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301. Say "NO" To Endless Sports Contents Price Hikes

Quote from Straits Times: "Football fans will have to pay more to get their weekly fix of quality matches on TV, but that's the reality they will have to live with."

Is it a reality we have to live with? Perhaps, but not without a fight nor a say!

We paid, without making a fuss, for additional fees to watch 2006 World Cup. Unwittingly and unwillingly, we again obliged with StarHub raising from $15 to $25 a month. Can you predict what is going to happen to Euro 2008 and subsequent years?

This trend has to stop! As an individual, we are nothing. Collectively, we can OVER-POWER the service providers. I quote an extract from the recent Taiwan President election, "... The people are the masters."

If we (the subscribers, the pay-masters) show the service providers our unity, we can get back both EPL and Champions League, at the current rate of $25 per month.

Sign the Petition and Inform your friends today! With enough signatures, we will send a CLEAR message to the service providers

302. Save Rushden and Higham Rugby Club!!

Rushden and East Northants Council plan to intergrate The Pemberton Centre and Splash Pool into a single leisure centre on Manor Park - the site of Rushden's existing rugby club.

Andy Mercer, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, says: "This is terrific news for Rushden – the new centre will replace the Splash Pool and Pemberton Centre, which both need upgrading, but which are short of space for expansion. It will provide state of the art leisure facilities for Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough and the surrounding villages."

303. Save NFL Films

"We created a way of portraying the game," Steve Sabol said 2 years ago. That "way" has helped turn the NFL into an $8 billion-a-year cash cow that has left baseball and college football and every other sport in its dust.

That "way" has helped the Sabols and NFL Films win an impressive 92 Emmys over the years, with another 14 nominations announced earlier this month. But the layoffs earlier this month of 21 NFL Films employees was the latest indication that many in the league may think that "way" has outlived its usefulness.

There is a belief by many that the league is phasing out the quality filmmaking that NFL Films has become famous for over the years. Steve Bornstein, the former ESPN chief who was brought in by the league to run NFL Media, which includes the NFL Network, and NFL Films, has shown less and less interest in Films' signature programming, according to several league sources.

He has indicated, the sources said, it's too expensive to make and that there isn't a market out there for it anymore.


304. Ally MacLeod to be Inducted into the Scottish Football Association Hall of Fame

"What do you plan to do after Scotland win the World Cup?" MacLeod replied: "Retain it."


Although he is perhaps best known as the Scotland manager in '77 and '78, Ally was a guy who devoted his entire life to football as a player with several clubs and then as manager. He managed clubs such as Aberdeen, Motherwell, Airdieonians and Queen of the South but his club was Ayr United. He has been manager of the club three times and was a success every time and took Ayr United from nothing to a team to be reckoned with the likes of Rangers and Celtic.

Ally was a real larger than life character. He was somebody who brought a great deal of humour into whatever company he was in.

305. We want Black as a school color

A bunch of old people are trying to get rid of the black uniforms and the students and players of today's society love the black.

Some of the elders don't like the black because they say it is not a school color. If black became a school color, they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

306. Reduce Danny Vukovic's Suspension

Danny Vukovic has been handed a 9 month suspension with 6 month probation in what only can be described as an 'angry high 5'.

The incident in question :

Paolo Di Canio received 11 matches for this incident

On the weekend Birmingham's Taylor broke Eduardo's leg and ankle with a horror tackle that could've resulted in amputation. He will get a penalty of about 5 matches. Just to put it in perspective.

307. Get rid of the England football team Band

Over the last ten years, England fans have had to put up with a lack of atmosphere at their football matches.

This is, in part, due to a band playing the same set of annoying songs (The Great Escape, Self Preservation Society, Ring of Fire) which actually hinders the other fans starting their own 'proper' chants and creating a 'proper' football atmosphere.

308. Rugby Union versus American Football

just been having a discussion at work yeh, Afew years ago a rugby league team played a rugby union side at rugby league, then at rugby union ,dunno the result of both games (WILL) lol.

but anyway topic went further into how do you think top rugby union side,
would do against say new york giants at union? then union side at american football, i thought at union, union side would win about 120-0 lol and at american football, would be about 75 10 to giants, i was just going off overall fitness ala union being flat out, rather than different teams within a team like american football ...

