain an industry with their tireless support, the people who own the game, the football fans.

We are seeking to eliminate the cheating which is blatantly obvious to the majority of people watching the game, but all too often goes unnoticed and unpunished by the referee and their assistants.

“Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly”. This is an extract from the Fair Play Golden Rules, and does not seem to tally up with many examples of victories achieved unfairly and dishonestly such as; Thierry Henry handling the ball and leading to a goal which ultimately stopped the Republic of Ireland reaching the world cup - Rivaldo’s play acting which lead to the sending off of Hakan Unsal and a winning penalty scored by Rivaldo, and Ultimately winning the World Cup – Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ which knocked out England and ultimately led to Argentina winning the World Cup.

Surely a great deal of value was gained by France, Brazil and Argentina in the above instances of unfairness and dishonesty.

Players have a duty towards their own country/club and therefore can only be expected to do everything they can to win. If the option is there for them to make a split second decision to cheat in order to gain an advantage, it is inevitable that they will take the chance.

Something must be done to both deter and correct this.

208. Move the Detroit Lions to Windsor, Ontario, Canada

For years, Canadians have wanted to go see a live NFL game but walking in an American city would be too dangerous for most Canadians.

I believe that if the Detroit Lions were moved to Windsor, Canadians would be able to watch a live NFL game in their own country. It would be superior to CFL football and most fans would be able to identify with the players more.

Americans would still be able to access the game by mass transit. The city should pay for 40% of the cost of building a new stadium, the Detroit Lions should pay 40%, and the NFL should pay 20%.

209. FIFA must video review the Ireland vs France Qualifier

On Wednesday 18th November Ireland was robbed of its chance to qualify for the world cup by a blatant and obvious foul.

210. Land of Hope and Glory

Every country have their own national anthem. When it comes to football, we would like England to have Land of Hope and Glory. Scotland have the Flower of Scotland, and Wales have the Land of My Fathers.

We should only use GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, when we are in the Olympics as one NATION (Great Britain) (The Queen) Your Majesty please do not Interpret this as an act of TREASON.