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301. Get the NRL to listen to the fans!

The NRL won't listen to the fans...they think the game is in a perfect state, when week in week out teams are getting robbed by shoddy refereeing decisions.

It is only worried about teams in Sydney when it is the NATIONAL Rugby League.

302. Invite Ben Cousins back to the Eagles

Ben Cousins (as an AFL football player) has been deregistered as a player for bringing the game in to disrepute.

Ben has not been charged with any criminal drug offence but has admitted he is a user but did not affect his sport in any way.

Ben returned to Perth WAFL football club for club training on August 4th to endevour to return to a team enviorment.

He has served a 12 month suspension and can play in 2009 if he passes certain health tests.

303. Jonas Brothers for next Super Bowl Half Time Show

People are getting bored with the half time shows that the NFL have been putting out recently since the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco. Nobody watches the game anymore.

If the Jonas Brothers were to perform i can gaurantee and amazing turnout of the likes that the NFL have never seen before.

The Jonas Brothers are super hot right on the charts and the small screen and you can trust them to not pull anything stupid on stage. They would never do that to their fans.

304. Rename Whitley after the best right in the world

Every day is a Habib Beye day! He's the saviour of the Mags back four, the most committed member of the squad (and he didn't even want to come), the new Rob Lee, and the only member of the current squad I'd consider putting on the back of my shirt.

In homage to our fantastic right back, we think we should rename our coastal town in his honour - Whitley Beye!!

*P/S don't forget to leave your e-mail adress to be kept informed on the movement's progress!!

305. Granville Soccer petition against cancellation of rounds

Granville Soccer have decided to cancel Rounds 10 and 4 after they have been washed out.

Many teams need these two games as they face easier teams and need the points in order to progress to the semi finals.

We are signing a petition to signify a peaceful demonstration against Granville Soccer's decision.

306. Real Fans taking Real Action – Boycott Ibrox!

In 2003 around 100,000 Celtic fans travelled to Seville, in Spain to watch their team play in the UEFA Cup final. Even though their team lost, the Celtic fans were so well behaved, UEFA presented them with an award in recognition of this – the first time it had ever so.

Fast forward to the 2008 UEFA Cup final in Manchester, and the disgusting scenes that were broadcasted across the world of so called football fans rioting, attacking Police and assaulting rival fans in the stadium and in the centre of one of the busiest and culturally diverse cities in Europe.

Ranger’s fans have not only brought shame and disgust on their club, but on the whole league, and by association, every other SPL club. After the last 2 ‘Old Firm’ matches, Celtic Fans have been targeted in attacks by Rangers Fans, which have resulted in 1 death and one Celtic fan being hospitalised indefinitely.

Celtic fans are tired of being connected to Ranger’s, simply because they are located in the same city – just as you wouldn’t accuse Fred West’s neighbour of being a mass murderer simply because they lived next door to him, Celtic, Hib’s, Hearts and other SPL fans don’t wish to be tarnished with the same brush as Rangers Fans.

307. Soccer Grounds & Facilities in Point Cook

Point Cook Soccer Club Inc was formed on 27th Dec 2007 by dedicated parent volunteers due to the need of the community for access to the sport of soccer within the region of Point Cook, to not disadvantage families who have little time or ability to drive outside of Point Cook.

The club tried unsuccesfully to gain access, on ongoing basis, of existing facilities within the City of Wyndham.

Whilst not optimal to our ever growing community's needs, we have sourced an alternative facility. In doing so we have established a membership base of at least 49 members (children, girls & boys, aged 12 & under).

This figure would, undoubtedly, be much greater if facilities were in place, as many children are forced to travel outside of Point Cook to other overcrowded clubs. In some cases children are turned away from these overcrowded clubs unless they show competitive prowess & ability, & bring skill advantage to the club.

Point Cook Soccer Club's objectives are to offer the community of Point Cook & surrounding areas the opportunity to play soccer in a safe & enjoyable environment and to provide the experience and enjoyment of playing soccer to all, irrespective of ability or background.

308. No to Old Firm - Guilty By Association

For years Glasgow Celtic and its supporters have been found guilty by association due to Rangers Football Club and their fans' behaviour.

Up until now most of this has been swept under the carpet by the Scottish media to defect the damaging image of Scottish football, however recent trouble has emerged from Manchester, and only now is the whole world sitting up and seeing what these animals are actually all about.

This club until recent years would not sign a catholic player, are linked heavily with sectarianism, racism and are even happily chanting songs tarnishing a dead legends name.

In 2003 over 200,000 Celtic fans crossed Europe by car, boat, bus and plane to head for Seville for the UEFA cup final against Porto, we lost that game, but over the whole period of time the Celtic fans were there, there was NOT ONE incident of trouble and only 1 arrest made.