309. Provision Of Public Footpath Along Leverton Road

The continued growth of Retford United F.C., coupled with the increasing popularity of Cannon Park as a social venue for use by the wider Retford community, has lead to unprecedented levels of traffic and pedestrians using Leverton Road.

This has in turn highlighted the lack of a safe, adequate footpath and lighting along the stretch of road between Spital Hill and Cannon Park which would provide a safe means of access to and from the ground for all pedestrians to use.

310. Al Davis needs to retire

Al Davis began as a coach of our beloved Raiders and in time became the owner. He has done incredible things with our team, to include winning two Super Bowls and producing many memorable moments.

Time has moved on and the Raiders have been stuck in a holding pattern. We need to have change within our team and that begins by allowing our current coach to do exactly what needs to be done. We have watched for over two decades now as Al Davis has been way too involved in the day to day operation of the team. Even Al Davis admitted he was far too intrusive with the termination of Art Shell, a great coach.

Al Davis needs to stop interfering in the operation of the team and allow all personnel, operation and staffing decisions. If the head coach needs to change the defensive coordinator, then let him do it.

311. Northampton Football 3rd XI have been punished enough

“Individuals can resist injustice, but only a community can do justice”

The situation has arisen where the University Football 3rd team, as a result of one irresponsible action, has been heavily fined and withdrawn from all University Competitions.

On top of all this, it has now been brought to my attention; the team have been uninvited from the end of year 'sports tour'.

312. The Mark Courtney Out Petition

Mark Courtney has had a lot of abuse is the last couple of years, and recently there has been several threads started on Irish League forums, these including ClubCaptain and Irish League Supporters.

Titles like 'Worst Ref of the Month' have been among those noted. Recent matches including Irish Premier League game Portadown vs Glentoran and Irish Cup game, Glentoran vs Lisburn Distillery, have been games I have really seen him at his worst.

This is not just a Glentoran issue, it's the whole Irish League, who disapprove this this referee, and his standard, from Linfield to Limavady.

We want him out, now! His performance in the Irish League games is not acceptable, with him turning a blind eye to blatant Red cards, and giving cards where not appropriate, his standard is not acceptable, in the Amateur Section A.

313. Let Vick Play

The NFL has allowed many players to return to the NFL Ray Lewis and Ricky Williams just to name two.

Mike Vick should get a second chance to play in the NFL once his legal obligations have been met.

314. Should Northern Irish (People born in Northern Ireland) be allowed to play for team Ireland?

Feel free to give a comment and say yes/no etc :)

315. We Want the FAW to Change to Summer Football

The advantages of summer football.

Warm Weather is so much better for spectators and players. It is much better to play and support in the sun and the dry , nicer than standing in gale force winds and lashing rain.

Light nights mean more midweek matches which are better supported. No more postponed matches due to waterlogged or frozen pitches. The pitches would be flat and have a better playing surface. Much better than playing in mud baths. Safer travelling for fans due to lighter evening.

The English game is killing Welsh soccer and when games in local soccer kick off on a Saturday in Wales , Sky TV is in the middle of showing a live game involving one of the big four.

Clubs qualifying for European football would be better prepared for their matches. Other European Countries have the advantage due to their season being in full swing while most of our players are away.

Our neighbours The Republic of Ireland have summer soccer so it should not be a problem for Wales to follow their blueprint.

We should start in March and finish in November - leaving the sleet, high winds, driving rain behind forever.

Finding places for training in the height of winter is difficult and expensive for clubs. Most teams would not consider training in the winter months when the weather is at its worst.

These are just a few advantages and reasons why soccer in Wales should be moved to the summer. If you agree with me, then please add our name to the petition. Also add a comment on why Wales should be a summer soccer country!

Don't forget to tell your friends! Copy / paste the petition to an email and alert all those who will be interested!

316. Arsenal need to shape up

Arsenal have been on a winning streak for months now but after their 2 - 1 defeat against Middlesbrough things have been up n down for Arsenal.

After recent injuries (e.g Robin Van Persie one of our best strikers has been suffering from a really bad knee)That seemed to be the slip up most of Arsenal's best players have been injured or suspended.

On the other hand the gunners are very confident that they will win the Premier league.

Let's hope so, if they can just get that extra win over Manchester united.

