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61. ROWVA/Mid-county School District

This petition is designed to bring a voice to the school board on Oct. 20th. As of now children are not allowed to play on playground during school events like football games even with adult supervision. The children and the parents were kicked off the playground area at the last home game by school staff.

It is not a written policy that the playground is closed during these events. Families should be able to utilize these area if they choose to.

Please help me in getting a policy written that allows families to use what we pay for every year with our tax monies.

Not only that but to give our kids what they deserve. To be able to play on the play ground.


We the fans are fed up with tony romo's careless plays in every season! We need a Super Bowl minded quarterback who will take us all the and stop embarrassing us!

We are "AMERICA'S TEAM" not "AMERICA'S JOKE team".

Win lose or tie Cowboy fan till we die,B UT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOMORE ROMO! No more romo! Romo must go!

63. Better and Safer Access at Drakes Creek Park

On several occasions the traffic into and out of Drakes Creek Park has reached unsafe situations. Traffic delays continue to get worse. Bad weather exacerbates the problem.

In addition to Hendersonville residents who use Drakes Creek Park, non-residents come here for tournaments and regular events. Athletes (young and old) and their families come from many parts of the country to Drakes Creek Park.

Our city's park system is an incredible asset. That level of service needs to continue. We need the City of Hendersonville to develop some solutions to the traffic problem at Drakes Creek Park. This should be a priority for time and money.

64. The Voices Of "ONE BUFFALO"

Decades of losing seasons by the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres organizations.

65. Change the Blackout restrictions on Super Bowl and other championship type games

There is a need to change blackout rules since I live in southern Indiana.

I get Blacked-out from Chicago area. I am 500 miles away it is unfair to think I can run to Chicago every time there is a black out. I also get blackedout of Saint Louse as well and I am 300 miles from there as well. I have been in California and blocked there over 300 miles so I now live on a low income.

I don't have the money to go see these games when my team that I want to see is blocked due to these extreme distances from where I live.

66. Close Old Firm Banter Facebook page

''The above facebook page'' was supposed to be a Banter page. It turns out not to be the case. It's a hate page against decent people who have Died due to illness or are dieing due to illness.

I would like the support from all decent Football fans to get this page closed.

67. Stop S4C cutting Monday Night Sgorio

Sgorio is/was a program on S4C showing highlights from the Welsh Premier League (& more) which has been going for 26 years, for the sake of the National Football League of Wales (Welsh Premier League) I and others would like S4C to re-think cutting Sgorio from their Schedule.

68. Sack Coach James Akwasi Appiah

Mr Akwasi Appiah failed Ghana in the African cup and also the world cup so why give him more contracts?

Would any serious minded coach like mourinho , loew etc make this comment when he told the media he was waiting to see a strong US team get tired before introducing some key players? He cant control his players let alone coach them and even cries in front of his players?

Nigerian coach Keshi won the African cup and progressed to next stage of the world cup but resigned honourably so why are they trying to renew the contract for him. Akwasi Appiah can never win us anything so pls join my quest.

69. Give a Child a Chance

As a parent you never want to see your child or any other child suffer. This leads me to our story. Tommy Caison is known for his Athletic ability all over the East Coast. But a bad decision and one night changed his life, maybe forever. Everyone makes mistakes, and we hope to learn from them! At the height of his Jr. year, Tommy and the Central Falcons Varsity Football team were headed to the Regional playoffs, when a so-called friends ask Tommy to hang out.

After injuring his ankle the previous game, he limped his way into the vehicle, they would end up at a cabin. The friends stole some firearms, and the way the system works is all parties are guilty. After spending 7 months in a Juvenile facility, Tommy has successfully finished his program, 30 days early, with the love and respect of the Administrators of the program.

So as any American citizen who has served his debt to society, he has changed his friends and his life for the better. So here is the problem… after doing everything possible to successfully complete the program, Tommy had to had to complete his Jr yr. while being away, which he did. Tommy doesn't even need to go a full school year to graduate this year. But the issue is, Tommy is on the radar with many Div. 1 colleges, and with a Sr. Year he could earn his way to college. This decision was left up to the principal at Central High School here in Woodstock, Melissa Hensley, a former collegiate athlete herself. But she has failed Tommy at this point not allowing him to participate in sports his Sr. yr. Which to me, sounds like "Double Jeopardy" if you pay your debt to society and have to live your life knowing that people that don't know you will judge you for past, would seem like punishment enough! When did we stop caring about kids and care more about the way the school looks to others? In this day and age we see more children's lives cut short and sent to correctional facilities more than ever!