Indeed Celtic fans won an accolade of admiration from the whole world and of course a special award from UEFA due to their good behaviour. However when you look at Rangers recent final, 42 arrests, rioting with police, looting shops and opposition fans being stabbed not to mention the rest.

It is on this note I demand action be taking by immediate effect to ensure the name "OLD FIRM" is replace by the typical CELTIC V RANGERS or vice versa. I will also be using this petition as a sign of encouraging UEFA to ban Rangers football Club from all European tournaments with immediate effect.

This club will forever destroy the image of Glaswegians, the city of Glasgow and of course Scotland as a whole.

As football fans i would encourage all people to spread the word and try for once to get free of the tag OLD FIRM, by my opinion and thousands more. WE ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.

This petition will be posted to UEFA, the SFA and PETER LAWELL.

Yours in Celtic


Thank you

309. Fitting tribute to the legacy of Tommy Burns

The passing of a true Celtic legend should be marked by the renaming of the lennoxtown facility to remind everyone who enters the doors what it means to play for our club.


BFC board introduces price increase and banding off games (i.e. Silver, Gold and Platinum all with different price bands)

311. Fanzones for Manchester

LAck of fanzones for Rangers fans travelling to Manchester for UEFA CUp Final 2008.

312. Boycott South Africa World Cup 2010 in support of Zimbabwe

South African President Thabo Mbeki has continually failed to deal with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and has simply overseen the destruction of the country.

Recent elections have shown mass support for the MDC despite this Mugabes regime continues to suppress the will of the people and President Mbeki has colluded in this process, unless the South African President is aware that his support for Mugabe is not only distasteful but carries financial consequences no action will be taken to deal with Mugabe.

313. Let girls play soccer in Hull & East Riding

In Holland & Germany girls can play competitive football against boys without age restriction. In the UK girls must stop playing in boys league games at the age of 12 regardless of how talented they are.

My team has 3 girl players all of whom have played for 3 years in a boys team who want to keep playing next season there are other girls in the same situation.

The FA have organised a trial to see how girls cope in boys matches at ages 12,14 & 16 yet many local leagues are reluctant to take part without any valid reasons that I have heard. Sky Sports are supporting girls playing in the boys game you can do the same.

Please sign the petition and let the girls play, its 2008 you know !!

314. Champions League Final at Wembley

russia is a disgrace to the champions league and the final should be held in wembley; reasons why,
1)russia isnt even in europe.

315. Stop Illegal Dog Fighting

Although dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states and carries a felony charge in most, there are still a few states in which it is not taken as seriously.

If you live in a state where dog fighting is a misdemeanor, please contact you local SPCA or ASPCA...

316. Why We Need a Soccer Program at West Middlesex

At West Middlesex we have a lot of great sports to participate in but some or none of which grab a lot of attention.
The soccer programs not affiliated with the school flurish with students, of our district, whom love the game of soccer.

The cool thing is that the studnet body at our school can support another sport.
Soccer is a fun way to get out, have exersice and be a member of our team and school athletics.

317. NRL: Return to a Final Five Series

The current final 8 series is a joke, a mediocre team can scrape in and still make the finals.

It appears to be based more on marketing and revenue factors rather than reward for consistent effort in a season.

318. A-League for free Air TV

Since the A-league was first introduced into the Football scene, it's broadcasting has been dominated pay TV companies. This has effectively ceased any progress the World Game may have had in reaching the standard of opportunity, popularity and grandeur it has in the rest of the world.

This is not just doing damage to the credibility of the sport, but is hindering the true Australian spirit from embracing the sport that is Football. Remember the World Cup of 2006, remember the mark we made on the world, and remember that we, as Australians, can do even better.

319. Stop Racism In Soccer

Racism in soccer is alive and breeding successfully across soccer stadiums in the Americas and Europe. From Nazi flags to White Pride banners and discriminatory language towards colored players.

It has happened to Thierry Henry, Samuel Eto'o, Carlos Kameni, Rio Ferdinand, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Ronaldinho, and dozens, if not hundreds more. This needs to stop.

320. Keep Crouchy a Kopite

There are rumours that Peter Crouch will be allowed to leave Liverpool FC this summer. This would be a tragic waste of human resources. If you are unconvinced please witness the following show-reel:

We all love El Nino, but there's nothing like a bit of Crouchy magic. Get them moving together - just imagine - Torres doing the macarena and the big man busting out the robot!

Don't let him go to Portsmouth, Aston Villa or Everton - he'll be the one scoring the goals against us next year and we'll be left wondering what could have been...

321. Let the Monroe Boys Play Football

The Cougar Board is not allowing Tanner or Jared Monroe to play Cougar football in the upcoming 2008 season. The board is refusing to abide by a signed letter from the Monroe Parents.

The parents have agreed to the boards terms, they will not coach or be team mom, they will not send mass emails if boys are allowed to play, and they have already sent out a mass apology as requested by the board. However, the board refused to honor the letter.