317. Challenge The Scottish Premier League's Lack of Action on Sectarianism In Football

This season the SPL introduced much heralded regulations to combat unacceptable behaviour from fans' of teams playing in their league.

One team's fans, those of Celtic FC have persistently broken those regulations by singing sectarian songs and chants.

Despite having had this brought to the attention of the person with the authority to initiate action against that club, the Secretary, nothing has been done to address their unacceptable, offensive and criminal behaviour.

The latest and most disgustingly blatant example of this persistent breaching of SPL rules occurred at Tynecastle on 1.12.07 in a match against Hearts. The Celtic support are singing in praise of the outlawed terrorist organistaion, the IRA. In this example they are singing a song with the chorus 'Ooh ahh up the RA'.

Here is a copy of the song, The Celtic Symphony, by The Wolfe Tones at, of all places, Celtic Park.

Since the posting of this petition, the Celtic support, once again, have breached the SPL rules by singing sectarian songs and their support at of the IRA at Inverness on 16.12.07 and yet we still await action from the appropriate authorities.

Such songs in praise of this organisation, inextricably linked with sectarian violence and murder cannot be deemed acceptable by any civilised person and excuses by the perpetrators that such appalling actions are merely expressing a political belief and that anyone voicing disgust at such celebrations of barbarism are themselves intolerant bigots determined to oppress minority groups. These excuses are simply disingenuous and aim to provide a cloak of respectability for hatred, bigotry and sectarianism itself.

The SPL has the power and the duty to act, indeed it has done so against others, but thus far has failed to do so against the worst offenders, despite having received irrefutable evidence. They need to act or have their own commitment to challenging such offensive and unacceptable behaviour exposed as a sham.

318. US Division I-FBS College Football - Demand for a Playoff System

The NCAA Div-I FBS is the only level of college or professional sports without a championship tournament.

Based on controversies in recent years, it is clear that fans and many schools want to see a playoff pitting the best college football teams against each other in a national venue.

This petition is designed to demonstrate the level of support for a football playoff.

Based on historical attempts to provide a game featuring the two best teams in NCAA college football, the current bowl system is not working. Teams with similar records frequently have just cause to complain that they should have been given the opportunity to play for a national title at the highest level of college football, but were refused.

As a result, unlike every other college sport in the NCAA, fans of the best and most popular teams in college football are left without a clear consensus of a national champion.

Much of the hesitation to enact a playoff system at the highest level of football competition stems from tradition and money. The bowl system has been in place for almost 100 years, and many purists understandably do not want to change this.

Conversely, bowls and schools that play in them are equally hesitant due to the perception of decreased revenue from gate income and television revenue. However, these factors can be overcome through a carefully designed plan in which many schools compete through an elimination tournament.

Selection of teams to participate could be accomplished by the current BCS formula, with conference champions earning an automatic berth, including champions of all 11 Div-I FBS conferences. Selection could also consist of a committee, such as the one in place for the NCAA basketball tournaments.

The BCS bowls could continue as a part of the tournament, with each site having the opportunity to host one or more games of the tournament. With increased interest due to a more varied fan base, bowl revenue should actually increase. Tradition would be maintained through the location of the games, and by allowing other bowls to select teams not playing in the championship tournament.

319. Jose for England!

This petition is to try and persuade the FA to do their utmost in getting the “Special One”, Jose Mourinho as the next England Manager.

After failing to qualify for Euro 2008 and decades since England have won a major tournament, now is the time to get a proven winner!

Mourinho guided Chelsea to six trophies in just three years and this is the kind of manager England wants and needs!

If we get a substantial amount of signatures, I personally will print and deliver this petition to the FA Headquarters in Soho Square.

So what are you waiting for? Sign the petition and save us from even more years of hurt!

320. Petition the English FA to appoint Jose Mourinho as the new Head Coach for England

England fans are fed up of an inadequate FA who do not know enough about football to appoint a manager that will take the England football team forward. This has to stop. They will not get Jose as the current appointment process is useless.

We have to appoint a manager that is strong and is tactically sound and Jose is the man to do it. A successful football team raises spirits and can bring the nation together to feel as one.

We need a manager who has a track record for turning around struggling teams and working miracles with them... Jose is the man.