Please sign this petition and leave comments as we take this fight to the School Board Superintendent. We need all the people in this county, state, and Country to take a stand when it comes to our children! Again, I'm not saying that consequences aren't required but I think people take authority to a whole new level. Please find it in your heart to help is with this cause.

70. Add Byron Parker to CFL on TSN


Being a proud fan of the CFL, I would do anything to support the league as a whole.

There has been something that has been bugging me recently, the missing factor from the CFL on TSN panel. Someone to represent probably the most important part of the game we all love:

The defence.

I believe, Byron Parker would be the obvious choice. His allstar stats on the field (three time CFL allstar, nine career Interceptions returned for Touchdowns.. to name a few), his knowledge of the game are definitely reason enough to have him added to the current CFL on TSN panel, and I must add that his persona and charisma are hard to ignore too. A definite winning combination that would fit in perfectly and add that much needed defensive side of the ball insight that is currently missing.


71. Please televise AFL Free To Air Live Channel 7

The AFL awarded contracts to televise AFL games from 2012 through to 2016 to Foxtel, Channel Seven and Telstra.

The broadcast rights include:

• A minimum of four Matches per week Live or Near Live on free to air;

• All 42 home and away matches involving teams from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia broadcast on free to air television in your home state; and

• All Nine Matches per week Live from FOX Sports on Foxtel and Austar and Fox IP television and live on mobile via Telstra.

AFL fans in many regional areas of Australia have enjoyed live coverage on free to air television of home and away games of there home teams for many years. There is a swelling of discontent in regional Australia individuals and city individuals holidaying in regional Australia at the increasing delays of home and away games televised on free to air television station Channel 7 involving teams from the individuals home states.

We need to make the AFL and Free to Air Television station Channel 7 aware that we want live free to air games in regional Australia. Please take 30 seconds to stand up and be counted on this issue.

If you are from regional Australia or a city based individual that holidays in regional Australia and want to watch your AFL team live on free to air television in regional areas we need your help by simply signing this petition before the end of the current AFL televising contract 2015.

72. All Premiership Clubs must field at least five UK players every game

This is to try and make every Premier League club field a minimum of five UK players for every game as a minimum.

Until this is done we will never have national home sides able to compete at international competitions.

73. Open Stadiums to Women
سهم زن، نیمی از آزادی؛ دفاع از حق ورود زنان به استادیوم

اعمال سياست‌هاي جداسازي جنسيتي در فضاهاي عمومي باعث شده‌است که زنان و دختران از حق ورود به استاديوم‌هاي ورزش محروم شوند.
ورود به استاديوم‌هاي ورزشي، به عنوان فضاي عمومي شهري، حق همه‌ي مردم ايران است و نمي‌توان با هيچ بهانه‌اي از ورود زنان که نيمي ازجمعيت اين کشور هستند، به استاديوم‌هاي ورزشي جلوگيري کرد.

74. Bring Johnny Football to Nashville

The Browns organization, or the city of Cleveland for that matter does not deserve Johnny Manziel. Not only will it ruin his career, it will ruin the Browns organization as well.

The Tennessee Titans would thrive if they had Johnny on their team, and so would he. Therefore, I'm petitioning for you to work a deal with your brother Jimmy Haslam, majority owner of the Browns, to bring Johnny to Nashville and play quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

There is plenty of upside to this move. The Titans would sell tons of season tickets and merchandise. Also, people would flock to the Nashville area, meaning a boost in the local economy.

The Titans would succeed on the field too, which is also a plus.

75. We want Bernie Back in The Browns Broadcast Booth

We would like to see Bernie Kosar back in the broadcast booth for The Browns pre-season games for the 2014 season, not somebody who has no connection to the the team.

76. Save Wimbledon Park parking for residents

Wimbledon Park residents are unable to park on Saturday and Sunday due to the flood of Chelsea and Fulham fans who use our residential roads for free parking, often for up to 4-5 hours during the course of a day.

This can happen on both a Saturday and Sunday.

77. English FA and Football League to Apologize to LTFC

In an unprecedented ruling the English football association and Football League deducted 30 points from Luton Town Football Club in 2008.