The Cougar organization is a public youth sport program and needs to honor the right of kids to play football. Censor the parents not the kids!!!

Please help get the boys back in the Cougar program. Please stand together in unity and let the board know we will not accept children being kicked out of our program.

322. No Logo on the West Bromwich Albion kit 2008/2009

West Bromwich Albion Football Club has a proud heritage dating back 130 years to 1878. We are five times winners of the F.A. Cup (1888, 1892, 1931, 1954, 1968) and the only team to achieve promotion to the first division in the same season as winning the F.A cup (1930/31).

It sullies the image and reputation of this great club to have to play in a kit defaced by corporate sponsorship.

323. Say "NO" To Endless Sports Contents Price Hikes

Quote from Straits Times: "Football fans will have to pay more to get their weekly fix of quality matches on TV, but that's the reality they will have to live with."

Is it a reality we have to live with? Perhaps, but not without a fight nor a say!

We paid, without making a fuss, for additional fees to watch 2006 World Cup. Unwittingly and unwillingly, we again obliged with StarHub raising from $15 to $25 a month. Can you predict what is going to happen to Euro 2008 and subsequent years?

This trend has to stop! As an individual, we are nothing. Collectively, we can OVER-POWER the service providers. I quote an extract from the recent Taiwan President election, "... The people are the masters."

If we (the subscribers, the pay-masters) show the service providers our unity, we can get back both EPL and Champions League, at the current rate of $25 per month.

Sign the Petition and Inform your friends today! With enough signatures, we will send a CLEAR message to the service providers

324. Save Rushden and Higham Rugby Club!!

Rushden and East Northants Council plan to intergrate The Pemberton Centre and Splash Pool into a single leisure centre on Manor Park - the site of Rushden's existing rugby club.

Andy Mercer, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, says: "This is terrific news for Rushden – the new centre will replace the Splash Pool and Pemberton Centre, which both need upgrading, but which are short of space for expansion. It will provide state of the art leisure facilities for Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough and the surrounding villages."

325. Save NFL Films

"We created a way of portraying the game," Steve Sabol said 2 years ago. That "way" has helped turn the NFL into an $8 billion-a-year cash cow that has left baseball and college football and every other sport in its dust.

That "way" has helped the Sabols and NFL Films win an impressive 92 Emmys over the years, with another 14 nominations announced earlier this month. But the layoffs earlier this month of 21 NFL Films employees was the latest indication that many in the league may think that "way" has outlived its usefulness.

There is a belief by many that the league is phasing out the quality filmmaking that NFL Films has become famous for over the years. Steve Bornstein, the former ESPN chief who was brought in by the league to run NFL Media, which includes the NFL Network, and NFL Films, has shown less and less interest in Films' signature programming, according to several league sources.

He has indicated, the sources said, it's too expensive to make and that there isn't a market out there for it anymore.


326. Ally MacLeod to be Inducted into the Scottish Football Association Hall of Fame

"What do you plan to do after Scotland win the World Cup?" MacLeod replied: "Retain it."


Although he is perhaps best known as the Scotland manager in '77 and '78, Ally was a guy who devoted his entire life to football as a player with several clubs and then as manager. He managed clubs such as Aberdeen, Motherwell, Airdieonians and Queen of the South but his club was Ayr United. He has been manager of the club three times and was a success every time and took Ayr United from nothing to a team to be reckoned with the likes of Rangers and Celtic.

Ally was a real larger than life character. He was somebody who brought a great deal of humour into whatever company he was in.

327. We want Black as a school color

A bunch of old people are trying to get rid of the black uniforms and the students and players of today's society love the black.

Some of the elders don't like the black because they say it is not a school color. If black became a school color, they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

328. Reduce Danny Vukovic's Suspension

Danny Vukovic has been handed a 9 month suspension with 6 month probation in what only can be described as an 'angry high 5'.

The incident in question :

Paolo Di Canio received 11 matches for this incident

On the weekend Birmingham's Taylor broke Eduardo's leg and ankle with a horror tackle that could've resulted in amputation. He will get a penalty of about 5 matches. Just to put it in perspective.

329. Get rid of the England football team Band

Over the last ten years, England fans have had to put up with a lack of atmosphere at their football matches.

This is, in part, due to a band playing the same set of annoying songs (The Great Escape, Self Preservation Society, Ring of Fire) which actually hinders the other fans starting their own 'proper' chants and creating a 'proper' football atmosphere.

330. Rugby Union versus American Football

just been having a discussion at work yeh, Afew years ago a rugby league team played a rugby union side at rugby league, then at rugby union ,dunno the result of both games (WILL) lol.

but anyway topic went further into how do you think top rugby union side,
would do against say new york giants at union? then union side at american football, i thought at union, union side would win about 120-0 lol and at american football, would be about 75 10 to giants, i was just going off overall fitness ala union being flat out, rather than different teams within a team like american football ...