321. England players should give their wages to the Women's team

After the dismal performance by England's mens football team that resulted in the failure to qualify for EURO 2008, we call upon these players to donate their earnings to the England Womens team as a gesture of goodwill.

England's male players are sure to earn thousands of pounds for failing dismally whilst their female counterparts earnt a lowly £40 for reaching the World Cup Quarter Finals in China. Having to work extra shifts to recoup their lost earnings and missing out on training as a result.

Let's get together to support success rather than rewarding failure.

322. The Italy Game Was A Joke Scotland Should Be Rewarded

This is for the proud Scottish fans that have been done for when watching their nation get put out of the euro from one shocking ref.

323. Campaign to Sack Bungling Referee Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez

The 42 year old Accounts Manager from La Felguera, Spain shocked Football Fans worldwide as he gifted Italy a Free Kick after Alan Hutton was the victim of a heavy barge/tackle when he was nowhere near the ball, by Italian player Chiellini.

Everyone could see it as a Scotland Free Kick but somehow the bungling Manuel and his eejit of a linesman Juan Carlos Jimenez thought otherwise.

It was not the only decision he got wrong that day, but it was the most costly.

We wish we could replay the game again but this is the next best thing and we call on UEFA and FIFA to grow a pair of balls and finally sort out the bungling referees of the world.

We want Justice for Scotland and Justice for the lads who played their heart and soul out on the rain soaked Hampden pitch on Saturday 17th November 2007.

324. Create A Rugby League 3!

The last Rugby League game (Rugby League 2) is almost two years old. A sequel is not in development, nor is it planned.

We want HES to realise that there is a market for another Rugby League game, and that they should support our beautiful game.

Sidhe have done a fantastic job with the funding provided on the past two Rugby League games, and I think it is safe to say they are very popular.

Sidhe have said that they would be willing to make another game if the business terms were similar to them in the past.

325. Save our Home Ground for 250 Junior Football Club Members

Welling United Youth with Kingsmoor are facing the very real prospect of losing their football pitches and not being able to accommodate the 250 junior members next season.

A 30 year lease was awarded to Kingsmoor JFC by Greenwich Council in the mid 90s but this facility was closed for 2 seasons following a legal issue, through no fault of the current committee.

In 2001, the Club reached an understanding with the Council to regain access to the facility awarded to them and have been offering community football at Swingate Lane Playing Fields, Camdale Road, Plumstead since. We also ground share with another local, Greenwich based club, Southmere JFC and their 50+ players.

Having thought the ground was secure, the Club have expanded, formed a partnership with Blue Square South League members, Welling United FC, and are active in the local community, promoting structured, safe and progressive coaching. We are also imminently applying for FA Charter Standard Development Club Status.

The Lease is now being advertised for public closed-bid tender and although we can apply, there is no guarantee we will be awarded the lease. It is highly unlikely we will be able to run 19 teams, accommodate 250 members and continue our work with local organisations and schools, with no home ground, as facilities are very hard to source.

This Club and current committee had no control over past actions, but were shocked not to be offered the remaining term of the lease. Current Junior Members face being locked out of their home ground for the 2nd time.

We are run completely voluntarily, as a non-profit making organisation, and are just asking for first refusal on the lease.

326. Mark Clattenburg to be Knighted

Mark Clattenburg displayed excellent refereeing in the Merseyside derby.

327. Home Nations Football Tournament Summer 2008

With the possible failure of all 4 home nations failing to qualify for next years Euro Championship in Austria / Switzerland, it is time to bring back the home nations tournament.

The tournament can be played at the same time as the Euro Championship.

328. Bring Back Coach Arminio

Coach Arminio was dismissed as head coach of Perry Hall's Varsity Football Team.

No explanation was given for this decision by the Baltimore County Department of Education nor was due process followed.

This has had a negative affect on his players, family, and community.

329. For flags and banners to be allowed indside the London Road terrace

Adding colour and noise to the London Road End.

330. Anti Reid Protesters - Shut Up

John Reid, a very high profile politician, has been appointed as the new Chairman of Celtic Football Club.

As a result of this, many people have decided to take a moral stance against the appointment of this supposed "war criminal".

We support the appointment of John Reid and would like the anti-Reid campaigners to accept the decision and button it.

Your protests will make no difference.