As a consequence, LTFC was relegated out of the league in May 2009 which had a devastating effect on the club and its loyal fans.

The double whammy by the football elite was severe and disproportionate and punished the fans NOT the people responsible who had left the club by June 2008.

78. Concussion Education and Baseline Testing in Youth Sports

The Concussion Education and Prevention Agency is a comprehensive concussion education and testing firm created by athletes for athletes. Our aim is to bring awareness to the wider community on the devastating effects of concussions, not only in sports but in their degenerating effects on long term human health.

What is a Concussion? A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. – 2013 Center of Disease Control

Concussion Safety and Preventative measures need to be implemented into Youth Sports; unfortunately, these important measures are often overlooked. Educating youth athletes, parents, trainers and coaches on concussions, specifically proper sideline management protocols is the first step we as a community can implement that will help protect our youth athletes of today and tomorrow.

Baseline Neurocognitive Testing is considered to be the cornerstone of future concussion management; without a baseline, athletes are at a high risk of returning to their respective sport too early which can lead to life altering consequences such as Second Impact Syndrome, Mild Cognitive Impairments, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and Post-Concussion Syndrome.

79. AFL Footy Show Live in QLD

Because we live in Queensland we have to wait until 11pm to watch "The AFL Footy Show," while Channel 9 shows replays of "Domestic Blitz" on GEM or "Sex and the City" on GO!

Please sign this petition to show Channel 9 that Queenslanders want to see "The AFL Footy Show" live!

80. Backup Cup support for beyondblue

My name is Joseph Dunning and I would like to organise a special fund raising event in Mount Gambier for beyondblue.

Why beyondblue, and why football?

I am very passionate about the game. Our game has helped me through some very tough points in my life when nothing else seemed to help. I can attribute this to the therapy playing the game has given me.

Sadly we have recently lost one of our family members late last year. We are still trying to come to terms with the loss and the empty hole in our hearts. However we only see it fitting to place the awareness of depression and anxiety in the forefront of peoples minds by having this event.

If we can find one positive to come from this heart breaking time, that is helping the awareness and support of an organization such as beyondblue. As we know every little bit counts, and has the ability to to make a difference to the ones thst need it the most!

beyondblue is an organisation that was established in October 2000 as a national five-year initiative to create a community response to depression. The aim was to move the focus on depression away from a mental health service issue and towards one which is understood, acknowledged and addressed by the wider community.

My family would like to raise further awareness of mental health issues as well as show that organisations like beyondblue are there to help people like the one that was dear to us. When all seems lost there is help at hand; help that will not discriminate nor chastises for you feeling the way you do.

For beyondblue to continue their invaluable support in helping people deal with the stress that our modern society brings, they require support and encouragement from the community, by means of fundraising and generating awareness.

Please sign our petition in support for The Back Up Cup - proudly supporting beyondblue in our request to get Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory Football clubs to Mount Gambier and participate in the Back Up cup!

This event is to help raising much needed funds for beyondblue as well as providing awareness of mental health issues within our community.

81. Give Michael Sam Back His Original Draft Pick Position

Michael Sam is the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and, after completing his college career, he came out as gay. Before this revelation, he was at least the third pick.

Anonymous sources to draft analysts have, according to Sports Illustrated, said that he has dropped to thirteenth since then, presumably because coaches don't want controversy.

My request is simple: Can he have his old position back, please?

82. 4th Season of Blue Mountain State

This is the best and funniest show. Many people didn't start watching this show until it came on to Netflix now it is roaring with popularity. If you brought back this show it would be the top comedy in a long time.

I know many people including myself that would like this show back on Spike. This would bring great business so there is no worry about that and we are all ready for the 4th Season so BMS FTW.

83. Support the Y1D3 ! and for the freedom of speech!

Three football fans have been charged in connection with using insulting language during Tottenham Hotspur matches.

Gary Whybrow, 31; Sam Parsons, 24, and Peter Ditchman, 52, are due to appear before magistrates on February 4 accused of using the word "yid".

Whybrow, from west London, and Parsons, from Amersham, Buckinghamshire, are accused of the offence during a Europa League game against FC Sheriff on November 7.

Ditchman, from Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, allegedly used bad language in the Barclays Premier League game with West Ham on October 6.

All three are accused of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.

The club has a strong Jewish following, but thousands of fans have defied the warnings and used the term during chants. Please do press the SHARE button and not the recommend button as this will not show up on your time line for all to see thank you!

84. Alan Howe - No Lifetime Ban from Football

On the 24th January 2014 Coventry City FC were playing Arsenal in the FA CUP 4th round tie at the Emirates Stadium. The game that was televised live.

Alan Howe a lifetime supporter of his beloved Coventry City casually walked on the pitch where he waved, bowed and acknowledged the fans from both clubs. The fans on the night were united in one voice of wanting to return Coventry City home to play their games.

To ban a fan like Alan from football for life would be another step where we are taking the game away from true fans. Football is a way of life and it's a game that brings communitites together. Unless you support Coventry City......

85. Elect former Redskins TE Jerry Smith to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

This is a petition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame stating that Jerry Smith, retired TE of the Washington Redskins deserves a spot in Canton, OH. This man was a consummate professional in the face of adversity while secretly leading a life of a gay man in the NFL from 1965-78.

His stats certainly warrant his inclusion to the Hall, considering he held the NFL record for career touchdowns for tight ends for 27 years before Shannon Sharpe passed it in 2003. Yes, Jerry Smith was gay and died of AIDS in 1986, but in this new age enlightenment, we should not let an individual's sexual preference be a factor in such an important honor.

Jerry Smith was an honorable man, a consummate professional and deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

86. Jerry Jones please hire a General Manager!

Please sign up to let Jerry know we love the Cowboys and therefore want him to resign and let a true football mind make decisions to help us win another Super Bowl going forward!

87. Convert Open Space in West Milford for Fields and Parks

The West Milford Midget Football Association is fighting for it's life. They are in desperate need of a 50x100yd. Football field in the next 18 months or could be facing expulsion from the New Jersey Youth Football League ( NJYFL).

My overall goal& intention as a parent with Children in this program, does not just benefit one association, but benefits Youth Sports across the Township including; Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, and all other outdoor sports, by uniting us in one centralized complex. It will also benefit those not involved in Youth Sports by providing another means to be outdoors in a safe and Child-Friendly Area of our Town.

We are asking for your Support and the support of the Residents in Surrounding towns to help levy our Political Leaders, and have the 800+ acres of the abandoned Jungle Habitat Complex Converted along with other open space to help benefit the Children of West Milford Twp., with Recreational Fields, Parks, Walking Tracks, Bike Tracks, Restroom areas and Concessions areas for Sporting events.

We need a significant number of signatures to make this work so please forward this to anyone willing to show their support!

88. Retrospective Action Against Simulation in Football

Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of incidents of simulation within football. As per the BBC, “last season [2012-13], 34 yellow cards were shown for simulation in the Premier League, up 14 on the previous season’s total and the highest recorded over the previous four years.” With the recent introduction of retrospective action for acts of violent conduct that have gone unseen by the referee, why are we not able to introduce similar such action against simulation?

This is a solution that is supported by both supporters and people in the game; none other than David Moyes, who said “I have said for many years that we should have retrospective video action against diving,” Moyes said. “That would help referees no end. My views haven’t changed from when I was at Everton to when I was at Manchester United.”

We believe that with enough support, we can bring this issue to the attention of the Football Association of England with the aim of hopefully removing simulation from the game of football.

89. Tim Tebow for backup Quarterback with Jacksonville Jaquars

Tim Tebow is a good man, football player. He has worked hard in his career getting two Heismann Trophys.

He is the first to get to a workout and last to leave. He has spirit to lead, motivate and win games regular season, or playoffs.

Let's finally show the owner of Jags. We mean it.

90. Save Rugby in Delhi

Delhi Hurricanes is one of the top clubs from India. Current 7's champions with about 12 Indian team players in the squad.

For the past two years we have been practicing at DDA sports complex, Bloc 7, Vasant Kunj, Delhi, India. With an annual contract with DDA for leasing the ground to Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Club for four days every week( Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with a time slot for 7 A.M - 10 A.M.

We have even hosted Indian club tournaments and Indian rugby camp at the ground.

Now the authorities are trying to convert our ground into a cricket ground. By this they are snatching away a big part of our lives from us. We currently have a main team, junior team, women's team and an academy running. We will have to evacuate the ground if cricket starts on the ground.

Our club played a big hand in building the ground by putting up the posts, removing stones, growing grass.

With this decision Rugby in Delhi is going to die.

I request you all to Sign the petition below in order to help us save the sport we love so dearly.

Thank you all for your support.